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For you people who like classic film

I'm sure this must have been discussed to death here, but in case there's a SINGLE PERSON who doesn't know about the Tired Old Queen at the Movies, here's a link to Episode One.

by OPreply 3211/23/2012

The term MARY! was invented for him.

I have to admit though, I totally get his love for movies.

by OPreply 111/19/2012

I would like to see him on TCM once Robert Osborne retires. I like Ben, and he'll probably become lead host once Bob leaves, but I just think some roles in this world are best filled by an old queen.

by OPreply 211/19/2012

That was fun!

by OPreply 311/19/2012

all his reviews are here at

by OPreply 411/19/2012

He had a fun bit part in [italic]Trick.[/italic]

by OPreply 511/19/2012

Thanks, [R4]!

by OPreply 611/19/2012

I don't know how he manages it, because someone like him would normally get on my last nerve, but he's totally charming and funny. He needs his own show on TCM.

by OPreply 711/19/2012

Thank you OP, this is new to me!

Now I want to be his friend.

by OPreply 811/19/2012

He's very sweet and very funny. I love his movie reviews. Sometimes the 30's "Oh, Johnny" thing is a little too much, but he loves movies from the Golden Age.

by OPreply 911/19/2012

Glad some new folks have learned about him here! The first one is a good intro to him, but he gets better as the series continues.

by OPreply 1011/19/2012

Auntie Mame.

by OPreply 1111/19/2012

I'd love to hear his take on the Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

by OPreply 1211/20/2012

Thanks, OP! Can't stand old movies but this old queen cracks me up.

by OPreply 1311/20/2012

for R12

Prime of Miss Jean Brodie

by OPreply 1411/20/2012

I just found out about him and I think he's really good. I thought I knew a lot about movies but he knows much, much, much more. I've learned a lot from his videos.

by OPreply 1511/20/2012

I'm not a huge old movie fan either, but Steve is terrific!

by OPreply 1611/20/2012

I would love to watch a show with him!

by OPreply 1711/21/2012

Fab - thanks for this. Rainy day here in London, gonna watch all his recommendations !

by OPreply 1811/21/2012

I remeber him from Trick...had no clue who he was...thanks for the info! ...and btw...I' hit it! Cute!

by OPreply 1911/21/2012

He loves me!

by OPreply 2011/21/2012

He was in The Big Gay Musical as well. Love his Jean Brodie review, makes me really want to watch it again.

by OPreply 2111/23/2012


by OPreply 2211/23/2012

He knows a lot but I find his tires schtick unwatchable.

by OPreply 2311/23/2012

Pony up $18 and start your own Paul Newman thread you gypsy bastard.

by OPreply 2411/23/2012

Obviously, I'm a fan of his as I started the thread, but I appreciate your honesty R23.

by OPreply 2511/23/2012


by OPreply 2611/23/2012

Should read tired schtick....

by OPreply 2711/23/2012

Never heard of him before, but I think I love him! He's got a new subscriber, for sure.

by OPreply 2811/23/2012

I haven't seen him before! Thanks

by OPreply 2911/23/2012

How about these guys?

One of them is a young queen for sure.

by OPreply 3011/23/2012

I wasn't familiar with him -- thanks, OP, he's great!

Is it just me, or has YouTube just lately started slow buffering for everyone?

by OPreply 3111/23/2012

I couldn't finish R30's link. If grown men expect anyone to appreciate their analysis of sex in film, they need to be able to talk about it without blushing and giggling.

by OPreply 3211/23/2012
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