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The new Diana Vreeland documentary!

The Eye Has to Travel

Go see it! The film beautifully captures her spirit and wit.

With lots of incredible cameos and commentary by the likes of Veruschka, Penelope Tree, David Bailey, Manolo Blahnik, Angelika Huston, Hubert Givenchy and Ms. Ali McGraw.

But where was Twiggy? A portion of the film was devoted to her discovery by DV, but she makes no appearance.

by Ba-zazz!!!reply 609/13/2014

I love Juliet Stevenson playing her in Infamous.

Did anyone see Mary Louise Wilson's one woman play based on DV?

by Ba-zazz!!!reply 111/24/2012

Manolo Blahnik is a person? I thought it was like "May Belline"...

by Ba-zazz!!!reply 211/24/2012

One of the quirkiest things in it was a little known movie called something like Polly Magoo, a bizarre black and white movie, with Grayson Hall (Dark Shadows) as a fashion editor based on Vreeland. Anyone know anymore about that movie?

by Ba-zazz!!!reply 311/24/2012

I just watched this on Amazon Prime. Pretty amazing. Very well done. "The Eye Must Travel" is her description of why magazines need a lot of interesting pictures.

Ali MacGraw started talking about her days at Harpers Bazaar (or Vogue) and how Diana Vreeland used to come in and toss her coat at her. One time she tossed it back at her and Vreeland called her a "stupid girl."

Was Anna Wintour or Diana Vreeland the inspiration for Miranda Priestley? Or maybe a it was a combo?

by Ba-zazz!!!reply 409/13/2014

100% Anna R4. The book was written by her former assistant.

by Ba-zazz!!!reply 509/13/2014

Vreeland had to do something, given her face.

by Ba-zazz!!!reply 609/13/2014
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