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Matthew McConaughey Oscar 2014?

Looking VERY skinny for Dallas Buyers Club. The Academy loves a transformation!

by Natalie Portmanreply 1805/04/2013

He can't act, did you mean an Oscar other than an acting Oscar?

by Natalie Portmanreply 111/12/2012

I've read that he's campaigning for a nom for Magic Mike. Showing up to special Academy screenings and Q&As.

by Natalie Portmanreply 211/12/2012

I wonder if she will milk it like Hathaway is milking her weight loss for Les Mis.

by Natalie Portmanreply 311/12/2012

If [bold]he[/bold] will milk it...

by Natalie Portmanreply 411/12/2012

I think he needs to put in just a good performance and he's in for the nomination after all his recent work - a win seems unlikely, but a lead nom for him would obviously be great.

He's been getting raves for that Mud and had an amazing year last year with several films.

The only thing I think might stop him is the Z list supporting cast, he needs some good actors and a director to lift him higher. It sounds indie style so that may help.

And I just checked his Imdb page and he's in The Wolf of Wall Street so that shows how high his stock has went up. And Spike Jonze is in that?! And Jonah Hill, this sounds better than even expected.

As for 2014 Oscars, I'm staying out of it till the end of summer. I don't need to know anything at this stage, it becomes too obsessive and it's tiring by the time nominations come in after a long season that starts like September.

by Natalie Portmanreply 505/04/2013

That's not really skinny. You should all see Fassbender in Hunger. That was scary skinny. Great movie BTW.

by Natalie Portmanreply 605/04/2013

Hope it was worth ruining his looks. He had to puff his deflated face back up with fillers after wasting away like that at his age and now he looks like Summer Redstone.

by Natalie Portmanreply 705/04/2013

I love Shame but wasn't sure about Hunger at the time despite the acclaim R6. Forgot about that.

Maybe Fassy became haggard after going so skinny as well, except he did it young.

by Natalie Portmanreply 805/04/2013

Christian Bale got fat and a combover for American Hustle so maybe that beats the skinny.

by Natalie Portmanreply 905/04/2013

Fat never beats Skinny, R9.

by Natalie Portmanreply 1005/04/2013

McBongo looks like crap

by Natalie Portmanreply 1105/04/2013

Damn, those are some ugly kids.

by Natalie Portmanreply 1205/04/2013

I am not a huge McBongo fan, but I liked him in "Mud." In my opinion, "Mud" is the best movie of 2013 thus far, and McBongo was superb in the role.

by Natalie Portmanreply 1305/04/2013

Where did this idea come from that he's not a good actor? Sure, he did some stinkers, but he's been on a hot streak and should have been nominated for Magic Mike.

by Natalie Portmanreply 1405/04/2013

He's the same in every role. Yes, he changes it up to a degree but it's always Matthew on the screen. He was great in Magic Mike but IMO he was doing a ratcheted up version of himself.

He's no Meryl Streep.

by Natalie Portmanreply 1505/04/2013

R14 He was good in Magic Mike, but he for sure didn't deserve an Oscar nom for it. Please.

by Natalie Portmanreply 1605/04/2013

Magic Mike was very Tom Cruise Magnolia. I much preferred Killer Joe.

by Natalie Portmanreply 1705/04/2013

Can't act. But there's someone (or people) on this site who think Brad Pitt is a good actor so...

by Natalie Portmanreply 1805/04/2013
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