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My reality show crushes! Malcom (Survivor), Jaymes, James and Trey (Amazing Race)... I want them!

I am so taken with the guys... Jaymes, we know for sure is gay, Trey is straight. James... we are not so sure about.

I want to meet up for coffee.

I want to have drinks with them.

I want to have dinner with them.

I want to take them to see a Broadway show..

hell, if they wanted to see Kathie Lee's SCANDALOUS, then SCANDALOUS it is!

I want to sleep with them..

I want them... deeply.

They cause my heart to flutter just a wee bit.

That is all. ;)

by TheWhorefrom70thSt.reply 402/11/2013

Hell, I meant MALCOLM, not Malcom

by TheWhorefrom70thSt.reply 111/20/2012



by TheWhorefrom70thSt.reply 211/20/2012

Jaymes is available for a price.

by TheWhorefrom70thSt.reply 302/11/2013

People need to spell names traditionally.

It's James. Not Jaymes.

[italic]Other examples:[/italic]

Jason is not Jayson or Jaison.

Amy is not Aimee.

by TheWhorefrom70thSt.reply 402/11/2013
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