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Dear Trisha Yearwood,

Please release a new album, and then do a tour to promote it. I miss you.



by Thinkin' About Youreply 2906/30/2013

She's too busy copying Paula Deen on Food Network.

by Thinkin' About Youreply 111/18/2012

Are she and Garth Brooks still married?

by Thinkin' About Youreply 211/18/2012

I'm working on it!

Food Network wanted 13 more episodes of my series and I still have to go to Vegas every few weekends to sing with my husband (there's your answer, R2).

Album and short (40 dates) tour in spring 2013.

Duets album and BIG tour with the hubby in 2014.

You heard it here first, DL!

XXX's and OOO's!

by Thinkin' About Youreply 311/18/2012

I'm happy for them. I don't think I've ever heard their music, but they seem like a nice couple. Decent people with their heads screwed on straight.

by Thinkin' About Youreply 411/18/2012

She hates gays! You do know that, OP?

by Thinkin' About Youreply 511/18/2012

Well, she's no Crystal Gayle.

by Thinkin' About Youreply 611/18/2012

I like to watch her cooking show because she seems so nice and down-to-earth, but her recipes look awful--worse than Paula Deen's.

by Thinkin' About Youreply 711/18/2012

Isn't she a homewrecker?

by Thinkin' About Youreply 811/18/2012

I love Trisha, and I think she loves us too.

by Thinkin' About Youreply 911/18/2012

Trisha and Garth were longtime friends music collaborators, even before they were famous. Throughout the 90s, tabloids suggested the 2 were having an affair. Both denied it. In 1999, Trisha divorced her 2nd husband while Garth separated from his college sweetheart wife in 1999, with the divorce finalized in 2001. After this time, Garth and Trisha officially began dating lol.

Neither of their exes has ever come forward either nothing happened or both were paid off well to keep quiet.

by Thinkin' About Youreply 1011/18/2012

Dear Trisha -

Please cook some healthy dishes. You and Garth are fat as sows.


by Thinkin' About Youreply 1111/18/2012

Brooks' sister is a lesbian and he's always been vocally supportive of gay causes, no?

by Thinkin' About Youreply 1211/18/2012

She's chunky, but not really fat.

by Thinkin' About Youreply 1311/18/2012

Thanks for the attention, guys!

R9 is right, Garth and I are both gay friendly, and I hope you all will come see me when I do a Broadway show, someday. It's one of my dreams.

Dear R11; the next cookbook will have healthy versions of southern dishes my mom created while battling cancer. P.S., Garth and I both do lots of cardio and Pilates. It's possible to be healthy and "chunky", as R13 states.

Here's one of my earlier videos featuring DL have "McBongo". Enjoy!

by Thinkin' About Youreply 1411/18/2012

Speaking of Garth's sister, she was the one who adequately nicknamed him "thunder thighs".

by Thinkin' About Youreply 1511/18/2012

Those are Sidney Crosby size thighs.

by Thinkin' About Youreply 1611/18/2012

For sure, R16.

by Thinkin' About Youreply 1711/19/2012

Do any of you remember when Garth's ex-wife was kidnapped or something by some young black guy she had working on her property? There was some crazy, seedy story there.

by Thinkin' About Youreply 1811/19/2012

Sorry gays, I'm too busy riding Garth's magnificent cock to record any new stuff. Though I wish he was more like that Girth Brooks you gays like so much! Oh my! Garth had a laugh when I showed him. Love you, boys!

by Thinkin' About Youreply 1911/19/2012

R18, the black man who "kidnapped" Garth's ex was actually her boyfriend.

by Thinkin' About Youreply 2011/19/2012

Sorry, I'm just not buying this bitch as some 'down home cookin' ' expert. She's world famous in her field, a multimillionaire married to another world famous multimillionaire.

All of the jewel-toned sweaters and 'fabulous' gay friends helping her in the kitchen isn't doing anything to convince me either.

by Thinkin' About Youreply 2112/01/2012

I never listened to her music but I do know that her cooking show stinks.Its like Sandra Lee 3.0.

by Thinkin' About Youreply 2212/01/2012

I don't think Garth cares about her cooking.

by Thinkin' About Youreply 2312/01/2012

Trisha was talking about her cooking and Tom Cruise on Racahel Ray.

by Thinkin' About Youreply 2412/27/2012

She's a great singer. I lover her music. Her first single/video will be a cover version of Carly Simon's Jesse. I've heard it. It's great.

by Thinkin' About Youreply 2512/27/2012

Her cooking show makes Paula Deen look like Thomas Keller. On her Christmas cooking show, she made some chocolate candy in a crock pot. It was called "Crock Pot Candy" or something like that.

by Thinkin' About Youreply 2612/27/2012

Dear Trisha,

I'm growing impatient. Get back to the music.


by Thinkin' About Youreply 2706/30/2013

Didn't she and Garth sneak around with each other while they were both married to others, ala LeAnn and Eddie?

by Thinkin' About Youreply 2806/30/2013

[quote]Dear [R11]; the next cookbook will have healthy versions of southern dishes my mom created while battling cancer.

On one of her shows when she was addressing this situation, she used margarine in lieu of butter claiming it was healthier. Seriously? Maybe in 1980, but no one thinks that today.

[quote]P.S., Garth and I both do lots of cardio and Pilates. It's possible to be healthy and "chunky", as [R13] states.

One of her recent shows was about her Zumba class.

I actually like her, her music, and her show (which just won a Daytime Emmy, btw), but her recipes are not exactly innovative or interesting.

by Thinkin' About Youreply 2906/30/2013
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