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Survivor: Philippines - You Take the Good, You Take the Bad. Thread 2

Has Lisa evolved from her homophobic ways?

Will Skupin queen out?

Will Penner show more cock?

Will Mycum use his idol?

Will Pete fuck Mycum?

Will Abi explode?

Will the topless blonde lesbian ever speak?

Is Denise the same kind of sex therapist that Helen Cunt plays in The Sessions?

All this and more on tonight's exciting conclusion of Survivor: Filipino!

ABSOLUTELY NO spoilers, please. You post spoilers, we F&F you immediately. Thank you.

by Jeff Probstreply 60112/18/2012

Side by side comparison of Penner vs. Ozzy. Who wins?

by Jeff Probstreply 111/17/2012

Penner's wang looks pre-adolescent.

by Jeff Probstreply 211/17/2012

At least he's cut!

by Jeff Probstreply 311/17/2012

Cut's a turn off.

by Jeff Probstreply 411/17/2012

To be fair, R1, Ozzy is most certainly fluffed and at half-mast. He was with those big-titted broads in the shower.

by Jeff Probstreply 511/18/2012

Penner was fluffed too.

by Jeff Probstreply 611/18/2012

It's going to be hard to get rid of Pete or Abi. They would have to split the vote 3-3 and get whoever doesn't have the idol. But it just takes 1 person to change their vote to mess this up and the vote bounces back to the other side.

Why would Skupin and Lisa want to be number 5 and 6 on a 6-person alliance if they can stick with Pete and Abi and be higher up in the ranks. Even if they don't want to be with Pete and Abi, they should let the vote bounce back to get rid of Macum or Denise and THEN go join with Penner and who's left. Only then would they be higher up in the ranks. I think that's why Skupin wanted to get rid of Jeff last week before flipping.

I really hope they don't send Macum to the jury house!

by Jeff Probstreply 711/18/2012

I tuned into this season of Survivor -- having not watched it since mid-S2 -- mainly because of Lisa Whelchel. I grew up on Facts of Life; how could I NOT WATCH Blair Warner on Survivor?! (Jeff Kent was also somewhat of a curiosity to me, in that I was familiar with his MLB career/reputation). I gotta say, I am finding it very entertaining! I am reminded why I LOVED Survivor, so darn much, that first season. (I was SO into it, S1).

But I also see how much it has changed. I'm curious.....when did the castaways start becoming so well fed? (relatively speaking). I remember there were a couple reward challenges with food, in S1, but nothing like the number they get now. I remember that first group trapping & killing rats and then grilling them up, because they were SO desperate for sustenance. Gross...but it made for good TV. When did that change? Was it after s2, when Skupin killed the "wild" boar? (I do remember that).

by Jeff Probstreply 811/20/2012

There were food reward challenges in the early survivor shows.

by Jeff Probstreply 911/20/2012

Oh noes, it's Thanksgiving. Does it mean it's going to be a stupid clips show this week. The ads make it seem like it won't be though since it shows the aftermath of Artist's vote off.

by Jeff Probstreply 1011/21/2012

R8 I think some survivors almost died and there was long-term damage to people's health. When they did Survivor:Africa....I think that was the sickest group.

And who could forget Elizabeth's hair falling out?

by Jeff Probstreply 1111/21/2012

After the first Survivor they announced they would be giving them more to eat because of the uproar when so many of them lost so much weight.

Then at another point they added beans to the rice they got. Also I think that people would get so hungry all they were doing was laying around camp in exhaustion. Not much strategizing going on and the competitions were less than stellar. Not good TV.

by Jeff Probstreply 1211/21/2012

Carter AND Pete are in love with Malcolm.

by Jeff Probstreply 1311/21/2012

Grape feeding. OMG!

by Jeff Probstreply 1411/21/2012

They need to vote off Malcolm. None of them can beat him. He's cocky and he has an idol. He needs to GO.

by Jeff Probstreply 1511/21/2012

I saw slobbering monkey!!

by Jeff Probstreply 1611/21/2012

Was there a new show on tonight?

by Jeff Probstreply 1711/21/2012

I really don't want Pete to go. He's great eye candy, and his blatant crush on Malcolm has been a season highlight for me.

by Jeff Probstreply 1811/21/2012

Yes there was a new show.

by Jeff Probstreply 1911/21/2012

Who got the boot?

by Jeff Probstreply 2011/21/2012

They split the vote. Flushed out Shakira's idol and got out Pete. They had a chance to get out Malcolm but Malcolm had made a final four deal a few days before. Final four with Lisa, Skupin and Denise..wise deal.

by Jeff Probstreply 2111/21/2012

Wow, Penner really laid into Lisa in the preview. It looks like he's sealing his own fate entering into an alliance with Carter. Carter was adorable feeding grapes to Malcolm in the tub and later wearing that immunity necklace.

by Jeff Probstreply 2211/21/2012

My prediction: Malcom gets fourth, and Lisa, Denise, and Skupin in the final.

by Jeff Probstreply 2311/21/2012

Pete's gone? Oh, well. If I was actually watching this season I might care.

by Jeff Probstreply 2411/21/2012

I'll miss Pete's nips. Skupin looks FINE at 50.

by Jeff Probstreply 2511/21/2012

R23 I think you right. It's been noted that malcolm speaks to no one on his Facebook..maybe a sign of bitterness?? Denise has a very nice Facebook.

by Jeff Probstreply 2611/21/2012

So gratifying to see that bitch Abi hear what people think about her.

by Jeff Probstreply 2711/21/2012

I LOL when Pete was going on about Malcolm being a threat. Why didn't you vote him out when Lisa told you that before?

by Jeff Probstreply 2811/21/2012

Pete is obsessed with Malcolm

by Jeff Probstreply 2911/21/2012

They must have cut out the scene when Pete threatened to cut a bitch - when Carter was hand feeding those grapes to Malcolm in the bathtub.

by Jeff Probstreply 3011/21/2012

Lots of Malcolm's tweets are to Pete, Carter, and Abi.

Sounds like bitterness to me.

by Jeff Probstreply 3111/21/2012

How ridiculous was that reward challenge? It was basically nothing but who could run fastest, and they put the four young ones on one team.

by Jeff Probstreply 3211/21/2012

And still the young team won, even though they fucked up twice and the oldsters only fucked up once.

by Jeff Probstreply 3311/21/2012

Was Scupin always so gay? I don't remember him pinging so much years ago....but nowadays...MARY!!....7 kids?!? overcompensating much?

by Jeff Probstreply 3411/21/2012

[quote]I think some survivors almost died and there was long-term damage to people's health.

A poster on some other thread (it might not have been a Survivor topic) said that one survivor developed some kind of kidney malfunction that required a transplant. Of course, confidentiality agreements keep this from coming out. I can't remember how the poster came upon this information.

Poor nutrition and its effects would make people less able to fight off parasites and other pathogens in the water and food.

by Jeff Probstreply 3511/21/2012

Skupin is one nasty nelly queen.

by Jeff Probstreply 3611/22/2012

Lisa is going to be on The Jeff Probst Show tomorrow.

by Jeff Probstreply 3711/22/2012

Like most everyone, I dislike Abi. But, I thought Denise crossed a line last night in how nasty she was to Abi. Does a professional therapist continue to attack so strongly when the other person is openly crying?

Malcolm has been much more on a loner than he initially seemed during the early scenes with Denice. If he bonded with Pete, Abi and Carter as the show went on (at Ponderosa), I am not not surprised

by Jeff Probstreply 3811/22/2012

You can't be serious. I don't think Denise crossed a line at all -- I think she was firm and honest but not at all unkind.

That horrible spoiled whiner Abi was crying because that's what ninnies do when their personality disordered view of the world is confronted. They don't want to face reality.

They want to accuse other people of manipulation -- as Abi did with Denise -- when in fact manipulation is their own stock in trade.

by Jeff Probstreply 3911/22/2012

I don't think Denise was cruel or nasty at all. Probst on the other hand...

by Jeff Probstreply 4011/22/2012

R38 here: When it was suggested that there was a possible cultural difference for someone raised in Brazil (Abi), whether true or not, I believe Denise should have stopped.

I understand that conditions are bad after so many days together in the middle of nowhere. But, as I mentioned before, Denise is apparently a professional therapist.

However, if Denise is really not a therapist (would not be the first time someone turns out to not be what he/she seems) then I agree with R39 & R40.

by Jeff Probstreply 4111/22/2012

But Denise wasn't acting as a professional therapist. She was a tribe member speaking patiently but directly to a spoiled, whiny child who felt so entitled that she decided she would no longer share in the cooking.

Abi wasn't dealt with NEARLY has harshly as she would have been had I been talking to her. She deserved everything she got, and more.

By the way, I have three friends from Brazil. And no, there are no "cultural differences" that would explain or excuse Abi's behavior.

by Jeff Probstreply 4211/22/2012

Is it just me or is Mike Skuoin hotter than ever? I just wanna frost his nipples with honey and lick them off! And all that man fur: he can warm me up on a winter's night!

by Jeff Probstreply 4311/22/2012

I disagree. Denise is talking to a woman who is opening crying. No matter the setting, she is apparently a trained therapist. Is that the way you expect a therapist to act away from her office?

Also, Abi will be gone soon; Denise is positioned to go much further in this Survivor. To me, Denise was holding all the cards; she came across as a bully.

I have been to Brazil twice. I agree that Abi's behavior had nothing to do with culture. But, the issue was raised. Not everyone on the jury has either been to Brazil, have friends from Brazil.

by Jeff Probstreply 4411/22/2012

[quote]Carter was adorable feeding grapes to Malcolm in the tub and later wearing that immunity necklace.

It looked like Pete wasn't amused, that's why he wanted Malcolm gone.

by Jeff Probstreply 4511/22/2012

Jeff Kent is still acting like a bitter bitch. And, it seems that Jeff Probst doesn't like Abi at all, because he always picks on her, and wanted to make her cry.

by Jeff Probstreply 4611/22/2012


Abi did 90% of the talking, and when Denise did try to raise a point, Abi would shout her down. At one point Denise just gave up and let Abi rant. She was no where close to being a bully.

by Jeff Probstreply 4711/22/2012

Abi is one emotion away from going completely psycho. Can't stand her.

by Jeff Probstreply 4811/22/2012

It was Jeff being the bully, not Denise. Probst was trying hard to make Abi cry, and he succeeded.

by Jeff Probstreply 4911/22/2012

R44, you're wrong on the facts. Abi was openly crying AFTER Denise's comments. Watch it again and you'll know I'm right. All Abi was doing was whimpering during Denise's home truths.

I do think Jeff crossed the line with his comments, though.

by Jeff Probstreply 5011/22/2012

My final's a holiday.

I did watch Tribal again. Yes, Jeff was mostly to blame. He seemed sure about the cultural differences. Denise was initially just responding. Is there a big difference between crying and whimpering to a therapist? Not to me. It is notable that the rest of the tribe did not join in with Denise's commnts.

On the most basic level, Denise failed to gauge the effect of her comments on the jury, most of whom have some ties with Abi. That apparently incudes Malcolm (see comment above about his Twitter friends), although Denise had no way to know it at that point.

To be fair, comments on TVWP are more than 2 to 1 on Denise's side, not Abi's.

by Jeff Probstreply 5111/22/2012

R44/R51, yes, there IS a difference between whimpering and openly crying. If Abi had been openly crying then Denise would have held back.

by Jeff Probstreply 5211/22/2012

[quote]That horrible spoiled whiner Abi was crying because that's what ninnies do when their personality disordered view of the world is confronted. They don't want to face reality.

They want to accuse other people of manipulation -- as Abi did with Denise -- when in fact manipulation is their own stock in trade.


And Abi's crap isn't "cultural." The whole country isn't personality disordered.

by Jeff Probstreply 5311/22/2012

Abi's tears, R44, were tears of manipulation because she had been confronted with *gasp* the truth. She had no other option but to cry because Denise was standing up to her bullshit. Denise did the right thing for Abi by not stopping when she cried.

It would've been easier for Denise to stop when Abi started crying, but she saw through the manipulation and didn't.

by Jeff Probstreply 5411/22/2012

THANK GOD Mycum didn't go home. It was a like a Sophie's Choice, either Mycum or Pete was going home. Glad it was Pete.

by Jeff Probstreply 5511/22/2012

Where is it written that therapists don't make people cry? Or, for that matter, allow people to cry in their presence?

Hello, have any of you been in therapy? A good therapist knows the difference between manipulative tears and real tears of sadness.

by Jeff Probstreply 5611/22/2012

I can't believe how they were all bullying Abi and piling on to make her cry. Jeff was worse than Carrie's mother. "They're all laughing at you. They're all laughing at you. Don't you see they're all laughing at you? Don't you get it? Let me spell it out for you. They're all going to laugh at you!"

by Jeff Probstreply 5711/22/2012

Denise was explaining her feelings toward Abi, and that's hard for Abi to hear, because Abi has been a 14-carat cunt. Too bad for fucking Abi.

by Jeff Probstreply 5811/22/2012

The Abi defenders are delusional. That girl has treated others like absolute crap all season long. She is finally confronted and now she's the victim? I'm from Brazil too. I guess next time I act like a total asshole, I'll cry, blame it on "cultural differences," and then accuse anyone who disagrees with me of being a bully.

Some of you sound like you are incapable of taking responsibility for your actions. And just because Denise is a therapist doesn't mean she has to act like Mother Theresa when she's not working.

Abi is also dumb. Everyone turned down her deal to vote Malcolm off. At that point, she should have voted for Pete and not used her idol. There is some hope for her though, and I hope she ends up taking responsibility for the way she behaved when her side was in power.

Sad to see Pete go, but he digged himself into a whole when he set RC up. He should've aligned with her instead.

by Jeff Probstreply 5911/22/2012

[quote] My final's a holiday.


by Jeff Probstreply 6011/22/2012

Abi bullied RC and she was way overdue to get called on her shit. Period.

by Jeff Probstreply 6111/22/2012

"The Abi defenders are delusional. That girl has treated others like absolute crap all season long. She is finally confronted and now she's the victim?"

R59 is right.

by Jeff Probstreply 6211/22/2012

Denise is a sex therapist. Maybe you would see lots of empathy from her if Abi had been crying that despite her best efforts Pete, Carter and Malcolm were not interested in her offers of blow jobs for a final three deal. Otherwise Denise had enough of Abi's bullshit.

by Jeff Probstreply 6311/22/2012

Denise is too ugly to be a sex therapist. Who'd want to have sex with her?

by Jeff Probstreply 6411/22/2012

She's not a sex surrogate, R64, she's a sex therapist.

by Jeff Probstreply 6511/22/2012

R59 has a good point. If Pete had latched on to RC instead of Abi, he would have had a decent chance of winning. Or even if he would have just done a better job of staying on Skupin and Lisa's good sides. His biggest mistake was tying himself to Abi, and the second one was getting ahead of himself by making alliance divisions way too soon.

by Jeff Probstreply 6611/22/2012

I wonder if Lisa ever managed a discussion about Steve's "intimacy" issues with Denise. The casting is uncanny.

by Jeff Probstreply 6711/22/2012

I think as much as Abi is hated, it will be easier for her to stay as the other people will go after Penner next.

by Jeff Probstreply 6811/22/2012

Regardless if Denise is the rapist of not, she should not have pile drived on Abi when she was crying and saying "Enough!" And Jeff was on the sidelines cheering this on.

by Jeff Probstreply 6911/22/2012

So Abi can say enough, but none of the others can? Ridiculous. Abi needed a wake up call and she got it.

by Jeff Probstreply 7011/22/2012

No one sans to mention Lisa's comments concerning staying in relationships way longer then she should have, just so she won't hurt the other person? She was obviously talking about her gay ex.

by Jeff Probstreply 7111/22/2012

I found that really interesting, R71. Did anyone watch the Probst show today? Did she bring that up again?

by Jeff Probstreply 7211/22/2012

Pank me!

by Jeff Probstreply 7311/22/2012

Just wondering, R57

What Survivor are you watching? One on Alternate Earth?

by Jeff Probstreply 7411/22/2012

Abi makes Jerri from season 2 sound like a sweetheart.

by Jeff Probstreply 7511/22/2012

At Ponderosa, RC greeted Peter with a barrel-full of "would'a could'a and should'a" and Pete didn't want to hear any of it.

this led to Pete and Artis sitting together saying that RC is a bitch.

