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Tons of military aircraft going in and out today

Is some shit about to hit the fan? I live on the coast near an airfield used by the Coast Guard and other military. I've noticed increased traffic going over my house. A lot more than normal. Coast guard choppers and Apaches mostly.

by Hmmm......reply 3511/22/2012

I don't like the "tons of ____" idiom, OP. Just FYI.

It's puerile.

by Hmmm......reply 111/20/2012

Is "the coast" in the eastern Mediterranean? If so, it is probably safe to say that something is going on.

by Hmmm......reply 211/20/2012

R1 is right. The acceptable phrase is "shit loads of _____."

by Hmmm......reply 311/20/2012

We can't tell unless we know where you are talking about OP.

by Hmmm......reply 411/20/2012

Why not say where the fuck you live. No need for being cagey with your 'i live on the coast near an airfield', etc....

by Hmmm......reply 511/20/2012

Black Ops Friday!!!!

by Hmmm......reply 611/20/2012

I wouldn't mind having something military going in and out of me today.

by Hmmm......reply 711/20/2012

East Coast or West Coast?

by Hmmm......reply 811/20/2012

Gulf coast of the USA.

by Hmmm......reply 911/20/2012

Cuba is invading. Or, more likely, there's a training exercise going on.

by Hmmm......reply 1011/20/2012

The military regularly conducts exercises as well as mock wars. So you think they just show up without training?

by Hmmm......reply 1111/20/2012

Helicopters = training. Big C-17s and C-30s mean troops and equipment are going somewhere.

by Hmmm......reply 1211/20/2012

Bay of Pigs.

by Hmmm......reply 1311/20/2012

It all starting to ramp up for Dec 21 people.

Expect a steady increase of this coming now.

by Hmmm......reply 1411/20/2012

Preparations for the next Civil War.

by Hmmm......reply 1511/20/2012

[quote] Helicopters = training. Big C-17s and C-30s mean troops and equipment are going somewhere

Where did you get this idea from? They train with everything. Everything and everyone in the military goes through mock exercises. That is the only way they are prepared for the real thing. And that is essentially their whole purpose of existing - to be prepared. I had friends who participated in mock invasions IIRC using a Caribbean island as a matter of fact. Part of my friend's job was to plan an invasion. People actually die during training and exercises.

Maybe we should start the draft back up and then more people would have some concept of what goes on.

by Hmmm......reply 1611/20/2012

I remember a ton of military going in and out.

Wait; that was my bath house visit in San Diego.

by Hmmm......reply 1711/20/2012

Maybe something to do with that oil rig explosion a few days ago?

by Hmmm......reply 1811/20/2012

That was not an oil rig explosion. We were simply sharing our surplus petroleum with the environment.

by Hmmm......reply 1911/20/2012

60 Minutes had a show just a couple nights ago about a massive US narco effort stretching from Colombia to Argentina aimed at the Colombian "super cartel."

by Hmmm......reply 2011/20/2012

That Narco effort will really work out well.

by Hmmm......reply 2111/20/2012

Had several aircraft go over St. Louis last night.

by Hmmm......reply 2211/21/2012

The big day is coming America!

by Hmmm......reply 2311/21/2012

[quote] Big C-17s and C-30s mean troops and equipment are going somewhere.

I live near an ANG base and they train people to land the big Cs. When I first moved here, I thought there were like 50 big planes flying overhead.. After taking the highway a few times, I realized it was the same big plane over and over again. They take it up, have a pilot approach for a landing about 5 tor 6 times, then land and start all over again.

A couple of weeks ago I saw a black, unmarked helicopter appear as if it was going to land on the highway up ahead. It's not unusual for medevacs to land on the highway when there are bad accidents, but those are readily identifiable blue police choppers. This thing was way bigger. All of a sudden, it was gone. I must have looked away for a second and it disappeared. So as I drove ahead, I turned to see the area where I thought the chopper had been and was looking to see if it landed on an off ramp. I didn't see anything and thought, "Oh well, it must have landed somewhere else."

About two minutes later, the helicopter seemed to explode out of the treetops right across from my car. I swear to god, the treetops were horizontal and it came flying out, dipped down and then went up again right over my car. It was wobbly, not at all steady and I was all, "Shit! It's going to crash on top of me!" . I could see the seams and screws of the helicopter bottom. It lurched across the highway and disappeared behind some trees. I was shaking like a leaf, it had been so sudden.

A minute later, the fuckers did it again! I SWEAR they did it on purpose because they saw the expression on my face the first time and wanted to have some more fun.

by Hmmm......reply 2411/21/2012

If they are flying out C-17s, then this is something unplanned. It costs too much money to send gear overseas this way.

by Hmmm......reply 2511/21/2012

It's the end of the month and everyone is getting their flying hours in so they can maintain their flying status and flight pay. It's pretty common in military areas that include air force, navy air and marine air squadrons. With the holidays and all, it's even more common.

by Hmmm......reply 2611/21/2012

The Man is keeping an eye on OP!

by Hmmm......reply 2711/21/2012

If it was anything important, it wouldn't have anything to do with the Coast guard.

by Hmmm......reply 2811/21/2012

You have to be so damn tall to be in the Coast Guard. Their insistence that every sailor has to be able to walk ashore should their vessel sink, is so discriminatory toward the Tom Cruises of the world.

by Hmmm......reply 2911/21/2012

Yesterday, three Chinook-type helicopters flew over the rural area I live in (they were together as a group). Today it was three Huey-type helicopters (also together as a group). All six were the green military kind. Yesterday it was just "cool" - today it was "Hmmm" - tonite I see this topic on DL and now it's "WTF"

by Hmmm......reply 3011/21/2012

Now that Obama's won reelection, he's begun preparing to implement martial law and will round up all the Christian, conservative Americans and put them in concentration camps.

by Hmmm......reply 3111/22/2012

I am equally CONCERNED, OP!!!

by Hmmm......reply 3211/22/2012

Zombies. More and more people dis Appearing. The government takes this seriously and will make an announcement soon.

by Hmmm......reply 3311/22/2012

Please let it be true R31!!!!

by Hmmm......reply 3411/22/2012

To all DL military personnel, a coded message:

The chair is against the wall. The chair is against the wall.

John has a long mustache. John has a long mustache.

by Hmmm......reply 3511/22/2012
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