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Getting ready for the annual MichFest dinner**

I bought an extra large Tofurkey loaf but wondering if I should have bought two in case any uninvited (but not unwelcome) wimmin stop by.

**I call it the annual dinner instead of Thanksgiving so as not to offend or cross the boundaries of any native / First American systers.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 36604/22/2015

No latecomers!

We are stating our boundaries now.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 111/12/2012

The little wimmin's table in the corner, the pre-rapists will have to fend for themselves on the lawn.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 211/12/2012

Nut loaf with a seasonal twist - pumpkin seeds!

Also, nut-free nut loaf for those with nut allergies/sensitivity.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 311/12/2012

I will be attending again this year if I can get three other womyn to pay the $95 carpool fee. After the discouraging events of last year, I feel compelled to remind everyone that the fee covers gasoline and automobile maintenance only. I cannot and will not be responsible for someone else's bad choice of inorganic food from a roadside convenience store. And please make the other riders aware of any food allergies before snack runs so we can avoid another ibs episode. As always I request all riders respect my boundaries and refrain from eating my yogurt or Twinkies from my thermal backpack (I know they're an abomination to mother earth and I am in therapy about my addiction to them).

Anyway, can't wait for the annual dinner. Will the utensils be properly segregated this year?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 411/12/2012

I told myself this would be the year I attended the Thanskgiving potluck. It fills a want, a need, it is ME. Could anybody help and pitch in, maybe pay for my flight, my drive, my clothes, my lodging and if we can just stop at the pizza shop for just one slice, I should be able to make it.

I desperately need to go, I am incomplete without it.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 511/12/2012

Who needs turkey's traced around your hand? Breast casting for the best resemblance to a squash!

And who can hold the most pearl onions under her womonly tyts.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 611/12/2012

Are transwomyn welcome this year?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 711/12/2012

We need to stop calling it NUT loaf. It wounds.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 811/12/2012


by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 911/12/2012

I will bring my famous yeast-free, gluten-free, flour-free, flavor-free bread.

It can't mop up any tofu gravy but it keeps unwanted guests away.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 1011/12/2012

My fibromyalgia prevents me from helping with cooking or preparing or setting the table of cleaning.

But I am looking forward to the organic "Plumpkin Pie."

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 1111/12/2012

If I can find the time to finally be able to GET THE FUCK OFF THE INTERNET, I'll bring cheese dip, chips and Butterscotch Schnapps.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 1211/12/2012

I am looking forward to the non-competitive games!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 1311/12/2012

I have been able to secure transportation to the Dinner and my heart is singing at the thought of communing with the sistren within a space safe from penised persons. Even though at the moment I can hardly see to type because Lu clawed my face with excitement when I told her we were attending.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 1411/12/2012

So help me Goddess, if there is one single leaf of cilantro in anything, you're going to see the business end of my cane.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 1511/12/2012

My cranberry mold is a wonderfully vulvic shape, not like the hateful, constricting and phallic canned cranberry with the ridges.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 1611/12/2012

CPAP machines will be at the ready for when the tryptophane kicks it.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 1711/12/2012

As a fat womon, would I still be useful on garbage detail?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 1811/12/2012

Please remember to sign up for a work shift when you arrive!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 1911/12/2012

I am deeply wounded by the lack of response to my ad for carpool womyn. I received one email from Sappho Blue but I question her commitment. If I do not hear from enough of you I will reconsider my devotion to the dinner as it stands. My commitment throughout the years has been steadfast and the current disrespect of my feelings by so many of you through your indifference is staggering. I am charging only $95 per person one way because I carefully calculated the cost (both physical and spiritual) to my Subaru and myself. I don't do this for myself. I am doing this for you and for you and I won't let you ignore me like this.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 2011/12/2012

Twirling my special annual dinner vagina cape as practice as we speak.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 2111/12/2012

How about if I bring some fish chowder?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 2211/12/2012

We will have a womyns masked ball after the exchange of food. No masks allowed tho, it could bring back rapey memories for systas.

No cutlery at the meal please, cutlery is phallic and some sistas may have been forced into domestic servitude at the hands of men-pists.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 2311/12/2012

Nobody will be admitted before 2:45. Please line up accordingly.

Small talk from three to 3:55. Appetizers possible with upgrade.

Dinner promptly at four.

Dessert served on the coffee table held up with cinder blocks at 5:05. Please do not help yourself if you did not bring anything.

Have your stuff ready to go at 6 and depart.

Happy Holiday.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 2411/12/2012

Will wimmin of conservative conviction be allowed to attend, or is it just PUKEY NAMBY-PAMBY CRYBABY LIBERAL WUSSES?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 2511/12/2012

I'm making a cruelty free terrine from my sanitary pads if anyone is interested.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 2611/12/2012

I'm psyched for the after-dinner womb-based feminist improv!!!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 2711/12/2012

The only music I wish to listen to is "Lavender Jane Loves Women."

There will be no Holly Near.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 2811/12/2012

I refuse to eat anything that begins with the letter "p" out of solidarity to a womon-only gathering. Therefore, no peas, pecans, pies, pumpkins, parsnips, pistachios, peanut butter, prime rib, parsley, pastrami, peach cobbler or anything pan fried.


by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 2911/12/2012

I am preparing my quinoa NOW so I do not have to prepare it THEN.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 3011/12/2012

Can we have roast beef? Rare, please.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 3111/12/2012

The Men's (Rapist) table will be set up in the garage. A port-o-san will be provided.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 3211/12/2012

I will be bringing a box of homemade dandelion wine and my famous gluten-free, wheat-free, sugar-free, carb-free imitation nutloaf for the Laura Nyro drum circle outside the mentsrual hut. I do ask, however, that if you do smoke please bring your own Natural American Spirits, as I don't have enough for everyone.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 3311/12/2012

I assume this dinner will be clothing-optional, correct? I'll bring a towel to sit on. If I read the calendar right, I'll be menstruating (or should I say "womynstruating"?), but I use a Moon Cup so there shouldn't be any mess.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 3411/12/2012

Dont worry, R34. I'm bringing bin bags for everyone to sit on.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 3511/12/2012

I am growing bean sprouts in my nurturing space

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 3611/12/2012

I asked about this last year, but when my requests went unheeded, I ate the meal in silence, seething with unspeakable rage. Please, no taper candles! Can't you see how penile they are? Can't you see how they could be used as tools of rape and degradation? I sat there in shock over my systers' insensitivity to my pain! The nut loaf was salted with my tears!

Please, round candles ONLY this year!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 3711/12/2012

Isn't turkey stuffing just a form of institutionalized haterape? I scream with angry rage for my bird systers!!!!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 3811/12/2012

R31, rare beef curtains shall abound.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 3911/12/2012

I'm bringing my own bacon sub

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 4011/12/2012

The orientation video will be shown in the den as we welcome you to our feast and lay down the rules.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 4111/12/2012

i am only able to watch the video if skymoon does the interpretive sign language again. i realize no guest is hard of hearing but what if there was and there was an emergency with the string can casserole?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 4211/12/2012

Will the chairs be sufficiently strong to support Big Beautiful Wimmin? My GF weighs about 450 and I'm 507, so we need supportive seating!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 4311/12/2012

My pussy stinks. Do I have to eat outside again?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 4411/12/2012

I made a loaf of cornbread with yeast from my vagina oven.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 4511/12/2012

Womyn with sons over the age of five are reminded that their entire family must eat in the Brother Son garage. Last year one of the six-year-old boys got loose and made a brief appearance in the house. Male psychic vampirism of that sort cannot be tolerated.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 4611/12/2012

Can I bring 'Jo'? I just met her/moved in with her on Tuesday.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 4711/12/2012

This thread is funny because it's true.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 4811/12/2012

Hello systers in spirit! I've spoekn to the driver at Grayhound and good news! We can get a bus together all wimmin supportin each other and makin a safe spot on the road to the dinner! I'm working with ther driver to map out all the stops, we'll start outside Buffalo Ny then hit up Dallas Tx then swing over to Orlando FL. Then up to VT I know all of systers are up there, waitin for a chance at a ride.

It wont be all that much if we pitch in and support each other, whos with me?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 4911/12/2012

Will there be a healing circle for Womyn of Recovery?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 5011/12/2012

Cheese Roll Time! Start a rubbin' that skin now to get a good headstart.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 5111/12/2012

During the last year, I have been self-diagnosed with several environmental sensitivities, including contact scents.

Because of this I must state (not "ask" - "ask" implies a subservient position, while I am making a statement) that no one wear perfumes, scented soaps or deodorants while in the house itself. In addition, any Airwick-style air fresheners will have to be removed from the gathering for SEVERAL days before I arrive.

If any of this is unclear, please state it now and I will be glad to provide attendees with a complete list of things to which I have sensitivities well in advance, so there are no misunderstandings.

I look forward to communing with you in systerhood.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 5211/12/2012

Many of our sisters have a severe allergy to cilantro, and we expect notarized sworn testimony from womyn health inspectors that not one leaf has come near our nutloaf and gravy.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 5311/12/2012

During the feast, I will be playing a self-composed song on the Andean nose flute dedicated to all of the wimmin pilgrims who came over on the Mayflower's syster ship, the Mooncuppe. There will be lyric sheets distributed around the table for anyone who wishes to join in during the keening and wailing portion of the performance.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 5411/12/2012

Sally's Cut 'n Clip has an offer this week for haircuts. It's a good deal, make sure you ask for an appointment with Psyche, she does awesome bi-levels.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 5511/12/2012

I volunteer to serve the tofurkey loaf as usual:

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 5611/12/2012

For those who are interested, we will be having a croning ceremony for Maia Wolfensdottir during the halftime of the Lions-Texans game.

All are welcome to attend. Bring your own sage for smudging. We will be in the garage.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 5711/12/2012

I have been informed that Denise has sent several emails telling other womyn not to carpool with me. Please know that the allegations in the emails are all lies and were brought on by an imbalance in pain medication from my foot surgery and an allergic reaction to second-hand smoke that poured into the car from an open window of a passing van.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 5811/12/2012

Can you please make sure that each dish served has a label on it with all the ingredients listed? And if it's sweet potatoes with marshmallows, all the ingredents for the marshmallows as well.

I don't have a lot of food allergies but all our systers will thank you for being so thoughtful.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 5911/13/2012

Wiil the local Curves be offering their usual 'systers-of-michfest' discount on their Saturday morning pilates class again this year? I must have a safe space to deepen my practice.

And, of course I'll be bringing my exersize ball to use as a seat through the afternoon and at the dinner table.