They're predicting fireworks at Ponderosa when Abi gets voted out, and those now at Ponderosa are certain that it'll be Abi next. Artis described RC as bitter and pissed-off at being outplayed by a better player, Abi. I think they're right, RC and Abi are bound to go at it at Ponderosa.

Of course what they're showing us is just a few minutes out of days, but there doesn't seem to be any interaction with the ballplayer. Maybe Jeff is still stewing in his own pot of "bitter and pissed-off", convinced, as he claimed before, that everyone but him is stupid.

by Jeff Probstreply 7611/22/2012

Crap! I forgot to watch Lisa on Probst today. Was it a new one or a rerun? If not a rerun, is it online anywhere?

by Jeff Probstreply 7711/22/2012

NBC reruns the Jeff Probst show late night after Carson Daly and Kathy and Hoda.

by Jeff Probstreply 7811/22/2012

I just checked my listings and something called Muffin Top comes on after Carson Daly here, but thank you for trying to help, R78.

by Jeff Probstreply 7911/22/2012

Fucking despise Abi and think she's a spoiled, entitled cunt with no sense of self-awareness at all.

Love Denise (which is shocking because I have never cared for butch women, but she's such a machine in challenges and yet seems very level-headed and caring/considerate in life.)

Why is this show so prudish?? Taking BATHS in their grungy old swimsuits?!??!?!? That was stupid. This year there was no one who liked to get naked.

The best season was the one in which they all had to ditch the ship in their street clothes and most of the men wound up competing from then on in their underwear.

by Jeff Probstreply 8011/22/2012

Where is Abi from? (Nazi Germany?)

by Jeff Probstreply 8111/22/2012

Those who are so vigorously defending Abi probably have a lot in common with her.

by Jeff Probstreply 8211/22/2012

R81 - Brazil.

It's not cultural. Abi is just clueless and delusional. Oh, and paranoid.

Her buddy Pete pushed along that paranoia when he tried to create some chaos by moving the idol.

by Jeff Probstreply 8311/22/2012

I will miss Pete and his puffy nips.

by Jeff Probstreply 8411/22/2012

I love how Abi refers to her crazy as "passion."

by Jeff Probstreply 8511/22/2012

"Those who are so vigorously defending Abi probably have a lot in common with her."

Seems to me that people were discussing Denise's behavior at Tribal Council, not that Abi was even remotely a nice person.

by Jeff Probstreply 8611/23/2012

I just saw the episode and I think that Denise was reasonable at tribal, despite being interrupted over and over by Abi.

I wonder when and if Pete will tell RC or Abi that it was he who exposed the idol.

by Jeff Probstreply 8711/23/2012

I also just watched the episode and Denise was VERY guys are crazy.

by Jeff Probstreply 8811/23/2012

"Lots of Malcolm's tweets are to Pete, Carter, and Abi."

Pete is coming along well at Ponderosa, according to the Ponderosa videos. The above post indirectly suggests that Abi, Carter and Malcolm will join him there at some point with enough time to really know each other.

Alert: This is not a spoiler, just speculation for those hoping for a Pete-Malcolm sex tape.

by Jeff Probstreply 8911/23/2012

Denise was being more than reasonable.

by Jeff Probstreply 9011/23/2012

My speculation about Malcolm tweeting Pete, Abi, and Carter is that he's pissed at the Denise, Penner, Skupin, and Lisa for voting him off. Or it could be that they're all just younger and will party with him.

by Jeff Probstreply 9111/23/2012

Is Abi's twitter as cray cray as she seems on the show?

by Jeff Probstreply 9211/23/2012

R91: I thought the Final Four was pretty well set in the last episode. If so, Penner would be gone before Malcolm. But, it would not be the first time that a solid alliance fell apart on "Survivor."

by Jeff Probstreply 9311/24/2012

All it takes is the 'wrong' person winning an individual immunity and all bets are off for any final four/five/six plans.

by Jeff Probstreply 9411/24/2012

Also, people will realize that they haven't got a hope against Malcolm and decide to get rid of him.

by Jeff Probstreply 9511/24/2012

It'll be interesting to see who Abi votes for to win the million.

by Jeff Probstreply 9611/28/2012

I want to see slobbering monkey

by Jeff Probstreply 9711/28/2012

I had Abi so very much. Her immunity win was just aggravating.

by Jeff Probstreply 9811/28/2012

Wow, Penner is a sore loser. Emphasis on 'loser'.

by Jeff Probstreply 9911/28/2012

Pete called Malcolm charming in his People interview, and said he loved him.

by Jeff Probstreply 10011/28/2012

Penner's bitterness is a very attractive quality. More nipples to miss.

by Jeff Probstreply 10111/28/2012

Oh, wow!

by Jeff Probstreply 10211/28/2012

What was with probst trying to bring up Lisa's divorce? That was very rude I thought.

Penney should have walked off whistling the theme to facts of life though. That would have been funny.

by Jeff Probstreply 10311/28/2012

[quote]What was with probst trying to bring up Lisa's divorce? That was very rude I thought.

Oh please.

by Jeff Probstreply 10411/28/2012

What's up with the weird slacker visiting Malcolm next week? I couldn't make out a word they were saying, but apparently he was supposed to be scandalous.

So, is that the famous Tucker paying Lisa a visit? Haven and Clancy don't rate?

by Jeff Probstreply 10511/28/2012

I am not surprised Pete called Malcolm charming in an interview. Malcolm is charming.

Penner has always confused me...never understood why he is so well liked on the Internet...feel that way even more after that extended good-bye tonight.

by Jeff Probstreply 10611/28/2012

Penner was funny tonight though when he yelled 'Denise' while voting.

by Jeff Probstreply 10711/28/2012

R105, No, that is not Tucker. That's her younger brother, Justice, a minister.

Malcom's brother is his visitor. He immediately reminded me of Hurley on Lost. It sounded to me like he was saying that Malcom looks like a colonebehemoth his facial hair -- as in Colonel Sanders.

by Jeff Probstreply 10811/28/2012

*because* of his facial hair.....

by Jeff Probstreply 10911/28/2012

[italic]Philippines[/italic] has been one of the better [italic]Survivor[/italic]s over the last five years. There's been a better flow to the action. Game-playing direction by the cast have presented more possible twists. It doesn't feel entirely predictable, which can be the case with any [italic]Survivor[/italic] that is initially interesting but inevitably becomes somewhat flat. (Think, [italic]One World[/italic]: Even though Kim was more than well-worthy of winning, no one around her seemed to have the chops to pull off a potential upset.) So, this has been a good edition of [italic]Survivor[/italic].

by Jeff Probstreply 11011/28/2012

Wow, Lisa's husband is hot!

by Jeff Probstreply 11111/29/2012

Malcolm's tranny brother blurted out that Lisa was from The Facts of Life. At least it's good to know Malcolm's a supportive gay ally.

by Jeff Probstreply 11211/29/2012

So happy Abi won immunity. Was rooting for her during the comp.

by Jeff Probstreply 11311/29/2012

She's probably outta there next week, R113, so savor your contentment.

by Jeff Probstreply 11411/29/2012

"Penner was funny tonight though when he yelled 'Denise' while voting."

And, as usual, he was playing to the cameras, and knew it would be included in the show.

Goodbye, Jonathan, I hope for the very last time.

by Jeff Probstreply 11511/29/2012

[quote]So happy Abi won immunity. Was rooting for her during the comp.

Why? She's a fucking psycho.

by Jeff Probstreply 11611/29/2012

Topping the list of percentage gains were the two Wednesday reality series, which both had shows last week on the low-trafficked night before Thanksgiving, making the week-to-week comparisons favorable. Fox’s The X Factor was up 27%... CBS’ Survivor: Philippines (2.7/8) was up 17%.

by Jeff Probstreply 11711/29/2012

r116, pyschos are good for reality tv. Some of us are entertained by her. Remember when Lisa said she just wants to bust out laughing whenever Abi speaks? That's how I feel plus her staying shakes things up.

Anyway, I'd be happy with anyone but her winning.

by Jeff Probstreply 11811/29/2012

Abi left the door open for speculation by implying there was more info on the paper she tore up.

Not sure if she fooled anyone, but Abi may have other tricks to play next week. I am not so sure she is going home.

by Jeff Probstreply 11911/29/2012

I get that psychos are good for reality TV, but Abi is just unpleasant. She's not a fun villain at all.

by Jeff Probstreply 12011/29/2012

Carter voted to get rid of Denise. He could be next to go since he is a bigger threat to win immunity.

by Jeff Probstreply 12111/29/2012

Penner was an entertainer in the best sense of the word. It's too bad there aren't native chanting or tribal dancing challenges on Survivor.

I felt bad for Denise when Abi-Marie stuck her tongue out at her. Poor lady.

by Jeff Probstreply 12211/29/2012

Abi's a crazy cunt, I can't wait for her to get voted off.

I feel sorry for Lisa, I'm rooting for Denise or Skupin.

I like Penner and it's too bad he lost again. Did doing all this "Survivor" do anything for his career? How is he making a living?

by Jeff Probstreply 12311/29/2012

Carter may be a nice, decent guy, but his "I smell shit" facial expressions are irritating.

I'd love to play some poker with Lisa.

Abi's attempt at stirring up speculation that she may have an idol was good. Next week we'll see if it worked. She was smart to immediately bid the maximum for the advantage. But... that immunity contest seemed designed to favor anyone who purchased the advantage. Abi's win has ratcheted up the game a notch or two. Her snotty behavior at Tribal was pathetic, she really is bat-shit crazy. Sticking her tongue out and making a face at Denise like a spoiled 3-year old brat showed that her emotional condition is even worse than we've seen before.

And speaking of emotional conditions, apparently over at Ponderosa RC became needy and insisted on having the others apologize to her. It seems as though there has been little social interaction among them, they've all been keeping to themselves. In past seasons even with lingering tempers and bitterness there has been a holiday atmosphere at Ponderosa. Penner has, at least he has claimed to, loosened everyone up and brought the holiday ambiance that was lacking. At least that's his side of it.

What was with Skupin's heart-and-arrow lovey-dovey ballot card with Penner's name? That has to be the gayest Tribal vote ever.

by Jeff Probstreply 12411/29/2012

Lisa was wearing makeup. Can they bring makeup?

by Jeff Probstreply 12511/29/2012

I know. I remember a previous Penner vote card that had a series of little hearts forming a larger heart around his name. I had assumed it was Lisa's vote. Now I wonder if it was Skupin's as well.

by Jeff Probstreply 12611/29/2012

Did Penner purposely misspell Denice as "Denies," or is he just a bad speller?

They cut to her making a face when the card was shown. I wonder if she knew whatever message he was trying to send with the word 'denies.'

by Jeff Probstreply 12711/29/2012

It looks like Malcolm's brother spills the beans on wonder he gets eliminated.

by Jeff Probstreply 12811/29/2012

Malcolm is a descendent of Colonel Sanders and he doesn't want people to know he has fried chicken money.

by Jeff Probstreply 12911/29/2012

Why would Malcolm be eliminated/in trouble because his brother reveals who Lisa is?

by Jeff Probstreply 13011/30/2012

Word is slacker brother lets on about Malcolm being an Ivy Leaguer . It's not about Lisa.

by Jeff Probstreply 13111/30/2012

The Ivy League slip makes more sense than a Lisa slip. Denise would know that Dartmouth is an Ivy League University. Perhaps Abi and Carter as well, if only because the US News annual ranking of universities is widely read...more so every year.

by Jeff Probstreply 13211/30/2012

When Penner voted for Denies, or however he spelled it, it reminded me of this Key and Peele skit.

by Jeff Probstreply 13311/30/2012

So the rest of them still don't know who Lisa is?!? I'd have been recognized immediatly.

by Jeff Probstreply 13411/30/2012

Malcolm's sister looks just like SNL's Bobby Moynohan in drag.

by Jeff Probstreply 13511/30/2012

Malcolm and Abi don't know. The older folks know.

by Jeff Probstreply 13611/30/2012

Penner and Skupin knew - that's it as far as we have been shown.

by Jeff Probstreply 13711/30/2012

And we've read in an interview that Denise claims she knew.

by Jeff Probstreply 13811/30/2012

In one of his post-exit interviews, Penner said that he actually did NOT recognize Lisa, having never seen The Facts of Life. It was Denise who recognized her; she told him who Lisa was when the tribes merged.

by Jeff Probstreply 13912/01/2012

Jeff Probst and Lisa on his show.

by Jeff Probstreply 14012/01/2012

Did anyone else see Pete "sashay" in to the jury? I thought it was funny. Some people look so much better when they're scruffy and dirty, than when they're all cleaned up. Pete is one of those people.

I like him more au naturel, as well as shirtless and in yellow shorts, all day long.

Malcolm is so sexy. I don't know what it is. He's like a total stoner, but really handsome and smart too. No wonder everybody loves him.

Abi wrote down "Denies" instead of Denise, because that's how a native Portugese speaker would spell Denise. She HEARS "De-nees," and thinks "De Nies." She's still a little bitch, though.

Although, Penner going home was his own damned fault. Have NONE of these people ever watched the show before? The food auction ALWAYS offers an advantage in the immunity competition, yet Abi was the only one who played the game with that in her mind.

Everyone else was like, FOOOOOOOOOOD!!! If Penner wanted to stay in the game, he should have saved his money and beat Abi to the punch.

Lisa seems to be on the verge of a mental breakdown. I think she's right- this game is not for her. Although she didn't seem to have a problem writing down her "friend" Penner's name. I guess his "cut the crap!" line brought her back to reality. He really IS a dick!

Carter is still non-existent in this game. I have to keep reminding myself that there's another player remaining, and his name is Carter. Has anyone else been THAT far in the background at this point in the game? It's kind of odd.

I'm really hoping that Lisa and Skupin make it to the finals. It's nice to see the older people make it far in this game... even though they're not THAT old.

Btw, how many more weeks are left? There are still six people left in the game!

by Jeff Probstreply 14112/01/2012

[quote]Abi wrote down "Denies" instead of Denise, because that's how a native Portugese speaker would spell Denise.

Abi spelled the name correctly, r141. It was Penner that spelled it "Denies."

by Jeff Probstreply 14212/01/2012

Carter would have beaten Abi in the reward challenge if he didn't have the extra weight.

by Jeff Probstreply 14312/01/2012

You'd think that someone would figure out that Carter is a threat in challenges.

by Jeff Probstreply 14412/01/2012

[quote] You'd think that someone would figure out that Carter is a threat in challenges.

