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Jewish guys...size-wise...

I have always had a major thing for Jewish guys but I am unlucky and have never actually managed to bed one. This weekend I might have the opportunity. Just so I am prepared in case I have to make a "no, not at all disappointed" facial expression when/if (crossing fingers!) I get to put a hand on the goods, is there any rule of thumb or common wisdom on where Jewish guys fall on the size spectrum? In other words, should I expect above average, below average, or average-average, or is there no particular tendency for Jewish guys to be hung in any particular part of the spectrum due to the diversity of the gene pool?

No responses addressing whether he is "intact" are required--he is secular but is culturally Jewish, strongly so, plus it's Amurrkuh so the odds he was not mutilated shortly after birth approach zero.

by AGreply 8101/13/2015

There is no particular tendency for Jewish guys to be hung in any particular part of the spectrum due to the diversity of the gene pool. I know quite a few that are above average in size, though, and they are of Eastern European Jewish descent.

by AGreply 111/20/2012

The single largest cock I've ever encountered was on a short, wispy little jewboy. Monstrous. FWIW.

by AGreply 211/20/2012

Jew dicks are the best!!! God bless Israel!!!

by AGreply 311/20/2012

I think there were two questions in there. THe answers are yes and yes.

by AGreply 411/20/2012

Logically, I know that r1 is correct...howevAH, I am stupidly thrilling at r2's reply, because this guy is of the skinny wiry sort...and he has lovely, long-fingered hands and his nose is rather prominent...hope spring eternal, eh?

by AGreply 511/20/2012

Ron Jeremy is a Jew. And Harry Reems and Jamie Gillis.

by AGreply 611/20/2012

I've known a lot of otherwise attractive Jewish guys who were not gifted in this area (vs, say, the Italian-Americans or Latinos I've known).

However, my current BF is hung like a Jewish horse. Go figure.

by AGreply 711/20/2012

Usually about average in size and pretty hairy

by AGreply 811/20/2012

Huge, just my opinion... or luck

by AGreply 911/20/2012

Very short dicks, all cut, have had thick and thin and a total micropenis that only might have looked right on a 3 year old. Sex = abyssmal to mediocre. And then there's the whole racism issue they all have. Skip.

by AGreply 1011/20/2012

My 22 yo American male nephew was JUST circumcised in August. He is also Jewish. When he was born he was too sick to have a bris the first few months, so his folks put it off. Eventually they decided to let him decide what he wanted when he got older.

He just got married three, and I don't think his wife is Jewish - she went to a Catholic High School.

I'm not positive why he did it, though this post prompted me to finally ask. I'm hopeful that he did it because of retraction issues rather than to have a pretty pecker. It is his wiener, so I support his choice either way.

I have only seen him nude once since he was 8 or 9. I accidentally walked in on him when he was getting out of the shower. I thought he had already moved to his room to change. I just apologized and walked back out. I sincerely doubt that his wife is at all unhappy with his schlong.

I've seen his dad nude several times, we just aren't all that uptight about nakedness in our family. We all have a tendency to not close doors, too. His seems about average.

by AGreply 1111/20/2012

You might as well ask about Catholic cock, OP.

by AGreply 1211/20/2012

[quote]Ron Jeremy is a Jew. And Harry Reems and Jamie Gillis.

And Jake Tanner.

by AGreply 1311/20/2012

My ex. OMG. I was so scared of it for the first month.

by AGreply 1411/20/2012

Big Nose=Big Dick

by AGreply 1511/21/2012

As a Jewish guy who's dated several Jewish guys, yes, indeed, we run the spectrum. We are men like any others. And there are myths, that we are all needledicks - not! - and that Russian Jews are all hung like horses - not 100% reliable either. Treat this date and bedding down like any other.

