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Jon Bon Jovi's daughter heroine overdose..

Sad - he is a nice guy

by Heather Samborareply 9012/04/2012

It's still spelled "heroin" when the person who ODs is female, OP.

by Heather Samborareply 111/14/2012

Did she overdose on Wonder Woman or Supergirl?

by Heather Samborareply 211/14/2012

This is pretty sad....he seemed to try and raise his kids away from the spotlight.

by Heather Samborareply 311/14/2012

Is she still alive? It says she was found unresponsive. Were they able to revive her?

by Heather Samborareply 411/14/2012

Here's hoping she survives and recovers fully. If so, it obviously could've been so much more tragic and she'll be very lucky.

by Heather Samborareply 511/14/2012

I truly don't understand why anyone is attracted to this drug.

by Heather Samborareply 611/14/2012

Exactly, r3.

by Heather Samborareply 711/14/2012

Those 18th Century Lit classes will do a trick on a girl. Hope she is ordered to stay away from Jane Austen for a while.

by Heather Samborareply 811/14/2012

The article says she's recovering in the hospital. She's also facing drug charges. She's a lovely girl, I hope she's able to kick the addiction.

by Heather Samborareply 911/14/2012

Is this like when he was dead?

by Heather Samborareply 1011/14/2012

She doesn't look like either parent. Where'd she get those gorgeous blue eyes?

by Heather Samborareply 1111/14/2012

Bon Jovi has blue eyes, r11.

by Heather Samborareply 1211/14/2012

Besides Jon having blue eyes, IIRC Jon's mom is a natural blond.

Both my parents have black hair and brown eyes, I'm a green eyed blond. I look like my dad's father.

by Heather Samborareply 1311/14/2012

All your life all you've asked whens your daddy gonna talk to you

You were living in another world tryin to get your message through.

No one heard a single word you said.

They should have seen it in your eyes What was going around your head.

Daddy's girl learned fast, all those things he couldn't say.

by Heather Samborareply 1411/14/2012

Jon's career came first. He spent too much time on the road.

by Heather Samborareply 1511/14/2012


by Heather Samborareply 1611/14/2012

Thats horrible. I used to live in a neighboring town where he currently lives. He is an upstanding guy. He donates tons of time and money to various area schools music programs, writing programs, environment causes and youth groups. He is very accessible to his fans, not at all stand-offish. Seriously, there is not one bad thing anyone can say about him.

by Heather Samborareply 1711/14/2012

R8, Jane Austen is 19th Century Lit.

I know this because I, too, am a Jane Austen heroine addict.

by Heather Samborareply 1811/14/2012

Hi r18!

by Heather Samborareply 1911/14/2012

Bon Jovi has a modest restaurant in New Jersey where one pays what one can - it's designed for low income and poor people.

Also during the recent destruction causes by hurricane Sandy which destroyed miles and miles of Jersey Shore and destroyed houses on the shore plus many houses inland...

he worked to prepare food and sandwiches (actually helped in the preparation, and arranging for the food)

He also provides shelters and housing for poverty stricken on the east coast - in Philadelphia specifically.

by Heather Samborareply 2011/14/2012

Damn her pupils are pinned in R9s photo

by Heather Samborareply 2111/14/2012

It's nice that Jon's wife still looks normal.

Hope the daughter gets the help she needs.

by Heather Samborareply 2211/14/2012

She really is stunning, isn't she?

by Heather Samborareply 2311/14/2012

They had to pump drugs out of her stomach, just like the 18 oz. of cum doctors pumped out from her dad's stomach in the mid-80's.

by Heather Samborareply 2411/14/2012

Is the cum pumping urban legend still circulating R24?

by Heather Samborareply 2511/14/2012

My best wishes go out to Bon Jovi and his daughter. I hope she recovers and rehabilitates. He's a decent bloke and a fine musician. .. It must be tough growing up on the sidelines of the limelight.

by Heather Samborareply 2611/14/2012

He is still married to his high school sweetheart! That's amazing.

by Heather Samborareply 2711/14/2012

He's probably cheated on her a zillion times, r27

by Heather Samborareply 2811/14/2012

It must be so difficult to have to recover under the spotlight of the paps. Wonder if she was self-medicating to deal with the role of being "the daughter of . . " Still he's so very talented.

by Heather Samborareply 2911/14/2012

[quote]Both my parents have black hair and brown eyes, I'm a green eyed blond. I look like my dad's father.