I don't think any of the other players even know that Carter is there.

by Jeff Probstreply 14512/01/2012

Thanks for that Lisa and Jeff clip, r140. Glad I got to see it.

by Jeff Probstreply 14612/01/2012

Lisa's children are beautiful. The son with long hair (seen around minute 18 in the probst clip) is really, really hot. The girls are beautiful, too. The other son, on Survivor next week, is absolutely adorable, too.

by Jeff Probstreply 14712/01/2012

Actually, just realized she only has one son and the guy next week is her younger brother.

by Jeff Probstreply 14812/01/2012

Maybe Macum twitters Abbey, Peter and Cater because he knows they're they only ones who voted for him to win the million!

by Jeff Probstreply 14912/02/2012

[quote]Carter is still non-existent in this game. I have to keep reminding myself that there's another player remaining, and his name is Carter. Has anyone else been THAT far in the background at this point in the game? It's kind of odd.

Once before, that I recall.

by Jeff Probstreply 15012/02/2012

I enjoyed watching slobbering Lisa with her sandwich

by Jeff Probstreply 15112/02/2012

Wait, I'm confused. I thought the blonde lesbian was medi-vacced out weeks ago. Why was she sitting at the food auction bidding for food? Did they let her back in the game after she went to the hospital and felt better? If that's the case, why didn't they let Colton back in the game last season after he felt better?

by Jeff Probstreply 15212/05/2012

Does anybody think that maybe the game of Survivor is just too big for Lisa?

by Jeff Probstreply 15312/05/2012

New eppy tonight! Will Abi get auf'd or at least a good smack in the gob?

by Jeff Probstreply 15412/05/2012

I *knew* Malcolm was an Ivy Leaguer, I had strange suspicion about him. I had a weird feeling that he was not just an average down guy.

I knew it!!!

by Jeff Probstreply 15512/05/2012

So Malcolm is an heir of KFC company? Related to Colonel Sanders? I still love him!

by Jeff Probstreply 15612/05/2012

Uh oh.. I'm afraid my beloved Malcolm may be leaving tonight...

can't wait to see him all cleaned up at the reunion.

by Jeff Probstreply 15712/05/2012

Yes, Malcolm is related to Colonel Sanders. Also, has a high I.Q.

by Jeff Probstreply 15812/05/2012

He is still holding an idol, r157, so if he gets voted out tonight, he really gets back-doored... and not the way he likes it.

by Jeff Probstreply 15912/05/2012

Omg, I can't ... I can't watch!! Oh, Malcolm!!

by Jeff Probstreply 16012/05/2012

Lisa's brother looks like Jake Gyllenhall without the bug eyes.

by Jeff Probstreply 16112/05/2012

I thought the same thing R161.

Please let tonight be the night that Abi's voted off.

by Jeff Probstreply 16212/05/2012

Please, don't vote out Malcolm! That STUPID brother of his. Is everybody having a hard time watching this episode?

by Jeff Probstreply 16312/05/2012

Lisa's brother is gorgeous, I cried the most with their reunion.

by Jeff Probstreply 16412/05/2012

Denise's man looks like a older Tobey Maguire.

by Jeff Probstreply 16512/05/2012

Michael's son looked hot when he took his short off.

by Jeff Probstreply 16612/05/2012

Who got the boot?

by Jeff Probstreply 16712/05/2012

Do you think God wants Malcolm to win?

Next week will be interesting. If Malcolm wins immunity and gives Denise his idol, they could get Abi to side with them and vote out Lisa or Skupin.

by Jeff Probstreply 16812/05/2012

Lisa's brother is a dead ringer for Andrew Firestone.

by Jeff Probstreply 16912/05/2012

It's quite obvious that either Malcolm or Lisa will win fan favorite.

by Jeff Probstreply 17012/05/2012

I want to see slobbering monkey

by Jeff Probstreply 17112/05/2012

Who is out? Carter?

by Jeff Probstreply 17212/05/2012

i guess we know where abi gets her athletic ability from.

skupin's son was on the island for five minutes before he started bleeding.

by Jeff Probstreply 17312/05/2012

Lisa is so easily led by a brother who is 20 years younger. And the brother is discussing moves without any in-depth knowledge of the other remaining members. Sad.

by Jeff Probstreply 17412/05/2012

She needs a male's permission to lie. Very sad.

by Jeff Probstreply 17512/05/2012

Carter would be a really handsome guy, except his mouth is too small for his face.

I would still happily do him, and I was sorry to see him get voted out.

by Jeff Probstreply 17612/05/2012

What if Lisa's brother is really her son? Was she already married when he was born? He looks like a cross between her and George Clooney.

by Jeff Probstreply 17712/05/2012

Who is out?

by Jeff Probstreply 17812/05/2012

Denise looks like Carrot Top.

by Jeff Probstreply 17912/05/2012

Wonder why Carter and Abi were allowing their sideline position -- and nobody is going after Lisa? Even one stray vote could've ended in a tie and nobody seemed to be scrambling. Maybe next week...

by Jeff Probstreply 18012/05/2012

I think it's obvious after that throwing competition, that Lisa's brother dials the phone with a pencil.

by Jeff Probstreply 18112/05/2012

Carter holds his mouth that way, when he smiled the size looked normal.

by Jeff Probstreply 18212/05/2012

Carter's mouth is hideous.

I wonder what Abi thought of tonight's episode with everyone talking about her "honest, direct" manner in such a derogatory way. Ha! Ha!

by Jeff Probstreply 18312/05/2012

The histrionic, narcissistic, passive-aggressive psycho's FB page...

by Jeff Probstreply 18412/05/2012

Did I miss something? Did Malcolm's brother reveal anything?

by Jeff Probstreply 18512/05/2012

[quote] he digged himself into a whole

Oh my god. No one else saw this at R59?

by Jeff Probstreply 18612/05/2012


That is what I was trying to figure out all night. In the previews they showed him saying something that shocked the other players, but tonight.....nothing.

by Jeff Probstreply 18712/05/2012

How do we know Malcolm has a connection to Princeton and Col. Sanders?

His younger brother said nothing about those things on tonight's episode. Malcolm's bio on the official Survivor website doesn't mention those things either.

by Jeff Probstreply 18812/05/2012

Agreed, R187. I was waiting for the big reveal, but it never happened.

by Jeff Probstreply 18912/05/2012

Malcolm went to Dartmouth, R188. And I made the Colonel Sanders thing up.

by Jeff Probstreply 19012/05/2012

[quote]Did I miss something? Did Malcolm's brother reveal anything?

Yes, he did! But, I can't for the life of me remember what he said.

by Jeff Probstreply 19112/05/2012

Malcolm's brother told everyone that Malcolm loves Pete too. It's not just one sided.

by Jeff Probstreply 19212/05/2012

I seriously want to believe Pete is a DL poster and he's r192.

by Jeff Probstreply 19312/05/2012

Malcum's brother revealed that he was a tranny and Malcum said his brother got the operation when he turned 21 and he missed it since he was on the island.

by Jeff Probstreply 19412/06/2012

Why was Scoopin' holding Justice's foot. Was he massaging it or does he have a foot fetish?

by Jeff Probstreply 19512/06/2012

Skupin is such a queen. Did you see how he flamed out when Jeff told him his fat son was here? "Oh my God! Oh my GODDDD!!!!! Oh my God!!!!111"

Then he said he his son is #1 to him and is "the best one". Way to diss his other 7 children.

by Jeff Probstreply 19612/06/2012

Does Skupin like the homosex?

by Jeff Probstreply 19712/06/2012

Justice was gorgeous. I forget what his name was before he changed it to Justice. Lisa did a huge piece on her blog about the name change. Didn't Justice also get a job at TGIFriday's and his mom gave him sage advice or something?

I want to "pank" Justice.

I know everyone calls Carter a "ghost," but I found him pretty hot and he was a nice guy. His mouth may have seemed weird, but he did have beautiful teeth when he smiled. Can't wait to see him all cleaned up next week when he comes out with the jury.

by Jeff Probstreply 19812/06/2012

I think Stupin is hot as hell, a 3way with him and Malcomb would be hot

by Jeff Probstreply 19912/06/2012

I was really loving Lisa until this episode, when her "fundie-ness" really came out.

Previously, she mentioned that she didn't think God cared too much about the game of Survivor, and that he's "bigger" than that, but then in the next breath, she's holding a prayer circle saying that "if it's your will..." and blah blah blah.


And then she added a passive aggressive "and even if you decide Abi should win immunity..." HUH???!! That was a snarky prayer, if I do say so myself.

The icing on the cake was the "I guess it's your will that Malcolm win immunity, but I don't understand it..." Oh, fucking fuck. This bitch is out of her mind. It really pissed me off.

I love how smug Lisa has gotten, as the player numbers dwindled. She went from meek and shy "older lady" Lisa, to the "I tried, but now I'm done" (regarding Abi). How very "christian" of her.

Carter called those assholes out, perfectly. Lisa, Skupin, Denise, and Malcolm all spouted out the same bullshit that they want to win the game with honor and with honorable people, but as Lisa has demonstrated, it's all about the money. And in the end, whoever can win them the million bucks, is who they are taking to the final four.

Also interesting is how Denise, Malcolm, and Lisa refused to hear Abi out. They all said, "lets stop talking about strategy because it's such a downer."

But Abi rightly called them out and said that they can rest easy because they're all safe, but if Abi tries to talk strategy and save herself, all of a sudden, they want to shut down the conversation because it "brings the group down."


Abi is annoying. That's for sure. But if you listen closely to her arguments, her points are extremely valid. She calls out Denise perfectly. And Denise just tries to shut down the conversation.

I wish Carter had played the "honor card" more. However, if you listen to Lisa, her mind was made up. She wants the million, her faith be damned.

This is what I truly despise about "religious" people. Most of them are just hypocrites at their core.

by Jeff Probstreply 20012/06/2012

Great 15 minutes of an episode. I forwarded through any time the Lisa Praying Hour was on the screen. Ugh. What is it about this show that brings out the religion nuts?

by Jeff Probstreply 20112/06/2012

[quote] What is it about this show that brings out the religion nuts?

Obviously, it's seeing all the OTHER religious nuts from previous seasons. Russell Hantz's nephew REALLY took the cake, along with Coach. That season was practically unwatchable because of the fundie fuckery.

This season, it's Lisa, Skupin, and that NUTJOB Russell who after every challenge would look up to heaven and say, "LORD... WHY HAVE YOU FORSAKEN OUR TRIBE?? WHY CAN'T WE WIN??!!!" For that bullshit alone, Malcolm deserves the million, just having to put up with that shit.

Probst better cut this shit out of the show, or people might just stop watching. It's not cool.

by Jeff Probstreply 20212/06/2012

There's a black guy on the jury. I totally forgot that he was on the show this year.

Denise's husband seemed really gay to me. Maybe they are ex-gays trying to make a go of it.

I'm glad they showed Lisa's religulousness so all of America can see what she's really like.

What was Justice's name before the change? Why the change? Is he in show biz?

by Jeff Probstreply 20312/06/2012

Sorry to hear that about Lisa. I thought we were getting a religion-free edition but I guess not.

by Jeff Probstreply 20412/06/2012

Denise's husband reminded me of Michael Hitchcock, Parker Posey's husband in Best in Show.

by Jeff Probstreply 20512/06/2012

I can't imagine that she would drop the prayer stuff like a hot rock because it's so reflexive for her to do. It's been drilled into her head since she was a kid. And get around others like that?

by Jeff Probstreply 20612/06/2012

To those who claim Lisa has evolved, I present her religious whackery from last night as evidence she has not. She may be more quiet about her religulosity, but it is still quite there. The bullshit about what god wants and doesn't want...well, that spoke volumes about how her brain works and how she sees the world.

by Jeff Probstreply 20712/06/2012

Denise is always such a beast in challenges (which I admire), but she was so strangely behind in last night's immunity challenge. How odd... I felt bad that she didn't get to keep her husband around in lieu of Stupin and his equally accident-prone son.

Abi is just off the hook insane and a major, major cunt. How did her mother create such a monster?!

by Jeff Probstreply 20812/06/2012

The relationship between Abi and her mother seemed weird and distant, like they didn't know each other very well. They sort of lightly hugged each other and neither seemed particularly emotional. Given Abi's out-of-control cuntiness, I imagine there's more to the story there.

by Jeff Probstreply 20912/06/2012

I found Abi and her mom a welcome relief from all the over-the-top 'love' betwen the other tribe members and their loved ones. I know it happens every season on the show, but last night seemed worse, especially Stupin and Lisa.

Also, I found it refreshing that Malcolm said that he worried about what his brother might say to his tribe mates.

by Jeff Probstreply 21012/06/2012

Makes you wonder - Lisa's brother is 20 years younger than she is. She could be his mother. She went through some 'fat' periods of FOL.

by Jeff Probstreply 21112/06/2012

Justice has a different last night. Second marriage, I guess.

Lisa's discussion about her faith didn't bother me. She was actually kinda rational. I mean, she was saying how god doesn't pick the winners of football games. Try telling that to about 100 million Americans.

by Jeff Probstreply 21212/06/2012

Does anyone else think Jeff is annoying at times? Like when he kept yelling at Abi for taking her time. I wanted her to say to him, Jeff Fuck off.

by Jeff Probstreply 21312/06/2012

last *name*

by Jeff Probstreply 21412/06/2012

I often find Jeff annoying. However, that wasn't one of the times.

by Jeff Probstreply 21512/06/2012

I was expecting more religion based on this thread but it wasn't so bad, just a few seconds, and then she said god doesn't pick teams.

A lot of people pray from time to time without being religious nuts. Catholics often use rote prayers which don't seem so personal or like a one-sided conversation with the almighty.

by Jeff Probstreply 21612/06/2012

The religion has been worse in other seasons.

But, this display came at a bad time. It divided the four person alliance. Malcolm said that he made a mistake by not thinking of the religious factor in picking Stupin and Liza to keep their respective family members.

It was a signal to Malcolm that he needed to win immunity to stay in the game at tribal after last night.

by Jeff Probstreply 21712/06/2012

Ha Ha R179, you made me choke on my Hall's cough drop.

by Jeff Probstreply 21812/06/2012

I saw Lisa on The View I think it was and wherever it was, the subject of gays came up and she clearly said that being religious to her didn't mean being judgmental as some people seem to think. I just can't help but like her The praying on TV can get annoying at times, still she has a unique strategy praying in front of them all leaving it to God's will if Malcolm wins or so and so wins and it's not her. Will this really make the others less wary of her having a shot to win though?

Lisa is one of the more interesting people on the show though. Abi makes my skin crawl.

by Jeff Probstreply 21912/06/2012

I thought Denise's husband was pretty unattractive.

by Jeff Probstreply 22012/06/2012

Couldn't Justice have at least taken his shirt off?

by Jeff Probstreply 22112/06/2012

I wonder how long Abi's elaborately constructed defense mechanisms can stay in place while having to withstand so much criticism.

by Jeff Probstreply 22212/06/2012

I still can't get over them showing Denise's gnarly feet and then Malcolm's one webbed toe.

Nevertheless, I still want to be gangbanged by Malcolm, Carter, and Pete. Don't hate me.

by Jeff Probstreply 22312/06/2012

Abi and her mom yelled at each other a lot during the challenge, and seemed dysfunctional.

by Jeff Probstreply 22412/06/2012

I'm not even anti-religion --but this ep was first where I really did NOT like Lisa. All for prayer but not when it seems so for show as this did. And those gooey crybaby reunions with people you saw a month ago are a bit too much as is so add in a prayer group and I wanted to vomit... especially when they were using it as a sign to backstab or whatever silly shit.

