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Help me Heloise!

I need some of your brilliant insight regarding a household problem.

My closet gets attacked by mildew -- in particular my leather shoes.

What can I do?

by Kenny Colereply 511/24/2012

Move already!

by Kenny Colereply 111/24/2012

Try DampRid.

by Kenny Colereply 211/24/2012


by Kenny Colereply 311/24/2012

You could repaint it with mildew resistant paint, but aside from that I think washing it down with a bleach solution will do the trick if your problem isn't inside your wall, otherwise you might have a problem on your hands. I think Lysol might be effective too. Be sure to take everything out and inspect it to see if the source may be among your clothes or something. Anyway, after you get rid of it you may want to keep a better air circulation going. I don't know how you are about leaving the door open but another possibility is to get a de-humidifier of some sort to put inside the closet.

by Kenny Colereply 411/24/2012

Where I live this is a big problem.

A lot of people use closet heater rods. And consider leaving your closet door open when you're out.

Damp rid works, but it fills up too quickly. Dehumidifiers are noisy, but also work.

The rods make no noise and cost the same to run as a light bulb. I don't know the company at the link, but this us what I'm talking about.

You can also look for marine supplies for other shapes as this is a common problem on boats.

by Kenny Colereply 511/24/2012
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