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Miss Lindsey Graham, you in trouble girl

You do not go on Meet the Press and issue threats and ultimatums to another country on behalf of the United States.

Why would you think a minority-party Senator could, unasked and unprompted, blurt out that Egypt is going to get its aid cut off?

Learn your place, bitch, while I go clean up this giant mess you just sharted out of your mealy little mouth.

by Hilreply 311/18/2012

Missy Graham needs a brutal spanking. Does the current White House have a rent boy (a la Gannon) to call up for such a service? We have a shrew to tame!

by Hilreply 111/18/2012

Why can't somebody just out him already?

by Hilreply 211/18/2012

Bitch did that on purpose (and on orders) to muddy the waters and put POTUS and SOS in a jam with Israel, American Jews, and our Arab friends and enemies.

They are trying mightily to bring this Administration down. Nothing is off limits to them; there is no depth to which they won't sink.

Day after the Inauguration, Harry Reid, Kerry, and other senior Democratic Senators need to create a Senate version of the old HUAC, and subpoena these anti-American fuckers to testify.

by Hilreply 311/18/2012
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