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Can You Tell Someone's Race Just By Listening To Their Voice?

Completely politically incorrect, but 99.9% of the time I can tell if it's a black person or white person talking without seeing them.

Can you guess a person's race just by listening to their voice?

by Grand Dragon reply 1711/11/2012

Bitch, whatchu talking bout? I am a managerial and I speaks very good.

by Grand Dragon reply 111/10/2012

I have heard that black people can often tell a white person's voice because it has a slightly shriller sound than black people which is supposedly one explanation for the term "honky" for white people, because the voices often sound like they are "honking" like geese maybe? It may have something to do with nose structure; generally speaking the Caucasian nose is "aquiline" or narrower than the "Negroid" which is generally broader and flatter. In both cases differing structure of the head produces a different sound when speaking. It is easy to confuse slang and accent with just the sound of someone speaking however but they are very different things.

by Grand Dragon reply 211/10/2012

Yes, different races have distinctive voices.

by Grand Dragon reply 311/10/2012

good to get some explanation for "honky", but what about "cracker"?

by Grand Dragon reply 411/10/2012

I can tell if a woman is Jewish just by the way she pronounces certain words and the inflection in her voice. Even if she only spent a short part of her life on the east coast. OY!

by Grand Dragon reply 511/10/2012

There are several black comedians that have black vs white voices in their routine, in a way they seem to think white people have more feminine voices. It seems to ring true for the guys, but I think with females it can be bit trickier to tell.

by Grand Dragon reply 611/10/2012

I can tell an Asian by the nasally sound. Listen to the newscasters to hear what I mean.

by Grand Dragon reply 711/10/2012

Did y'all really just aks that?

by Grand Dragon reply 811/10/2012

Sometimes, unless they grew up around another race, then all bets are off.

by Grand Dragon reply 911/10/2012

Sometimes yes, sometimes no. As with most things.

by Grand Dragon reply 1011/10/2012

Obviously, no one can get away with doing research on why it's so, but clearly the timbre of black and white Americans is different. On the other hand, Asian-Americans sound identical to white Americans.

Beside the voice sound itself, there are also the set of well-known shibboleths: restaurant, library, ask, police, aunt.

by Grand Dragon reply 1111/10/2012

More appropriate to this place, how many words into a telephone conversation does it take to tell if someone is gay? More than one?

by Grand Dragon reply 1211/10/2012

Yes, it's possible when you are exposed to enough black and white people. The same way you can differ between straight and gay people when you are around enough of them or differ between Chinese, Japanese, and Koreans when you are around enough of them.

The more data your senses have on file regarding that matter the better their deduction skills.

by Grand Dragon reply 1311/11/2012

Yeah, so far in this life, I can. There's an underlying tone that's more assertive in blacks and asians are more fluid or "whiny.". Whites are more neurotic in their speech (see Woody Allen for the most extreme) when expressing emotion, blacks are more angry even when they're not angry, asians are more needy but not self-absorbed like whites "please excuse me."

by Grand Dragon reply 1411/11/2012

Sometimes white people sound black, like Bobby Bloom.

by Grand Dragon reply 1511/11/2012

Blacks are easy of course,nobody fucks up the English language more then them.

by Grand Dragon reply 1611/11/2012

Wow, didn't see that one coming R_16.

by Grand Dragon reply 1711/11/2012
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