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Blind friend hit by car

She was walking in very busy stip mall.

The driver hit her while she was walking with her guide dog. She is hard to miss since she weighs almost 250lbs.

She has some soft tissue injuries and now is very afraid to go out. Normally she is quite active.

No attorney will take her case here in No California...too small. Now my brother who is an attorney..reitred will take her case pro bono.

Anybody know what this case is woth to my friend. The police weren't even called by the driver although she did give insurnace info to my friend.

STill can't be;ieve no one called the police..she is blind and I kn ow many people witnessed the accident.

by Thank you...reply 1311/18/2012

Thanks for the info, OP.

by Thank you...reply 111/18/2012

What does soft tissue damage mean? A bruise?

If there's no medical cost, then I don't know that she will get much.

Is the dog okay?

by Thank you...reply 211/18/2012

Unless this is related ti her being in possession of some juicy gossip, dont expect THE DL to care about a fatty disabled frau who probably misused HER EBT CARD.

by Thank you...reply 311/18/2012

A friend got $50k when he was his by car and broke his leg. The money was not just for medical expenses.

My sister-in-law, before she married my brother, was in a car accident in which she hurt her back and couldn't work for a while. She got over $100k, but she is a very litigious individual.

by Thank you...reply 411/18/2012

Why are you asking us "what this is worth"? Ask your brother the lawyer.

by Thank you...reply 511/18/2012

We dont care about your obese blind fag hag, dear.

by Thank you...reply 611/18/2012

What the hell was she doing at a strip mall if she's blind? Was there a Braille store nearby? She certainly wasn't in the parking lot looking for her car.

by Thank you...reply 711/18/2012

I can only imagine how horrible it must be for a blind person to get hit by a car (no wonder she is afraid). What happened to the guide dog?

by Thank you...reply 811/18/2012

I'm so sorry for your friend. I also have a friend who is blind (as is her partner). She has a dog; her partner uses a cane. I'm appalled when I'm walking with one or both of them how traffic completely ignores both her guide dog and his cane.

by Thank you...reply 911/18/2012

She should have been looking where she was going.

And her little dog too.

by Thank you...reply 1011/18/2012

Who is she going to sue? Does the driver's insurance cover lawsuits? You better tell your friend to get herself to a shrink or some kind of doctor to show some damages from the accident.

Keep all recipes of expenditures made due to the accident, and determine if the damned dog was in some way a contributing factor. Why didn't the dog alert her in some way. I thought that's what those dogs are trained to do.

Good luck. I feel bad for your friend, but I don't think this will get very far. Your brother is a good guy, OP.

by Thank you...reply 1111/18/2012

This never happened.

by Thank you...reply 1211/18/2012

If she's OK physically than a law suit is unnecessary. She should just thank God she's still alive. "Sue Happy" people are ruining America.

by Thank you...reply 1311/18/2012
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