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Sunday Night

Dancing in my swimsuit, drunk, listening to trance on Sirius.

Monday is not going to go well but I don't care right now.

by Drunk. Cum join me! -Wehoreply 311/11/2012

It's always nice to have fun but I have 2 problems with your type of fun:

A) getting drunk-I just find it pathetic, especially alone because it means you're unhappy.

B) trance...1 of the worst forms of "music" around.

by Drunk. Cum join me! -Wehoreply 111/11/2012

dreading Monday as well but not drunk. only had two drinks earlier. Life is getting more and more stressful, and lonely.

by Drunk. Cum join me! -Wehoreply 211/11/2012

chill out R1

let him be.

im in Malibu getting drunk with my friend and were listening to 80's pop and rock en espanol and dancing and making out. i'm the trouble maker and he's the wallflower. but we are both well off $$$$ and democrats.

life is too short to be a goody too shoes.

by Drunk. Cum join me! -Wehoreply 311/11/2012
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