I am NOT paying for the extra seat on the Greyhound for my ball, it's a medical assist, I have a doctors prescription for it, my naturopath urged me to abandon chair-sitting last year and I've never looked back!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 6011/13/2012

I love you, R60.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 6111/13/2012

If any of my fellow wymyn need a ride, I can easily accommodate 3 of you ( or one goddess sized systah ) All I ask is that you help pay for gas, DO NOT touch my sound system or re-arrange my Goddess figurines on my dashboard.

My Subaru Outback also has extra room for your canes and guitars as well as for the free range, cruelty free, 100% certified organic nut-free nutloaf you are bringing.

Please state your boundaries NOW.

I am looking forward to an incredible sharing experience with my fellow non-penised persons.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 6211/13/2012

I've just returned from the Womyn's Integrative Health Clinic (a bias-free safe space) I suggested to Megan, my RHN (Registered Holistic Nutritionist), that she join me this weekend if that's alright with the rest of you. She's a straight-forward uncomplicated gal. It will be her first time at an all-syster event, so be gentle with her ladies. I'm looking at you Trish; back off.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 6311/13/2012

I think I should state again that some of us have GLUTEN intolerance and therefore will not be able to partake of stuffing, gravy, bread, etc.

Also, Monica and I are on a carb-free diet so no potatoes, rice or even tofu. Will there be roast beef? Or did the vegans complain again?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 6411/13/2012

[quote]Will there be roast beef? Or did the vegans complain again?


by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 6511/13/2012

I have an assistance dog, which I'll be bringing with me. She's a Great Dane, and a rather big one at that, so I will need my sisters to give her enough room to lie down during dinner. Please do NOT pet her when she's working!

I will bring her a water bowl, but she'd really love to lick your plates when you're done eating. Otherwise she tends to drool. A lot.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 6611/13/2012

My lyfe mate, Dancingwillow Sundove, is 1/128th Native American First Peoples Nations Tribes.

PLEASE take into consideration the horrors that penised people of the Caucasian persuasion have inflicted upon our systers of Native American First Peoples Nations Tribe heritage by NOT displaying the so-called "Native American First Peoples Nations Tribe Corn" as a holiday decoration. The phallic shape may traumatize my lyfe mate and anger her ancestors. I am telling you this now so I don't have to tell you this later.

Also, please be advised that the menstrual hut should be referred to as the Moon Lodge in her presence.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 6711/13/2012

[quote]I will bring her a water bowl, but she'd really love to lick your plates when you're done eating.

I was told I'd get to do that. :(

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 6811/13/2012

Since my chronic fatigue in the 90s and fibromyalgia in the 200s and now my cognitive dysfunction, I hope you'll understand that I will need special attention and care. extra blankets and pillows on my chair. I believe that I should be first in line for the food due to my anemia.

I think it would also be a good idea to weatch what I want on TV as the wrong thing could once again trigger my repressed memories of ritual abuse.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 6911/13/2012

Why is vaginal fisting STILL the unmentionable gorilla in the room?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 7011/13/2012

In the spirit of compromise, we have agreed that the meat-eaters' table can stay -- but the sign labeling it "Camp TransFat" is out of line and needlessly upsetting.

Please keep your attempts at humor to yourself.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 7111/13/2012

Fellow Michfesterians,

Please note that on Monday I spent quite some time gardening and have acquired a tan. Since then I have become very attuned to what it means to be a womin of colour. I ask that you all endeavor to be culturally sensitive to my new race, until my tan fades. Therefore I ask that no one bring blackberries (the food or phone), chocolate brownies, brown sugar or Indian cigars so as to not upset myself or my people( unless those people are penised in which case I dont care)

If I feel that anyone is crossing my boundaries whether as a womin or a womin of colour, I will have to express my anger through my interpretive dance of fury. And no one wants to feel the wrath of that dance again do we?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 7211/13/2012

Here is R72 and her new consciousness.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 7311/13/2012

I must respectfully request that all nut trees be cut down before our visit. Sister Starshine and I both have severe nut allergies. Even to pass by a nut-bearing tree would cause us such anguish as to end up near death at the ER.

And since neither of us can ask you to spend your annual dinner at the ER, we would ask that you please remove these trees from your premises.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 7411/13/2012

Oooo! I cannot wait to have you all try my special Red Vulva cake with tofu creamcheese frosting!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 7511/13/2012

I will be leading a sky-clad Goddess ritual to give thanks for all of the blessings She has bestowed upon ALL wombmoons. Please bring an organic, soy candle cast from a mold of your lady garden or life nourishing breasts to light as we honor Her.

If you have an issue with iodized salt, please let me know in advance.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 7611/13/2012

R73, a week ago I may have found your little joke amusing (although I'm not known for my sense of humor). However as i am now a proud womin of temporary color, I find it deeply insensitive. I will be dancing furiously in your vicinity (although not too close as to cross boundaries) as soon as we arrive.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 7711/13/2012

So does anyone have an objection to me bringing my greenbean casserole and the homemade Mama Stamberg's cranberry relish?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 7811/13/2012

[quote]So does anyone have an objection to me bringing my greenbean casserole and the homemade Mama Stamberg's cranberry relish?

Green beans = phallocentric. Please try again.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 7911/13/2012

I signed up for the clean-up work shift, but my partner Terry is anxious about her first extended day-trip with her traveling CPAP machine, so we may need to leave immediately after eating. Could a womyn who signed up for an earlier work shift possibly trade with me?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 8011/13/2012

Sorry, r80--but I'm on garbage detail.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 8111/13/2012

I will bring Cheetos balls. I have a good dozen of them still wedged under my breasts from the Gathering.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 8211/13/2012

Any interest in watching a game after the meal or maybe even getting together for a game of touch football in the Wimmin's Freedom Field (formerly the abandoned lot across from SysterSpace)?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 8311/13/2012

[quote]Please note that on Monday I spent quite some time gardening and have acquired a tan. Since then I have become very attuned to what it means to be a womin of colour.


by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 8411/13/2012

This is hilarious!!!!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 8511/13/2012

I would love to r83 but after my two knee replacements, the doc says no more contact sports. And it's rather difficult to catch a pass holding a cane in one hand.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 8611/13/2012

I've never even heard of MichFest. OK I can't stop laughing at the term, "penised person," and I assume long, hard cucumbers and carrots, even cut up into more feminine looking circles, are taboo. What's the real deal with this "dinner/fest?"

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 8711/13/2012

You're not from around here, are you, r87?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 8811/13/2012


by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 8911/13/2012

Then you're not using them right Syster C! Call me maybe?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 9011/13/2012

[quote]Isn't turkey stuffing just a form of institutionalized haterape? I scream with angry rage for my bird systers!!!!

It is like mounting the dead. I will not attend. I will not perpetuate the turkey holocaust.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 9111/13/2012

R88, I've only visited the East Coast once. The almost all female family I grew up in believed that men were far superior to women. My grandmother teased my widowed mother that there was finally "a male" in the household, my fixed male cat.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 9211/13/2012

OK wimmin I got an update. We are getting two large busses for the ride. The first bus (Gaia) will do the northcentral pickup in Oregon, washington and north calif. The southwest bus (Vulvavoom) lol, will start in Vt and pickup in Ioaw and Wisconsin. I will driving my special pussywagon for the wimmin paying for the extra special express. Remember to send me your photo so I can make sure u have waht it takes to ride with me!

This is so grat wimmin workin to bring together the systerhood suppotin each other. Nothing better. my heart sings

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 9311/13/2012

Venus / R64 - how DARE you suggest we revisit roast beef for our dinner. Do you not remember 2010 and Sunbeam's party trick with cranberry relish to create Hilda's roast beef curtains?

I am still traumatized. And i don't believe the stain is out of the wallpaper (we should check under the crochet dreamcatcher from the Iowa Womyns Guild from last year's nondenominational gift exchange)

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 9411/13/2012

We have so much to be thankful for this holiday, systers.

I persynally am thankful my fibromyalgia is in partial remission so I can bear to to steer my mobility scooter onto The Land to partake in this delicious cruelty-free, fragrance-free, vegan antipatriarchal feast.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 9511/13/2012

Pardon ME, r94, with your delicate sensibilities regarding beef curtains! I, for one, was very entertained by Sunbeam's party trick and found it rather erotic. (giggles).

As I stated before, both Monica and I are gluten-free and carb-free so we will need something for sustenance during the long feast. It would be a shame for us to come all this way and not be able to partake because our sisters did not take our dietary restrictions into consideration!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 9611/13/2012

I'll have my boat motor in the back of the pickup truck that we could take apart and rebuild if things get slow through the afternoon. She's a sweet black Mercury an' she's got 250 horses in her. Dontchya worry, I got tools enough for everyone!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 9711/13/2012

Is there a dress code? I was going to wear my new Kente cloth caftan with matching headwrap, and the wooden bangles that Magick Clitoris gave me at last year's gathering. Please note, I can't stay late because I am opening my store (The Black Womyn's Empowerment Circle bookstore) early tomorrow, in anticipation of Black Friday shopping. I promise not to wear as much patchouli this year, although I do think my sistahs with allergies should be more culturally sensitive to my daily anointing rituals.

Please, no pork.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 9811/13/2012

Yam on the land! Yam on the land!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 9911/13/2012

[quote]Magick Clitoris

It's Magyck Clytorys, you sloth!

Well, I'm sorry, systers, but last year Aprodite Savannah Huntress was a little too sappho-friendly and some of us didn't have a chance to spread the love as a result.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 10011/13/2012

R87 There's a lot of tradition at Datalounge that just goes unexplained, It's either too complicated and would require a long winded explanation or we don't know why we keep talking about it. Things like cak, graxy,dataloungland, Miss Sissy Boodles,tinhats, prancing ponies,sheep,making your own lube or an of a thousand things, just roll with it and try not to act too "new".

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 10111/13/2012

You can Google Michfest, too.

Just don't do it at work.

It's a holiday tradition. Sort of.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 10211/13/2012

I knew a girl like R87 once.

But then she died.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 10311/13/2012

R87 is why we can't have nice things.


by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 10411/13/2012

R87, Thanks. I already googled Michfest; didn't know it was an annual tradition at DL.