I, too, loved Malcolm's practical concern that his brother, love him or not, was invading his new kingdom and needed to stay quiet. M for the win and that can still easily happen. Idol next week, win an immunity or two and it's his. It'd be nice to see a good player and a good guy win (first time since cute country boy a few back?)

by Jeff Probstreply 22512/06/2012

The prayer group didn't bother me, and I'm not religious.

by Jeff Probstreply 22612/06/2012

The prayer group didn't bother me either, but honestly I just tune that stuff out. Those are their beliefs, and I have my own, and they don't have to be the same.

The last winner I remember being happy about was Fabio.

by Jeff Probstreply 22712/06/2012

Yeah, Fabio was indeed adorable -- though I remember little else about that season. Was starting to fade a bit. Last real season I remember in detail (before this one) was when cute Todd won in China.

by Jeff Probstreply 22812/06/2012

R216 = Miss Steve Cauble, hoping Lisa wins the million, so she'll share it with him.

by Jeff Probstreply 22912/07/2012

I'm happy Malcolm has a hideously deformed webbed toe. Makes me think I have a shot with him, now. ;p

by Jeff Probstreply 23012/07/2012

[quote]Makes you wonder - Lisa's brother is 20 years younger than she is. She could be his mother. She went through some 'fat' periods of FOL.

Of course he's her son. People don't have siblings 20 years apart. Her mom's eggs would have dried out by then unless she had Lisa when she was 10. And that's why she cried so much when she saw him.

by Jeff Probstreply 23112/07/2012

Justice was such a cunt to plot Macomb's demise when he was the one who gave Justice his reward. Ironic that Macomb picks Justice to stay just so Justice can use the time to plot to vote Macomb out. No sense of appreciation at all! Thank God Macomb won immunity.

by Jeff Probstreply 23212/07/2012

Denise's husband looked like a creepy, repressed gay Christian with too much Botox. The way he said Denise had a "tight tiny body" that he couldn't get enough of sounded creepy and unnatural too. It was as if that's what he thought straight men were supposed to say.

by Jeff Probstreply 23312/07/2012

[quote]People don't have siblings 20 years apart. Her mom's eggs would have dried out by then unless she had Lisa when she was 10. And that's why she cried so much when she saw him.

You're an idiot.

by Jeff Probstreply 23412/07/2012

Malcolm picked Justice because he needed to take his mind off Pete.

by Jeff Probstreply 23512/07/2012

I know of several families with siblings 20 or more years apart. In fact, my mother's two oldest brother were both more than 20 years older. My grandparents married young and had children well into their 40s. They were 90 and 84 years old when my youngest brother was born.

by Jeff Probstreply 23612/07/2012

I believe Fabio only won by a single vote. There was a lot of Internet speculation that the first jury vote was a tie, and Fabio won on the second vote.

Yes, he was aborable, and won by going on a challenge run that destroyed the dominant alliance. It's interesting that he's never been asked back...wonder why.

by Jeff Probstreply 23712/07/2012

Nice contrast between Lisa saying that God has no stake in who wins the game and Abi crossing herself in thanks after Carter gets evicted. The direction and production of this show is very underrated.

by Jeff Probstreply 23812/07/2012

Lisa may have said God has no stakes in the game, but then went on and on about how God must have another plan for them. What is it? Is God invested in Survivor or not? Does he get to bet on it?

by Jeff Probstreply 23912/07/2012

God will be on The Jeff Probst Show next Tuesday to discuss Survivor.

by Jeff Probstreply 24012/07/2012

Lisa is an especially charming person...just the type of person I would not want to go to the jury with at the end (and would watch closely in real life).

Of course, it's to her benefit to set up Malcolm as the certain jury favorite. She's a better actress on Survivor than on her situation comedy.

by Jeff Probstreply 24112/07/2012

I think this game is too big for me! I don't think I'm cut out for this game.

by Jeff Probstreply 24212/07/2012

R231 Wikipedia says Lisa was born in '63 and her parents divorced in '81. If Justice was born in '83 (20 years after Lisa) it would make him her Dad's kid (last name is Whelchel) with a new wife I guess? That could explain the age difference.

by Jeff Probstreply 24312/07/2012

Justice's last name is Coleman. He & Lisa have the same mother.

by Jeff Probstreply 24412/07/2012

I do like how this show keeps mixing things up. Last year, this upcoming episode was the finale (and during that two hour episode they went from 5 to 4 to final 3)

Looks like this year will have a final four finale (PLEASE don't bring back the walk of the fallen survivors ...)

by Jeff Probstreply 24512/07/2012

The big difference in this season of Survivor

is that there are LIKEABLE people on it.

by Jeff Probstreply 24612/07/2012

R246 Agreed. Also, they proved this season it's possible to cast attractive people that don't all look like generic model types.

Definitely one of the best seasons in a while - and the best part is that (knock on wood) with 2 episodes left and only 5 castaways it looks like we might get a final 2 for a change!!

by Jeff Probstreply 24712/07/2012

So is next week the last time Malcum and Abi can use their idols?

by Jeff Probstreply 24812/07/2012

R248: Next week is the last time Malcolm can use his idol. Abi's idol never expires.

by Jeff Probstreply 24912/07/2012

I agree that this is the best season so far, mainly because of Lisa and Malcolm. I couldn't watch the last 2 seasons, because of Russell and his nephew.

by Jeff Probstreply 25012/07/2012

Malcolm stands the best chance of winning opposite Lisa (assuming Abi gets cut soon). Skupin and Denise could make arguments that they played a good game, and Denise is well liked. Skupin only has his physical game to plead his case and Lisa has never won a thing so she can only coast on her niceness. Malcolm is nice and played the physical game of anyone this season.

by Jeff Probstreply 25112/07/2012

Lisa can actually claim some strategic attempts, despite them falling on their faces. It's not much, but it's better than the other 14 girls who showed up in the Final 3 with no idea how they got there.

by Jeff Probstreply 25212/07/2012

I wanna blow Skupin AND his son- they're hot!

by Jeff Probstreply 25312/07/2012

Lisa actually contributed well to the tribe challenges. Credit to her, because she's no Denise, though in that one challenge she did a pretty good job of immobilizing Denise.

by Jeff Probstreply 25412/07/2012

Abi posted a Facebook pic of her and the other survivors on the Jeff Probst show. The chair placement (nearest to jeff) is Lisa, Abi, Scupin., Denise, and Malcolm. Could this be a sign?

by Jeff Probstreply 25512/07/2012

I've got an advantage that says I have to win this game.

I believe my own bullshit.

by Jeff Probstreply 25612/07/2012

After listening to the discussions between Stupin and Lisa, I am afraid Malcolm will not make it to the final three. If so, I believe Denise has the strongest case for the win.

by Jeff Probstreply 25712/07/2012

Why do they call Michael, that short for stupid?

by Jeff Probstreply 25812/07/2012

No, it's short for stupendous, R258.

by Jeff Probstreply 25912/07/2012

Slobbering monkey will also be on The Jeff Probst Show next Tuesday to discuss Survivor.

by Jeff Probstreply 26012/07/2012

They would be idiots to vote out Abi at this point. She's not going to win the million so bring her the final 3 and your shot at the million becomes 50/50 instead of 1 in 3.

It makes no sense for the foursome alliance to go at it at the final 4 since it would just result in a deadlock tie with Scoopin' and Lisa on one side and Malcom and Denies on the other with neither side willing to budge. One side has to get Abi and bring her to the final 3.

by Jeff Probstreply 26112/08/2012

"Why do they call Michael, that short for stupid?"

Stupin is his last name, you're the idiot

by Jeff Probstreply 26212/08/2012

Actually, Skupin is his last name, R262, but I'll be kind and not call you an idiot.

by Jeff Probstreply 26312/08/2012

Yeah, R262, dick of the day.

by Jeff Probstreply 26412/08/2012


Abi is going to be one of the final two.

by Jeff Probstreply 26512/08/2012

R200-Spot on. Abi does not come across as likeable on the show. However she is right about Denise.

by Jeff Probstreply 26612/08/2012

R265 ... that would be just about the funniest, most unnecessary final tribal anyway. If that were to actually happen, I think I might skip it and just watch the reunion show.

I've seen enough of Abi's reign of terror, I don't need to see it if she's in the final two (I'll suffer through it if there's a final three).

by Jeff Probstreply 26712/08/2012


Funny, but ridulous.

by Jeff Probstreply 26812/08/2012

Voting out Abi now would be one of the stupidiest moves ever. Why not bring her to the finals to ensure you win?

by Jeff Probstreply 26912/08/2012

Players get kind of stupid at the end. I don't think this group will. They have already voted out 'more deserving' player Carter. Abi belongs in the (hopefully) final three.

That 'playing with other deserving players' crap is bullshit and the final four (besides Abi) know that.

by Jeff Probstreply 27012/08/2012

I don't understand why people always say to "playing with other deserving players". That's just stupid. Ask Colby how that worked out for him. If he had taken Keith instead of the more deserving player Tina, he would have won the million.

by Jeff Probstreply 27112/08/2012

There's only 8 rural jurors this year instead of the usual 9. What if it's a 4-4 tie? Does America get to vote? Or does the 3rd person who doesn't get any votes cast the sole deciding vote to decide who gets the million? That's a lot of pressure on one person and the loser will forever hate and want to kill that person.

by Jeff Probstreply 27212/08/2012

R272 I think your count is off.

by Jeff Probstreply 27312/08/2012

It's 9 jurors if final 2 and 8 if final 3.

by Jeff Probstreply 27412/08/2012

Does Lisa really need the million? Not saying that should be a factor in whether or not she wins, but how much is she worth with the money she made/(makes?) off of the Facts of Life?

by Jeff Probstreply 27512/08/2012

Lisa needs the million. She lost the money she made from Facts of Life.

by Jeff Probstreply 27612/08/2012

R265 that would be hilarious but also the smartest move in Survivor history.

I have a sneaking suspicion that Lisa wins.

by Jeff Probstreply 27712/08/2012

It would be sooo unfair if they changed it to a final 2. Say Malcolm makes it to the final 3 and would have won with 5 votes. Then Jeff says it's a final 2 this year and Malcolm get voted out instead. In any other season he would have been the winner, but because of this switch, he's a juror instead.

If they had done a final 2, I don't think Boston Rob would have won. Fabio wouldn't have won either since I don't think he would have been able to pull off one more immunity. And Sandra would definitely not have won, which would have been a good thing as that was the most undeserved win ever!

by Jeff Probstreply 27812/08/2012

Maybe Lisa will get some endorsements post Survivor or at least a gig on PTL or 700 Club. How did she lose her FOL money?

by Jeff Probstreply 27912/08/2012

"It would be sooo unfair if they changed it to a final 2. "

It's not so unfair. They change the rules back and forth. The players should know not to be totally sure about what's coming next.

It's also not clear who would be helped/hurt most by having a final 3 vs 2.

by Jeff Probstreply 28012/08/2012

Jonathan Taylor Thomas is in negotiations to be on the next Survivor (not the one that already filmed, Fans Vs. Faves 2, but the one after that). I guess he saw how much exposure Lisa got. Survivor could become the next Dancing With the Stars with all the has-beens coming out of the woodwork hoping to revive their careers.

by Jeff Probstreply 28112/08/2012

Abi in the finals isn't guaranteed to lose. Some people vote on likeability true. And some hated people have no shot at winning (Hanz family), but it is slightly possible that people can put aside personal differences and vote on strategy. Abi could try to convince them that she survived all the way to the end while being completely alone and hated. It might score a few votes. Slim chance but I wouldn't put her chance at 0.

by Jeff Probstreply 28212/08/2012

I don't see how Lisa would get any votes.

Abi would get Pete, Artis, and possibly Penner if he's so bitter about the others.

Skupin: RC, Carter, Penner, Lisa if she's voted out

Denise: Malcomb and no one else

Malcomb: Denise, Jeff

Lisa: No one

by Jeff Probstreply 28312/08/2012

It would be really hard for Abi to pull a Richard Hatch and convince the others that she won on strategy.

by Jeff Probstreply 28412/08/2012

R279, I think she'd be a good fit at TVLand.

by Jeff Probstreply 28512/08/2012

I can't see Lisa winning this either. I get that she has never been voted against yet, but that's because she is not a threat. She's not very good at the challenges, and as far as strategy is concerned she has none. Deciding to finally play the game at the final five does not a winner make. I like Lisa, but I would not vote for her because she has merely coasted through the game, crying and running her mouth instead of playing.

by Jeff Probstreply 28612/08/2012

R285, I think she would also be a good fit playing a mom on a Disney channel show.

by Jeff Probstreply 28712/08/2012

Well she has had a lot of visibility from this so she wins anyway if it gets her some work and that may be what she really wants in the end. Although the million wouldn't hurt either.

by Jeff Probstreply 28812/08/2012

Lisa is a natural to play the hot mom.

by Jeff Probstreply 28912/08/2012

[quote]It would be really hard for Abi to pull a Richard Hatch and convince the others that she won on strategy.

She doesn't need to convince anyone of anything if there's a bitter jury. Natalie White had no strategy but only won because she's not Russell. Sandra had no strategy but only won because she's not Russell or Parvati. They weren't voting for the winner, they were voting against someone.

If Malcolm and Denise get voted off, they would not want to reward Skupin and Lisa for betraying them by giving them a million dollars. They would vote for Abi. And together with Artis and Pete's votes, Abi is the winner and the sole Survivor!!!

by Jeff Probstreply 29012/08/2012

Lisa's estimated net worth is 3 million.

by Jeff Probstreply 29112/08/2012

R265-It's true you will see.

by Jeff Probstreply 29212/08/2012

Carter is quoted as saying of the final five, he's rooting for Lisa to win. So if she's in the final 3, she likely got his vote.

by Jeff Probstreply 29312/08/2012

Lisa will win. Mark my words.

The chair placement on Jeffie's show Is key. Why have Abi second chair? It's more logical to have Lisa, Skupin, then maybe Abi, Denise, Malcolm.

It is a sign. Jeff is spoiling us.

by Jeff Probstreply 29412/08/2012

Link to Jeff's show, please.

by Jeff Probstreply 29512/08/2012

Was Malcolm's brother just really flaming gay or was he really a transsexual?

by Jeff Probstreply 29612/08/2012

R295 unable to link but both Denise and Abi have posted pictures on their facebook.

by Jeff Probstreply 29712/08/2012

No, Abi would get no votes in the finals. Pete only teamed with her as a cover not because he thought she was a good player or because he liked her. There is a difference from nice likable Natalie winning over loathsome Russell and psycho bitch Abi who sat out most competitions and only won the one she bought for herself.

by Jeff Probstreply 29812/08/2012

[R279]...Really Bad investments in the late 80/early 90s. I've heard that hubby Steve was mostly responsible for that...:don't know if that's true......

by Jeff Probstreply 29912/08/2012

Regardless of what one may think of her, Lisa Whelchel is a pretty forgiving person.... far more so than I would have been.

Bitchy Abi-Maria, who bullied Lisa *constantly*, posted the following on her FB page, yesterday:

Lisa Whelchel sent me this inspiring quote today. To remind me to keep my head up.

