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Gawd, I hate Christmas.

Everything about it. From the color scheme—red & green? C'mon!—to the tacky decorations, the endless barrage of advertising, the lines & the traffic, the obligation to spend money on people whom otherwise I would never in a million years think about buying gifts for. Those same tired Christmas songs blaring relentlessly from every speaker in every public place.

And then, of course, there's the religious angle: it's Jesus's birthday. No, it's not! It's all fake.

And even if you don't want to partake in this ridiculous holiday, it's inescapable. Christmas is absolutely everywhere you go.

I realize, for many people, it's a holiday filled with nostalgia. Look at the pretty lights! But for me, as an adult, New Year's Day can't come soon enough.

by Magic it is not.reply 7712/12/2012

Might I recommend an antifreeze cocktail?

by Magic it is not.reply 111/17/2012

I'd suggest hanging yourself on Christmas Day, OP. It would definitely show Christmas who's boss!

by Magic it is not.reply 211/17/2012

Hating Christmas for the color scheme is about as gay as it gets.

by Magic it is not.reply 311/17/2012

OP, who are you buying presents for that are in the category of people you would never in a million years buy presents for?

You do nor need to buy presents for anyone!!

Stop buying presents!

Opt out of present buying and even opt out of Christmas if you choose.

You can easily opt out of present buying (especially gifts for those who you have no interest in giving a gift to).

I opted out of Christmas a long time ago. I share your feeling of not liking Christmas. I dread getting thru it.

My parents are dead, so it's a matter of getting through the intensive Christmas-everything that society throws upon us.

by Magic it is not.reply 411/17/2012

I completely agree. I worked in advertising for years and had to hundreds of Christmas ads. I'm entirely over it. I can't wait until January.

by Magic it is not.reply 511/17/2012

I hate is so damn much that I usually leave the country. It's really not even celebrated in Amsterdam. It's barely celebrated in Paris, but the tower is beautifully lit. This year I'm going to Guatemala for a month, living with a host family, and doing Spanish immersion. I imagine they will have a little dinner and say a prayer, I'm fine with that.

by Magic it is not.reply 611/17/2012

Even if your parents are alive, you can still OPT OUT of Christmas.

Be strong, opt out, follow your own beliefs and what you think is important.

by Magic it is not.reply 711/17/2012

R6, I went on a beach vacation a good number of years at Christmas time to get away.

Usually went for 8 to 11 days which included Christmas day.

by Magic it is not.reply 811/17/2012

I can't wait until the holidays are over and things go back to normal.

by Magic it is not.reply 911/17/2012

I'm the opposite of OP. I despise the tackiness and arbitrariness of New Year's, but I love the traditions (eggnog, carols, the tree) and family memories that come from Christmas.

by Magic it is not.reply 1011/17/2012

I suppose if "Peace on earth and goodwill to men" or"God bless us, every one" gets your knicker in a knot, that is fine. I happen to love Christmas.

by Magic it is not.reply 1111/17/2012

One reason I hate Christmas is because so many people make such a big deal out of it every year.

It just doesn't have to be such a big deal!!

People act as if Christmas is one of the very most important things in life!

by Magic it is not.reply 1211/17/2012

Worst of all, the stores are cranking it up earlier and earlier every year. They don't even wait for Thanksgiving any more. I feel so sorry for the store clerks who have listen to crappy Christmas music all day for months.

by Magic it is not.reply 1311/17/2012

The worst are people who practically bankrupt themselves for Christmas.

Used to work retail, Christmas was the worst. I like it much better now that I'm not immersed in it all day.

by Magic it is not.reply 1411/17/2012

I don't like red and green either. I do like white with gold or silver.

by Magic it is not.reply 1511/17/2012

If Christmas was starting as "earlier and earlier" for as many years as people have been saying, it would be starting in June by now.

by Magic it is not.reply 1611/17/2012

God, I hate people who say Gawd.

by Magic it is not.reply 1711/17/2012

"I hate is so damn much that I usually leave the country."

I work every year, and it's a huge relief to get out of all the commercialism, disappointed expectations, drama, etc.

