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Sister Wendy

I'm curious how many of you folks were familiar with her (WITHOUT looking her up online)?

"Here we have a painting incorporating two of Hockney's favorite themes: beautiful boys and blue skies."

by The Cultured Onereply 3311/22/2012

Nun had some SERIOUS buck teefs.

by The Cultured Onereply 111/19/2012

Notice the realistic depiction of pubic hair

by The Cultured Onereply 211/19/2012

I learned a lot about art from Sister Wendy, much more than I learned in any of my art appreciation courses in college.

by The Cultured Onereply 311/19/2012

Is she still living? What about the female dog trainer who would go walkies?

by The Cultured Onereply 411/19/2012

I thought of her as I recently visited the Kimbell Museum in Fort Worth, having seen her visit there on TV.

by The Cultured Onereply 511/19/2012

Sister Wendy reviews Michael Fassbender's "Shame."

by The Cultured Onereply 611/19/2012

I really liked the way she popularized art in a witty, easygoing way.

by The Cultured Onereply 711/19/2012

Isn't she the Humming Nun?

by The Cultured Onereply 811/19/2012

I've known of her for almost 20 years OP. Whenever she first started on PBS.

by The Cultured Onereply 911/19/2012

I'm kind of surprised she's not more of a gay icon.

by The Cultured Onereply 1011/19/2012

I adored her, and frequently have a flip through her book "The History of Painting".

She had the rare gift of being able to say what makes a painting memorable or valuable (or not), in a few brief sentences. Very few critics or commentators can do that, however much they wish they could.

by The Cultured Onereply 1111/19/2012

hubba, hubba

by The Cultured Onereply 1211/19/2012

Sister was a fantastic, kooky woman who adored art. I never got how she got away with it, or how she reconciled taking the vow with her appreciation of art, but this made her all the more of a compelling conundrum.

by The Cultured Onereply 1311/19/2012

I understand what you're saying, r13, but remember that the church wasn't always anti-art and anti-intellectual.

by The Cultured Onereply 1411/19/2012

Yes, she was an art commentator. I don't know to which order she belonged. Seems to me she was on PBS a while back, haven't seen her in years. I guess she was mildly interesting.

by The Cultured Onereply 1511/19/2012

Hopefully she hasn't killed herself.

by The Cultured Onereply 1611/19/2012

[quote]I understand what you're saying, [R13], but remember that the church wasn't always anti-art and anti-intellectual.

Not so much that- the content of the art she spoke about so well was often at odds with her being a nun. That is what made her unique to me.

by The Cultured Onereply 1711/19/2012

Does she still live solo in that caravan in the woods?

by The Cultured Onereply 1811/19/2012

There was something about her I liked. I just did. I am surprised she doesn't have more of a Gay following.

by The Cultured Onereply 1911/19/2012

I thought she was very interesting. Enjoyed her views of art.

by The Cultured Onereply 2011/19/2012

Years ago, I occasionally saw her show and enjoyed it. She was insightful and enthusiastic. It's too bad my station showed her show at obscure times so I rarely caught it.

by The Cultured Onereply 2111/21/2012

"Fluffy pubic hair..."

by The Cultured Onereply 2211/21/2012

She should be a gay icon; I presume she is still living in her caravan and getting up in the middle of the night to pray.

by The Cultured Onereply 2311/21/2012

R4 you are talking about Barbara Woodhouse. I'm pretty sure she died a while back.

by The Cultured Onereply 2411/21/2012

She filmed at a museum I worked for. Totally cloistered when not filming. You could not approach her or talk to her, not because she was a diva, but because so much stimulation, with the lights cameras, noise, people running around was too much for her. When not filming she was totally silent, in a wheelchair and then, like an old time star, as soon as the cameras rolled she was up and on it. At that time it was I think her last "special," and she looked very frail. Watching her was interesting, one moment a frail old nun, the next moment a charismatic TV star with this energy that filled the room and then, as soon as filming stopped ended. I hope she was happy in life.

by The Cultured Onereply 2511/21/2012

Old girl is still alive.

I think she's awesome.

by The Cultured Onereply 2611/21/2012

I loved watching her on PBS. I found her very calming and interesting.

I remember her R4; though, I never knew her name (thanks R24).

I say 'walkies!' sometimes at the dog park and people look at me like I've lost my

by The Cultured Onereply 2711/21/2012

I haven't thought of her in years! .. I loved her! I am so glad OP brought her up. Is she in re-runs anywhere? She was so knowledgable and passionate and had a gift for storytelling that really held my interest . She was on PBS on Sunday afternoons. I'm going to check out any info about her II can find on the internet. Thanks again, OP, for bringing her to my attention.

by The Cultured Onereply 2811/21/2012

R 25, fantastic story, thanks!

by The Cultured Onereply 2911/21/2012

I liked her shows. I especially liked her enthusiasm for Kandinsky.

by The Cultured Onereply 3011/21/2012

She still writes books, but I'd like to see her on TV again.

by The Cultured Onereply 3111/22/2012

R28 - I think that was it for her on TV. I went to the Kimball Museum in Fort Worth recently because one of her episodes was filmed there. They sell her book in the gift shop.

by The Cultured Onereply 3211/22/2012

Thanks, R25. Great story.

The complete collection of Sister Wendy DVDs is available from the TCM store (link), That just might be my Christmas present to myself.

by The Cultured Onereply 3311/22/2012
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