"It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs, who comes short again and again, because there is no effort without error and shortcoming; but who does actually strive to do the deeds; who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions; who spends himself in a worthy cause; who at the best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at the worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory nor defeat."

by Jeff Probstreply 30012/08/2012

You Lisa Welchel trolls are pathetic. Not quite Janet Jackson troll pathetic, but you're getting close.

by Jeff Probstreply 30112/08/2012

That quote is from Teddy Roosevelt, right? I used to read an abridged version of it to students. Interesting if the two women teamed up at the end. you can tell Lisa is chomping at the bit to show some strategy/blindside someone.

by Jeff Probstreply 30212/08/2012

It's ironic that Abi keeps saying that people hate her because she's so honest, when in fact, one of the main reasons people hate her is because she's delusional, which is about as far from honesty as you can get. Being delusional is like being in an eternal state of lying.

by Jeff Probstreply 30312/08/2012

Still nobody has called out Lisa for being a TV star? None of the relatives recognized her even?

by Jeff Probstreply 30412/08/2012

Yeah...totally straight.

by Jeff Probstreply 30512/09/2012

C'mon ...Lisa is hardly poor. Depending on how much of that $ 3 million is her home's worth, she's doing pretty well on the interest income alone on the rest of that money.

by Jeff Probstreply 30612/09/2012

Who is that, R305?

by Jeff Probstreply 30712/09/2012

Lisa's brother/son Justice Coleman.

by Jeff Probstreply 30812/09/2012

Who's Natalie?? There was never a Natalie winner.

by Jeff Probstreply 30912/09/2012

R309 --- yes there was. During Russell Hantz' first season, she was one of his 'Hanz-on Girls'. And he took her to the final two (I think ....might've been a final three) and he lost to her. Attractive blond woman. Probably early 30's.

by Jeff Probstreply 31012/09/2012

Wasn't Natalie the blonde (bland) yellow bikini everygirl who beat a rat to death for dinner and beat a rat (Hantz) to the mill?

by Jeff Probstreply 31112/09/2012

Don't recall a Natalie.

by Jeff Probstreply 31212/09/2012

Didn't this Natalie person resemble a cat? And wasn't she really boring?

by Jeff Probstreply 31312/09/2012

What the latest on Lisa and the gang of four?

by Jeff Probstreply 31412/10/2012

according to a statement made by RC, over at Ponderosa Mr. Baseball is still being Mr. Pouty Party-Pooper.

by Jeff Probstreply 31512/11/2012

Jeff Kent is obviously a big douche and thought he would win. He got played, and he's bitter.

by Jeff Probstreply 31612/11/2012

Jeff Kent is a giant, spoiled, egotistical baby.

by Jeff Probstreply 31712/11/2012

The Natalie r313 is referring to was on Fans vs. Favorites, which aired in the winter/spring of 2008. That Natalie did resemble a cat and was boring until the last few episodes. Fans vs. Favorites was the season won by Parvati.

by Jeff Probstreply 31812/11/2012

Oh I have also been pretty sure since episode 6 that Lisa and Malcolm are the final two. If there is a final three this season I think whoever is with Lisa and Malcolm will get no votes.

by Jeff Probstreply 31912/11/2012

Sorry, my first post today was at 318, not 317!

by Jeff Probstreply 32012/11/2012

Lisa should thank her lucky stars (or thank God) that Malkom won immunity and her plan to vote him out got blown to smithereens. If she had gotten Malkom off, Denise would be extremely upset and team up with Abi and Carter to vote off Lisa and Scooping. Then Denise would win the million because no one votes for Carter or Abi. Lisa's best play was to not rock the boat yet.

by Jeff Probstreply 32112/12/2012

[quote]It's also not clear who would be helped/hurt most by having a final 3 vs 2.

Yes, it is clear. Cirie was screwed big time by having it randomly change to a final 2 in Fans Vs. Favorites when for years it was a final 3. She would have gotten the majority of the votes and won. Parvarti would have gotten second place.

On the flip side, if it was a final 3 in Amazon, Rob Cesternino would have won since everyone hated Jenna Morasco and Matt. Even on the first season, Richard Hatch would not have won if it was a final 3. Everyone loved Rudy and would have given him the million.

by Jeff Probstreply 32212/12/2012

If Cook Islands was a final 2, then Ozzy would have won since he was winning most of the challenges. He would win the last challenge and vote out Yul.

If Fiji was a final 2, then Yao-Man would have won. Earl would never have voted him out at final 4 since that would mean Dreams and Cassandra would just take each other to the final 2.

And in Exile Island, again Cirie would have won if it was a final 3 since people hated Danielle and only somewhat liked Aras.

by Jeff Probstreply 32312/12/2012

I don't think anyone would vote for Lisa, Abi or Denise to win. They might get a few votes but not the majority. People hate Abi, they think Lisa did nothing and rode coattails, and Denise is hated by Penner, Abi, Carter and probably others. It's Skupin and Makcom's game to lose.

by Jeff Probstreply 32412/12/2012

Malcolm is a sure winner if he makes the final 2 or 3, so after tonight he is in essentially the same position Fabio was two years ago. Malcolm must win immunity.

by Jeff Probstreply 32512/12/2012

Doesn't malcolm have an immunity idol?

by Jeff Probstreply 32612/12/2012

"Doesn't malcolm have an immunity idol?"

Yes he does, and tonight is the last night he can use it.

So he is guaranteed the final four, and will likely need to win immunity to ensure he is in the final three.

by Jeff Probstreply 32712/12/2012

Won't Malcum's and Abi's immunity idols just cancel each other out? Tonight's the last night they could use it.

by Jeff Probstreply 32812/12/2012

Why was there no clip show this year? We need more scenes of Malcolm's sexy feets. Is tonight the clip show?

by Jeff Probstreply 32912/12/2012

Abi already used her immunity idol and saved herself when Pete was voted out, r328.

by Jeff Probstreply 33012/12/2012

328 feels it's cute to pretend that Abi has another Idol.

by Jeff Probstreply 33112/12/2012

On Probst's show today, I think Abi let slip how far she goes. If so, they should never have thought that she had the wherewithal to be coy.

by Jeff Probstreply 33212/12/2012

Please, I want Lisa and Malcolm in the finals!!

by Jeff Probstreply 33312/12/2012

R325 writes: "Malcolm is a sure winner if he makes the final 2 or 3, so after tonight he is in [bold]essentially the same position Fabio was two years ago[/bold]. Malcolm must win immunity."

Fabio, in "Survivior: Nicaragua," had the odds against him. There was a block of four [Chase, Sash, Holly, and Jane] vs. two [Dan and Fabio]. Had Fabio and Dan not broken through the allied four, it would have been even tougher. Jane went out into sixth place. Dan finished in fifth. Fabio ran the table with immunities, because he would've gone out into sixth place, and that what further destroyed the block of four from guaranteeing one of their own would win "Survivor: Nicaragua" as Holly went out into fourth and it left Sash to finish with no jury votes, Chase to be top runner-up with four jury votes, and Fabio to win with the remaining five.

Malcolm is not comparable to Fabio.

by Jeff Probstreply 33412/12/2012

Who got voted out?

by Jeff Probstreply 33512/12/2012

Abi finally got what was coming to her.

by Jeff Probstreply 33612/12/2012

Abi is out?

by Jeff Probstreply 33712/12/2012


I wrote that Malcolm is the same position as Fabio AFTER tonight. I stand by that statement, even more strongly after Lisa and Stupin prayed with Denise. Whether on purpose or not, Lisa and Stupin have used religion to their own benefit to draw others to their side.

Malcolm has been off to the side during both praying sessions, and did not look happy. Do you dispute that it is very likely that he will be gone next week if he does not win immunity? The same applies to the next challenge if it's a F2.

by Jeff Probstreply 33812/12/2012

I had to go to to learn that Abi had indeed been vote. Thanks for nothing, DL.

by Jeff Probstreply 33912/12/2012

Yeah, no posts tonight about the show? WTF?

by Jeff Probstreply 34012/12/2012

They were absolute idiots to vote Abi off. Abi was right to call Skupin an idiot and moron. He is NOT winning the million. Skupin just seems very stupid and childlike, very simple.

by Jeff Probstreply 34112/13/2012

Malcolm revealed his contempt for the jury by saying that sometimes 'the Abi's' of the show win a million dollars.

by Jeff Probstreply 34212/13/2012

Did Malcolm give Denise his idol?

by Jeff Probstreply 34312/13/2012

r336: Abi finally got what was coming to her.

r339: I had to go to to learn that Abi had indeed been vote. Thanks for nothing, DL.

Are you blind, cunt?

by Jeff Probstreply 34412/13/2012

Loved the little happy dance Skupin did at the end.

by Jeff Probstreply 34512/13/2012


Which past-winning "Abi's" have won "Survivor?"

Jenna Morasca?

by Jeff Probstreply 34612/13/2012

Lisa is playing the game well, but continues to give full credit to her brother. It is sad to watch a middle-aged woman not admit that she is smart enough on her own to win "Survivor."

I also believe the 'poor dumb me' is a large part of her plan to win $1,000,000.

by Jeff Probstreply 34712/13/2012

R345, I think Skupin was actually singing "Ding, Dong, The Witch Is Dead" and they looped over it for royalty issues.

by Jeff Probstreply 34812/13/2012

R342 ... 'the Abi's' are any one in the past that was taken to the finals as a 'can't lose against them' type .......and they ended up winning.

Sandra was one .......twice

by Jeff Probstreply 34912/13/2012

R349, you're wrong. Sandra's UTR social game was great. Both times she used the "I'm not a threat" stance as strategy and both times it worked. I do wonder if Sandra would've won against Parvati if it had been a final two though...

I'd say Natalie was an "Abi." She wasn't a "threat" (that was never her strategy though) so she was taken to the end and won because the jury was so bitter towards Russell.

Usually, juries are not bitter, but in Russell's case we can understand why they were.

by Jeff Probstreply 35012/13/2012

[quote]I had to go to to learn that Abi had indeed been vote. Thanks for nothing, DL.

You know another way to find out this information? Watch the fucking show!

by Jeff Probstreply 35112/13/2012

Did Penner fiip off Abi??

by Jeff Probstreply 35212/13/2012

Jenna Morasca had a lot more in the way of social intelligence and grace than Abi.

by Jeff Probstreply 35312/13/2012

Oh, god, R339, are you okay? My heart goes out to you!

by Jeff Probstreply 35412/13/2012

RC was awesome to Abi at Ponderosa...

"You're as nasty as the day is long."

"I pity you for the life you live."

"You're the most disgusting player to ever play this game." (now that's debatable. I'm sure Russel Hanz still has that honor.)

"You suck the energy out of everything."

Usually, it's good to see the players cleaned up at Ponderosa. Somehow, Abi looks worse. I can see her looking like her mother in 30 years. Well, sooner actually. Much, much sooner.

by Jeff Probstreply 35512/14/2012

Penner fingered Malcolm while he was writing down his vote but they censored it. I guess Malcolm is not getting Penner's vote.

by Jeff Probstreply 35612/14/2012

Penner's no better than the scorned ex-baseball player. Get over it, babies.

by Jeff Probstreply 35712/14/2012

Despite the game of Survivor being too big for her, I think Lisa can actually win this.

Lisa gets Abi, Penner, Carter, Jeff

Skupin gets RC

Malcom gets Pete, Artis, Denies

Denies is denied the million with no votes unless Malcom is on the jury.

Lisa is the winner and the sole Survivor!

by Jeff Probstreply 35812/14/2012

R352-Abi tweeted that Penner flipped off Denise not her.

by Jeff Probstreply 35912/14/2012

Malcolm and Pete have been giving each other longing looks. I bet they can't wait to be together again.

by Jeff Probstreply 36012/14/2012

I think it will either be Malcolm or Lisa. Lisa and Skupin were incredibly stupid to bring Malcolm and Denise to the final four.

Abi was right about that.

by Jeff Probstreply 36112/14/2012

Well Penner keeps asking people if they want a drink at Ponderosa, so he may have been drunk. No excuse, though for that behavior last night.

by Jeff Probstreply 36212/14/2012

Do I have this right?!? NOBODY in the game knows Lisa is a celeb?

by Jeff Probstreply 36312/14/2012

[quote]NOBODY in the game knows Lisa is a celeb?

Well, Penner and Skupin know that Lisa was a celeb...

by Jeff Probstreply 36412/14/2012

Skupin, Penner, Jeff Kunt and Denise all know who she is. By extension, Malcolm probably knows too, and I bet everyone at Ponderosa has been caught up by now.

by Jeff Probstreply 36512/14/2012

My God, RC at Ponderosa, just get over it already! It's pretty sexy that Abi is hooking up with Carter after shaving her armpits.

by Jeff Probstreply 36612/14/2012

Skupin gets headbutted by one of the gentle giants of the ocean, a whale shark. The man is a pronie.

by Jeff Probstreply 36712/14/2012

I hope you're right R358, but most people are predicting that Denise will win, possibly in a landslide.

by Jeff Probstreply 36812/14/2012

When you tell someone that they owe you an apology and then you don't accept that apology it seems like you're the one that is being unreasonable.

by Jeff Probstreply 36912/14/2012

RC is a sore loser at Ponderosa. Get over it. I'm so sad that Abi is out of the game. Abi is da bomb.

by Jeff Probstreply 37012/14/2012

I think Malcolm will get fourth and Denise will win.

by Jeff Probstreply 37112/14/2012

Skupin is a registered Republican btw

by Jeff Probstreply 37212/14/2012

Abi is da cunt. Had she not burned RC when she did she might still be in the game.

by Jeff Probstreply 37312/14/2012

What is Ponderosa?

by Jeff Probstreply 37412/14/2012

Ponderosa is where the jury goes and hangs out between when they're eliminated and final tribal council.

by Jeff Probstreply 37512/14/2012

I really like Penner, but his bitterness after getting voted out is not attractive. He could have gone to the end with Lisa and Skupin if he'd played his cards right, but he blew it. That's not Malcolm or Denise's fault.

by Jeff Probstreply 37612/14/2012

How exactly are Penner and RC being bitter in Ponderosa?

We need examples for those who don't watch Ponderosa! :)

by Jeff Probstreply 37712/14/2012

How does one "watch" Ponderosa anyhow??

by Jeff Probstreply 37812/14/2012 or google Ponderosa... each clip is listed by the name of the contestant who was eliminated.

by Jeff Probstreply 37912/14/2012

At this point in the game (Day 36), only Skupin, Denise & Penner knew about Lisa.

Skupin & Denise recognized her right off the bat. However, for some reason, the edit (so far) has not shown us that Denise recognized Lisa. That info came out mid-season, via a tweet from Denise, after a challenge in which she & Lisa were locked up in an hour-long mud-wrestling match was aired. Apparently, Denise whispered (out of earshot from the other players) something to the effect, "I know who you are, I watched FOL." (She also hinted that a secret alliance may have been formed in the mud).

In one of Penner's post-boot interviews, he said that he did not recognize Lisa on his own; Denise told him, the day their tribes merged. He'd never watched FOL, but he certainly knew of it...thus, his conversations with Lisa about being a teen star.

Jeff Kent didn't know while he was playing. He has since said that he had a feeling that Lisa was "someone." There was something familiar about her, but he couldn't place her -- and he then thought "Duh!" when he heard about FOL.

