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Anyone in Kansas City? I WANT THIS!!

Here's Why You Will Instantly Dump Your Cable Company To Get Google Fiber

Henry Blodget | Nov. 23, 2012, 1:24 PM | 5 Google

Behold: The Google Guy!

Google Fiber will soon be a viable cable alternative in many neighborhoods in Kansas City.

Hopefully it will also soon become an alternative in every city.

For $120 a month, Google Fiber brings you normal cable TV, a massive digital video recorder, and broadband Internet access that is 100-times as fast as your cable company's.

For $70 a month, you can get just the Internet access.

If that's not enough, there's one promise Google is making that will make cable customers everywhere jump for joy.

Google is promising that its installer will arrive when he or she says he will arrive — not force you to stay home for hours for an appointment "window."

It's a big country, so it will unfortunately likely take a while for Google to come to your neighborhood.

But if nothing else, here's hoping Google Fiber scares the bejeezus out of the cable industry, forcing cable companies to upgrade their own broadband services and finally put a bigger premium on customer service.

by Additional info at linkreply 611/23/2012

That's expensive

by Additional info at linkreply 111/23/2012

My current set up (cable and wifi) runs 70 bucks more a month and clearly is not as fast as thre Google service.

I would love to know if anyone has first hand experience with this service,

by Additional info at linkreply 211/23/2012

Really? $210/month for shitty Comcast service in Vermont (tv, internet, phone).

Comcast, Time-Warner, etc. will NEVER allow Google into their markets.

by Additional info at linkreply 311/23/2012

R1, for what you get, it's not expensive at all.

by Additional info at linkreply 411/23/2012

Get a medium speed DSL (about $33 a month)that you can watch streaming video and download music with and put a fuckin $8 pair of rabbit ears on your TV. Problem solved.

by Additional info at linkreply 511/23/2012

Why does a dump like Kansas City get this?

by Additional info at linkreply 611/23/2012
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