Now if I could only do a bit of shopping without hearing the same crappy Xmas songs everywhere.

by Magic it is not.reply 1811/17/2012

OP- Me too. Can't stand it. Raised in a house that had no christmas so I never got the hang of it anyway and I just ignore the hell out of it.

by Magic it is not.reply 1911/17/2012

Bitch now and get it over with, Christmas-haters. Oh, you're sooooo original and fresh. Do it now and then SHUT IT.

by Magic it is not.reply 2011/17/2012

Merry Christmas!

Fuck you!

by Magic it is not.reply 2111/17/2012

I especially dislike tasteless flashing lights and music piped outside in crappy speakers. It's eye and ear pollution.

I also wanted to take a vacation at Christmas but never could because of family obligations. I let go of all that when my kids left home. It was tough at first but I think we've adjusted. I don't make a big deal out of it anymore so there are no expectations of a huge feast, fancy entertaining and fabulous gifts. What a relief! Dinners are mostly easy and nontraditional except for a simple turkey breast with a few sides for the big day. Also, I don't do Christmas decorating except for a wall tree that is only up for a week max. I keep it decorated when I store it so there is no big decorating hassle. Everything else is winter themed and stays out all season.

by Magic it is not.reply 2211/17/2012

Prozac, OP.

Try it sometime.

by Magic it is not.reply 2311/17/2012

I worked for a company HQ'd in Atlanta of all places. Believe it or not they downplayed the Christmas stuff big time.

But Halloween - dear non-existent deity. They took Halloween SERIOUSLY.

by Magic it is not.reply 2411/17/2012



by Magic it is not.reply 2511/17/2012

I HATE XMAS AS WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Magic it is not.reply 2611/17/2012

As much as I disagree with the religious and commercialism based aspects of it (not to mention the family bullshit, for those of us who have to put up with that), I try to look at Christmas as a break from our lives.

We all get time off from work that we wouldn't normally get. That in itself is a good thing, right?

by Magic it is not.reply 2711/17/2012

OP, just plan some quiet time instead. Since my family is pretty much gone now I just order some things I'd like from Amazon - like a great TV series or movie, a book or 2, some other things I want and leave them in a bag until Christmas Even when I "open" them. I love my Xmas gifts. I get exactly what I want.

For food I get a small roasting chicken and stuff it (I love stuffing and gravy) for Christmas day - doesn't take long to make. Have some Champagne and simple side dishes - like asparagus, salad, sprouts, mashed potatoes, or the like. I usually don't even have a dessert if I do it's just a simple apple pie with melted cheddar cheese.

I spend the day reading my new books or watching something I've wanted to watch for a while.

I had great Christmases as a kid - my mother really went out of her way to make it fun and exciting in every way - I have had decades of great Christmases as an adult with family and/or just friends. But now I'm over it and I prefer using it as the rare time I can indulge myself with some blessed quiet time. I wish I had started this sooner and spared myself disappointing times that were a burden both financially, time wise and soul sucking-wise.

If you feel you need an excuse to bow out of social events then just say you're working on your novel based on your relatives and your deadline is looming. Or you oculd give the universall accepted excuse - Thank you so much and you are a dear to think of me but I've already made other plans.

by Magic it is not.reply 2811/17/2012

Love the season!!!

by Magic it is not.reply 2911/17/2012

R28, you do exactly what I do. Down to every detail.

R28, great advice and great description of what to do during the holidays.

by Magic it is not.reply 3011/17/2012

R28, you also describe my situation. I've had decades and decades of great Christmases in the past as a child, teenager, and as an adult.

All those decades were plenty and enough - so now I do what you describe.

by Magic it is not.reply 3111/17/2012

I agree with R10. LOVE Xmas; hate New Year's Eve - all the damn drunks.

by Magic it is not.reply 3211/17/2012

The Christmas season is really about shopping and not much else.

The two-month inescapable media barrage of tackiness and idiocy in advertising, showcasing sheer greed is appalling.

The television and radio commercials where they take a Christmas carol tune and think they're clever by adding lyrics that are essentially Buy! Spend! Shop! are sickening.

Then there are the maudlin and sappy "traditional" songs, over and over and over again...

