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Getting together with high school friends tonight...

Well, I'm home. Going to a bar tonight to meet with high school friends. I've been out of school for 10 years. I haven't seen some of these people in ages (I live on W Coast, grew up on E Coast). I'm kind of dreading it, but also excited to see what everyone's doing these could be dull as hell though, and cliche/depressing. What are you doing?

by Garden Statereply 511/21/2012

OP, the night before Thanksgiving used to be a big night in the clubs for that very reason. And to release the pressure value a bit for those who have big family days tomorrow.

by Garden Statereply 111/21/2012

Today is my birthday. Going to see a movie later this afternoon and then meeting up with a friend to have dinner at Jack Stack's here on the Plaza. Tomorrow night they turn on the Christmas lights in my neighborhood and am meeting five friends for Thanksgiving dinner at a place here on the Plaza called McCormick and Schmits. The traffic will be unbelievable (because of the Plaza lights)this weekend especially after dark. Glad I can walk over. Have fun with your friends OP!

by Garden Statereply 211/21/2012

It's always nice to see the once-proud heterosexual jocks and studs having grown paunchy, balding, and most probably adulterous.

by Garden Statereply 311/21/2012

Just came home from doing the Thanksgiving dinner shopping. Now going to rearrange the fridge for maximum storage space, put the dressing together, make the cranberry sauce, then send out for pizza.

by Garden Statereply 411/21/2012

Sitting here reading made up stories written by the elderly shut in members of the "Primtimers Club" on Datalounge.

by Garden Statereply 511/21/2012
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