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When's the last time you had a really good screw?

Tell us about it, doll!

by Edwinareply 711/12/2012

These people don't remember you, Edwina. But I do.

Can you help us win our Datalounge back? It's been taken over by socialists who don't use internet dating sites and want the Internet to turn into Europe.

by Edwinareply 111/10/2012

No love for me, poo-stabbers?

by Edwinareply 211/10/2012

My last visit to Home Depot.

by Edwinareply 311/10/2012

I think after a certain age it's all relative....

by Edwinareply 411/10/2012

Election night.

by Edwinareply 511/10/2012


by Edwinareply 611/11/2012

Back when dl was young I signed up for Edwina, but I made no love connections there!

by Edwinareply 711/12/2012
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