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WFMU Hell and High Water Marathon

Pretty sure some posters here listen to this station? If so ...

'Unless you're living in a fur-lined fallout shelter...

You've doubtless seen images or heard tales of the destruction, damage, havoc, and disgusting sludge that Superstorm Sandy brought upon the NJ/NY area. Unfortunately, WFMU fell victim to storm damage in a myriad of ways, and we need to recover FAST in order to remain solvent.

We are fortunate to have avoided flooding, and everyone is safe (though many DJs suffered personal damage and dislocation), but the financial realities of cancelling our annual Record Fair on top of the substantial electrical damage the storm brought upon our equipment has forced us to beg for your help immediately.

Please make a pledge to help WFMU's storm recovery efforts!'

by Just passing on the inforeply 011/11/2012
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