Actually, you look like the UPS driver who used to deliver in your area.

by Heather Samborareply 3011/14/2012

I'm betting he has, R28. He hit on a friend of mine (female) one night in a bar. Made no secret of what he was after.

by Heather Samborareply 3111/14/2012

R30, I don't look like anybody in my family. Everyone assumes that I'm adopted. Far different color of eyes, hair, skin, body type, body language, speaking style, tastes, everything. Mom far too puritan to ever fool around however.

by Heather Samborareply 3211/14/2012

Liza used heroin suppositories, Georgia. She fired one of her staff who refused to help insert them.

by Heather Samborareply 3311/14/2012

Heroin? damn. That's hard core. Couldn't she be like everyone else and smoke a little pot, drink, and use prescription drugs?

John has cheated on his wife for decades. He had an affair with Diane Lane

by Heather Samborareply 3411/14/2012

I thought Hamilton was a good school. WTF?

by Heather Samborareply 3511/14/2012

Was Jon ever on drugs? I don't remember him having a drug problem. Anyway, I'm sure if all the teens/20-something children of celebrities were to be tested and searched, 75% of them would be found with drugs. Unfortunately

by Heather Samborareply 3611/14/2012

LOL @ R1. I think I love you.

by Heather Samborareply 3711/14/2012

If your daughter OD's r17, his parenting might be a thought.

Not wishing her ill, just saying.

by Heather Samborareply 3811/14/2012

Heroin is more common than you might think among priveleged suburban kids. It starts with prescription drugs like oxycontin and when they can't score thhose heroin is the next best thing they can get their hands on. Huge substance abuse problem.

by Heather Samborareply 3911/14/2012

[quote] he seemed to try and raise his kids away from the spotlight

That makes little difference. It depends on how you were raised. Maybe it's that battleaxe of a wife of his. I've heard enough about her and their supposed "happy" marriage to make me wonder why he hasn't OD'd and checked out to get away from her.

Sorry about the kid. And she's not beautiful at all but when she's fixed up she's interesting looking.

by Heather Samborareply 4011/14/2012

[quote]I don't look like anybody in my family.

This is only said by white people.

by Heather Samborareply 4111/14/2012

R35 you sound like my grandmother. Herion is big with teens and young adults, especially overprivleged ones. She's not some desperate junkie shooting up in a flop house. Most kids take it orally or snort it. Not all users are addicted. It is of course highly addictive but many just use it recreationally.

by Heather Samborareply 4211/14/2012

R40, do tell about the battleaxe wife!

by Heather Samborareply 4311/14/2012

Is that Gabby Sidibe on his left? So glad she got another role!!!

by Heather Samborareply 4411/14/2012

R43, Don't know if it's true, but I'd quickly dump anyone who said the following about a spouse/relationship:

by Heather Samborareply 4511/14/2012

hate his music but this is sad

by Heather Samborareply 4611/14/2012

agree he's a shitty singer and songwriter and probably a closet case, I wonder if this kid is biologically his, his wife looks like his mom.

by Heather Samborareply 4711/14/2012

It's so sick that the poor girl OD's and then the cops show up to arrest her and find 'crimes'. America is so twisted.

by Heather Samborareply 4811/14/2012

Are you serious r45?

by Heather Samborareply 4911/14/2012

so is she dead?

by Heather Samborareply 5011/14/2012

I know this gossip is a bit OT, (and it'll probably sound very 'Fiona-ish') but at least until she (Stephanie) was about 14 her parents (mostly her father) worked pretty hard to give the kids as stable a family life as they could. They weren't like some celeb parents - having nannies raising their kids, and stopping by to say hi and to make sure the kids recognized them as their parents.

My sister nannied for them for 13 years. She said they were both good parents, him a lot more than her. She thought because he had to be gone a lot he overcompensated when he was home. But he would spend several hours every day he could be home with the kids. He would always ask questions about how the kids were doing, and talked with her about opinions on child care and child raising often.

She said that they didn't always have a good relationship. I guess Dorothea has a crazy/mean streak a mile wide and would take out what ever her problems were on Jon almost the minute he got home. She said that Dorothea knew all of the things he didn't have a lot of self confidence about and would go after him, saying horrible, mean, hurtful things. Also said that Dorothea could turn her bitchiness off and on like throwing a switch. She acted like a good mother, but after some of the crazy stuff she saw and heard her say my sister thought it might just be an act a lot of the time.