Generalizations about penises and ethnicity are bullshit.

by AGreply 1611/21/2012

go for a jewish jock always hung and hairy

by AGreply 1711/21/2012

What happened to the Jewish guy who walked into a wall with an erection? He broke his nose...

by AGreply 1811/21/2012

The only generalization about dicks that is true is Turkish men. Go on Cam4 and you will see this is true.

by AGreply 1911/21/2012

Having lived in Turkey I can attest it is not true R19, most Turkish men do not appear on Cam4.

by AGreply 2011/21/2012

I'd bet he's cut OP, even in spite of your rationale. I've seen plenty of really big nice dicks on Jewish guys. Yummy.

by AGreply 2111/21/2012

Any Jew I blew has been huge.

by AGreply 2211/21/2012

He was the only Jew in my private boarding high school. He was more worldly than the rest of us. Our second year at school he let me suck it when we had a little cover. He had a big dick.

by AGreply 2311/21/2012

When I visited Israel, a lot of tiny meat there.

by AGreply 2411/21/2012

Jews run the spetcrum - some look like Italians (big dicks, hairy), Polish Jews (very big dicks, not as hairy) and random Jews (varies).

I've always wondered... are there any gay Hasidim (the hasidic Jews, often seen in NYC with the curls etc).

by AGreply 2511/21/2012

As a bi woman who's been with a few Jewish guys (and they were random picks meaning I didn't hear anything about their specific dicks beforehand and was with them for other reasons), ALL of them were ABOVE average! Now, I might have been just lucky because it's not like my sample is significant but that's my experience.

I'm sure there are Jewish men with tiny dicks or below average but they do seem to have bigger than average schlongs.

Good luck, OP.

by AGreply 2611/21/2012

jews cocks are not big at all. schrivelled at best. You want a big cock go get a negro. their cocks are the size of a donkey. Jew cocks are they have been persecuted and just want to schrivell and hide.

by AGreply 2704/08/2013

I'm into cerebral Jewish guys, but being an African American, they are not into me. I am hoping that I just haven't found the right one and my stereotyping is false.

by AGreply 2804/08/2013

That's not true R28. Ask Don Lemmon.

by AGreply 2904/08/2013

[all posts by ham-fisted troll a removed.]

by AGreply 3004/08/2013

Craig had the second biggest dick I ever inhaled.

Paul was bigger than most, but a shower, not a grower.

Frank was large but twisted.

Andy didn't let anyone touch anything but his feet.

Jeffrey #1 was huge.

Billy was the first I met who was bigger than me.

Jeffrey #2, I guess you would call average.

Eddie, Jon, Cuddles, and Barry were tinymeat.

And then there are the ones whose names I don't remember.

by AGreply 3104/08/2013

[quote]In other words, should I expect above average, below average, or average-average


by AGreply 3204/08/2013

My ex bf was Jewish. 6'2". But just average, about 61/2. I always thought Jewish guys were hung. It was actually the perfect size.

by AGreply 3304/08/2013

Is any ethnicity especially hung? Why does this question continue to come up? Don't we all have enough experience to know that most guys are average? And average is five inches--not six. And Jews arent't any more hung than anyone else. Yes, there are some guys regardless of ethnicity who have big dicks, but there are many more who have smaller dicks, and most have average.

Yes, black men are reported to be larger than others--but that's a race, not an ethnicity. And even among blacks, there are plenty of guys with small and average sized cocks.

by AGreply 3404/08/2013

Jewish guy here. 7 inches with a very hairy crotch, Most of the Jewish guys I've hooked up with were average, but also quite hairy. The biggest one I ever had was a Mormom of western European descent. My recent ex was very large (9 inches and thick). He's half Irish/half Italian, so he was blessed with Italian genes below. Irish guys I've been with tend to me tiny.

by AGreply 3504/08/2013

In my experience, they have excellent length, but the girth factor is lacking.

by AGreply 3604/08/2013

I've had big - yum - and I've had small - those I fucked and did a two-finger reach-around.

Mainly they're just lovely. Bi-polar, selfish and talking to themselves through the whole thing. And the fact that they're all cut leaves you with the feeling that you've been with a human being rather than a shaved dog.

by AGreply 3704/08/2013

they are as various as the Christians. small, tall, fat, skinny, and everything in between.

by AGreply 3804/08/2013

Size-wise, prepare to be disappointed. Jewish guys are only slightly larger than Asians in the dick department. That said, in my experience, only A) Black and B) Italian guys tend to be uniformly well-endowed.

by AGreply 3904/08/2013

R25, Jews who follow Hassidism, like the Orthodox, hold more traditional beliefs. Sex is only for married heterosexual couples, and focuses on the joy of creating babies. Gays and lesbians would either be expected to conform or leave the community.

by AGreply 4004/08/2013

Most of the Jews I've been with have been on the bigger side of the spectrum.

by AGreply 4104/08/2013

The only gay, out, Hassidism I've known are former Hassidism and they (mostly) are so fucked up because of the separation from their family, community and life that they knew. I always felt like I'd be taking advantage trying to get these guys in bed. Also a bit afraid that they'd be a bit psycho after, from things I'd heard from other guys.

by AGreply 4204/08/2013

...and the ones I have been with are on the smaller side of the spectrum.