R104, You sound like the R/R haters. Get a better candidate next time, if you want to defeat a smart Dem.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 10511/13/2012

Being a suburban white syster but with the reincarnated spirit of a Nubian princess flowing through my chakras, I take offense at the term "Black Friday". If it is okay with my fellow systren, I suggest using "Winmin of Color Friday". I have spoken and hope you respect my boundaries.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 10611/13/2012

sister - why is that day female-gendered? I do not think our matriarchal spirit is that capitalist focused. We all know the female spirit is truly giving.

i on that day will get up at sunrise and relieve the world of such patriarchal consumerism by baking my famed okra egg quinoa cookies and pass them out for those in the pre-opening queue at Homegoods with a pamphlet for our tantric pilates on Tuesday nights.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 10711/13/2012

I donated a Home Depot gift card to the earthen-toned woman on the street corner, who is empowering her life experience by adopting an alternative residential paradigm. A tent might complement her choice nicely. Also, I will not fall prey to the patrio-mercenary mutation of the corrupt Christo-centric winter season celebrations of the bourgeois. And I have all the wrenches I need.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 10811/13/2012

A gentle reminder to watch Demeter Harvestgoddess around the dandelion wine. As you may know, she is a syster/womyn in recovery and is still on shaky ground because she is still working through her repressed memories of abuse while trying to stay sober and sometimes it gets to be too much for her.

If Demeter happens to chug the wine when no systers are looking and begins crying hysterically, I need a list of volunteers to help me force-feed her nutloaf and cruelty-free vegan omelettes to sop up the alcohol in her stomach and sober her up. Please see Persephone Eleusinian for the sign-up sheet. And remember, this is on the hush-hush so as not to offend Demeter or upset her boundaries.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 10911/13/2012

I'm sorry but I will have to decline your invitation to Thanksgiving dinner unless you agree to cut down all the oak and chestnut trees on your property, as I am allergic to nuts in any form.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 11011/13/2012

As a favor to our more sensitive systers, I demand that any aluminum foil used for leftovers be unscented and cruelty-free. I have stated my boundaries.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 11111/14/2012

"My pussy stinks. Do I have to eat outside again?"

Cheryl at r44 -

Please god, no!!!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 11211/14/2012

I will bring my gyngerbread wimmin for all, getting a start on the Yule season.

Please do not eat them, however. They are full of empowerment.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 11311/14/2012

Blessed be! It looks like the Dinner will be well-attended. Accordingly, I need to know whether there will be preferred parking status for wimmin with fibromyalgia, CFS, recovered memory syndrome, and any other condition that might make moving from a vehicle into the building physically or emotionally painful.

Also, if there are penised persons living in the homes adjacent to the site of the Dinner, I would appreciate an escort from the curb to the door. Perhaps we could sign up in shifts to create a Wall of Wimmin, a Sistren Shield! lining the front walk. This would prevent any intrusive eye-rape by neighboring males.

Finally, my child is an Indigo child. As such, she is not accustomed to having any of her preferences thwarted. I am telling you NOW so that I do not have to tell you THEN.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 11411/14/2012

Good goddess, Moonblossom Bloodflow -- you're the OP, how many wimmin did you invite? It sounds like all of MichFest will be trying to crowd into your house!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 11511/14/2012

just about ready to dump by yule log

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 11611/14/2012

[quote]I am looking forward to the non-competitive games!

I'll be bringing Gynopoly, Clitionary, and beer pong!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 11711/14/2012

Systers, I am extend an open invitation to celebrate at my home. I will be serving squirrels, death.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 11811/14/2012

Will there also be cake or death, sister Rose?

That sounds like a rather enticing prospect.

As long as there are no nut trees in your yard or penised persons in your neighborhood.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 11911/14/2012

I am a transwomon, but no one would ever guess it, so long as you don't have a panty examination at the door.

Of course, if you're examining the contents of everyone's panties at the door, it might take a long time to get everyone inside. Don't want the tofurkey to get cold...

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 12011/14/2012

OK, just so y'all know, Aphrodite Savannah Huntress at R98 is actually Annie Laurie Lindstrom from Edina, Minnesota. Mm-hm, 100% Norwegian. "Sistagyrl" got [italic]all[/italic] kinds of offended when we wouldn't let her in the Breast Casting for Womyn of Color workshop at this past Fest.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 12111/14/2012

My youngest, Katrina (a child of rape conceived during the hurricane), uses cranberry sauce to make the most inspired murals. So if she does it at this gathering, I must respectfully ask my systers not to hinder the free expression of her creativity! If necessary, you can wash it off after we leave, because I will have photographed it and posted it to my blog by then ("WomonLotus Rising").

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 12211/14/2012

May I remind you all to label your cane before you arrive? I can bring a label maker for any womyn who forgets. Last year my warnings went unheeded and I know that two womyn inadvertently exchanged nearly identical canes upon leaving. One of these womyn is a dear friend and she told me her fibromyalgia was exacerbated on Black Fridy when she went shopping with a cane that was just slightly different from the one she was used to. The damage had been done by the time she realized she had the wrong cane.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 12311/14/2012

[quote] One of these womyn is a dear friend and she told me her fibromyalgia was exacerbated on Black Fridy

STOP! I clearly stated my boundaries at R106 when I said I take offense at the term "Black Friday"! It's "WiMmin of Color Friday"! I HAVE RESTATED MY BOUNDARIES. PLEASE RESPECT THEM.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 12411/14/2012

Please note that Brother Sun Garage is not heated. Also, no food will be served.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 12511/14/2012

I have some chairs we can use but I usually use them for the fest and they are low to the ground. Would the wimmin of size be able to roll out of them?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 12611/14/2012

Here's hoping that this year's feast will be as delicious as last year's, except no hep c this time!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 12711/14/2012

For the little wimmin in attendance, I will bring a real holiday treat on VHS: my timeworn copy of "The Burning Bed."

I think they will truly grow to love this feel-good classic as much as I.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 12811/14/2012

^ Why not make it a double feature? I'll bring [italic]I Spit on Your Grave[/italic]!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 12911/14/2012

Systers, remember it's not too late to sign up for the Jewelle Gomez Poetry Slam, which will take place immediately after the post-dinner cleansing ritual.

We are womyn-born-womyn and we scream with angry power!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 13011/14/2012

One word of warning to you all: SHIGELLA. That really should be sufficient.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 13111/14/2012

My husband will let me come, but only if he chaperones me. He promises he won't say anything too inflammatory, so please save two seats for us. I'll bring snickerdoodles.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 13211/14/2012

Excuse me? Your husband?! Who said that? Did I really hear the word 'husband' or is it just my crazy imagination? YOUR HUSBAND?!!! Does he have a penis? I SAID, DOES HE HAVE A PENIS????!!!! Syster, understand this now so that I don't have to say it again later - the very acknowledgement of a husband is FORBIDDEN, let alone this penis-posessing-person (PPP) coming within 10 miles of our syster-dinner.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 13311/14/2012

blessed be, systers in space. Denise here and we are on the road, wimmin helping wimmin get to the sacred feast. The southern trail bus left AZ today for Boston, with stops in Fl, Philadelphia and El Paso. Bus 2, Gaia Express, is havin issues with the GPS, I think they crossed into meixo by accident so we may have some mexican wimmin at our event!

My wagon is loaded up, jsut got five stops to pick up the vicitms, I mean, lovelies. My gear is packed, the bowl is full. Jsut need cash!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 13411/14/2012

I can't wait! I haven't been this excited since that time in 1990 when Phranc was on line ahead of me at the airport. I almost hugged her, I mean, she didn't state her boundaries so it probably would have been ok.

Speaking of which, I volunteer to make the playlist for dinner. Your suggestions? I still have most of my Indigo Girls mp3s that I downloaded from Napster back in the day.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 13511/14/2012

Please add to your playlist the following muscians: Sue-age and the Honey Buckets; Ewezealand; Henna Delite; Muff Pocket; I Don't Need No Stinkin' Dildo, Minnie Tonka Badonka and Menstrual Wind.

Thank you from the bottom of Tevas!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 13611/14/2012

Tevas and Umbros!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 13711/14/2012

Paper plates are environmentally wasteful. Perhaps we shall eat either with our hands or on burlap?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 13811/15/2012

Everyone should bring her own plates and silverware, and take them home when they're dirty. That way it's both environmentally green AND lessens the task for the clean-up crew.

There WILL be a clean-up detail, right? I won't be able to stay, so I'll have to be given some other task.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 13911/15/2012

C-can I j-j-join you this y-y-year?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 14011/15/2012


by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 14111/15/2012

I was hoping we could eat off the hand-crafted dishes I bought from a wimmin's collective while I was a journey of self-discovery to find my inner goddess in South America. They do have a very high lead content so it would be best to stop eating from them once you start feeling light-headed.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 14211/15/2012

I will be dressing in leaves and twigs as a tribute to the tree that used to be known as the watermelon tree.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 14311/15/2012

Will there be a shuttle from the driveway to the front door? I am a womon of size and these cankles are hell.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 14411/15/2012

R 133= Demeter got into the vanilla extract.

OP stated that PP could attend, as long as they, and any pre-rapists, remain in the unheated, foodless garage.

I think having them on THE LAND is a bad idea, but I will make my famous seaweed geletan yoni mold anyway.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 14511/15/2012

I regret I will not be able to attend. That weekend is a Women's Art Festival and Sale in Burlington Vermont. (I know, I know. The spelling. I told them my boundaries and they ignored them.)

I will be selling my environmentally friendly Moon Caps. Just plant in the earth with some seeds, and you will have a stunning plant to crone at.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 14611/15/2012

[quote]Will there be a shuttle from the driveway to the front door? I am a womon of size and these cankles are hell.

No shuttle, but we do have ramps for your motorized wheelchair or scooter, and plenty of plugs for recharging them while we eat.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 14711/15/2012

Hi little ladies,

My names Brian McArthur I'm a potato farmer who is new to this intraweb thingy. As it turns out every time I google Michigan Worm Festival which is the festival I'm interested in attending, I end up on your site. Now I have nothing against the ladies getting together, our youngest Shelly is a lesbeen bless her heart, but it doesn't help me none. Could one of you gals point me in the right direction. What do I need to type into this here computer to acquire information on worm Festivals? I know I'm a "penised person" (oh Lordy that was good for a laugh) but I've never so much as looked at another lass since marrying Margy 46 years ago, so you can consider me safe as houses.

Thank you kindly,

Brian McArthur

Ps Shelly if you're reading this, can you call Mom to let her know if you're coming to your Uncle Barrys 60th? But don't expect any of us to call you moonflower or some such, your Nan will have none of that. Bring a salad.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 14811/15/2012

Thread is officially dead.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 14911/15/2012

That someone isn't you, R149.

