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Tim Tebow Hated by Teammates

Awwww Poor Timmy

by 6111/20/2012

Are you really that stupid, OP? You can't POST a goddam link?

by 211/15/2012

Linky stinky.

by 311/15/2012

Poor Timmy. I condole him. In fact, I'd condole him all day long.

by 411/15/2012

Well, they're talking about his lack of playing ability. Nothing new here. Denver redux.

by 511/15/2012

Tim is a gorgeous homosexual!

(are there nude photos of Tim?)

by 611/15/2012

They hate him because he can't play.

by 711/15/2012

They hate him because his mother insists on being in the locker room to help him get ready for the game.

by 811/15/2012

He's just not very good at getting the ball thrown to the right place.

by 911/18/2012

Both Tebow and Sanchez are hot and I'd love to have sex with them both. I don't like Sanchez' attitude and I don't like Tebow's throwing religion in our faces.

by 1011/18/2012

They are jealous of Tebow, because he's hot.

by 1111/18/2012

Pretty shitty of his teammates to be so public about their dislike.

by 1211/18/2012

Yeah well, R12, football is a business. A shitty player who's all hype is going to get called out. His teammates aren't there for his prayer circles and to watch him get endorsement deals - they're there to win.

by 1311/18/2012

I bet they hate him because he is a gay.

by 1411/18/2012

The Jets fucking suck, so they're lashing out at an easy target.

A target that has maybe played 5 minutes all season.

They should trade his ass to Jacksonville!

by 1611/18/2012

But, how is that relevant now, R15? You believe people should be able to ride their own coattails even if they currently suck? We should all be so lucky. Tebow was indeed great in college. So be it. He's not great anymore.

by 1711/18/2012

I'll take his ass!

by 1811/18/2012

[quote]football is a business. A shitty player who's all hype is going to get called out.

Then they should have the courage of their convictions and not do it anonymously. If they want to say that he isn't very good, then they should say it publicly or they should just shut the fuck up. But, no, whoever it was took the coward's way out.

by 1911/18/2012

I wouldn't take his ass. It's flat, and he looks like a Neanderthal.

by 2011/18/2012

Aren't you calling Tebow's teammates out on an anonymous message board, R15. Why don't you go public or shut the fuck up.

by 2111/18/2012

He's the shittiest NFL quarterback in decades. It's amazing he has a job. All the christers on FB love him so.

by 2211/18/2012

[quote]Why don't you go public or shut the fuck up.

Um, perhaps because the situations aren't similar at all.

by 2311/18/2012

Steven A of ESPN called them out, called them fucking cowards and he's no fan of Tebow's.

by 2411/18/2012

He won the freakin Heisman trophy and he's the worst quarterback in decades? Give me a break

by 2611/18/2012


Ever hear of lard ass JaMarcus Russell?

Vince Young?

Todd Marinovich?

Ryan Leaf?

Art Schlichter?

by 2711/18/2012

What are his percentages? How many throws does he actually complete? He sucks. He doesn't need to be in the NFL.

by 2811/18/2012

Plenty of Heisman winners have flopped in the NFL, R26. College football talent doesn't always translate well to professional football.

by 2911/18/2012

Oh, the memories...

JaMarcus holds out of spring training for more money, then shows up as a fat tub.

Exactly how many games did he play for the Raiders?

Some have him as the biggest NFL quarterback bust of all time.

by 3011/18/2012

[quote]He won the freakin Heisman trophy and he's the worst quarterback in decades? Give me a break

Do you know anything about the SEC and the NFL? He was a typical SEC quarterback who ran the coach's running game with very little passing. He was not in charge of the calls and he developed no vision of the field to be able to deliver a ball to his receivers. Hence, he's a crappy passer, which doesn't work out too well in the NFL. Everybody was saying this before Denver unloaded him for Manning. They're doing quite well, OTOH.

by 3111/18/2012

i don't care for football but i think his teammates are jealous of the attention and $ he gets for his skills or lack thereof...

these teammates think they are better than him and yet they are not getting the same $ or media, it's so simple, not rocket science to figure this out!

by 3211/18/2012

I'm pretty sure his teammates know his ability more than any of you Tebow fangirls. After all, they practice with him. I seriously doubt they are jealous of the attention he's getting. It's more annoyance that someone who is so lacking of talent is getting attention because he turned a football game into a religious revival.

I think the Jets should let him play though. It will shut the religious and fangirls up.

by 3311/18/2012

Shitty quarterback/attractive dumb Bible wackadoo who will be running for some sort of state then national office when he leaves the NFL. Watch out Florida! (I'm in Colorado and glad his ass is gone.)

by 3411/18/2012

Maybe his butt is flat r20 because the teammates like to swat it all the time the way they do in football.....