My sister said Jon did his best to keep it away from the kids.

When the kids got older they would take the kids and a nannies on tour. (I think that the age the child had to be was 5. They left the younger one(s) at home with practically an army of nannies, I think it was 2 live in nannies for each kid). Tho there were several times it would just be the kid(s) and nannies that would travel because at the last minute Dorothea would throw a fit and refuse to come, or she'd refuse to let the kids go. I think she canceled a couple of family trips at the last minute, not telling anyone until the morning they were supposed to leave that she'd canceled all their reservations and hid everyone's passports. (I may be remembering the right bad behavior, but the wrong person. Sorry)

They wouldn't take the kid(s) with for the whole tour, it was something like a week to 10 days on tour then a couple weeks back home, and then take the kids back out. He would spend a lot of time with the kids doing kid stuff in each city. When there was a break in the touring schedule he would have the younger kids and nannies flown to vacation spots so they could all be together.

My sister was a nanny for a long time and she's always said the Bon Jovi's were about the best bosses. It was considered a great job to get hired by them because they (mostly Jon) didn't treat their nannies like just the help, but more like a part of the family, and they paid better than just about anyone else. When my sister quit to go back to school they gave her $10,000 as severance to help her pay for school.

by Heather Samborareply 5111/14/2012

I always thought od meant death....

by Heather Samborareply 5211/15/2012

He sounds like a great guy, R52. All accounts seem to suggest he was/is a great dad--or as good as a famous person can be. I'm sure this episode with his daughter is killing him. Shows you that life can be full of heartbreak even when you "have it all."

by Heather Samborareply 5311/15/2012

"agree he's a shitty singer and songwriter and probably a closet case, I wonder if this kid is biologically his, his wife looks like his mom."

Of course, that kid is his. In the photos in today's NY Daily News, you can see how much the daughter looks like him with a bit of the wife's sour face thrown in.

I don't know much about his wife, but suppossedly they are around the same age. Jon just has better genes! Jon is 50.

His wife was a longtime girlfriend he would breakup with, then keep on re-connecting with her, then they eventually married.

Perhaps it's a marriage of convenience, a marriage because they came from the same background? Who knows. I never got a gay vibe from him at all. He's very much like an old female friend's husband, also a rocker, who is really full of himself and is always preening because he's so handsome.

IIRC, Jon had a brief relationship with Josh Brolin's wife, the actress Diane Lane, before she was married to Josh.

Not all rockers kids are into heroin, some actually make an effort to have their own careers. Two of Sting's kids are singers, his daughter Coco is great and his daughter Kate with his first wife, Irish actress Frances Tomelty, is an accomplished actress like her mom.

When the kids of rockers, or actors/actresses, become slackers and junkies I blame the parents lack of parenting. Perhaps Jon needs to spend less time gazing at himself in the mirrors he must have all over his homes!

I can't stand Gene Simmons, but his kids could have been two spoiled assholes, but they come across as almost normal considering Gene's wealth, arrogance and general obnoxiousness!

by Heather Samborareply 5411/15/2012

It will be very sad if she survives.

by Heather Samborareply 5511/15/2012

"Actually, you look like the UPS driver who used to deliver in your area."

Hardly, my mom was at work all day with a bunch of gay men, she worked for a small dress design firm in Manhattan. She didn't have time to fuck strangers.

Sorry to disappoint you. I actually do look like my dad's late father, a sandy blond haired light eyed Italian and my mom's sister, a also green eyed, but with dark brown hair, we have similar features.

In fact, none of my dad's siblings had light eyes like my granddad, was my grandmother cheating too? Give me a break.

I guess a lot of people are clueless about genetics and how even illnesses, such as cancer, can pass a generation. How sad for you.

by Heather Samborareply 5611/15/2012

R51 you sure know how to run your mouth

by Heather Samborareply 5711/15/2012

I think it was Frida Kahlo who, when addressing Diego Rivera's constant cheating, said 'There is a difference between fidelity and loyalty.' It wasn't until he crossed the loyalty line and betrayed her in a way that hurt that she left him.