You have no right to state other's boundaries.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 15011/15/2012

I am bringing a pussy willow bake marinated in cat pee, the feline elixir.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 15111/15/2012

R149 is a mansplainer and haterapist. I direct my righteous womonrage in his direction!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 15211/15/2012

Someone can ride with me; I have room in my new Vulva.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 15311/15/2012

Who's up for a softball game afterwards?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 15411/15/2012

That's VOLVO, Rose!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 15511/15/2012

I think expecting womyn to cook and bake and bring and clean up afterward is just perpetuating the patriarchal paradigm. I will therefore stand as an agent of change in my refusal to provide food for this meal.

I will, however, be glad to eat of the gracious labors of my systers. And I will come HUNGRY!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 15611/15/2012

Dad, I told you to stop using my computer!

I will not be coming to your house, I met my life partner last night, and I will be helping her pack her things into a U-haul on the fest of mass consumption.

And you KNOW I changed my name!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 15711/15/2012

Would anyone be interested in a Season 3 marathon of "Xena: Warrior Princess" after dinner?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 15811/15/2012

How do I know your tofurkey baster hasn't been in contact with whoevers rape-sauce you used to create precious Emma Sage? I'd be injesting traces of his procreative batter! That's a line I won't cross. There, boundaries stated.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 15911/15/2012

These are some tasty appetizers

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 16011/15/2012

Wait to the occupiers show up. Hell's gonna break lose!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 16111/15/2012

I'm pretty sure Xena Wolfmoon here will be attending the dinner.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 16211/16/2012

A few womyn have been asking if they can arrive early to get the exact seat they prefer, especially if they want to be adjacent to an outlet for their CPAP machines and so forth.

The answer is NO. Orientation for new womyn begins at 2:00 and returning womyn are to arrive at 2:45. We will need the entire 45 minutes for orientation, so these times CANNOT be adjusted. Please do not ask.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 16311/16/2012

R162, My service wolves also need special accommodations. They will not be wearing their special vests, as they're not made from natural fibers.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 16411/16/2012

R160, I did NOT give you my permission to post my photo! I was only munching on that brick of USDA cheese to tide me over until lunch. I will bring three bricks of cheese to our dinner together (all right, two and whatever is left over after my drive -- after all, I live 20 minutes away!).

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 16511/16/2012

All this talk is making me hungry. Do we have to wait till T-day, or can I come over now? You've already started cooking, right? My motorized wheelchair and CPAP won't be in the way. Where's your spare bedroom?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 16611/17/2012

I will be bringing my little gaia, Olivia, but her brother will be with his father. I told him that it's like Brother Sun Camp off the land.

Olivia is dealing with Pica so please do not bother her if she wanders over to the potted plants.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 16711/17/2012

I will not be attending unless and until I can be reassured that ONLY WBW will be present. Only WBW are worthy of nut loaf, gluten-free pie, and other Thankswomon Day festivities. It is the day we mourn our Mother Gaia, as she dies only to be reborn at our EastHER celebration in the Spring. Any penis--real or ghost penis of a transNONWOMAN is unwelcome!

These, my sisters, are my hard and fast boundaries. Let us cross shields against the haterapists and penisedpersons, and not swords of WOMON fighting WOMON!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 16811/17/2012

[quote]I told him that it's like Brother Sun Camp off the land.

Not quite. Once everyone has arrived, we will be shutting the garage door, and there's no air conditioning or heating in there. And no place to sit. It's basically a large holding cell. And the inmates will have to bring their own food, because I ain't sharin' my nutloaf with no rapists.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 16911/17/2012

Will there be special parking places for mobility challenged wymyn? Last year, my Little Rascal scooter ran out of power, but thank Goddess I was able to get a ride with Morningstar and Sea Kitten in their Subaru to The Land.

I found out later that my scooter was assembled by people of the penised persuasion. It was all just a plot by the rapists to curtail the empowerment of wymyn---particularly wymyn of size with mobility issues.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 17011/17/2012

[quote]Will there be special parking places for mobility challenged wymyn?

It's a private home on a suburban street. Of COURSE there are no special parking spaces. If you don't get here early, you may be riding your mobility scooter for several blocks. Or maybe you can park at the middle school about 1.5 miles away and carpool with someone.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 17111/17/2012

I'm almost there!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 17211/17/2012

Don't panic, R4

Homemade Twinkies

Adapted from

Time: 1 hour 40 minutes

FOR THE CAKES: Nonstick cooking spray or vegetable oil 60 grams ( 1/2 cup) cake flour 30 grams ( 1/4 cup) all-purpose flour 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/4 teaspoon salt 2 tablespoons milk 4 tablespoons unsalted butter 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract 5 large eggs at room temperature, separated 12 tablespoons sugar 1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar FOR THE FILLING: 6 tablespoons unsalted butter, at room temperature 165 grams (1 1/2 cups) confectioners’ sugar 3/4 cup Marshmallow Fluff 2 tablespoons heavy cream. 1. For the cakes: Heat the oven to 350 degrees and adjust the oven rack to the lower-middle position.

2. To make single-use Twinkie molds, cut 12 pieces of aluminum foil 12 inches wide by 14 inches long. Fold each piece of foil in half lengthwise, then fold it in half again to create a rectangle that’s about 6 inches long and 7 inches wide. Repeat to make a dozen rectangles.

3. Place one sheet of folded foil on a work surface with a standard-size spice jar on its side in the center of the foil. Bring the long sides of the foil up around the jar, folding the sides and ends as necessary to make a tight trough-shape from which the jar can be removed. Repeat to make 12 foil molds. Spray generously with nonstick spray or coat with vegetable oil. Place the molds on a baking sheet.

4. In a mixing bowl, whisk together the cake flour, all-purpose flour, baking powder and salt. In a small saucepan over low heat, heat the milk and butter until the butter melts. Remove from the heat and add the vanilla. Cover to keep warm.

5. Using a standing mixer, beat the egg whites on high speed until foamy. Gradually add 6 tablespoons of the sugar and the cream of tartar and continue to beat until the whites reach soft peaks.

6. Transfer the beaten egg whites to a large bowl and add the egg yolks to the standing mixer bowl (there’s no need to clean the bowl). Beat the egg yolks with the remaining 6 tablespoons sugar on medium-high speed until the mixture is very thick and a pale lemon color, about 5 minutes. Add the beaten egg whites to the yolks, but do not mix.

7. Sprinkle the flour mixture over the egg whites and then mix everything on low speed for just 10 seconds. Remove the bowl from the mixer, make a well in one side of the batter, and pour the melted butter mixture into the bowl. Fold gently with a large rubber spatula until the batter shows no trace of flour and the whites and yolks are evenly mixed, about 8 strokes.

8. Immediately scrape the batter into the prepared molds, filling each with about

3/4 inch of batter. Bake until the cake tops are light brown and feel firm and spring back when touched, 13 to 15 minutes. Transfer the pan containing the molds to a wire rack and allow the cakes to cool in the molds.

9. For the filling: Using a mixer, beat together the butter, confectioners’ sugar and Marshmallow Fluff. Add the cream and beat just until smooth.

10. Just before filling the cakes, remove them from the foil. Using the end of a chopstick, poke three holes in the bottom of each cake. Wiggle the tip of the chopstick to make room for the filling. Transfer the frosting to a pastry bag fitted with a 1/4-inch round tip. Pipe frosting into the holes in each cake, taking care not to overfill, until it gently expands. Unlike real Twinkies, these won’t last indefinitely. They’re best served still slightly warm.

Yield: 12 homemade Twinkies.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 17311/17/2012

I'm telling you now that if I act out in an aggressive and/or compulsive manner it will me a manifestation of my Lyme disease. Therefore, I know I will be able to count on your patience and understanding.

Based on past experiences, I am told the best way to handle me if the Lyme flares up is simply to give me everything I ask for, and to do whatever I say. This minimizes the possibility of violence.

So looking forward to seeing you all again.

P.S. Remember that red wine give me headaches, so have plenty of white.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 17411/17/2012

Take your rape-pastries away, R173!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 17511/17/2012

[quote]Thanks. I already googled Michfest; didn't know it was an annual tradition at DL.

Annual? There is the fest itself. There are the discussion boards about the fest. Now, the pre-solstice feast. It's always Michfest time.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 17611/17/2012

Apparently we're not the only ones who state their boundaries. This one has honed it to a fine art:

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 17711/17/2012

Oh, I almost forgot: I'm sorry.

(I apologize now because I won't be sorry then.)

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 17811/17/2012

In order to meet our wimyn's needs, we will serve air for dinner. We will have a five-hour discussion about whether the windows should be open and whether a humidifier or dehumidifier is needed in the room

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 17911/17/2012

R179, thanks for the warning. I am allergic to fresh air, so if there is even the slightest possibility that windows will be open, I will plan to stay home.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 18011/17/2012

Hello Ladies--I hope you don't mind a question from a sympathetic man. In looking through the pictures on the internet, I noticed that quite a few of you go topless on the land. Why? It's not like there are any men around to impress. Wouldn't you be more comfortable with some support up there? Just curious.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 18111/17/2012

I am supplicating the goddesses in hopes of finding the love of my lfe at the festie gathering. Just think, our eyes may meet across the Tofurkey and quinoa/kale casserole, and the magick could spontanously ignite our sacred womonseed vessels!

Apologies in advance for a possible abrupt departure and/or divine consummation on the front lawn.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 18211/17/2012

r173, I must strongly object. Your pastries are not made with cruelty-free ingredients: indeed, I've noticed they call for butter, which is a by-product improperly derived from our syster mammals the cows, often by male handlers who touch their breasts in a non-permissible fashion. Moreover, your recipe uses the word "beat," which is a patriarchal hatespeech term we simply cannot abide.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 18311/17/2012




by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 18411/17/2012

Ishtar--I did not present the recipe as my own nor did I assure anyone that there would be nothing offensive in it.

Feel free to make any adjustments to the recipe that your conscience requires. (There are womyn-only dairy farms, you know.) However, if you intend to distribute them at dinner please be sure to label them as Faux Twinkies. I wouldn't want people to confuse them with the ones I will be bringing.

I choose to interpret the word "beat" in this context to refer to the rhythmic nature of the required strokes. If you see violence, that is your problem.

P.S. Don't pretend R4 is alone in being in a state of panic at the news that Hostess is shutting down. I've been on garbage patrol and I've seen the wrappers.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 18511/17/2012

r173/r185, you refuse to recognize your own use of the hateword "beat" as unacceptable, nor your advocacy of cruel animal-based products. This kind of dissent against my stated boundaries is no more tolerable than lateness would be at a breast-casting seminar for womyn of color.