The few days leading up to Christmas, and Christmas day, are wonderful. I love Christmas Eve. But then the next day all the shit starts again with Buy! Spend! Shop! and there's no break from it until after Valentine's Day.

by Magic it is not.reply 3311/17/2012

The Christmas Season is what you make of it.

by Magic it is not.reply 3411/17/2012

But if you insist on bringing me a Christmas gift, make it a litter of puppies for me to kick around.

by Magic it is not.reply 3511/17/2012

Instead of spending the $18 on this site, you should've used it on a Prozac prescription. Walmart has it, 90 days worth for $10.00

by Magic it is not.reply 3611/17/2012

I think it is way more common to dislike the Christmas season than Christmas lovers might think.

I think plenty of people do not like the Christmas season, but many do not voice that dislike and keep it to themselves.

by Magic it is not.reply 3711/17/2012

OP, you should have known better than to trash Chistmas on the DL. The e-f-i-m-i-n-a-t-e decorators alone will have you burned at the stake.

by Magic it is not.reply 3811/17/2012

It's all about vicuna sweaters

Cashmere scarves.

Scented candles.

Holly. Ivy. Bayberry.

Giving. Getting. Forgetting.

Credit cards.

January loathing.

Best Christmas Ever.

by Magic it is not.reply 3911/17/2012

Since I've been out of retail management for a couple years, I've learned to appreciate the spirit again. Christmas to me is about spending time with family & friends, even the occasional ones you don't really like all that much. Bite your lip & bear it. I think it's fun to get festive. I usually attend several parties the first couple weeks of December, then host my own around the 20th. Then I get on a plane to spend a few days with my family. I love eggnog, spiked coffee drinks, and warm spiced wine. It's really the only time of year for those kinds of libations.

I used to live in Chicago, and I loved going down to State Street, buying roasted chestnuts, checking out the Marshall Field's window displays, having lunch in the Walnut Room next to the Great Tree, and then ice skating. The decorations throughout the Loop & the Mag Mile were generally tasteful.

You can tune a lot of stuff out. Make sure you delete the radio station that starts playing Christmas music the morning after Halloween from your car favorites. Utilize your DVR to record shows so you can skip through all the Christmas commercials. Recycle the Christmas junk flyers before you even bring the mail inside. Avoid malls & big box retail from Black Friday to the second week of January. If you need something, go first thing in the morning and never on the weekend. Avoid grocery shopping the week of Thanksgiving & the week of Christmas. If you need something critical, once again go early in the morning, late at night, or even choose someplace like 7-11. You'll avoid the rush. Sure, you can't avoid the Clark Griswold-esque neighbor/s who view outdoor decorating as a competition, but there are plenty of people who decorate very tastefully. Focus on what's nice.

I'm Agnostic, but the message of the Charlie Brown Christmas Special, while Christian, resonates. It's not about all the shit shoved down our throat. My family has pretty much done away with gift giving except in the case of giving gifts to the kids. I'd much rather not open any gifts for myself, but rather watch the expressions on my nieces' faces when they open theirs.

There are ways to avoid getting run over by the hustle & bustle. Just think of Christmas as a finish line to the year, whereby a few days later you can enjoy some bubbly, wipe the dry-erase clean & start fresh!

by Magic it is not.reply 4011/18/2012

btw, r22, I think that people who pipe Christmas music into outdoor speakers should be flogged. When I was a kid, we had a neighbor who did that, and I always told my dad I wanted to shoot the speakers out with my bb-gun.

I can tolerate a lot, but not that. Over the line. Agree that it's noise pollution.

by Magic it is not.reply 4111/18/2012

I love Christmas. Just saw A CHRISTMAS STORY on Broadway and the opening of number had me in tears with all that Christmas joy onstage. Sorry so many of you hate it.

by Magic it is not.reply 4211/18/2012

Will someone pleeeaasseee eat some plum pudding out of my hole?

by Magic it is not.reply 4311/18/2012

I usually end up wprking on the day, and find it a difficult time of year as my mother died at that time and it reminds me of those horrid last days.

