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Connor Cruise in the remake of Red Dawn

WTF kind of nepotism is this? Another movie that doesn't need to be remade.

by Jaden Smithreply 2611/24/2012

But...Tom's kid needs a job

by Jaden Smithreply 111/23/2012

If his last name wasn't Cruise nobody would look twice at him.

by Jaden Smithreply 211/23/2012

Who? Never calls, never writes.

by Jaden Smithreply 311/23/2012

They replaced the Chinese invaders with South Korean invaders because they didn't want to offend China.

This movie will be the raspberry of the year.

by Jaden Smithreply 411/23/2012

Tom and Connor could vie for Worst Supporting actor together at the Razzies.

by Jaden Smithreply 511/23/2012

but he looks black?

by Jaden Smithreply 611/23/2012

[quote]If his last name wasn't Cruise nobody would look twice at him.

Have you seen him? I don't think he's legal, but he is a handsome kid. They say he's adopted, but he looks like a cafe au lait Tom Cruise.

by Jaden Smithreply 711/23/2012

[quote]They replaced the Chinese invaders with South Korean invaders

North Korean

[quote]but he looks black?

but he is black.

by Jaden Smithreply 811/23/2012

Who cares he's hardly the first or last to have a famous parent.

by Jaden Smithreply 911/23/2012

A movie that shouldn't have been made, much less remade.

by Jaden Smithreply 1011/23/2012

Who was the mom? I see a lot of Tom in his face.

by Jaden Smithreply 1111/23/2012

So who's his momma

by Jaden Smithreply 1211/23/2012

I've seen pictures where Connor does look like Tom and it's led people to have theories like Tom impregnated some $cientologist cohort and raised the child as his adopted son.

Red Dawn is an MGM/UA film (Tom Cruise is a co-executive) so it made sense for Connor to have a role in it. At least it was a small role. It's not like they browbeated anyone in making him a lead.

by Jaden Smithreply 1311/23/2012

It isn't exactly unique to show biz to help your kids and relatives get jobs. Happens every day of the week in every walk of life. Is there anyone here who hasn't benefitted at some point in their lives by a relative or friend in getting a job, getting into school or making an important connection?

by Jaden Smithreply 1411/23/2012

I thought they were Russians invading in the original?

by Jaden Smithreply 1511/23/2012

How can he possibly claim to be the son of Tom Cruise when he's clearly half-black? I'm confused.

by Jaden Smithreply 1611/23/2012

He had to audition just like everyone else.

by Jaden Smithreply 1711/23/2012

[quote]Who was the mom? I see a lot of Tom in his face.

Nicole Kidman, you dumbass. Are you dense?

by Jaden Smithreply 1811/24/2012

So which one is black... Tom or Nichole?

by Jaden Smithreply 1911/24/2012

The original was good enough to seem interesting the first time you saw it, but it sure as hell didn't hold up to repeats.

by Jaden Smithreply 2011/24/2012

Who did Tom Cruise fuck? Viola Davis? Halle Berry? Angela Bassett?

Why wasn't it me?

by Jaden Smithreply 2111/24/2012

I can't wait to see Connor in this. My plans are to order the popcorn with extra butter, then some Sugar Babies, Good n' Plenties, and Peanut M n' Ms, washed down with a 72 oz. Diet Coke. It should be a great time!

by Jaden Smithreply 2211/24/2012

So, to avoid giving offence to the Chinese, the invaders are North Korean?

Isn't that giving offence to the US?

by Jaden Smithreply 2311/24/2012

Tom Cruise is not the biological father. I think we're being visited by Scientology interns desperate to make people think Tom doesn't really shoot blanks - or can actually get an erection in the presence of women.

by Jaden Smithreply 2411/24/2012

[quote]They replaced the Chinese invaders with South Korean invaders because they didn't want to offend China.

Sarah Palin must have written the original.

by Jaden Smithreply 2511/24/2012

Please be kidding, R16.

by Jaden Smithreply 2611/24/2012
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