Please respect my boundaries, r173/r185. I have just stated my boundaries again.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 18611/17/2012

In any case, Twinkies are too phallic. I already have a call in to my therapist to request her assistance in helping me scrub the mental image of wimmin being pressured to place phallic pastries in their mouths. It is mouth rape and you are mind-raping me by suggesting their inclusion at the dinner.

Nonetheless, I would like to inquire whether I, a WBW, will be welcome to wear a strap-on to the event. It will be hidden under my Carhartts. I wear a synthetic penis every day as a means of empowerment.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 18711/17/2012

I can not WAIT to celebrate Giving Thanks To Gaia with my syster wymyn!

In honor of such an wymyn empowering event, I have written a short play ( to be performed by myself and my lyfe syster Marigold Moon ) entitled "Please Respect My Bounderies--A View From The Hovround". Some parts are interactive and improv based, and I wholeheartedly encourage my systers to participate in this empowering ode to wymyn. ( Play performance subject to my fibromyalgia acting up and / or Marigold's Chronic Fatigue Syndrome relapse)

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 18811/17/2012

Can I bring twinkies if I promise to break them in half?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 18911/17/2012

R189, those Twinkies will need to be sliced to ribbons in order to obliviate their phallic shape. If you cut them crosswise each section will resemble an ovum, which is acceptable.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 19011/17/2012

Break down those twinkies and make them into doughnuts.

Celebrate your womb with systerly pryde!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 19111/17/2012

No,r189! "Twinkie" is a derogatory term for a young, physically gifted penised person that our gay brethren use as a term of derision and scorn. We, as empowered wymyn, are empathic to our fellow victims of such disenfranchising slurs.

Also NOT ALLOWED on our sacred wymyn space are "Ding Dongs"---their very name implies an instrument of rape and male dominance and WILL NOT be tolerated!

Please, also DO NOT bring "Sno Balls". Their shape and coconut covering are symbolic of the penised people's testicles and pubic hair. Such a display of supposed "male superiority" and sexual innuendo WILL NOT BE TOLERATED! Please---I am telling you this now so I do not have to tell you later!

You MAY bring "Little Debbie's" cakes, as she is a wymyn of empowerment--EXCEPT the Swiss Rolls and Boston Cream Pie rolls. The phallic shape of these particular pastries may traumatize our systers and they might recall their ritual abuse at the hands of penised people.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 19211/17/2012

Dinner organizer here. Could I please get a head count? Because I only have a certain number of seats at my table, and only a limited amount of space elsewhere in my house. It sounds like hundreds of people are coming, and I only have room for, like, 20. Fifteen if they're on scooters.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 19311/17/2012

Perhaps kick the penised people out of the Brother Sun garage? I'm sure some of our systers who work at Home Depot or Tractor Supply can rig up a generator to provide heat to ease the pain of fibromyalgia and power to re-charge our mobility chairs?

BTW--the use of the term "HEAD count" has violated my boundaries. A penis has a head, and the term "giving head" is a term for throat rape.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 19411/17/2012

My first post was misunderstood as my son has been to Michfest and we stayed at Brother Sun. Olivia was at Gaia. I stated that my son will be with his likewise penis enhanced other male mother and they will be off the land at the other male mother's sister's for the festivity. As it will only be me and Olivia, I will be bringing suitable organic French clay for her, I suggest that the aforementioned garage be used for suitable womyn sitting. As I know the garage is on an easily assessable street level, I suggest all the mororized chairs and womyn of unbridled substance be placed their to offer them comfortable accommodations.

I believe that more that one of the above mentioned systers are not original born women and I for one will not partake of nut loaf while there are actual nuts loafing at the festive table.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 19511/17/2012

We cannot have ONLY tofurkey because I am allergic to soy. I'll take the real bird, please. Preferably a Tom turkey. They're more flavorful, and it will be pleasant to see a dozen hungry womyn devouring a male.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 19611/18/2012

I'm bringing mashed potatoes. You know, the pre-made kind, just pop in the microwave, peel off the cellophane, stir, and serve. You DO have a microwave, don't you?

I'm a dyke. I repair cars. I don't cook.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 19711/18/2012

Removal of all nut trees from the property has already been addressed. However, I want to suggest an excavation at least 20 ft across and 4 ft deep at the former tree locations, to remove any residual traces of nuts that may have fallen from the trees.

In addition, I need a route from the airport to the house that avoids all streets that may have nut trees. We all recall what happened to syster Witheringcrone in Georgia, when her truck got a flat next to that peanut field!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 19811/18/2012

Yeah, well I *have* to have nuts in my nutloaf. It's just not Thanksgiving without it. So I suggest those with nut allergies just stay away. Perhaps you can find a hermetically sealed cave someplace.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 19911/18/2012

Considering the growing guest list, I think space will be tight for guitars and Her-Her (formerly known as Tom-Tom) drums. There isn't even going to be room for interpretive dance or throwing pottery. Creativity and expression will be woefully unrepresented this year at the expense of being a Dinner of Inclusion. There are still too many unresolved issues over microphones anyway. The microphone caucus met last month and could not come to agreement if their phallic shape is acceptable when trying to establish a Safe Space for Womyn. Some advocated mic-less performing as the extra vocal effort will serve a dual purpose of Primal Scream therapy, others protested performing anything at loud volumes due to the sensitive ears of Womyn of Hearing Loss.

We can watch football.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 20011/18/2012

There will be NO FOOTBALL. We will be watching a Cranford marathon on PBS. If that isn't to your liking, stay outside on the porch.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 20111/18/2012

[quote] Yeah, well I *have* to have nuts in my nutloaf. It's just not Thanksgiving without it. So I suggest those with nut allergies just stay away. Perhaps you can find a hermetically sealed cave someplace.


by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 20211/18/2012

[quote]There will be NO FOOTBALL.

A gathering of lesbians, and no football? Are you mad?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 20311/18/2012

OMG, not only does this piece of shit fest exist, the posts here on DL actually represent the participants quite accurately. Read the link and have a huge guffaw. Good lord!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 20411/18/2012

After last year's disastrous mixup, I will have to bring a different sweet snack for my beloved systren. I still can't believe some of you mistook my moon pies for moon cups.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 20511/18/2012

Perhaps since so many wimmin are planning to attend, we can move the venue from Moonblossom Bloodflow's home to a local softball field. In an open space, we can accommodate many wimmin and their varied needs and boundaries. Nutloaf lovers and the nut-free can have their own tables. An outdoor venue also ensures that we will not disturb any neighbors when we scream with angry power.

I will use my Home Depot employee discount to purchase a generator and various power sources so that those in need may recharge their mobility devices and CPAPs.

Please, everyone, bring your vagina capes. We will use them to construct a privacy curtain around the perimeter of the field.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 20611/18/2012

My girlfriend Sam is the general manager of the Home Depot nearby. They are officially closed Thanksgiving, so as long as we are discreet we can move the feast indoors. Ideally, we'd be in the power tool section, but there is more space in lumber so we may have to settle for there. We can make tables out of plywood and workbenches!

Sisters--THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT: Park in the back.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 20711/18/2012

r204, are you headless?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 20811/18/2012

[quote]I believe that more than one of the above mentioned systers are not born women and I will not partake of nut loaf while there are actual nuts loafing at the festive table!

This had to be said again.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 20911/18/2012

R204, you should have posted the Intensive Workshops page.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 21011/18/2012

[quote]I believe that more than one of the above mentioned systers are not born women

WOMYN, it's womyn, NOT wom*n. Good Goddess, anyone would think you were a man-swine and not a systa.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 21111/18/2012

I have my vagina cape and "hairy pussies" shirt all ready to go! Would it be ok if I brought my famous dish of crabs with red sauce to the festivities this year?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 21211/18/2012

r211, I was the victim of a rapist programmed spell-autocorrect.

I am sorry.

It won't happyn agyne.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 21311/18/2012

In all seriousness, I just found the official Michfest nutloaf recipe, scaled down for 12, and it actually sounds good.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 21411/18/2012

Will we also be having a Chryst-Ms. celebration in December?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 21511/18/2012

That's not a loaf.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 21611/18/2012

I'll be starting my period during the relish course--but please don't make a fuss.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 21711/19/2012

No Twinkies or Ding-Dongs. Got it.

Are Ho-Ho's allowed?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 21811/19/2012

[quote]Are Ho-Ho's allowed?

That's a point of controversy. Some members of our community wish to break the old paradigm of sex workers being victims and see them as self-empowered, sex-positive womyntrepreneurs. Others see them as perpetuating the old role of womyn as nothing more than a commodity for penised persons to buy and sell, as they have done for millennia.

Either way, the name of said tasty treats are sure to enrage SOMEONE in the group, so no, they're not allowed.

Except on Christmas, when they may be called Ho-Ho-Ho's.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 21911/19/2012

If you actually sat down and made up what you think Michfest Activities would be like, you couldn't be as hilarious as a lot of these descriptions. Are we sure they're not just genius ironists?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 22011/19/2012

If any of my sisters uses a knife/penis-like implement to serve the nutloaf I will charge you with foodraype!!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 22111/19/2012

Lesbians LOVE karaoke, apparently according to the MichFest website.

Who will start the karaoke at Thanksgiving? I will be singing "Hey Big Spender" as a feminist, anti-consumerist, pro-sex worker song.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 22211/19/2012

It's not a lesbian karaoke night without any Pet Shop Boys. I will kick things off with "It's A Sin."

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 22311/19/2012

[quote]I will be singing "Hey Big Spender" as a feminist, anti-consumerist, pro-sex worker song.

Ooooh NO you won't! Sex workers are oppressed playthings of the patriarchy!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 22411/19/2012

If it's going to be a vegetarian extravaganza, wouldn't Indian, Greek-Turkish, and dishes from other cuisines with EXCELLENT veg traditions be a better idea? Or is that too much of a fag idea?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 22511/19/2012

R225, systers are doin' it for themselves!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 22611/19/2012

Will there be enough light after the meal for stilt-walking?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 22711/19/2012

Here is my fear, based on my destiny dream for mother earthworks. I fear a penysed-empathetic karma is falling of MichFest and somehow we will fight amongst ourselves. Gurl-on-gurl. This is my fear. The waves of energy flowing through my yoni have changed. A storm is coming.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 22811/19/2012

This sounds cool. I'm a guy, but I'll wear a dress just to be part of this gathering. Just don't get upset if I get a hard-on in the middle of dinner -- surrounded by all you babes might get me all hot and bothered!

I'll even bring a smoked sausage for appetizers. Yum!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 22911/19/2012

I can't look at a Turkey baster again. I just can't.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 23011/19/2012

[quote]A gathering of lesbians, and no football? Are you mad?