That said, I do enjoy giving the dog a special treat and baking some shortbread and mince pies for my brother. I'll listen to some music and call family and that is quite enough xmas for me. Keep the gaudy lights and shopping far away.

by Magic it is not.reply 4411/18/2012

[quote]It's really not even celebrated in Amsterdam

Except that everything, including Turkish and Moroccan shops, is closed on Christmas Day and the city center is deserted with the exception of a few tourists. Are you sure you didn't mean "Tel Aviv"?

by Magic it is not.reply 4511/18/2012

Fuck Christmas. Fuck it right in the ass.

by Magic it is not.reply 4611/18/2012

Take some control, enjoy some of the benefits (any extra days off?) and just relax. Stay out of stores as much as possible because they are the worst for piped in music and just general whoreishness (everything can be sold as perfect for a Christmas present) about the season. But, heh, it's the economy of 2012 - stores are often necessarily avoided and, well, here's where online shopping for anything comes in handy.

As for New Year's celebrations, I find I drink way less around the holidays if only because everyone says we should be drinking more.

by Magic it is not.reply 4711/18/2012

Christmas used to cause me some anxiety. Over the years I have just learned to ignore the whole thing. You can pretty much opt out of participating. What few gifts I need to buy were purchased months ago, specifically for someone and stashed so there is no last minute crunch. I give money to the bell ringers because we all should. Usually there is someone I know that is struggling and I send them an anonymous cash gift from Santa. Christmas isn't all about you, you make it so by complaining.

by Magic it is not.reply 4811/18/2012

I heart you, R48.

by Magic it is not.reply 4911/18/2012

I LOVE IT!!! I love X-mas music, the decorations, the cookies and the smell!!!!

I don't shop for anyone on X-mas, it's my quiet time and I LOVE IT, GODDAMMIT!

by Magic it is not.reply 5011/18/2012

[quote]I give money to the bell ringers because we all should.

We all shouldn't. The Salvation Army has a long, ugly history of discrimination against gays. Better to give money -- and your time, if possible -- to your local bank, which is usually in desperate need of donations around the holidays.

by Magic it is not.reply 5111/18/2012

I took a walk around my neighborhood last night and was surprised that a few people already had their Xmas decorations out. Not so much that they'd set them up, since it's the weekend before Thanksgiving, which is when decoration usually start up, but some actually had them turned on, and one house had a Nativity scene out. I also noticed that a local funeral home, that has a lifesized set of the Three Wise Men it puts out front every year, has them out already. It just seems weird and tasteless and aggressive to me.

by Magic it is not.reply 5211/18/2012

R51 The foodbank where I live is run by St. Vincent's Depaul Society. Like the Catholics don't have a history of working to undo homosexuals. The Salvation Army helps the poorest among us. They also run drug and alcohol abuse centers. There being no shortage of drug and alcohol abuse among gays, there might be some less advantaged gay person that would otherwise have no access to treatment.

by Magic it is not.reply 5311/18/2012

I go to Australia during Christmas. It's christian christmas there too, but the summer weather allows me to escape the crap back home. One of these trips will be a one way, I hope.

by Magic it is not.reply 5411/18/2012

r51 made me lol. JP Morgan Chase is really struggling. We should help them out.

by Magic it is not.reply 5511/18/2012

R13 R14, Yes it's dreadful listening to the same thirty holiday songs on the satillite-radio. And dealing with people that wait until the 23rd and 24th to by a popular item. Telling them you're sold out you think you granted them a death sentence. Yelling at you because they are able to give the gift the little Johnny or Michelle wanted. Turning it around making it your fault they waited until the last minuet to go shopping.

by Magic it is not.reply 5611/18/2012

I am a total homebody so I can easily block out the noise. My Christmas season lasts 3 weeks and involves buying two gifts, decorating my house, baking and a couple of parties.

by Magic it is not.reply 5711/18/2012

It was a big deal when I was a kid. Now I pretty much ignore the whole thing.

by Magic it is not.reply 5811/18/2012

Though I work in retail and hate twenty-percent of the shoppers that are pompous when you're sold out of a item they wanted because they waited until the last minute to shop. All I want for Christmas this year is Michael T. Weiss

by Magic it is not.reply 5911/18/2012

Joseph and the Wise Men in the OP's photo look like Osama Bin Laden.

And Mary (bless her soul!) is wearing hijab.

by Magic it is not.reply 6011/18/2012

Those Christmas carols really are horrible, aren't they?

