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What do you think was the most thrilling new invention in/of its time?

The aeroplane, the car, the telephone, the internet, the television, the radio, the gramophone...?

Personally, I think the telephone must have been so cool and magical, when it began...but I have no idea how long it took for the average person to get one after it had been invented.

In my own time..the VCR was pretty exciting. I don't know why I place that before the internet or the iPod.

Also tape recorders were thrilling when they began to be mass market, if you happened to be seven...hearing your own voice played back. Interviewing people. It was hilarious.

by born in '63reply 3312/02/2012


by born in '63reply 111/13/2012

the auto-gyro!

by born in '63reply 211/13/2012

The radio.

by born in '63reply 311/13/2012

Remember the buzz about the Segway? Before it was revealed everyone thought it would be some sort of hovercraft or something. It was touted as huge breakthru.

by born in '63reply 411/13/2012

internet, hands down.

by born in '63reply 511/13/2012

The pill.

Not for me personally...but for others, it changed our world.

by born in '63reply 611/13/2012

The pill made the world safe for WHORES.

by born in '63reply 711/13/2012


by born in '63reply 811/13/2012

The wheel.

by born in '63reply 911/13/2012

Sanitation. Sewer systems. We'd all be dead otherwise.

by born in '63reply 1011/13/2012

The vibrator!

by born in '63reply 1111/13/2012

Actually, the telephone was mainly used for existing social mores while the car created new patterns of life for its users who picked up on it faster than the telephone despite the higher price. The history of the telephone is chalk full of wildly exciting moments, but sociologists give the car a more exciting mark.

Planes were perhaps thrilling on a societal level, but cannot be compared to the general accessibility of the other inventions.

As far as impact, earlier usually = more disruptive/thrilling/whatever. Communicating by smoke signal would have been a mindfuck for early humans.

by born in '63reply 1211/13/2012

The homosex.

by born in '63reply 1311/13/2012

The invention of the camera and photography as it didn't require anything electrical or even steam powered.

I would think it must have absolutely astounded people to see their images produced on paper through a wooden box.

by born in '63reply 1411/13/2012

chock-full - apologies Oh, Dear troll.

I love the OP. Such a great topic.

by born in '63reply 1511/13/2012

Dunno if it was the most thrilling but the microwave oven definitely had a major impact.

by born in '63reply 1611/13/2012

Air conditioning gave us the south. Thanks a bunch.

by born in '63reply 1711/13/2012

The thermos. It keeps things hot or it keeps things cold.

How does it know?

by born in '63reply 1811/13/2012

I'd nominate the transistor. It is in EVERYTHING we use today from your cell phone, computer, car, cable box, tv, etc.

The transistor has enabled us to fly from the Earth to the Moon, it has enabled small, inexpensive computing that hadn't been available prior to its invention. It has also allowed us to probe more distant worlds like Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, etc.

Then of course there is the sequencing of the human genome. That took a pretty good amount of computing power. And viable computers only became available after the invention of the transistor.

by born in '63reply 1911/13/2012

The automobile, most specifically the Model T.

The airplane was a toy for the few, the Model T was a miracle of technology available to the masses. A train could only take you where a train was going, whereas you could chart your own course in your own car. The combination of speed, power and freedom the automobile brought to people who grew up in the age of horse-and-buggy must have been exhilarating.

by born in '63reply 2011/13/2012

The printing press.

by born in '63reply 2111/13/2012

Summer's Eve

by born in '63reply 2211/13/2012

Well since I'm young enough to be your grandson OP...the iphone 5.

by born in '63reply 2311/13/2012

The Sybian Machine.

by born in '63reply 2411/13/2012

Thomas Edison said of all his "inventions" he was most proud of and thrilled by the phonograph.

by born in '63reply 2511/13/2012

The train.

Before that, travel was only for people wealthy enough to own horses and carriages, and even then it was extremely slow and uncomforatable. Most ordinary people spent their entire lives in the same village or neighborhood, and the only way they could see the world was to join the military.

The train made travel possible for ordinary people, for the first time in human history. Of course the car later improved on the train, but the train was more revolutionary.

by born in '63reply 2611/13/2012

The VCR. It ended the Cold War. It destroyed the iron curtain.

by born in '63reply 2712/02/2012

The 1982 Trans Am

by born in '63reply 2812/02/2012

Internet, I was a kid when it came out. Lucky enough to have access before everyone else I knew. Napster was amazing in it's early days.

by born in '63reply 2912/02/2012

Exciting innovations I remember -

Color tv -

Cable TV - going from 3 channels - all of which went off the air at midnight, to a couple dozen - a few of which - like WTBS out of Atlanta and WGN out of Chicago - stayed on 24 hrs ago, was one of the most thrilling things in my life.

The calculator - which came out when I was in junior high. As a science geek, they were especially cool, although most teachers still made us use slide rules.

The computer - if only i was smart enough to buy Apple stock 30+ years ago

Video games - I remember playing "Pong" for hours - and bought every game system therafter - the Atari 1600, Intellivision, Colecovision, Atari 3200. The first Nintendo was truly revolutionary, and all these years later, Zelda is probably still the best game I've ever played.

by born in '63reply 3012/02/2012

Sliced bread.

by born in '63reply 3112/02/2012

The tampon. Seriously.

by born in '63reply 3212/02/2012

I remember the fore runner to the wheel. It was called the oval. Quite something.

by born in '63reply 3312/02/2012
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