The correct collective term for lesbians is "a labor" as in, "a labor of lesbians labored on the Land while nibbling nutloaf."

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 23111/19/2012

I would like to perform kareoke "These Boots are Made for Walking" and invite all my systers (who are not mobility challenged, of course), to perform an interpretive dance during the performance: we can lure the guests of the Brother Sun garage inside and trample upon them! It will be so empowering!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 23211/19/2012

"I will be singing "Hey Big Spender" as a feminist, anti-consumerist, pro-sex worker song."

My syster frynd Freya Fjordsdottir, while it's possible that I'm missing something in the keening of "Hey Big Spender", I myself find it empowering and ironic.

The dance hall "girls" are in control of their bodies, but to a degree. They are still in the thrall of the penised society, by which they can only tart themselves up and shake their bits at greasy, adenoidal cretins and capitalist pigs in order to survive.

But beneath the sequins and wigs lies a defiance that will eventually destroy the patriarchy which continues to pollute the planet.

This is a film after all, but one that has many subtle levels of systerhood, if one should look.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 23311/19/2012

For those who enjoyed "Ancestral Fiber Crafts for Womyn of Color" at Michfest this year, we will be having an Ancestral Fiber reunion at 3 pm at Sacred Circle (just outside the carport).

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 23411/19/2012

I am bumping this NOW so that I do not have to bump it THEN.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 23511/20/2012

After the karaoke portion of our festivities, will I have time to perform my interpretive dance to the collected works of Laura Nyro before it's my turn on garbage detail?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 23611/20/2012

My wife, who posted some nonsense upthread about "systerhood" (whatever that is) will NOT be coming to your gathering after all. She will be in MY kitchen where she belongs, making MY Thanksgiving turkey dinner with all the trimmings.

If you gals are still having your little hen party after she cleans up the kitchen and washes the dishes, maybe she can put in an appearance.


by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 23711/20/2012

[quote]For those who enjoyed "Ancestral Fiber Crafts for Womyn of Color" at Michfest this year, we will be having an Ancestral Fiber reunion at 3 pm at Sacred Circle (just outside the carport).

Sistagyrl, just please don't forget to put up the sign that says "For Womyn of Color Born IN THIS LIFETIME."

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 23811/20/2012

I'll bring the cheez balls!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 23911/20/2012

hellloooo my systers in space! denise here, in the special delivery wagon, ready to hit the dinner. Just an update. One bus (Gaia) got sidetracked at a HomeDepot in Iowa city (there was a sale on power tools) and I'm in Quito, Ecuador. Stopped by to pick up some more special systers. We're on our way!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 24011/20/2012

I am stating my boundaries NOW so I do not have to state them THEN.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 24111/21/2012

I wll bring my Croneberry relish. It's Mary Daly's recipe.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 24211/21/2012

You were tasked with bringing sweet-potato casserole and a homemade pumpkin pie with whipped cream, R242. We've been over this again and again. Come without the designated items and this is your last time at our house.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 24311/21/2012

Remember: No latecomers.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 24411/21/2012

[quote]Remember: No latecomers.

I'm not putting my son in your gulag, so I have to drop him off at the babysitter's. I *will* be about ten minutes late. Just try to keep me away, you cunts.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 24511/21/2012

Only a couple more miles to go! I can smell the nutloaf and tofurkey already!

Greetings, systers!

Should my scooter break down, I hope that in the spirit of systerhood, some kind hearted womyn of the diesel persuasion would assist. Blessed be!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 24611/21/2012

R245, are you sure you haven't mistaken us for a gathering of the Junior League or the Ladies' Wednesday Evening Bible Study?

Begone before we perform a clitoridectomy on you, heteronormative shrew!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 24711/21/2012

[quote]Begone before we perform a clitoridectomy on you, heteronormative shrew!

Clearly it's not just penised persons who are capable of haterape! I am deeply wounded by your words. FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION IS NOT A JOKING MATTER. I stand against you, Erzulie Dragonfly, and I rebuke you for terrible suggestion.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 24811/21/2012

R242, I'm truly struggling to break free from heteronormative ties that bind my feminine but very athletic limbs. Still, Mary Daly and Croneberry relish are beyond my blond comprehension. Please enlighten me again.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 24911/21/2012

Mary Daly was an American philosopher, academic, and theologian. Daly, who described herself as a "radical lesbian feminist," taught at Boston College, a Jesuit-run institution, for 33 years. She died in 2010.

Daly's most famous book was "Websters' First New Intergalactic Wickedary of the English Language." Her tumultuous career Boston College ended after three decades when she refused to open her classroom to men, believing women did not freely exchange ideas if men were present. Men, she said, "have nothing to offer but doodoo."

Croneberry relish was invented in her memory.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 25011/21/2012

[quote]"Daly demonstrates how women can use language to create a new definition of womanhood, giving once pejorative terms like “hag” and “crone” positive connotations.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 25111/21/2012

It's tomorrow bytches!!! Can't wait!!

Until then, Goddess bless you all.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 25211/21/2012

My pumpkin pie will be both gluten-free and casein-free! I've substituted xanthan gum and Ener-G Egg Replacer!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 25311/21/2012

Mary Daly looks like Nurse Diesel's pretty sister.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 25411/21/2012

Is anyone bringing booze? I don't think I can get through three hours of your New Age mumbo-jumbo. Give give me some turkey, a few butches, a few beers, and a few football games, and I'll be a happy gal.

But I really need that beer.

Yeah, I guess I'm stating my boundaries.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 25511/21/2012

It's today!!!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 25611/22/2012

[quote]It's today!!!

Thank you, Mame. We've been cooking all night. We KNOW.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 25711/22/2012

I'm grrrlcotting all parades today. Those balloons are a mockery to all those who suffer from glandular and/or weight problems. I scream with righteous anger!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 25811/22/2012

The righteous subaru convoy from Yakima will be a little late.

We had to stop for waffles. Some of our members blood sugar got a little low. Please have the agave at the ready when our systers arrive.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 25911/22/2012

@r238 Get a lot of former women of color?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 26011/22/2012

We (HEART!) Nan Michiganwomyn and all other real true 100% dieseltrucks & bulldozers!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 26111/22/2012


Before the wimmin of MichFest started locking down their forums, we had a thread mocking posts over there that were way nuttier (nutloafier?) than anything DL could make up.

One post referenced a workshop for Native American womyn where they actually had to put up a sign specifying that "only Native American womyn born in this lifetime" were welcome.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 26211/22/2012

"White or dark meat?"

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 26311/22/2012

"Breast, leg or thigh?"

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 26411/22/2012

This turkey tastes funny...

WAIT! Euterpe, think--which turkey baster did you use on this turkey?!?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 26511/22/2012

First photos from the party coming in!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 26611/22/2012

Hey wimmin, w had a little trouble with the prevail van. Looks like our smoke, the good kind, heh...caused the state trooopers to ill me over. I had ome trouble splainin the nekkid sacred orgy in the back, n my big bag of weed. We're being booked at the police station in Phoenix, az. So, the boson/Seattle/0rlando groups gunna be late. But hell....I gota strip search n pat down to look forward to.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 26711/22/2012

Do those German wimmin in the pic at 266 realize that Pope Benedict is hiding in plain sight in the background on the right?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 26811/22/2012

I'm sorry, I am not enjoying myself. There is far too much negativity around the TV set with the football game. I do not need to see so many men.

I may just take my flourless, eggless, oil-free, color-free, additive-free, gluten-free, soybean cake pops and go home.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 26911/22/2012

I'm getting ready to do regressive reincarnation for womyn o color in the upstairs guest bedroom. Please bring your materials and be ready for a special session. We willbe done in time for the Pagaent of the Vagina Capes and Nutloaf Buffet....

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 27011/22/2012

per r250: [quote]she refused to open her classroom to men,believing women did not freely exchange ideas if men were present.

Help me DL! I kinda agree with this.


by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 27111/22/2012

"Pope Benedict is hiding in plain sight in the background"


by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 27211/22/2012

Hello. I am in my rascal scooter. I have been stuck at the back steps for nearly two hours. Will somebody please come and rescue me? I have my special seaweed and kelp dip.

Please help.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 27311/22/2012

[quote]Hello. I am in my rascal scooter. I have been stuck at the back steps for nearly two hours. Will somebody please come and rescue me? I have my special seaweed and kelp dip.

Why do you think we've left you out on the back steps?

We've finished eating now, so you might as well just ride back home. And take that awful dip with you.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 27411/22/2012

"Let's all go out for a nice long walk to burn off some calories!"


Awww c''ll be fun and it's good for you.

FINE! just sit there snoring and farting then...

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 27511/22/2012

i'll be topless through the rest of the evening and encourage my systren to let their hair down and let their puppies hang out too!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 27611/22/2012

Dinner was great! I just wish I hadn't gone into active labor before the desserts were brought out (the nutloaf pudding looked especially intriguing), but bringing a baby gyrl into the world while surrounded by all my systers! No better way to end a gathering. Anyway, thanks for accommodating my life partner, both our mothers, the midwife and the midwife trainee at the feast at the last minute. I felt the need for my immediate support system since I was already a week past my due date. Oh, and sorry about the mess in the bathtub.

We still haven't decided on a name, any suggestions?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 27711/22/2012

It was LESS interesting than watching my daughter eat dirt.

I expected so much more than nutloaf.

And syster Clytemnestra retains her he balls.

Get an orchi dude, sheesh.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 27811/22/2012

The nutloaf was a little dry, the tahini too runny.

I must be honest so we can all better ourselves.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 27911/22/2012

R277, How about "burdensome loindropping"?

We all started calling her that while your "cuntourage" were all in there gnawing on placenta.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 28011/22/2012

Did anybody remember to let the penised persons out of the garage?

If not, that's fine, the hunger and cold will have given them time to dwell on the crimes their kind will commit.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 28111/23/2012

[quote]Did anybody remember to let the penised persons out of the garage?

More to the point, did anyone remember to turn off the car with the busted tail pipe? I might have left it running when we closed the garage door. The keys are still in my pocket...

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 28211/23/2012

So, ladies--how did it go without a man to carve the tofurkey? Are you sorry now?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 28311/23/2012

I'm a transwomon, and I'm pre-op. I was at your table, and no one could tell! HA!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 28411/23/2012

r284 = Bruce Jenner

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 28511/23/2012

Relatively few casualties in Garage Brother Sun this year.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 28611/23/2012

I would like to suggest we process together some of the tensions I detected at our dinner:

* The WOS (Womyn of Size) felt that some of the skinnier systers were judging them when they took their third helpings of pie.