For some reason, when I was a little kid, I thought they were the epicenter of High Musical Art.

by Magic it is not.reply 6111/18/2012

[quote]But for me, as an adult, New Year's Day can't come soon enough.

Because the world revolves around you right? Jesus, typical 'mo behavior

by Magic it is not.reply 6211/18/2012

[quote]Jesus, typical 'mo behavior

Yeah, because those mean old homosexuals shouldn't be having so many [italic]opinions![/italic]. How dare they?

I thought this was a gay website devoted to (among other things) pointless bitchery.

by Magic it is not.reply 6311/19/2012

I love the holidays and pretty much everything about them.

I don't have a family and I don't decorate, but I still enjoy them.

And I get 2 blissful weeks away from work.

by Magic it is not.reply 6411/19/2012

I like Christmas because there are usually limited time holiday editions of foods in the grocery store, like flavors of Coffee-Mate. Im a complete fat ass during the holidays. Other than that, it really doesnt do much for me. Too much materialism. I think its cute that some guys are obsessed with Christmas though.

by Magic it is not.reply 6511/19/2012

I like Christmas. It's pretty. Often in a metallic or glittery sort of way, so I find it quite perplexing any gay would object.

by Magic it is not.reply 6611/19/2012

My house looks so much better when I take down the Christmas crap and put it away.

by Magic it is not.reply 6711/19/2012

It's nice for a month or so, but I'm in a very secular part of the country (Pacific NW) so it's not hyped as much here.

by Magic it is not.reply 6811/19/2012

Don't give anything to the Salvation Army. Ever.

Very homophobic and secretive and lying about it.

Goodwill or the Red Cross.

by Magic it is not.reply 6911/19/2012

The American Red Cross gets nothing from me. Not ever.

by Magic it is not.reply 7011/20/2012

[quote]Opt out of present buying and even opt out of Christmas if you choose.

If only it was really that easy! My roommate announced in a sing-song voice this morning, "Another one of your presents arrived in the mail today!" I imagine he thinks my inner dialog is shouting, "Yippee!" But, in reality, my inner dialog was saying, "Fuck! Now I have to spend more money and time picking out another present for you too!"

Opting out of Christmas is a lot easier said than done.

by Magic it is not.reply 7112/12/2012

I loved Christmas as a kid. We had tons of family gatherings, I remember the thrill of opening gifts on Xmas eve and then Xmas morning. Days off school, cozy fire place, baking cookies with my mom, playing in the snow, etc. Now I'm in my 30's and have been living in Los Angeles. Single. I have almost no feelings toward Christmas, but go along with it the best I can regarding work parties, gift exchange.. but that's it. My goal is to not get too wasted over Xmas/NYE or I may just stay in with my cat. Merry fucking Christmas!

by Magic it is not.reply 7212/12/2012

I'm gay, single and childless. My sister is married and childless. My father is dead. My mother has dementia.

Christmas, which I used to love just for the spirit of it all as it related to family, is not what it used to be.

by Magic it is not.reply 7312/12/2012

I lost my family when I was in my twenties. The holidays were very painful for a long time. Whenever I tried to enjoy holidays with friends and their families, I just felt so sad inside while pretending. So I sort of opted out. I traveled when I could. Over the years it became a non event for me.

It has been long enough that I could "enjoy" the holiday season without sharp pangs. But I'm used to just not paying much attention to it.

Like many, I make the best of things. For the last few years I spent Christmas Eve and Christmas Day at a casino with some jewish friends. We enjoy dinner, the spa and the gambling.

by Magic it is not.reply 7412/12/2012

R65, that is one of the dumbest most ridiculous reasons to like Christmas - chemicalized, shit compositioned Coffee Mate?


by Magic it is not.reply 7512/12/2012

R57, going to two parties and buying two gifts is not opting out of Christmas nor is it even tuning down the 'noise' as you describe it.

Since you decorate your house you are very much in the very thick of Christmas!

And baking cookies no less.

Why are you trying to act as if you don't participate when you participate to the max?

And a homebody doesn't go to two parties (or have a party)

by Magic it is not.reply 7612/12/2012

[quote]From the color scheme—red & green?


by Magic it is not.reply 7712/12/2012
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