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Nut allergy frau: Chop down trees outside my child's school!

(This woman is chair of the school's "allergy committee"...)

A York Region mother is fighting to have oak trees removed near her child’s school, fearing that acorns could pose a deadly threat to students with severe allergies.

Donna Giustizia said the young trees on property owned by the City of Vaughan next to St. Stephen Catholic Elementary School are littering the area with acorns. The school, meanwhile, is nut-free to protect students with potentially life-threatening anaphylactic allergies.

[bold]“A false sense of security is putting a sign on the door that says nut-free and there’s nuts all over the place,”[/bold] said Giustizia, who has two teenage children with anaphylactic food allergies, one of whom attends St. Stephen. “I’m not a crazy mom, I’m not asking for anything that’s not already there."


“The acorns are not only presenting a risk to the tree nut-allergic students but it is also becoming a great cause of anxiety amongst all students with nut allergies,” Giustizia wrote in her request to appear before the committee, [bold]adding that acorns “can also be used to bully and torment children.”[/bold]


Dr. Maria Asper, a pediatric allergist at Toronto’s Hospital for Sick Children, said skin contact with an allergen could cause a local reaction like redness or hives.

“I’m not aware of any reports of children having an anaphylactic reaction upon contact with acorns, so I’m not sure what the risk really is,” said Asper. “For the most part, as long as they’re just handled and not ingested, there’s no scientific literature to suggest anyone has had a reaction.”

by Anonymousreply 1111/13/2012

She's right about there being nuts all over the place.

by Anonymousreply 111/13/2012

Who the Hell is allegeric to Acorns? Put them plastic bubbles already and leave the rest of us alone.

by Anonymousreply 211/13/2012

I am so glad I am an eldergay and did not grow up among the delicate flowers that children have become. ADHD, Asperger spectrum, allergies so severe that an oak tree is a bully?

Is this Darwinism gone awry? Has the internet allowed people who would have never bred (basement dwelling computer game addicts) to meet and have children, and this is the result?

If it is so bad, why have they not yet invented bubble boy (and girl) suits for these allergic angels?

by Anonymousreply 311/13/2012

Already a thread on this

by Anonymousreply 411/13/2012

I lived in a bubble as a kid (in the hospital), for almost a year. I'm not even old, but I sucked it up and moved on.

Even if there's any kind of real threat there, it should be worked out in some other way. All nut forms are not going to just disappear, nor are plants that are closely related.

by Anonymousreply 511/13/2012

In MY day, the cigarette smoke was so thick you could cut it and yet miraculously we all survived. I'd love to put all these moron allergy moms in a smoke-filled room.

by Anonymousreply 611/13/2012

That is Catholic dominated Woodbridge area. Huge anti-gay Catholic population. Rumoured to have more than a couple of mafia connections sitting on the Vaughan council too. They did not like it when a non-Catholic female became the mayor a couple years back and revolted, challenging her election in court for years - they lost.

Wacko Vaughan township, this women is just more proof of this.

by Anonymousreply 711/13/2012

[quote]“A false sense of security is putting a sign on the door that says nut-free and there’s nuts all over the place."

You got that one right, cunt.

by Anonymousreply 811/13/2012

My oak tree is not a bully!

S/he is very well-mannered and tolerates even the most idiotic of children and their delusional parental units.

by Anonymousreply 911/13/2012

Women like this only get attention because people give her attention.

by Anonymousreply 1011/13/2012

Italians are crazy.

by Anonymousreply 1111/13/2012
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