* The NAD (Native American Dykes) wanted an apology and an acknowledgement of guilt from the white womyn.

* Bilitis Queerhawk's performance art piece, "Labia Love: The Yoni as Expressed in Dance, Song, and Poetry," was seen by some as being excessively long, with a number of the guests leaving sometime during the third hour.

* The argument between Mirella Astarte and LaShonda Thomas over D'Neice Summerrain was most troubling, ending in a fist fight in which poor Tiffanee Ubuntu received a black eye in the scuffle.

* Neither interstate carpools ever showed up. I don't know if they all got lost or, goddess help us, were victims of the patriarchy in some horrific incident of sexual violation.


I believe we need to set some ground rules NOW so we don't have the same problems crop up again next year.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 28711/24/2012

R287, did you happen to have the talking stick when you posted your screed?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 28811/24/2012

I'll roast the turkey in my electric Dacor under-counter convection oven, and make all the sidedishes on my six burner gas French cook top. I'll make the tofurkey in my built-in Thermador micro-convection oven.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 28911/24/2012

[quote]did you happen to have the talking stick when you posted your screed?

No, if you'll hand it to me, I'll be glad to repeat myself verbatim.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 29011/24/2012

[quote]I'll roast the turkey in my electric Dacor under-counter convection oven, and make all the sidedishes on my six burner gas French cook top. I'll make the tofurkey in my built-in Thermador micro-convection oven.

Prisspot Nellie, you realize Thanksgiving was two days ago, right? Or are you offering to host the dinner next year?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 29111/24/2012

Y'all bitches just needs to gets fucked in y'alls asses.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 29211/24/2012


by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 29311/24/2012

Brother Sun Boys Camp operates from 8am to midnight with a program of outings; crafts, cookouts, music, sports and campfires for boys aged five through ten. Located in a mix of forest and meadow, Brother Sun offers a fun, welcoming and secluded area for boys while preserving womyn's space in all other Festival areas. Please respect that all boys five and over, and their families, camp in Brother Sun for the week.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 29411/24/2012

FB question: What's on your mind? Michfest answer: Vagina

Oh beloved state of Michigan...we cannot BELIEVE that the Michigan legislature actually banned the word Vagina from the floor. WTF!??? For almost four decades we've built an annual city to exalt the female. Vagina in word, thought, form and deed is alive and well here. In case there's any doubt, take a walk through our 70-foot vagina....

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 29511/24/2012

[quote]I'll roast the turkey in my electric Dacor under-counter convection oven, and make all the sidedishes on my six burner gas French cook top. I'll make the tofurkey in my built-in Thermador micro-convection oven. by: Prisspot Nellie, Trying to Fit In

PN, who actually has an Amana and Frigidaire in Harvest Gold while stealing electricity from the trailer next door.

You are not worthy to make nutloaf in your crock pot, toots.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 29611/24/2012

Activities in Brother Sun Boys Camp include: chemical castration.

That is all.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 29711/24/2012

R291 is obviously a left-brain dominant penised person who has no imagination to realize we can still play even though Thanksgiving was two days ago.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 29811/24/2012

It has been nearly two months now and I have finally processed the experience of the Holiday dinner, written a folk song about it and irrigated my colon.

Thank you my systers for the blessed time.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 29901/08/2013

In all seriousness, I made and tried nutloaf for Christmas dinner so that a vegetarian relative would have something to eat while the rest of us had crown roast. I tried a piece of the nutloaf and it was good. God help me, it was really good.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 30001/08/2013

Systers! Wimmin! In just a few short weeks, it will be time for our Annual MichFest dinner.

Last year's was such a success that I will be having it in my home this year. I only need help with food, chairs, disability ramps, the DART truck, entertainment, silverware, glasses, plates, garbage bags and fat wimmin and making the garage sound proof so the pre-rapists you may bring do not disturb our festival.

While some of you may remember that I burst into tears over the Punpun Pie and Vegan Ice Cream last year in memory of all of the enslaved housewives who toil, I am much better after meditating on it.

Please arrive promptly at 1 PM. No latecomers.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 30111/05/2013

Cranberries. Death.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 30211/05/2013

Would you consider, Syster, accepting my gifting of a new turkey baster? After your story over the free-dange tofurkey, haricot vert, and bread putting of you and Drusilla's attempt to get pregnant, please, accept it. The thought of where your old turkey baster has been...wounds.

There. I have stated my boundaries. As well as those of all of your guests. Do not make us state them again!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 30311/05/2013

You see, syster? The thought of that baster has cause me to misspell. I must consult a crone. And a dictionary.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 30411/05/2013

Do not sit within ten inches of where I am sitting. Do not do it. Because you will come back from the cranberry in your fat folds contest and find it moved.

I am telling you this now so I don't have to stab you with a fork THEN.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 30511/05/2013

I am bringing my own Rum Raisin Rice Dream this year but it is not for anybody but me. I am sorry but I cannot share. I am told I need to gives less and share less of myself and this translates down to my food.

I will, however, have thirds of bread pudding.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 30611/20/2013


I have volunteered to organize and coordinate the schedule for recharging CPAP machines. Please note that there will be only FOUR outlets in the house and an additional two in the garage.

Obviously this is not enough, but after last year's disaster with the extension cords we have learned not to overtax the electrical system.

If you will need to recharge your CPAP, let me know by 5 p.m. Friday Michigan time. I will allot one hour for each womon and will be organizing a spreadsheet.

If additional rules and regulations are necessary, I will call a group conscience early next week.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 30711/20/2013

I will bring some of my delicious wombkin pies! They are sweetened with breastmilk and molasses.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 30811/20/2013

I did not attend last year. I have been dealing with a lot of family issues and have been been unable to find a job since 2001. The MichFest Thanksgiving dinner is my want, my NEED. I remember all the times I would hug and cry with my systers as one of them had a "trigger" moment during dinner and helping her when she needed somebody, or when I sat outside on the brown November lawn and was stared at by a little girl from an upstairs window in the house next door who opened the window and threw her paperweight at me, or when we all sang songs of female empowerment over the tofurkey.

So, can anybody pay my planefare, ny busfare, my accomodations and perhaps buy me a winter coat?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 30911/20/2013

Camp (Garage) Brother Sun has been moved from the unheated garage to the unheated garden shed adjacent to the compost pile at the far end of the backyard. As always, no food will be served and use of bathroom facilities is strictly prohibited.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 31011/20/2013

Has our host upgraded from a VHS player this year? Only so many times I can watch "Desert Hearts."

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 31111/20/2013

[quote]I am bringing my own Rum Raisin Rice Dream this year but it is not for anybody but me.

As a recovering addict, bringing anything with alcohol such as Rum Raisin is overstepping my boundaries and I will not tolerate it. Even the mere scent of alcohol could send me on a quick downward shame spiral.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 31211/20/2013

If anyone INSISTS on bringing a turkey, it must be FEMALE! The turkey males are rapists!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 31311/20/2013

If you insist on bringing your vile male children, I ask of you to promptly put them into the woodshed upon arriving at my home. Male children are pre-rapists.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 31411/20/2013

I will be bringing a side dish this year. The placenta of my moonchild, Arthema. It has been in our freezer since she was born in June. I will season it with maple and a hint of cayenne pepper and roast it.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 31511/20/2013

But Lesbian, placenta is still a meat dish, even if it is non-lethal, and will contaminate anyone nearby with airborne meat scent molecules! We vegans would be tainted, we would lose our blessed meat-free purity.

If I had the energy, I'd give you such a whupping...

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 31611/20/2013

The last sentence of R316 has me rolling.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 31711/26/2013

Bumpity bump bump BUMP!!!!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 31811/14/2014

There will be no turkey this year, tofu or otherwise. Stuffing my hand into the bird is triggering, as it makes me think of a gynaecologist I once had with fat fingers and bad breath. Likewise, the turkey neck and gizzards look like a penis. I will be serving clams and mussels.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 31911/14/2014

Please DO NOT bring pumpkin pie nor have said orange gourd as a Thanks Be To Gaia decoration. The very phrase "pump kin" is a trigger for myself and many other systers, as some of us suffer from PTSD due to abuse from penised relatives. I have stated my boundaries. Please respect them.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 32011/14/2014

Hey Nan, this is yer neighbor Vern. You gals plannin on havin yer shindig again this year? Me and the little lady are going up to the lake to her mother's house, so feel free to use our farmhouse and back forty fer yer gettogether (I know that trailer of yours is cramped what with you and your roommate and all those power tools). And if you could take care of the livestock while we're gone, that would be mighty neighborly. I think you told me once you like fat cows.

Inkidently, I saw Chet over to the liquor store the other day (I think he's sweet on you - how come you never date? I bet yer real pretty when you put on a dress). Anywayzz, he said if you want em this year for yer party he'd give you the 25 kegs of Coors at cost, but wants to make sure you want the labels cut off again.

That's it for now. See ya at church on Sunday!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 32111/14/2014

I am a systerwomyn of Goddess proportions who needs extra nourishment to maintain my womynly curves. I'm sure my systern would not object to me having extra portions of Gaia's bounty in order to ensure my sacred temple is maintained properly.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 32211/15/2014

R26, well, there went my mouthful of coffee! ROFL

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 32311/15/2014

I am an alternatively-abled womyn since taking a fall wearing my Masai Barefoot Trainers to walk to my attorney's office last week (yes, Jayne and I are divorcing. My decision, not hers. It's the best thing for me, she is suffocating my spirit with her bourgeois 1950's demands that we split housework, an intolerable thing to ask a womyn with permanently inflammed joints).

I will require a syster on either side of me at all times to assist me with walking, eating, intimate hygiene and so on. It goes without saying, but I'll say it, that each helper-womyn must be free of perfumes, deodorant, makeup, nail polish, hair color or styling products, as these trigger my intense self-loathing.

I will be bringing my famous pumpkin croquettas. You are welcome.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 32411/15/2014

[quote]Also, nut-free nut loaf for those with nut allergies/sensitivity.

And also a loaf-free, nut-free nut loaf for those with nut allergies/sensitivity and phallic symbol phobia.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 32511/15/2014

I can't believe I missed this thread for two days!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 32611/15/2014

I implore my systers to boycott Macy's as their balloons in the Gaiaday parade cater to penised people.

Instead of "Peanuts" characters such as Snoopy and Charlie Brown--the name "Peanuts" alone is a trigger for womyn with legume allergies, let alone its resemblance to "penis"--perhaps a balloon in the shape Peppermint Patty can be flow. She is a symbol of female empowerment for our little systers.