I know I'd like to swat it

by 3511/19/2012

[quote]i don't care for football but i think his teammates are jealous of the attention and $ he gets for his skills or lack thereof...

[quote]It's more annoyance that someone who is so lacking of talent is getting attention because he turned a football game into a religious revival.

I think it's all of the above. Professional teams should be run as a meritocracy on the playing field and for the most part they are. Fortunately, Tebow hasn't seen much playing time. But when a team is in the largest media market in the world, the media need to be fed so, in turn, the fans are kept satisfied, and the concept of a mertitocracy gets marginalized a bit. At least in terms of attention, adulation, media and fan attention, and finally, and most importantly, marketing and branding and the resulting $$$.

I don't want to be cynical enough to say the Jets knew that Tebow's brand would bring in all of the above, especially the cash, but I do wonder. And the players wonder. If they bust their tails and perform better, it's got to stick in the craw a little.

Add in that Tebow would likely not be getting much, if any, attention for his athletic ability by this point if it were not for that enormous cross he bears on his shoulders. He certainly wouldn't be getting the type of monetary compensation he gets from corporate sponsors if he didn't display his piety so frequently and conspicuously.

This last point is where I think it gets sticky for the other players. Players compensation isn't a one to one relationship with their athletic ability, achievement, and contribution to team efforts on the field. Players are also valued for their marketing potential and receive higher salaries if they have a track record or potential in this respect. It's the nature of the business and you get some disgruntled players, of course.

It's a competetive, high testosterone envirnoment so of course players are going to talk, anonymously or not. One teammate took to Twitter, so his name was on his message. If Timmy's feelings are hurt, he should think of the money he's drawing in and the important image he is creating for himself.

by 3611/19/2012

He has a musky, damp, crater like anus...

by 3711/19/2012

You don't care for football r32 but are sure it's jealousy? Right.

by 3811/19/2012

"Lord Jesus, why have you forsaken me? Why, Lord? Was it because I was gettin' more famous than you? I bet that was it. You jealous little bitch!"

by 3911/19/2012

I'd totally help him get into politics.

by 4011/19/2012

Jesus doesn't pay attention to scrimmages.

by 4111/19/2012

You know all the people who think Tebow is a great quarterback are rabid Christians because they have faith in something that nobody has ever seen. He sucks, get over it. He shouldn't be in the NFL.

by 4211/19/2012

Heath Shuler had a similar time of it in the NFL after being the darling of fundies.

by 4311/19/2012

Heath's kids are named Island and Navy. Only some retarded Christaholic freeper would give his kids those kinds of names.

by 4411/19/2012

You DL bitches are jealous! Tim Tebow is hot as fuck!

by 4511/19/2012

Uh, Heath Shuler is a Dem.

by 4611/19/2012

totally imagining Tebow and Sanchez getting it on, *drools*

by 4711/19/2012

R48 - You seem to have missed my post at R36, you analytic vixen, you!

Tim knows exactly who to suck.

by 4911/20/2012

R48 - typical freeper. Can't make an argument, so has to start with the AIDS insults. Face it - Tebow is more flash than substance and he's getting called out for it.

by 5011/20/2012

[quote]No one pays someone to sit on a bench and be a nothing.

Nobody said he's "a nothing." He may not be any good at professional football, but, even sitting on a bench he brings in the ignorant Fundies to the stadium. They're stupid enough to pay big bucks to see Timmy sitting on a bench. Since there are so many foolish Fundies buying tickets, he serves a purpose -- but that purpose doesn't include playing football.

by 5111/20/2012

Heath Shuler is a DINO. Gotta be a Democrat to get elected in western NC, but if he voted once for a Democratic position without the leadership threatening him with dire consequences, I'd be very surprised. He is proud to be a blue dog and even floated the idea of running against Pelosi for Minority Leader.

by 5211/20/2012

[quote]Why do people keep saying he's gay?

Hmmm, not sure.

by 5411/20/2012

ROFL, R54. Never mind.

Forget I ever asked...

Jeez Louise, the FLAMES were shooting out of his nostrils. PURSES fell out of his mouth every time he opened it!!!

by 5511/20/2012

Tim Tebow was great 4 media hype only.

Saint Timmy was not a great QB ever.

Never was NFL Material.

End of story unless you understand contracts.

Made no sense to play him as that would kick in $$, benching him kept hype going for free.

Party is over, he will be cut loose.

No serious buyers in market for mediocre QB.

by 5611/20/2012

Contract incentives work against T. Tebow.

Maybe Jesus will pitch in.

Because the NFL is so important to The Lord.

by 5711/20/2012

Here, Deadspin explains how NFL contract incentives work.

Gangnam Style is new Tebow.

Planking is out, too.

Must I explain everything?

by 5811/20/2012

I'll sniff his jockstrap.

by 5911/20/2012

Anyone who throws their religion in my face...yuck.

by 6111/20/2012
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