When the cast was officially announced, both RC & Abi tweeted that they were surprised to learn that Lisa had been a teen tv star. would SEEM that Skupin, Denise & Penner kept that secret, all the way to the end, and no one at Ponderosa spoke of it. But, I suppose it's also possible that RC & Abi were being cheeky -- "you were a child star?! No way!" -- when, in fact it ALL came out at Final Tribal council. I guess we'll find out Sunday.

by Jeff Probstreply 38012/14/2012

I'd love it if the gang from FOL was at the renion to congratulate "Blair."

by Jeff Probstreply 38112/14/2012

For R378:

by Jeff Probstreply 38212/14/2012

I said in my post at r319 that I believe Lisa and Malcolm are the final two and that if there is a final three Lisa and Malcolm will get all the votes. After watching Wednesday's episode I think Malcolm is either the winner or is voted out in 4th place. If Malcolm faces the jury then he is the winner for sure.

Am I the only who came to like Abi? I can see all of Abi's faults, but I still find her entertaining and memorable. I am happy that Abby outlasted "Penner", who I disliked in all three of his Survivor appearances. Abi is also right in calling "Skupin" a moron. Lisa and Skupin should have voted off Denise; I have a feeling that keeping Denise will come back to haunt them.

On another note: Will someone start another Amazing Race thread so that we can have closure for the season. It would be nice to talk about the show in a thread that is not about the Beekmans.

by Jeff Probstreply 38312/14/2012

Malcolm gets the boot at f4 and Lisa wins. Denise is fake to the jury and Mike a traitor. The Tengang Tribe is the majority on the jury.

by Jeff Probstreply 38412/14/2012

R383, she is entertaining but she's delusional regardless. Surely, she'll be invited back anyway.

And no Mike isn't a moron for voting her out. If Mike and Lisa had turned on Malcolm and Denise, then at the final council, Abi would've said: I may be annoying but I was all alone and I didn't lie and stab anyone in the back. Then all of a sudden she's getting winning votes.

Malcolm would definitely win but I'm sure the others will realize this and target him next.

As for Denise, usually juries don't remain bitter and do end up rewarding the best game play. The only recent season where the jury remained bitter was during the Russell seasons. So I think she'll end up winning.

Lisa def is a wild cared though. I could see her getting tons of love or being treated as a pawn.

by Jeff Probstreply 38512/14/2012

According to editing, Lisa will win.

by Jeff Probstreply 38612/14/2012

R383, I found myself softening a bit toward Abi, and not disliking her as much as I had. Part of it was seeing RC's true colors revealed at Ponderosa, part of it was Abi's post-boot interviews. I now see why Probst thought she was charming, and why he & the other producers were so surprised that she ended up being the big villain of S25 (I think they pegged Pete for that role).

by Jeff Probstreply 38712/14/2012

Looking someone in the face and calling them an idiot and a moron on TV, knowing the person won't punch you in the face, is needlessly cruel and cowardly. I don't know how anyone can like Abi unless you get off on her behavior.

by Jeff Probstreply 38812/14/2012

[quote]Lisa is playing the game well, but continues to give full credit to her brother. It is sad to watch a middle-aged woman not admit that she is smart enough on her own to win "Survivor."

Lisa said that if it wasn't for her brother, she wouldn't have gone so far in the game.

by Jeff Probstreply 38912/14/2012

R388-Abi was right get over it already!

by Jeff Probstreply 39012/14/2012

I think it will be very hard for Macolm or Denise to win seeing that they only have a couple of teammates on the jury. I also think Lisa has played a good game even though she hasn't come close to win a challenge. Skupin could still win the whole thing.

Malcolm should win the $100,000.

by Jeff Probstreply 39112/14/2012

Denise was right about Abi not outwitting or outplaying anyone. She was just carried along for the ride. She sat out more challenges than any other player in Survivor history!!! When did they change it that a person couldn't sit out back-to-back challenges?! Stephen Hawking could have done more than her in challenges.

by Jeff Probstreply 39212/14/2012

Denise comes across as a good two shoes trying to say all the right things. She hasn't made any moves and just rode Malcolm' coat tales.

Mike, is the buffoon of the tribe and not liked at all by his former tribe mates. He was the one who broke with his tribe first while Lisa remained loyal.

Tandang have the majority of votes and Penner likes Lisa. Especially with her keeping her identity a secret.

The jurors and other contestants don't hear Lisa' crediting her brother. But in her defense she went on Survivor right after her divorce.

She is well liked. Malcolm and Denise were apart of the losing streak tribe they haven't formed any deep bonds with the Jury.

by Jeff Probstreply 39312/14/2012

'Lisa said that if it wasn't for her brother, she wouldn't have gone so far in the game.'

Lisa was a successful actress in a television situation comedy. Surely, she is aware that giving her brother 'credit' improves her chances when and if she votes one of her Final four alliance mates out Sunday's show.

by Jeff Probstreply 39412/14/2012

[quote]Am I the only who came to like Abi? I can see all of Abi's faults, but I still find her entertaining and memorable. I am happy that Abby outlasted "Penner", who I disliked in all three of his Survivor appearances. Abi is also right in calling "Skupin" a moron.

No, Abi was the best. She became the underdog and you just wanted to see her skate by one more week like the Beekmans. Denise was a total cunt to her. She couldn't even be civil to her with just a few days left in the game. This is especially surprising coming from a therapist who is supposed to be compassionate and nurturing.

by Jeff Probstreply 39512/14/2012

[quote]Looking someone in the face and calling them an idiot and a moron on TV, knowing the person won't punch you in the face, is needlessly cruel and cowardly. I don't know how anyone can like Abi unless you get off on her behavior.

But Abi was totally right. Scoopin' is a total moron, a complete simpleton who can't strategize. When Lisa told him they should consider voting out Denise, he was like "Whoa, I didn't think of that. Wow, mind blown."

He was lucky he fell into the fire his first season because he became this larger than life Survivor mythical figure. If he had stayed longer we would have seen then what a bumbling idiot he is and he would not have been asked back at all.

by Jeff Probstreply 39612/14/2012

Did they show the jury house yet? Will we see deliberations?

by Jeff Probstreply 39712/14/2012

[quote]I hope you're right [R358], but most people are predicting that Denise will win, possibly in a landslide.

Who are these people you're talking about? I just don't see how she could win when no one on the jury really knows her. The only one who I thought would have voted for her was Penner and he wrote that he "Denies" her the million. Carter will vote with Penner. The only possible vote she could get is Jeff and Malcom if he's on the jury.

by Jeff Probstreply 39812/14/2012

Can't wait until tomorrow's finale. I love that you still never really know what they're going to do every season ?? Final Three ? Final Two ?? Tune in, Bitches. Merge at 10 ? Merge at 12 ? That's for us to know and you to find out.

Always helps shake things up on the show. Never better when a "top dog" like Pete or Abi, who think they're 'running' the show suddenly find out they're at the bottom of the list now. BAM !!

by Jeff Probstreply 39912/15/2012

Wondering ...haven't watched any Ponderosa footage. Has Pete come clean to RC and Abi about being the one who exposed their idol clue ? If not, that confrontation on the reunion show should be a doozy.

by Jeff Probstreply 40012/15/2012

I don't know how any of you can go with Abi, unless you're fans of her giant ass. She was rude, mean, lazy and generally unlikable the entire season. Now she's crying? Too bad.

I also don't know who the "therapists must always be kind and caring" person is, but she clearly knows jack about therapists and therapy. Either that or she's had a therapist get fed up with her and refuse to engage any further. Therapists do not have to put up with everyone's shit forever and ever.

Denise is under no obligation to treat her "Survivor" cast mates as if they were her clients. She is not there to serve them in a professional capacity.

by Jeff Probstreply 40112/15/2012

R401 is correct.

I never understand how loony some of you get about this show. It's like you start losing all common sense.

by Jeff Probstreply 40212/15/2012

Yes R400. Pete apparently told RC as she confronted Abi with that fact. Abi apologized. RC didn't accept. Abi apologized several times over the three days before the next tribal and RC told her off. Extensively.

Abi confronted Pete, much less aggressively than RC did Abi and he explained what he had done. The end. No more fight.

by Jeff Probstreply 40312/15/2012

'I also don't know who the "therapists must always be kind and caring" person is, but she clearly knows jack about therapists and therapy.'

I do not know who the person is either, but the best therapists (like the best parents) know how to deliver critical comments with some understanding of the potential effect. If you had a different unpleasant experience it is on you to tell the therapist directly, or change therapists. I have done the former, which develped into a major argument but it did clear the air.

by Jeff Probstreply 40412/15/2012

Oh for hell's sake.


Although she probably should be. It's kind of amazing how totally Abi now hates Denise, although Denise didn't do anything that Abi hasn't done in being (in her eyes) honest.

by Jeff Probstreply 40512/15/2012

Haven't watched but are the two actors, Blaine and Penner both positioned to win? Won't be a surprise if either do.

by Jeff Probstreply 40612/15/2012

Jeebus. R.C. was really, really annoying in her FOUR (four !!) Ponderosa videos. That cackling laughter. Ewwwww....

Abi *is* in denial about her 'game play'. It will be interesting if she just cops to being a bitch at the reunion. If she thought her way of playing was going to win her a million dollars ....whew, delusional.

by Jeff Probstreply 40712/15/2012

Regardless if Denise was a therapist or not, she was being a cunt to Abi. She could be a goat farmer and her attitude to Abi would still be horrible. Elitist, dismissive.

by Jeff Probstreply 40812/15/2012

What were Malcolm and Denise thinking going into the final 4 with Lisa and Skupin? Do they just want a 2-2 tie at the next tribal? Lisa and Skupin have an excuse because they think both Malcolm and Denise will turn on each other. But what is Denise thinking? She thinks Malcolm will be loyal to her and they will just draw rocks to break the tie? What is her plan?

Even Parvati thinks they are idiots for voting out Abi and going into it 2 against 2. Parvati said that she always has played the game as somebody who wants to win the game and take the players that can be beat – not who would be the most honorable to go up against in the finals.

by Jeff Probstreply 40912/15/2012

Malcom Freberg will be the winner of Survior! And he is guaranteed the $100,000 for Fan Favorite with Lisa coming in second.

by Jeff Probstreply 41012/15/2012

Denise just said out loud what everyone else was thinking. She's not a cunt for being honest.

Abi can dish it out but she can't take it.

by Jeff Probstreply 41112/15/2012

Denise got fed up with Abi's whining, selfish, delusional, lazy, mean girl bullshit and eventually told her off. Good.

I don't know who the Abistans are here but you are fucked up. That girl is nasty nasty nasty. I'm so glad she's a loser and has no chance at the fan favorite 100k.

by Jeff Probstreply 41212/15/2012

I'm voting for Abi for fan favorite and so is all of Brazil. Malcolm can suck my dick.

by Jeff Probstreply 41312/15/2012

Listen to this podcast for a breakdown of how many votes each person would get in each scenario. It's a good listen for the morning commute to work.

If Maksim is in the finals, he beats all.

Lisa beats Skupin and Denise.

Skupin beats Denise only.

Denise beats no one.

by Jeff Probstreply 41412/15/2012

R412: I dislike Abi with passion. But, that doesn't excuse Denise's behavior. The one thing we do not know is how much training Denise has as a sex therapist, or any kind of a therapist for that matter. On the show, I would pick her as the 2nd highest IQ next to Malcolm.

On one finale, they did give some IQs. It was the year that Marcus was voted out relatively early, but in time to make the jury with his friend, Charlie. Marcus easily had the highest IQ by far, but the person in second place was a surprise.

by Jeff Probstreply 41512/15/2012


Abi should have at least allowed Denise to analyze her, then she could have helped her.

by Jeff Probstreply 41612/15/2012

I can't wait for the two hour final plus one hour reunion Survivor shows tomorrow. I can't help but root for Lisa for the win, but it could be Malcolm or even Denise. I somehow just don't see Skupin winning, but what do I know?

I don't see Abi ever voting for Lisa though. Wouldn't she use her jury vote on Malcolm as wasn't he always the kindest of the 3 to her or am I missing something? For the rest in the jury, do you think most Tandangs would vote for Lisa?

by Jeff Probstreply 41712/15/2012

[quote]Marcus easily had the highest IQ by far, but the person in second place was a surprise.

Who was in second? Sugar?

by Jeff Probstreply 41812/15/2012

[quote]I can't help but root for Lisa for the win, but it could be Malcolm or even Denise. I somehow just don't see Skupin winning, but what do I know?

Skupin will not win. Everyone thinks he's a moron. Denise won't win either because everyone thinks she's a cunt.

by Jeff Probstreply 41912/15/2012

[quote]Abi should have at least allowed Denise to analyze her, then she could have helped her.

Denise is a sex therapist. What could she had helped her with? And why is Denise's husband allowing her to be a sex therapist? He seemed totally okay with it. Most husband's would have an issue with it.

by Jeff Probstreply 42012/15/2012

All this stuff about IQ? It's not only about that because Survivor, and all reality shows, are about the social aspect too. Emotional Intelligence would have to factor in here, wouldn't it?

by Jeff Probstreply 42112/15/2012


****Public Service Announcement****

STAY OFF Datalounge Sunday night if you are not an East Coast viewer and don't want the winner spoiled before you get to see the show yourself.

It's not good enough to have the site up but not open the Survivor thread. This was the lesson people were reminded of last weekend during the Amazing Race finale when 3 (at least) new threads were started (2 while the show was still on in the East) to announce the Beekman Boys had won.

People might start new threads that could give away the winner or losers in the thread title. This is particularly likely since there is at least one (and possibly more) Lisa Welchel freak that frequents this board.

Don't be surprised to see new threads about how Blair Warner isn't just daddy's little girl anymore. Or if things don't work out that way, a new thread about how Lisa was done wrong and speculating about who would be her best partner on Dancing With The Stars.

by Jeff Probstreply 42212/15/2012

Are there any people left on "Survivor" who would have the same appeal to a largely gay audience, as the Beekmans did last week?

Perhaps Malcolm and Lisa would be of some interest, but not enough to start a new thread?

by Jeff Probstreply 42312/16/2012

Denise is a therapist. Not a surrogate. She doesn't sleep with her patients.

by Jeff Probstreply 42412/16/2012

Is Malcom Freberg any kin to Stan?

One of the higlights of the reuninon show is seeing how the contestants look cleaned up & fed. With Probst's talk show, some of that anticipation is gone. Malcolm looked better emaciated. Abi and Denise look much better.

by Jeff Probstreply 42512/16/2012

For some reason, the latest episode on demand was the one where Carter gets voted off, but I'm glad to hear Abi got the boot.

I loved Skupin Jr's big puffy nipples..and when his dad demanded he take his shirt off and then they hugged. Lisa's little brother was hot, too.

I was shocked Denise had a husband. Really thought she was gay.

by Jeff Probstreply 42612/16/2012

It's so near the end of the season and Lisa is still chunky. I don't remember how big she was at the beginning of the season, but I'd have thought she'd be slimmer by now.

by Jeff Probstreply 42712/16/2012

I'm already missing survivor. I'm crying.

No more slobbering monkey.sobbing.

When does the next season start?

by Jeff Probstreply 42812/16/2012

R428 You don't have to cry for long -- the next season of Survivor (26 -- no location named yet) will begin on Wed. Feb. 13

Because I'm not feeling like The Grinch today and because I work in TV recapping, here's some other start dates of new midseason/Spring shows. (And don't shoot the messenger if you hate some of these.)

The Biggest Loser -- 2 part premiere -- Sun. Jan. 6 and Mon. Jan 7

The Bachelor -- Mon. Jan. 7

The Amazing Race (by the way, congrats to our favorite goat farmers, Josh and Brent) Sun. Feb. 17

The Celebrity Apprentice --Sun. Mar. 3 (2 hour episodes for the first 4 weeks)

Mad Men -- (not sure of the date in Mar.)

