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Missing my high school reunion tonight

Early on, I said that I would attend. But as the time drew near, I had less desire to go. I went away for Thanksgiving (drove almost 500 miles round trip). By the time I got home (about an hour before the reunion started), I had absolutely no desire to get changed and drive there.

People are posting pics on FB, and it's mostly the popular crowd.

Although there were some people that I wanted to see, I just didn't want to put up with the small talk and polite smiles.

by Misanthrope in training?reply 1311/24/2012

Darling, you had a lucky escape!

by Misanthrope in training?reply 111/24/2012

You should be glad you didn't go. Those things are awful.

by Misanthrope in training?reply 211/24/2012

If you want to contact one or two people, do it on Facebook. I never went to any of mine, but my sister went to her 25th and got all dressed up and made a big night of it. Actually she stayed in my place because she didn't live in town anymore. She talked to some people she used to know and a couple of drunk dudes hit on her. Afterwards she never kept in touch with anyone. Unless you really had a lot of friends in high school, I can't see the point in it.

by Misanthrope in training?reply 311/24/2012

I went to my 20th a few years ago and decided to skip the 25th. People were still throwing shade. People I barely remembered and had no beef with, it was surreal. I got really drunk. I didn't have a consistent circle of friends in Hugh school most people were very nice though.

by Misanthrope in training?reply 411/24/2012

You really didn't miss anything.

by Misanthrope in training?reply 511/24/2012

I went to the 5th and hung out with my friends. Skipped 10, 15 and 20. None of those friends were going tonight (sick or out-of-state).

I would like to have sat down with a couple of people who came out afterwards just to see what life was like for them back then.

Oh well.

by Misanthrope in training?reply 611/24/2012


I also would have liked to ask someone's husband why I caught him coming out of a shower stall after soccer practice all lathered up. There was another teammate in the other stall. Not sure if his wife would appreciated that question.

by Misanthrope in training?reply 711/24/2012

[quote]I also would have liked to ask someone's husband why I caught him coming out of a shower stall after soccer practice all lathered up.

Because he was soaping up in the shower and about to rinse off?

by Misanthrope in training?reply 811/24/2012

I went to a couple of college reunions, and they were as boring as hell. Everyone was basically the same, just older, fatter and/or drunker. Same people still hanging around together, lots of insincerity and maudlin reminiscing.

The 5 people I do stay in touch with are much more interesting than the reunion crowd.

by Misanthrope in training?reply 911/24/2012

What a waste of a tank of gas.

by Misanthrope in training?reply 1011/24/2012

[quote] Not sure if his wife would appreciated that question.

With that type of attitude to life, OP, they are better off without your attendance.

by Misanthrope in training?reply 1111/24/2012

I went to my 20th a couple of years ago. I didn't really want to go, but I was going to be in the country visiting my grandmother, and one of my friends paid for my ticket to go. I had only kept in touch with her and one other friend from school, but was like "what the hell."

I ended up being pleasantly surprised.

A few of us met for dinner before hand and had a couple of drinks, so we were in good spirits by the time we got to the reunion. The popular bitch crowd was still a crowd of bitches who all still live in the same town/neighborhoods. Most of them looked a good 10 years older than the rest of us. Tthey stood among themselves, made sour faces at everyone and didn't really talk to anyone else. They still suck.

Most everyone else was nice and fun. We all caught up (not a lot of reminiscing or any bs), got drunker and danced to a horrible 80s cover band. A lot of people from my class are now doing some really interesting things; one works for the Italian government as part of a brain-trust specializing in global political theory, another girl leads a gospel choir in Austria, another is a Grammy winning producer...

Afterwards, about 15 of us went over to a friend's house, drank more, smoked weed, and all ended up crashing around the house and woke up to the houseowner making us breakfast. I keep in touch with a few of them via email/skype now.

by Misanthrope in training?reply 1211/24/2012

My 20th HS reunion was tonight and I skipped it too. I was home for Thanksgiving but left town this morning.

I considered the idea of going last year when I was at my thinnest adult weight I've ever been. This year hasn't been kind to me and although I'm sure I look better than many of my classmates, I still skipped it.

by Misanthrope in training?reply 1311/24/2012
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