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Republicans Take Aim and Fire at the "Conservative Media Establishment"

Frum, Huntsman and Scarborough are going after Fox and the rest. They're calling them the "Conservative Media Establishment."

They are accusing the "Conservative Media Establishment" of fixing the numbers, lying about where Romney was in the race and tricking both donors and voters.

The backlash against Rove is bitter and intense. They think he's fucked their fundraising for years to come. Limbaugh's taking some hits but it's Fox whose head is really on the block. The Republicans feel like they've been conned by the "news" organization they trusted.

Watching the Republican Party become the Donner Party is strangely heartwarming.

Will it do any good? Haven't the Tea Baggers already won the fight for the "soul" of the Republican Party?

by turdblossomreply 211/12/2012

It's too late. The tea bagger hatefest *is* the Republican party now. Just look at their reaction to the election.

Hate is volatile and hard to control. The cynical GOP leadership that sought to turn that hate on their fellow countrymen are now learning that very thing.

by turdblossomreply 111/12/2012

If I were a moderate republican like Huntsman, I'd leave them to the teabaggers and start a true third party which would draw centrists and some libertarians. If they could just can 10 senate seats, they'd be necessary for a coalition government to pass any legislation and would be incredibly powerful.

Do the same in the house and never run a presidential candidate.

Both parties would be showering them with blowjobs.

by turdblossomreply 211/12/2012
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