The Voice -- 2 part premiere -- Mon. Mar. 25 and Tues. Mar. 26 (Bye bye to Cee Lo and Christina and hello to Usher and Shakira)

new relationship reality show: (Eva Longoria's brainchild) Ready for Love -- premieres Sun. Mar. 31

by Jeff Probstreply 42912/16/2012

Yippeee the biggest loser is back

by Jeff Probstreply 43012/16/2012

All the laughter all the tears

I want to see Malcolm and his dreamy hair

I want to see Blair and Mrs. Garrett

I want to see Denise and her shortness

I want to see Skupin and his klutziness

I want see Shakira and her 'tude

I want to see Carter and his blank stare

I want to see Pete and have no idea why

I want to see RC and her hair

I want to see Penner and his dreamy eyes

I want to see Artis and have no idea why

I want to see slobbering monkey

I want to see Bo and his jandras

I want to see Mandesa and her feets

I want to see Jeff and his dimples

All that and the most exciting Survivor finale evah in the history of all mankind

by Jeff Probstreply 43112/16/2012

I am glad Lisa has gone far. I'd read something before the season started where Lisa said she'd intentionally brought a t-shirt for a triathalon along with her. She bought the t-shirt and had never actually ever participated in a triathalon .... but she wanted the rest of the players to think she did.

No matter what she says, she was playing the game before she ever got there. I was surprised to see how poor her social game started out, but realizing she'd just left or divorced her husband makes more sense. She was probably lucky to be on a team winning group immunity challenges so long.

by Jeff Probstreply 43212/16/2012

[quote]She was probably lucky to be on a team winning group immunity challenges so long.

Okay, my Lisa colors are bursting though. It was not luck! They were a good tribe who made it work and won.

by Jeff Probstreply 43312/16/2012

LOL R431 love these!

by Jeff Probstreply 43412/16/2012

I'm voting for Pete as my Fan Favorite. Just for his crush on Malcolm.

by Jeff Probstreply 43512/16/2012

[quote]the next season of Survivor (26 -- no location named yet) will begin on Wed. Feb. 13

The next season is Fans Vs. Favorites 2!! Are you excited for that?

The Favorites are Brandon Hantz, Russell Hantz, Willie Hantz, Tarzan, Leif, Penner, Ozzy, Fabio, Benry, Jay, Phillip, Chase Rice, Cat, Alicia, NayOnka.

The Superfans are Cochran, Colton, Troyzan, Malcolm, Lisa, Erik the Ice Cream Scooper, Jonas, Brendan, Matt, Sash, Kim, Shambo, Amanda.

by Jeff Probstreply 43612/16/2012

CRAP --- football delay ????

by Jeff Probstreply 43712/16/2012

Who do you think will show up at the audience this year? Last year we had Mayim Bialik. This year we'll have Mindy Cohn, Jo, and Mrs. Garrett show up. Tootie and George Clooney will be the no-shows.

by Jeff Probstreply 43812/16/2012

WHO WON?????????????????????????????????????

by Jeff Probstreply 43912/16/2012

Fuck Football

by Jeff Probstreply 44012/16/2012

Who do you think Jeff will not speak to at the union tonight. I don't think Pete, Artis, Dawson, Katie, Roxie, Angie or the blond dyke will get to talk.

And which pre-merge person will try to hog the spotlight like they're the star of the show. Remember Papa Smurf storming the stage waving both hands like he was the star?

by Jeff Probstreply 44112/16/2012

DL. What should I do?

Should I watch Ashley and JP's wedding and tape Survivor ?

Or watch Survivor and tape Ash and JP?

Please I'm bumpuzzled.

by Jeff Probstreply 44212/16/2012

R441- I think he'll ignore the first two. I don't even remember who was the first elimination. He might ask the blonde tat lesbian how her health is but that will be it. Lisa will likely get the most screen time followed by Abi, winner, runner up, Jonathan and Skupin. Wonder if they will show a clip of Lisa from The facts of Life?

by Jeff Probstreply 44312/16/2012

Short edition of 60 Minutes.... because of the live reunion?

by Jeff Probstreply 44412/16/2012

Sixty minutes is still an hour.

by Jeff Probstreply 44512/16/2012

I predict Lisa will mention the Newtown tragedy and break down.

by Jeff Probstreply 44612/16/2012

Is R436 for real??? Awesome

peachy Jeff must be nervousing ..when is 60 minutes ever going to end?

by Jeff Probstreply 44712/16/2012

WHO WON??????

by Jeff Probstreply 44812/16/2012

Scott Pelley just said Survivor was on? I'm still watching 60 minutes.

by Jeff Probstreply 44912/16/2012

I wondered if they'd show Obama. Then it's back to 60 minutes.

by Jeff Probstreply 45012/16/2012

I was watching 60 mins and then Pelley came on and now is the memorial.

Was anyone actually watching survivor?

by Jeff Probstreply 45112/16/2012

Football and Obama......... just start 'Survivor' once Obame is done. I'm fine with just '30 Minutes'.

by Jeff Probstreply 45212/16/2012!!

by Jeff Probstreply 45312/16/2012


by Jeff Probstreply 45412/16/2012

Who the fuck was Papa Smurf, R441?

by Jeff Probstreply 45512/16/2012

Russell will be this years papa smurf

by Jeff Probstreply 45612/16/2012

Well, now we know for sure how many folks will be competing at the final tribal council.

by Jeff Probstreply 45712/16/2012

That was soooo nerve wracking.

by Jeff Probstreply 45812/16/2012

OMG! Skupin is an idiot.

by Jeff Probstreply 45912/16/2012

Hate the memory walk. So scripted

by Jeff Probstreply 46012/16/2012

Fuck that walk of fallen comrades right up the ass !!

by Jeff Probstreply 46112/16/2012

I like the remembrance, because I can remember the past players that I had forgotten.

by Jeff Probstreply 46212/16/2012

I want Skupin inside me quite deeply while I chew on Malcolm's moist nips.

by Jeff Probstreply 46312/16/2012

Goodbye, Malcolm. It was nice seeing your furry abs up close while it lasted.

by Jeff Probstreply 46412/16/2012

During the ball challenge, the up close of Malcolm's torso was pretty hot.

by Jeff Probstreply 46512/16/2012

I wish Jeff would STFU with his play by plays. He's just psyching people out when he yammers on.

by Jeff Probstreply 46612/16/2012

Did Lisa make it?

by Jeff Probstreply 46712/16/2012

Skupin's sweaty torso was also hot.

by Jeff Probstreply 46812/16/2012

Did Lisa win?

by Jeff Probstreply 46912/16/2012

I saw slobbering monkey!

by Jeff Probstreply 47012/16/2012

Me too R466. The other thing that bugs me.. the way the contestants act so surprised when Jeff tells them they have to wait for the for the finale before the winner is revealed. They have done this every season since #2.

by Jeff Probstreply 47112/16/2012

Who won?

by Jeff Probstreply 47212/16/2012

WOW! Skupin fooled me.

by Jeff Probstreply 47312/16/2012

Damn old people!!!

by Jeff Probstreply 47412/16/2012

CBS won't give up on Malcolm. He'll be back as a returning player or as a contestant on Amazing Race.

by Jeff Probstreply 47512/16/2012

Lisa and Skupin do have a better chance against Denise than Malcolm. It will be a hard climb against either one.

by Jeff Probstreply 47612/16/2012

Omg, who won?

by Jeff Probstreply 47712/16/2012

Why was Malcolm so surprised ? He was part of the group that voted out Carter because he was a threat ....Lisa was pretty cold. Skupin will probably try to spin it that he realized Denise was as big a threat (or bigger) than Malcolm so taking her was fine too.

Abi was right. He's an idiot.

by Jeff Probstreply 47812/16/2012

That was brutal. Nice seeing Lisa release her inner Blair at tribal.

by Jeff Probstreply 47912/16/2012

I'm also enjoying the fact that it's down to three over 40 players. No matter how well they play, they're usually the ones who are voted off early.

by Jeff Probstreply 48012/16/2012

I like that Lisa is brutally honest.

by Jeff Probstreply 48112/16/2012

Wow! Was that Blair at Tribal council?

by Jeff Probstreply 48212/16/2012

I wonder if Denise will throw Blair under the bus with the truth of who she is.

by Jeff Probstreply 48312/16/2012

Oh no. Never mind. They already know, I'm sure.

by Jeff Probstreply 48412/16/2012

I can't wait to see what Denise does with that hair for the finale.

by Jeff Probstreply 48512/16/2012

Malcolm looked like a model at tribal.

by Jeff Probstreply 48612/16/2012

Holy crap, Denise's speech was sooooooooooo cocky. They're going to eat her alive. I don't see her getting many votes after that one.

Lisa played it a little too low key. Saying she 'got it' about 30 days in and decided to play the game.

Might be Skupin's to lose after all.

by Jeff Probstreply 48712/16/2012

Malcolm *did* look gooooooooood !!

by Jeff Probstreply 48812/16/2012

Karma is a bitch. And so is Artis.

by Jeff Probstreply 48912/16/2012

Who will have the last word? Abi or Penner?

by Jeff Probstreply 49012/16/2012

Is Skupin straight? OT, this whole season I've heard 'stupid' not 'Skupin.' Lol

by Jeff Probstreply 49112/16/2012

Lisa is skewering them. Go team Blair!

by Jeff Probstreply 49212/16/2012

Artis was so bitter. Even Jeff was somewhat humble

by Jeff Probstreply 49312/16/2012

What the hell did Abi just say to Skupin???

by Jeff Probstreply 49412/16/2012

Penner is so obnoxious

by Jeff Probstreply 49512/16/2012

Damn, Penner!

by Jeff Probstreply 49612/16/2012

FUUUUUCK you, Penner. WHAT a bitter old asshole. I didn't think he'd be like that. DICK!

by Jeff Probstreply 49712/16/2012

Where does Penner get all the hot air? What a douchebag.

by Jeff Probstreply 49812/16/2012

I hope Penner didn't cost Lisa's votes. I so dislike sour grapes.

by Jeff Probstreply 49912/16/2012

Wow. Penner really tried to burn Lisa. Her comeback wasn't too shabby, I guess. (Why did Denise look so 'surprised' ? She knew too, didn't she ?)

Anyway ...........EXTREMELY bitter jury. Hard to tell who is going to get the million.

by Jeff Probstreply 50012/16/2012

A win for Lisa is a win for Datalounge. Go Lisa!

by Jeff Probstreply 50112/16/2012

I want to cry for Lisa. I think she had it in the bag until his little tirade. Guess he thought he might get more acting that soliloquy.

Bitter bitter little man

by Jeff Probstreply 50212/16/2012

Who do you think wins?

by Jeff Probstreply 50312/16/2012

Penner is a bitter bitch, nuff said!

by Jeff Probstreply 50412/16/2012

Really, what does it matter what Lisa did before? How is it relevant? How was she hiding anything significant? If people didn't know who she was or didn't know FOL, then BFD. What about Jeff being a baseball player? Who did he willingly tell?

by Jeff Probstreply 50512/16/2012

Penner revealed Lisa's secret, what an ASS!

by Jeff Probstreply 50612/16/2012

Lisa had a good comeback, I think she'll get Jeff's vote

by Jeff Probstreply 50712/16/2012

I hope I'm wrong, but I'M think Penner just lost it for Lisa. Some will think she's rich and doesn't deserve it.

Skulpin may win this.

by Jeff Probstreply 50812/16/2012

Penner really left a bitter taste. It was all pretty level until then. Stinks.

by Jeff Probstreply 50912/16/2012

Besides Russell, I've never disliked anyone more than Penner.

by Jeff Probstreply 51012/16/2012

Whoa. Take that Twitter bitches.

by Jeff Probstreply 51112/16/2012

Lisa or Malcolm for the Fan Favorite.

by Jeff Probstreply 51212/16/2012

I really think Penner cost Lisa the game. Lets hope Jeff calls him out for revealing what he did.

by Jeff Probstreply 51312/16/2012

I'd be happier for Denise if not for Penner.

I'm hoping Jeff asks how that affected the vote count.

At least Lisa will get acting jobs, she looks great.

by Jeff Probstreply 51412/16/2012

I wonder if Penner's obnoxious personality is what keeps him from getting any roles.

by Jeff Probstreply 51512/16/2012

OH MY GAWD I never thought that would happen. I never saw Denise even getting one vote.

by Jeff Probstreply 51612/16/2012

Well, sad that Lisa didn't win, but she has incredible potential for resulting income from her role on the show. She'll make her million dollars.

Denise was a great competitor and played an excellent game.

by Jeff Probstreply 51712/16/2012

How could anyone on planet Earth not know that Lisa starred on The Facts of Life for almost a decade? It was one of the most popular sitcoms on television at the time and it has been rerunned constantly since then. Are people really that pop culturally ignorant?

by Jeff Probstreply 51812/16/2012

Blair looks fanfuckintastic.

by Jeff Probstreply 51912/16/2012

IMO, Denise was the lesser of three evils. It was more about who the jury members WOULD NOT vote for.

by Jeff Probstreply 52012/16/2012

Jonathan Penner cleaned up: hair gelled, T-shirt and blazer combo ... looks like a gigantic middle-aged douche you'd see in a TGI Fridays bar, drinking appletinis and trying to pick up drunken legal assistants.

by Jeff Probstreply 52112/16/2012

Wow! Penner looks HOT!

by Jeff Probstreply 52212/16/2012

Pete looks the hottest with his boyfriend Malcolm a close second.

by Jeff Probstreply 52312/16/2012

LOL R521.

by Jeff Probstreply 52412/16/2012

Skupin, what a tard. Reminds me of Forrest Gump sitting there in the suit.

by Jeff Probstreply 52512/16/2012

I was around when Facts of Life was on and if I didn't read that she was on that show I never would have known who she was.

by Jeff Probstreply 52612/16/2012

I think maybe Penner torpedoed both Lisa and Skupin with his remarks. Lisa as the 'rich' former child star and Skupin as the returning player who never really was ever threatened and didn't even have any votes ever. Very effective of Penner !

by Jeff Probstreply 52712/16/2012

Apparently it was a blowout.

6 to 1 to 1 in the jury votes.

by Jeff Probstreply 52812/16/2012

Damn, Russell cleaned up looks a lot like Tim Meadows. A lot.

by Jeff Probstreply 52912/16/2012

Even Abi voted for Denise. Interesting. I guess she got the apology she wanted.

Disappointing reunion show. Jeff isn't asking any tough questions. Was hoping he'd address Penner's final comments.

I'm not sure I believe that Denise would've still won a Malcolm-Denise-XXXXX final three. Maybe some of the jury members didn't raise their hand at all when Jeff asked.

by Jeff Probstreply 53012/16/2012

Way to go Artis, dispelling the Angry Black Man stereotype.

by Jeff Probstreply 53112/16/2012

Christ RC, get over it already.

Pete was right. That move stirred up some shit and was really funny to watch.

