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ATTN: PBS addicts! Is Inspector Lewis' sidekick Hathaway bisexual?

I'm watching the series on video, the last one I saw (#9) had Hathaway solving the identity of the killer of Lewis' wife. Anyway ... in one episode, although it contains a scene of him with a woman, Hathaway refuses to identify as straight when asked by Lewis, giving an evasive answer. And, am I the only one who finds their boss lady a Grade A, #1 bitch?

by The Cultured Onereply 805/22/2016

He's straight I think. Used to study to be a priest and also has an affair with one of his female colleagues. I remember there was some ambiguity but wasn't that cleared up in the episode you saw, OP?

by The Cultured Onereply 111/18/2012

In the episode where his sexuality was in doubt, he did the nasty with a woman, though I think she was a post-op transexual. The episode I saw last featured an Iranian Oxford student actor - my first reaction on seeing him was "SEX? YES! NOW!!"

by The Cultured Onereply 211/18/2012

they kept it vague/bi hinting in a couple of early eps, but more and more he is straight in the show

by The Cultured Onereply 311/18/2012

Inspector Lewis is back on PBS and hes they have kept Hathaway's sexuality somewhat vague alluding to him probably being bi but no longer sleeping men.

by The Cultured Onereply 410/11/2014

[quote] And, am I the only one who finds their boss lady a Grade A, #1 bitch?

She's one of those Mason cops.

by The Cultured Onereply 510/11/2014

I think she softens a bit later on, but at first she's a full-time ball buster.

by The Cultured Onereply 610/11/2014

There are some posters on others forums saying that Hathaway is neither bi/gay which I don't get the show seems to indicate that he at least bi.

by The Cultured Onereply 710/11/2014

Hathaway is bi but stopped sleeping with men after joining the priesthood and the death of one of his friends.

by The Cultured Onereply 805/22/2016
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