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Christina Aguilera - Lotus

New CD out today - anyone listen to it?

by Lady Madge Gagareply 811/13/2012

Listening to it now. I'm shocked. It took her over ten years but the bitch has finally made a decent album.

Then again, I'm only halfway in. But, so far, it sounds like someone finally told her to just sing and not verbally torture every single note. And the eongs, so far, are catchy. Impressed. Finally.

by Lady Madge Gagareply 111/13/2012

She put out a new album?

by Lady Madge Gagareply 211/13/2012

The production is better than her last album - it sounds complete. Apparently, she and her record company had a difference in opinion with respect to how her last album should sound; if that's the case, then it showed. I do like this album, but I wish it had more of the vibe of songs like 'Red Hot Kinda Love' and 'Shut Up' and no ballads.

by Lady Madge Gagareply 311/13/2012

It's a good collection of songs. Her voice is more pleasant to listen to nowadays. The dance songs are very sexy.

by Lady Madge Gagareply 411/13/2012

Fucking great album, solid production. Now, if she and her team can only release the proper singles.

by Lady Madge Gagareply 511/13/2012

I really liked Your Body but it's already peaked on the charts. I thought it would do a lot better.

by Lady Madge Gagareply 611/13/2012

I was one of the few voices on the internet who came right out and said Christina needed to hold back on the vocal gymnastics. Just make good pop songs like "Genie in a Bottle" again and people will listen.

by Lady Madge Gagareply 711/13/2012

"Your Body" is a stupid song though. The lyrics are horrible. No wonder it bombed on the charts. Her performance with Cee-Lo today she went way off on that big note just like ol' Xtina is known to do.

by Lady Madge Gagareply 811/13/2012
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