THAT was not the key thing that happened. Dana getting med-evac'ed out changed the game more than anything. That tribe went to tribal and then was down by one by the time of the merge.

by Jeff Probstreply 53212/16/2012

Lisa wins $100,000!!!!!

by Jeff Probstreply 53312/16/2012

i don't blame Penner at all. He gave her a shoulder to lean on and she stabbed him in the back. People on past jurys have been just as bitter, so why should Penner have to rise above that?

by Jeff Probstreply 53412/16/2012

Dawson got to kiss Jeff. Lucky bitch.

by Jeff Probstreply 53512/16/2012

Oh, crap ...ANOTHER fans vs. favorites season coming up. They did SUCH a shitty job choosing 'favorites' the last time. Hope they do better this time.

I'm betting Malcolm and Lisa will make the season as 'favorites'.

by Jeff Probstreply 53612/16/2012

They need to choose 'favorites' who have not already played two or three times. In 25 seasons, they've got to have players who haven't already returned that are still 'favorites'.

by Jeff Probstreply 53712/16/2012

Is Richard Hatch out of jail yet?

Can he be a "favorite"?

by Jeff Probstreply 53812/16/2012

[quote]it has been rerunned

Oh, dear.

by Jeff Probstreply 53912/16/2012

Penner's hair was thinning visibly on the island. Now he's got a full head of hair! Whatever he did makes him look a lot younger.

by Jeff Probstreply 54012/16/2012

Okay, so in the commercial for FvsF's I heard what sounded like Lisa's voice, saw what looked like Malcolm's hair on a guy diving into the water. And the return of a favorite pair? Any spoilers on who the faves will be?

by Jeff Probstreply 54112/16/2012

I never really understand why most jury members are so freaking bitter. It's like Sue Hawk set a template first season with her "rat and snake" speech, and ever since they've all thought they had to follow suit. It's Survivor; if you don't go in, expecting to get deceived and lied to, you're just a dope.

That said, I don't really think Penner cost Lisa the win. I think that she and Skupin probably canceled each other out; they were strongly allied, played similar games and had similar character and personal qualities; it made it easy to choose Denise, who also really did survive in the game against difficult circumstances in a way that Lisa and Skupin did not.

I doubt Lisa and Malcolm will be among next season's favorites; it was undoubtedly cast and started filming before this season even aired.

People I hope are NOT back: Ozzy; Russell Hantz; Coach; Boston Rob; Rupert Boneham; Parvati; Cirie.

by Jeff Probstreply 54212/16/2012

They're saying Malcolm is in it.

by Jeff Probstreply 54312/16/2012

I wonder how many jury member change their votes during the Q&A; not many would be my guess.

I was very pleased that Denise won; she had a much more difficult time that Lisa or Stupin. It's amazing that Denise went to every tribal.

Denise received all but two votes, which almost certainly means that Jonathan's comments did not change the outcome.

by Jeff Probstreply 54412/16/2012

The next season was filmed after this season was shot, so the producers know who the latest "favorites" are - that happened with Russell on the last fans v. Favorites season.

How are the numbers? Why is this show still on the air - hasn't it grown stale and tired by now?

by Jeff Probstreply 54512/16/2012

Lisa did look damn good for a woman about to turn 50.

by Jeff Probstreply 54612/16/2012

Here's what one site says are the favorites for the next season. (The fans will be people playing for the first time, obviously.)

If it's true, it's a bit of an underwhelming cast. Several people I struggle to remember much of anything about.

by Jeff Probstreply 54712/16/2012

Pete and RC are fucking right now.

It is one of those "I hate you fucks" that are so so intense and so so so good.

by Jeff Probstreply 54812/16/2012

That fucking Hantz nephew is back. At some point there has to be an end to the Hantzes on this show.

by Jeff Probstreply 54912/16/2012

Russell Hantz was great. Love him, hate him, doesn't matter. He's a great Survivor player.

Brandon? Total and complete piece of shit.

by Jeff Probstreply 55012/16/2012

[quote]Okay, so in the commercial for FvsF's I heard what sounded like Lisa's voice, saw what looked like Malcolm's hair on a guy diving into the water. And the return of a favorite pair? Any spoilers on who the faves will be?

Yes, Malcolm Freberg and Lisa Whelchel will be back. Spoilers at R436.

by Jeff Probstreply 55112/17/2012

Roberta and Dana really think they'll be asked back to play? Hahahahaha.

by Jeff Probstreply 55212/17/2012

For some reason I just don't find Peter "Pete" Yurkowski hot. I know he's physically beautiful but he just doesn't do anything for me. Maybe it's the overly plucked eyebrows. Malcolm, on the other hand, while physically uglier is so so hot.

by Jeff Probstreply 55312/17/2012

Would any of you still do fat Malcolm?

by Jeff Probstreply 55412/17/2012

Did anyone see close-ups of Malcolm's pubes in HD? All that body hair glistening in the sun.

by Jeff Probstreply 55512/17/2012

Poor Malcolm going home with nothing. I thought for sure he had the $100,000 fan favorite prize locked down. But he had piss poor gameplay going into the final 4 with 2 pairs that are going to be deadlocked. The other pair won't budge so he knows his pair has to break up. Why not bring Abi to the final 3? Last week he had immunity and he could have given the hidden immunity to Denise and told Abi to vote for Skupin. Then this week they vote out Lisa. Malcolm would have for sure won the million.

Skupin and Lisa were also idiots not to keep Abi. If they vote out Denise last week and Malcom this week, then either Skupin or Lisa would have won the million.

Skupin, Lisa, and Malcolm all lost because they didn't keep Abi till the end! How stupid. Abi was absolutely right. Skupin is a moron and he's completely un-self-aware. He thought he was in danger when his name was never really brought up so basically he never knew what was going on in the game.

by Jeff Probstreply 55612/17/2012

Glad Denise won though I thought she blew it with her "Hooray for me!" opening statement. None of these players ever know how to clinch the win with the jury, they always just say the dumbest things. But she won which is great.

Malcolm: "This game has really made me think about what I've been doing with my life this past year." Yeah, bartending and screwing large breasted women! He is sex on a stick though.

Lisa: "Christianity is about acceptance." Was that a fuckin' joke?

by Jeff Probstreply 55712/17/2012

I think you're wrong, R532. Pete would've gone much further had he allied with RC. As it was, he was out three votes after she left. It wasn't a great move.

by Jeff Probstreply 55812/17/2012

I actually thought Skupin had the best story - if he'd bother to tell it. But he was too stupid, as usual, to make a convincing case.

Penner was very amusing. Denise - "You're a bitch," Skupin - "Nobody likes you," and Lisa,"You've deceived us all."

I didn't think it was necessarily about the money with Lisa, it was that she appeared to deceive/withhold information throughout the entire game. But I don't think the jury was going to give it to her anyway because if you didn't know she was on The Facts of Life, she was just some flakey, unpredictable frau. It says it all that her journey was mostly internal, not external and almost certainly had little effect on the game play.

by Jeff Probstreply 55912/17/2012

I know, R557 - I laughed when she made the comment about 'acceptance'. Because, you know, they're generally so accepting - the irony is completely lost on them when they say shit like that.

by Jeff Probstreply 56012/17/2012

436 has it wrong. I don't think Lisa is in it and there's only one Hantz. I think CBS is DONE with Willy forever.

by Jeff Probstreply 56112/17/2012

Right. R561, you're 125 posts away from R436, literally 6+ pages back, you don't back reference your post properly and you think anyone is going to bother to see what the fuck you're talking about? Why do you bother posting, if you're not actually communicating anything?

by Jeff Probstreply 56212/17/2012

It was nice to see Blair Warner's hair last night. I wonder if it was an Aviance night, too?

by Jeff Probstreply 56312/17/2012

This show would be far more interesting if the producers, players and large portions of the audience weren't so enamored with celebrities and former players that are cast season after season now. The starfucking and fanewhoring make this show unwatchable. At least these idiots managed to vote for the best winner this time.

by Jeff Probstreply 56412/17/2012

Is there a place you can see the numbers on "Fan Favorite" voting? I want to see how popular that dick who played baseball was. Jeff?

by Jeff Probstreply 56512/17/2012

Jeff said Jeff Kent had the BEST exit speech. After Obama, it's only $600,000.

Skupin was very delusional to say to Denise and Lisa, "There's honor in going up against the best and beating Malcolm. Is there any honor in beating you and Lisa?" What a slap in the face to Denise.

by Jeff Probstreply 56612/17/2012

Anyone know what the tiny tattoo in Malcolm's armpit is? Why would he get that?

by Jeff Probstreply 56712/17/2012

Frat tat R567

by Jeff Probstreply 56812/17/2012

R564 needs to change her fucking tampon.

by Jeff Probstreply 56912/17/2012

I enjoyed Malcolm in the first Ponderosa clip, although he did not have much contact with specific indivuals, including Pete.

Too much about the upcoming vote in the second Malcolm Ponderosa video, especially from Penner.

by Jeff Probstreply 57012/17/2012

Post the jury house vids.

by Jeff Probstreply 57112/17/2012

Is your Google broken, R571?

by Jeff Probstreply 57212/17/2012

You just know Malcolm went to Ponderosa and told Pete the only thing that would make him feel better is a nice, long blow job and Pete was happy to oblige.

by Jeff Probstreply 57312/17/2012

R571 = bossy eldergay bottom.

by Jeff Probstreply 57412/17/2012

I didn't know Artis lived in New Orleans. He lives about 10 minutes from my house.

by Jeff Probstreply 57512/17/2012

Can anyone explain in what universe was the troll Hantz nephew a fan favorite?

by Jeff Probstreply 57612/17/2012

No one wants to mention how much Malcolm despises Lisa? Didn't you all see his body language while sitting next to her. His body was obviously held away fom her and he refuses to clap for her at all. He is a very sore loser.

by Jeff Probstreply 57712/17/2012

In an interview at today, Malcolm says he's friends with Lisa.

[quote]For a minute there, I was angry at them. I’m not bitter at all. Lisa is still a good friend of mine. We talk all the time. Denise is still one of my best friends to this day and I’m in a good spot with Skupin even. I’m still bitter at losing and coming that close. I’m still pissed off that I lost. You lose a football game, you don’t hate the other quarterback that beat you, but you hate that you lost.

[quote]Lisa is Lisa to me. I love her. We talk all the time. Her daughter is gorgeous! I’m still working on that.

by Jeff Probstreply 57812/17/2012

Denise won the million bucks but the entire reunion show was the Lisa Welchel Praise Jeebus Revival. I liked watching her this season but ENOUGH!

And didn't they used to issue the check on the Today show the day after the finale? I don't remember Jeff ever handing the winner the prize money before.

by Jeff Probstreply 57912/17/2012

[quote]No one wants to mention how much Malcolm despises Lisa? Didn't you all see his body language while sitting next to her. His body was obviously held away fom her and he refuses to clap for her at all. He is a very sore loser.

Malcolm had said that he's great friends with Lisa, and keeps in touch with her.

by Jeff Probstreply 58012/17/2012

Wow, check out the interviews with Lisa & Skupin about Penner. What a sick, twisted fuck he is. I read them earlier today and would've linked then, but it was perma-prime time and I couldn't post.

by Jeff Probstreply 58112/17/2012

I like Lisa, but once she starts talking about her faith, all I hear is "bzzzzzzzzzz". And I'm a spiritual person, but to me that's your personal business, and not something I care to hear about.

by Jeff Probstreply 58212/17/2012

Lots of interviews here...

by Jeff Probstreply 58312/17/2012

Not Today R579, it's the CBS Morning Show. And I thought they use to do that too.

by Jeff Probstreply 58412/18/2012

[quote]Well, sad that Lisa didn't win

Eww. Who are you, people?

[quote]Can anyone explain in what universe was the troll Hantz nephew a fan favorite?

In a universe where these are all considered "favorites". See list to be spoiled (only on the list of "favorites" no further spoilers at link).

by Jeff Probstreply 58512/18/2012

What dirt does the Hantz family have on Les Moonves?

by Jeff Probstreply 58612/18/2012

Based on his interviews, Stupin has a amazingly high opinion of how well he played the game. He blames a conspiracy at Ponderosa; guess he never noticed what an excellent game Denise played.

In one interview, Malcolm mentioned that Pete visited him in California (West Hollywood). So they are friends, or at least know each other well enough to pal around together. It's interesting that filming on this "Survivor" was completed last March. That's probably why there's been so much interaction amongst the group.

by Jeff Probstreply 58712/18/2012

Malcolm + Pete = together forever.

by Jeff Probstreply 58812/18/2012

Malcolm lives in West Hollywood? Hmmmmm.

by Jeff Probstreply 58912/18/2012

I get a weird feeling that Malcolm is a hot bi guy.

by Jeff Probstreply 59012/18/2012

Lisa is joining Propst's talk show as co-host starting in January, in an effort to keep the show alive.

by Jeff Probstreply 59112/18/2012

I think Malcolm and Pete have done the horizontal at least once;)

by Jeff Probstreply 59212/18/2012

Hmmm maybe the love isn't totally one-sided after all. Way to go Pete.

by Jeff Probstreply 59312/18/2012

Jeff loves Lisa, they became very good friends during their time on Survivor. Surprisingly, Lisa and Malcolm became best buds.

by Jeff Probstreply 59412/18/2012

That is surprising. Malcolm would creep away from the prayer circle everytime Lisa got started.

Penner sure got hairy earholes while on the island. They didn't stock a personal groomer along with the electric razor at the Ponderosa. His FTC diatribe seemed so self aggrandizing to me.

by Jeff Probstreply 59512/18/2012

[quote]Penner sure got hairy earholes while on the island. They didn't stock a personal groomer along with the electric razor at the Ponderosa. His FTC diatribe seemed so self aggrandizing to me.

Eck, that's so nasty!

by Jeff Probstreply 59612/18/2012

Link R591

by Jeff Probstreply 59712/18/2012

I continue to be fascinated by how long these people have to wait to find out if they won or not. does anyone really believe it is a surprise by the time the live show is held? And do the losers ever appear to be non-gracious? Skoopin did a good job of seeming cool with Denise winning, as did Lisa.

by Jeff Probstreply 59812/18/2012

I'm so glad they got rid of Exile Island. Now all they need to eliminate the hidden immunity idols and we'll be set.

by Jeff Probstreply 59912/18/2012

Did anyone else notice that Skupin shaved his armpits the entire time he was on the island? I thought that was very odd.

by Jeff Probstreply 60012/18/2012

[quote]Wow, check out the interviews with Lisa & Skupin about Penner. What a sick, twisted fuck he is. I read them earlier today and would've linked then, but it was perma-prime time and I couldn't post.[/quote]

This comment (about why Penner outed Lisa) made me laugh. From EW:

LISA: I think he was still fighting to prove the point to Michael and me that when he said “If you vote me out, there is no way you will win the million dollars.” So he was pulling out all stops —[b] not so that his favorite person, Denise, would win. But so that his favorite person, Penner, would ultimately be right.[/b]

Oh, SNAP! She hit that nail right on the head! The man is truly in love with the sound of his own voice, and comes off as someone who thinks he's smarter than everyone else in the room.

Having said that....I listened to one of the post-show interviews with Rob Cesterninio, and Lisa doesn't harbor any ill-will toward Penner for what he did -- in fact, they had dinner together last week. A) She recognizes that it really had no bearing on the outcome and B) it was sort of the logical -- and neccessary -- conclusion to THAT part of her story. The first couple eps, she fretted about people finding out that she was "Blair"....then it died away, until the merge, when she met up with Penner, and they had their conversations about being a teen tv star...and then it died away, again. If NO ONE had outed her at FTC, we probably have been disappointed that there was no "pay-off" to Lisa's early hand-wringing about her "identity,"

by Jeff Probstreply 60112/18/2012
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