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Dominion Wackiness Post of the Week: Pure Insanity

Kendal at The Father Knows Best titles her post-election post "Blah...", like it's no big whoop, but of course she's all riled up: "Well, America has spoken, ladies. I have to tell you that I am just disgusted, absolutely disgusted. And somewhat baffled... I believe electing Obama again is pure insanity. Didn't America learn anything from his previous term? It's obvious that the American people are blinded. Blinded by selfishness, laziness and greed. We want handouts. We don't want to work hard for our money. We want government to clean up our messes, and wipe our..... Okay, yes I should stop there." But she doesn't! And the idiocy continues in the comments section when vegan raw foodist Alysa replies, "I actually really liked his acceptance (thats what its called, right?) speech..." But at least Alysa has an excuse, being a homeschooled tween.

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 211/12/2012

Those silly women, drooling after Mitt! Toby Sumpter is having none of it. After establishing that "a man shouldn't put his penis into another man's anus," Toby tells us exactly why the Republicans lost: "I do think that the Republican Party represents the American Church quite well. It's full of smarmy, luke warm, tentative, flip-flopping, spineless do-gooders. Mitt got the nomination because he represented us well, as embarrassing as it is... At least Democrats have balls."

Have a great week, Dataloungers!

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 111/12/2012

Why would America being evil surprise them? Hasn't that been their assumption all along?

by DominionWackinessTrollreply 211/12/2012
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