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Election 2012: Romney is the 47% and No, It's note even close to "Historically close".

Two bits from the emerging data about the election: Yes, Mitt Romney really did lose with 47 percent of the vote (Mr. 47 Percent?); and no, Barack Obama's winning margin wasn't historically close. It's not even in the 10 closest.

From WAPO: [quote]Call it irony or call it coincidence: Mitt Romney's share of the popular vote in the 2012 presidential race is very likely to be 47 percent.

[quote]Romney's campaign, of course, was doomed in large part by comments made on a hidden camera in which he suggested that 47 percent of the country was so reliant on government services that those people would never vote for him.

[quote]The words '47 percent' came to define what was already evident: that Romney struggled to connect with lower- and middle-income voters and with groups such as Latinos. And in the end, it looks like 47 percent also just happens to be the share of the vote that Romney will get.

by ha hareply 111/28/2012


by ha hareply 111/28/2012
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