In other words, depends on the guy like all guys. Ever ethnicity has the big and the little and most are average.

by AGreply 4304/09/2013

OP, be sure to mention that he was "mutilated" shortly after birth. That should help with the sex.


by AGreply 4404/09/2013

[quote]Yes, black men are reported to be larger than others--but that's a race, not an ethnicity.

Semantics. No different than expecting a larger sized nose from a Jewish person.

by AGreply 4504/09/2013

I've seen only one Jewish man's cock, and I decided after that one encounter that I would never date, or even meet with another Jewish man for as long as I live. Since it is the only one I've seen, I'll attest to it just being coincidence, but he was the biggest I've ever personally "handled." His schlong was literally the size of an average water bottle. We did not have intercourse, and in a way I am glad we did not - who knows what might have happened to my sphincter. While his package was all nice and good, I just couldn't stand the way he treated me. It was like I wasn't even a human being; more just an exotic play thing for him to have a dry orgasm over. I'm Chinese so it was basically like being in candy land for him.

by AGreply 4607/29/2013

OP must not have been on Weiner's speed dial.

by AGreply 4707/29/2013

Isn't this thread racist? And what is R10 talking about? That was a stupid comment Jews put their lives on the line for blacks during the civil rights movement.

by AGreply 4807/29/2013

Thick. They have nice thick ones. Feel great.

by AGreply 4907/29/2013

What do Jewish pedophiles say? "Hey kid, want to buy some candy?"

by AGreply 5007/29/2013

I don't know if they're any bigger than other guys, but the fact that they are circumcised is obviously a bonus.

by AGreply 5107/29/2013

Just stumbled across this gem of a thread, and I'm amazed at the ignorance and willingness of those posting to generalize entire populations. As a half-Jew (yes, it's possible, as you'll see below) of average length but above average girth who's shtupped his share of his mother's people, I feel qualified to opine:

1) Jews, like Armenians, Druze, and a few other groups, are an ethno-religious group bound by common a common DNA and culture. DNA studies show that Ashkenazi and Sephardi Jews are closely related and come originally from the Middle East, with surprisingly little admixture.

2) My family came from Lithuania. As I said, I'm average.

3) One of the largest penises I've seen was on a fellow Litvak (Lithuanian Jew).

4) One of the more disappointing members encountered in my extensive field studies of Semitic schlongs was also on a Lithuanian Jew.

5) Forays into the nether regions of German, Iranian and Greek Jews have likewise revealed small, medium and large members.

6) Conclusion: you can't generalize about Jews any more than about African-Americans (because, yeah, I have quite a bit of experience there, too). Don't fetishize someone's ethnicity... that borders on racism. And race is a figment of your imagination.

by AGreply 5202/16/2014

About average, some hung, some not so, like the other races. But mostly lousy sex the ones I've had.

by AGreply 5302/16/2014

[quote] I'm into cerebral Jewish guys, but being an African American, they are not into me. I am hoping that I just haven't found the right one and my stereotyping is false.

Same here. I'm a black guy and I've always had a preference for Jewish men. Culturally they're more liberal than other white ethnic groups in America, which is a plus for me because they are often empathetic towards minority groups that experience racism. Many of them seem to be open-minded.

Guys like Ezra Klein and Ari Melber have the brains and good looks to match!

by AGreply 5402/16/2014

The Jewish guys I have been with had big dicks. Normally though, I don't ask someone their religion when I hook up.

by AGreply 5502/17/2014

Varies a lot. But small to average.

No one varies like the Irish though. Smallest I've ever seen and also the biggest I've ever had - from 3.5 to 9!

by AGreply 5602/17/2014

Mark Zukerberg's wife says he's HUGE.

by AGreply 5702/17/2014


Is black like Obama or Tom Willis

by AGreply 5802/17/2014

Jewish guys are hot and built big on the average, unless you run into one of those genetic bizarros.