I would bring a dish to share with my systers, but unfortunately my claim for disability has been denied once more. Needless to say, it was denied by a person of the penised persuasion who takes sadistic pleasure in disenfranchising womyn with disabilities. I can only pray that Goddess will give me the inner strength to endure my fibromylagia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Epstein-Barr Syndrome, Shingles, PTSD, bunions, severe depressive disorder, nail fungus, deviated septum and glandular disorder.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 32711/15/2014

Syster Brigid, I implore you!! Reconsider your use of hate-speech!. You are an alteratively-abled womyn, syster, and Gaia weeps to hear you internalising patriarchy's scorn of we 'DISabled' womyn. We shall respond to their capitalist rape culture by REFUSING to move ANY more, unless it pleases US to do so!!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 32811/15/2014

[quote]Moreover, your recipe uses the word "beat"


by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 32911/15/2014

Systers, once again, I must implore that ANY loaves brought to our feastival to empower womyns trying to survive in a world full of PPPs (Persons Possessing Penises) not be phallic shaped. Syster Peacefully Healing Menstruation was severely traumatized at last year’s gathering when a French loaf was unwrapped in front of her, causing flashbacks to her years of denying her destiny as a true womyn when she was married to a PPP. If the loaf if pre-sliced and arranged in a manner where it does not resemble a penis, that may be acceptable, but PLEASE check with me FIRST.

And, to answer the question of many of my systers, as always, for a good laugh after our womyn’s feast, Systers Pussy Willow and Dandelioness Picker will be simulating the castration of a PPP. Prepare to have your womyn’s sides hurting from the laughter once again.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 33011/16/2014


by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 33111/17/2014

I would contribute toward the funding of a project that attempts to prove a link between nutloaf consumption and fibromyalgia.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 33211/17/2014

I would like to consent to attending this gathering of syster-wimmin and thereby honouring the great Earth Mother, who continues to nourish me spiritually, by bringing a bowl of breast milk softened cous-cous. Please bring your own choice of utensil to eat with as I don't have the funds to supply them for all.

I also need to state that I am allergic to wiccans, witches, and faeries as they are an affront to the Earth Mother herself. Please keep at least 5 feet away from me and my aura at all times.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 33311/17/2014

[quote]I would contribute toward the funding of a project that attempts to prove a link between nutloaf consumption and fibromyalgia.

Syster, I would contribute to your Cuntstarter as well.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 33411/17/2014

*BEEP* Hi, this is Ronnie Glickman, “Syster” Brigid’s sister. Would someone there please make sure that “Syster” Brigid receives this message and that she calls me as soon as possible?

Sheila, I told you a month ago that Mom and Dad were at the end of their rope and that you had better quit fucking around with your shit and get serious. Well “Syster” Brigid, they have instructed me to tell you that they have finally had it with you and they are prepared to cut you off. Oh yeah, they are also cutting off your cats. So sister, I suggest you call me as soon as possible because there are some conditions you need to know about as your life is about to change. Fast. Oh, and drag your fat ass home because you ARE expected for Thanksgiving. Did I mention that they are meeting with their lawyer in two weeks? Something about the will. Ok then. Call me unless you want to be homeless. Oops. I let that slip. *CLICK*

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 33511/17/2014

I love the Michfest Thanksgiving thread. I picture a house with coffee tables that are planks with cement blocks as legs and lots of dying plants.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 33611/18/2014

Wombkin! Systers! I ask you to gather with me around the cuntputer after we partake in our repast to watch my fully self-funded film, "It's a Wonderful Life ... only if you are a Straight, White Rapist."

I will upload it to WombTube only the day before so you will not see it before and post spoilers.

I can guarantee that this will be the Solstice classic for decades to come. Bonus: look for the scene I filmed at the fest under the tree that used to be the watermelon tree.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 33711/18/2014

[quote]If the loaf if pre-sliced and arranged in a manner where it does not resemble a penis, that may be acceptable, but PLEASE check with me FIRST.



Knife on the land!!!!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 33811/18/2014

R5 how dare you speech rape us by using the patriarchal term that refers to the continent-rape inflicted upon us by European males.

OP stated her boundaries and we stand in solidarity with our First Nation systers! Gaia heal us all!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 33911/18/2014

R333 Sister Hera, your aura will be respected and allowed its own space. But to clarify, is that 5 feet from your physical body or 5 feet from the edge of your Rascal?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 34011/18/2014


I'm dyin' here!!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 34111/18/2014

Once again, no latecomers.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 34211/18/2014

If any wimmin of color would like to display their breast casts from the summer, I have cleared off space next to the litterbox. We can all gain a deep appreciation there.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 34311/18/2014

Some of my fellow systers cannot keep a secret, mainly due to the influence that PPPs/rapists have had over their lives. It’s not fault, but the fault of all PPPs/rapists. This was going to a surprise, but I might as well reveal it to all. Our special guest at our womyn’s feastival this year will be a certain syster senator-elect . She is the embodiment of femyle power. And, as we’ve assumed due to her haircut , military service, and years of castrating PiPPs (Pigs with Penises), shye is a true syster. As we supposed, her marriage to a PPP was merely a ploy to empower her rise (and that of all womyns) with the votes of other PPPs and to obtain the rapist juice necessary to conceive baby systers.

And, yes, the senator-elect will be working with Systers Pussy Willow and Dandelioness Picker to ensure that their simulation of the castration of a PPP is as accurate and realistic as possible. Her years of wielding the knife to further femyle empowerment over the oppressive, rapist PiPP establishment will indeed prove invaluable in adding laughs to our after dinner comedic entertainmynt.

And do not forget to bond and create memories with Systers Clitoris Claiborne and Sweet Pussy Juice of Womynhattan, who will be joining us systers for the first time this year. Just remember boundaries....their lady parts and power tools are their own and not for sharing without invitation.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 34411/18/2014

On second thought, I have cancelled the dinner. Instead, I have declared a day of mourning for the first nation sisters who were victimized by white men when they conquered the land. I am going to drape my house in black and drum.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 34511/18/2014

Trigger words! M*n for obvious reasons. Please use PPP/rapist instead.

Dr*m is spelled and pronounced too similarly to a beverage once enjoyed by our systers in recovery and may force them into relapse. Please use the term “percussion instrument sounded with the hands or sticks” instead.

In addition, it has come to our attention that several mynopausal systers infiltrated the mynstrual hut at our last gathering. The mynstrual hut is exclusively for the bonding of systers who are mystrating at that time. To ensure compliance at this year’s gathering, Syster Moon Beam on Earth will be checking each syster for signs of mynstration. If it ain’t RED, you’ll wish you were DEAD!

I’m telling you now, so I won’t have to get serious with you later.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 34611/18/2014

The five-layer dip is not coming out from the kitchen until whoever took the autographed CD of “Modern Scream” returns it to the CD shelf. I’m saying this once, and only once.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 34711/18/2014

Can the host please make sure that the toilet seat is super glued down this year?

I'm still doing aural cleansing colour therapy to remove the memory of the vicious and unwarranted attack upon my person which occurred last year upon seeing the toilet seat left in an upright position. Even typing this message has seen me reach for my yellow protective warding shawl.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 34811/18/2014

Tofurkey loaf


The guests are all pasty white and thin

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 34911/18/2014

Systers, please stop this squabbling. You're playing right into the hands of our penised oppressors, who live to divide and conquer. Your verbal violence wounds my most sacred yoni blossom. It weeps. Resist, systers!

Let us engage in a few rounds of DolphinBRETH and reminisce about the good old days, when we could :: BEGIN TRIGGERING CONTENT:: move freely without mobility scooters and CPAP machines. ::END TRIGGERING CONTENT::

::SEIZURE WARNING:: The following video contains lights, colors, movement, sound, and my formerly lush, black, luxurious bush hidden under an item of sweat shop clothing. To this day, I repent.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 35011/18/2014

Oh, such sweet memories. To be a size 32 again.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 35111/18/2014

The wimmin of MichFest are bonafide nutloafs.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 35211/18/2014

Dear Sisters, This is Denise. I have received your invitation. It was nice, but consider putting in a leather or pigskin cover next Thanksgiving. However, I gladly accept the invitation to your fellowship. I will be coming with my husband (Lee) and 2 grown sons (Pat and Dale). We’re in for a treat, but so are you. I will be bringing fresh veal to the gathering! Lots of it! Hope you like it rare. And, some of my special homemade eggnog…though I have been accused of being a bit heavy on the rum added for “flavoring.” I also volunteer to help with the cleanup while the menfolk enjoy their football. My boys are hoping all the nonsense is over, and Ray Rice is back by then.

Looking forward to it.

P.S. You might want to run spellcheck. I don’t expect us ladies to spell as good as the menfolk, but you seem to misspell women, sister, and some other words quite a lot. Just being women I'm sure. lol

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 35311/19/2014

Waitaminute. Is smoking permitted at this shin-dig?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 35411/23/2014

No smoking unless you want to get hit with water from a fire hose!


by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 35511/26/2014

Today, the celebrated ritualized murder of our turkey systren! The stain of cranberry sauce is on YOU, America.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 35611/27/2014

Who would come to a Thanksgiving dinner without Turkey? It's UnAmerican!

Don't you remember what happened when Marie Barone served the Tofu turkey? Yuk........

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 35711/27/2014

The Rainbow Express is gassed up an on its way! I am live twatting the travel route on Twatter @ #CashGrass-N-Ass. If you need a ride, stand along the route markings with your hands in an inverted prayer formation resembling a splayed vajay-hole and... let's rock-n-roll!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 35811/27/2014

[quote]a fire hose!


by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 35911/27/2014

Well alright sister, if I can't smoke, I'll just chew my skoal.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 36011/27/2014

I am publicly shaming the person who took my Wiccan-blessed sage - which I had INTENDED to use in a pre-meal cleansing ritual of the syster space - and used it in the gluten-free, casein-free, etc stuffing. Needless to say, I feel VIOLATED.

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 36111/27/2014

Ouch, sorry sister 361! I thought that sage was my chaw!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 36211/27/2014

Is there any more of that cruelty-free chardonnay left?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 36311/27/2014

[quote] If any wimmin of color would like to display their breast casts from the summer, I have cleared off space next to the litterbox. We can all gain a deep appreciation there.

Is the display for womyn of color in this lifetime only?

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 36411/27/2014

Hey! Who wants to go People Of Color Freya's Day shopping with me? Home Depot has DeWalt staple guns BOGO and Tractor Supply has Carhartt coveralls 50% off!

by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 36511/27/2014


by Moonblossom Bloodflowreply 36604/22/2015
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