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What'll It Be?

The job of every Faux News employee and Republicsn operative is to spend the next 4 years trying to embroil the president in some kind of scandal.

After the Petraeus incident, I don't think Benghazi will do at all. Too much electronic proff of involvement by CIA and military people trying to create a scandal out of dead Americans.

So what will they try next?

by Tara Rist Fystbumppreply 611/10/2012

Yah, prof = proof

by Tara Rist Fystbumppreply 111/10/2012

I think FOx News got their wings clipped a bit

by Tara Rist Fystbumppreply 211/10/2012

Secretly, Michelle Obama eats lbs of bacon at a time while guzzling 64 oz slurpees

by Tara Rist Fystbumppreply 311/10/2012

I think they're keeping the "Chicago-Style Politics" thing in reserve. Every scandal that hits in Chicago (and it's a given there will be some) they'll try to pin on Obama. Don't forget Bill Daley, Obama's former Chief of Staff, is rumored to be planning a run for Illinois Governor.

I'm surprised they haven't done more with the Jesse Jackson Jr. thing already.

by Tara Rist Fystbumppreply 411/10/2012

And it will backfire big-time just like it did when Repubs tried to go after Clinton in his second term. Ken Starr, anyone?

by Tara Rist Fystbumppreply 511/10/2012

Look at the vulnerabilities. If Rice becomes the nominee for SoS they will milk the Beghazzi thing as long as possible. They will find some new excuse to go after AG Holder. They will go after Sotomayer or Kagan on the Spreme Court to taint any future nominees.

They will find evidence of $$$ excesses in the White House. They will maunfacture marital discord even suggesting one of the Obamas has had an affair. They will connect some sexual picadillos of the Secret Service to Obama.

They will find somethng ugly to say about Geithner. They will scour the President's every act and utterance to manufacture some impeachable offense. Get inside their heads. Think the way they do. None of these things is real, but they will manufacture anything say anything do anything. They will try to find Obama's version of a "47%" tape, only race based.

I feel sorry for POTUS. It will be like living in a glass prison 24/7 for the next four years. IF, as it is very likely, something bad happens, if someone makes a mistake or has a lapse in judgement, the GOP will go apeshit. They will magnify every mistep.

by Tara Rist Fystbumppreply 611/10/2012
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