Is it not understood that men, on the road for months at a time, are going to have sex with other people? Can't we just look at it as a biological, animal need versus an emotional, spiritual betrayal? Does that really determine whether a man is in love with and dedicated to his partner and his family? I think that he stayed with his wife speaks volumes about his character whether there was random sex along the way or not.

by Heather Samborareply 5811/15/2012

R58, you are far too reasonable to be a DL'er. Can you please wander over to the Frumpy Frau (General P's wife) thread and post your thoughts there.

by Heather Samborareply 5911/15/2012

R49, Of course I'm serious. Your partner should always be your #1 cheerleader, even if you disagree. To publicly dis a famous spouse is totally unacceptable. Instant divorce, in my book.

by Heather Samborareply 6011/15/2012

R58 It depends on if the man realizes when he is away the woman will need to have her needs met by other men. In or society, men don't want their wives or girlfriends to have other men. Maybe that is why his wife is such a Bitch. She is not getting enough dick.

by Heather Samborareply 6111/15/2012

R51, R58, I really appreciate reading your insights. Having grown up with very angry, negative parents, I wish that Jon Bon Jovi had divorced his meanie of a wife, and found his kids an emotionally stable step-mom. I sure hope his daughter isn't self-medicating to deal with her understandable pain.

by Heather Samborareply 6211/15/2012

maybe jon's a masochist and thrives on his wife's verbal attacks. he's a pisces and we do love to play the victim when we can. I suspect she knows that being the dominant one is the key to holding him all of these years.

judge the wife and give his cheating ass a pass. that's the DL way :)

by Heather Samborareply 6311/15/2012

R63, Playing the victim? Or growing up believing that divorce hurts kids? Sadly warring parents and emotionally angry caretakers causes more harm. Like military men whose careers require long separations, and women that marry men they know to be bi or gay, fidelity is not always a realistic expectation.

by Heather Samborareply 6411/15/2012

if your partner cheated on you every time he went on tour, for decades, would you store up a little rage?

putting it all on the women is classic DL.

Jon can be a dirtbag, and still be the "good guy", because he acts out when he's away from the family! she's there every day!

by Heather Samborareply 6511/15/2012

Just say Jane Austen novels!!!

by Heather Samborareply 6611/15/2012

R65, I would NOT "store up a little rage," especially if I had kids that would suffer as a consequence of my selfish, emotionally negative behavior. There is a choice to be made. Many women have to struggle, under very difficult circumstances, just to give their kids the basic necessities. Accept his cheating and be realistic, or divorce. Never bash your partner in public. Not only does it make you look rotten, it destroys the kids psychologically.

by Heather Samborareply 6711/15/2012

and what does jon's cheating do to the children? clearly, he doesn't want to divorce, so shouldn't he bear some responsibility as well?

by Heather Samborareply 6811/15/2012

[quote]Never bash your partner in public

You keep saying that over and over R68, but apparently you can't read. The article linked at R45 says HE was quoted as saying his wife thinks he's fat. She said nothing publicly.....if she said it at all.

by Heather Samborareply 6911/15/2012

So she emotionally abuses him in private - well, that's sooooooo much better. Neither of them seem like great parents. She seems like an emotionally abusive and manipulative monster to the entire family. He seems a bit better.

He always came off as an ersatz Springsteen. Never was a fan.

by Heather Samborareply 7011/15/2012

r23, she isn't "stunning" at all but I expect that from Jon's fans who aren't so hot themselves. Jon is not a beautiful man but his father is. Jon took after his mother apparently.

by Heather Samborareply 7111/15/2012

[quote] Where'd she get those gorgeous blue eyes?

Probably from her optometrist.

by Heather Samborareply 7211/15/2012

Wtf r51? One sentence says the kids had a normal, stabld life without nannies raising them, then another sentence says they had an army of nannies, 2 live-ins for each kid.

Which is it?

by Heather Samborareply 7311/15/2012

Nobody has any idea what the Bon Jovis private life is like. The wife didn't say he was fat and old -- he *claimed* his wife said that. He was probably just playing at being a Humble Everyguy.

And I wouldn't believe the average DLer who claims to know celebs. We're always catching them out in their bullshit. This one claims the kids wre brought up normally, then says they were left with an army of nannies when they were younger than 5 when the parents went on tour. Hon, a normal life is not being left behind by both patents when you are under age 5, and it's not being taken on tour when you are 5 years old.