But Israeli guys. Oh my Lord! I would volunteer my life to be an Israeli Army Comfort Boy if they would need me.

by AGreply 5902/17/2014

The biggest dick I've ever enjoyed was attached to a circumcised adoptee. He looked Jewish, and could very well have been Jewish, but he was from NY by way of Philadelphia, and just didn't know. He was as good-looking as he was well-hung, and that meant more to me.

by AGreply 6002/17/2014

OP is wrong. They are much bigger on average.

by AGreply 6102/17/2014

Usually very thick. And that's really all that matters

by AGreply 6203/16/2014

Like all men, some are big, some are small.

by AGreply 6303/16/2014

I had a tall, slim, handsome Jewish fu** buddy. Hung like a horse and very into sex; I learned a lot from him. Loads and Loads (tee hee) of fun sex, I am serious here. Very hot.

Had another very good looking Jewish guy, really built, also very into sex but average dick.

Like anything else, runs the gamut...but when I used to belong to a gym, I gotta tell you the black guys ruled. There was one I could swoon over. I always dragged out conversations with him in the locker room so I could memorize his huge muscular body and impossibly long penis. Dream stuff.

by AGreply 6404/29/2014

I this some of the misinformation about Jewish dicks stems from the fact you need a weed-wacker to find them sometimes.

by AGreply 6504/29/2014

You "mutilated" trolls really need to get a life, some counseling or just die in a grease fire already.


by AGreply 6604/29/2014

Gerth. All about the jewish gerth. Mmmmmm

by AGreply 6711/27/2014

Rod Sprunkel...

by AGreply 6811/27/2014

I love Jewish cock. I've noticed a lot of different sizes on Jewish men, but a decent amount were nice and thick.

by AGreply 6911/27/2014

Thank you, R52, for the logic and reason.

by AGreply 7011/27/2014

R40 's naïvité is comparable to saying "Catholic priests do not have sex because they make vows of chastity if they belong to an Order, and promises of chastity to their Bishop if they're diocesan".

BOY... Are you naive, gurl... Just because things are SUPPOSED to be one way, it doesn't mean they ARE that way.

Yes, of course, there are sexually active gay Hasidim, curls and all... I have a Jewish friend who's friends with one, yet he wouldn't meet me or socialize with me because I'm a goy and out of their circle...

He's married and has kids, about 32 yo... Lives in Brooklyn and his native language is actually Yiddish.

When I asked my friend how conflicted this guy feels at fucking guys (he's a top), my friend says he feels like shit every time after, but while he's mounting a guy he has an "I SO NEED THIS" feeling... My friend's words.

by AGreply 7111/27/2014

We (Jewish guys) have a manly 2 inches of kosher man meat baby!

by AGreply 7211/27/2014

Bea Arthur was Jewish....enough said.

by AGreply 7311/27/2014

Fucked in the high hundreds but only a half a dozen Jews. One big, one tiny, rest unmemorable. Lousy sex so I avoid them.

by AGreply 7411/27/2014

Very few Jewish guys here where I live but I got 2 . One was young guy , xmas day he was horny as fuck , quick hookup...average size cut cock, saw him again weeks later for 3some with my b/f. Last I saw he was a pianist and actor in NYC. The other was 20's, was dating a friend of mine who would boast about the guys big cock. They split and I met the guy....big cut cock, rough in bed. Left me with hickeys on my neck and crabs.

by AGreply 7511/27/2014

A lot of them don't wash very often. Hope you get one that takes baths!

by AGreply 7612/02/2014

I had a Jewish bf in the '80's. He was hung so big that even I couldn't take it. I thought I was big. I could still fuck him, though. The few Jews I've had have been good in bed. They aim to please (their) mothers. Haha>>oy gevalt!

by AGreply 7712/02/2014

This thread is useless without pictures.

by AGreply 7812/02/2014

I was with a Jewish guy I'm a black women I tell you what he was the best I ever been with I didn't see him again for a week and I could till feel him so much I was having orgasms .the next time we were together was crazy good his dick was short but so thick and he knew how to satisfy every time I'm with him I feel like I'm the luckiest women he never disappoints me we can't get enough of each other once I went Jewish I never went back to black

by AGreply 7901/13/2015

Jewish men are typically hung better than average in my experience. Some of the biggest white dicks, have been kosher meat.

by AGreply 8001/13/2015
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