His wife might be a raging cunt or she might be a nice person. You really don't know.

by Heather Samborareply 7411/15/2012

I live in the same town as JBJ and the general consensus around here is that he's an arrogant A-hole. He does a lot for charity, but it's usually for publicity.(Food donation trucks have 'donated by JBJ' in HUGE letters on the sides.) I don't know him but have friends that do, and they don't speak highly of him. He has a beehive on his property so it's accessed as 'farmland' and he doesn't have to pay the normal tax rate and it ticks off a lot of locals.

One the other hand... everybody speaks very highly of Springsteen. He does the same thing with the farmland subsidies, but he actually has a farm that a couple of women run. I don't know how much it produces, but they sell their organic produce at the local farmer's market on Sundays in the summer. Springsteen does a LOT for local charities, but it's always done quietly. He's often seen (I've had a few 'sightings') in local businesses, bars and beaches looking average and scruffy wearing a leather jacket that probably cost as much as my house. He's also known to perform in Asbury Park on a whim when he's in town.

Never hear much about Max...

by Heather Samborareply 7511/16/2012

She won't be facing charges and neither will her bf. They are covered under the Good Samaritan law which exempts the 911 caller and the victim from drug charges. (Unless there is a large amount of drugs at the scene) The law was passed so that people wouldn't dump their ODing friend and run away because they are afraid of drug charges being brought against them.

Turns out it was pretty common for people to do that and their friends died.

by Heather Samborareply 7611/16/2012

Bruce Springsteen also solved the problem of pussy on the road by marrying a member of his band...

by Heather Samborareply 7711/16/2012

We always thought Bon Jovi was a homosexual.


by Heather Samborareply 7811/16/2012

R78, Met a roadie with Bon Jovi's band. Notorious pussy hound, so how could he be gay?

by Heather Samborareply 7911/16/2012

Who cares about this New Jerseyite with this lesbian hairdo and missing a chromosome face? Just look at who his present day fans are. He sings in that grunting tone to hide his lack of vocal ability. All his songs are the same. Tired lyrics of living his life. His fans are simpletons who hail from Long Island and New Jersey who can't score a decent, sober man. Blech!

by Heather Samborareply 8011/18/2012

Jon's wife didn't call him old and fat, it was a joke. During an interview, the reporter was saying along the lines that so many women find you attractive, what does your wife think of you and he laughed and said she thinks I'm old and fat, the reporter laughed and replied, she does not. It was a JOKE, when you hear the interview, you get that straight away.

He didn't cheat on his wife with Diane Lane, they were broken up when he went out with Diane. Jon and his wife had been together for 4 years but broke up due to touring, they were broken up for 9 months. During that time, is when he went out with Diane. He broke up with Diane and he went back to his wife because he missed and loved her. They got back together and have been ever since. Don't believe everything you read and hear.

by Heather Samborareply 8111/20/2012

Back when I was her age I couldn't get enough Lily Bart, Princess Leia or Countess Ellen Olenska. At my lowest point, I was devouring the exploits of Holly Golightly and Scarlett O'Hara in one sitting!

by Heather Samborareply 8211/20/2012

Hey r13, I'm pretty sure you were adopted or Mom had a boyfriend...sorry.

If you don't believe me, get a DNA test.

by Heather Samborareply 8311/20/2012

R51, great gossip. Any info on Jon's cheating ways?

by Heather Samborareply 8411/20/2012

What is with the Jon B Jovi stans??! How many upstanding men or women in the community are found out to be kiddy fiddlers or assholes?

Please, where there is smoke, there is fire!

by Heather Samborareply 8511/22/2012

Is she dead yet?

by Heather Samborareply 8611/22/2012

Disgusting, R20. He sounds like a... liberal Democrat

by Heather Samborareply 8711/22/2012

[quote]she isn't "stunning" at all but I expect that from Jon's fans who aren't so hot themselves. Jon is not a beautiful man but his father is. Jon took after his mother apparently.

For someone who isn't a fan, how in the hell do you even know what his father looks like? I even did a google search and nothing came up.

by Heather Samborareply 8811/22/2012

Hamilton College is also where parts of The Sterile Cuckoo were filmed...

by Heather Samborareply 8912/04/2012

all of his songs are trite shit and he sounds insincere...what a talentless hack phony he is!

by Heather Samborareply 9012/04/2012
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