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**BREAKING NEWS** Obama wins Florida

Al Gore eat your heart out.

by Anitareply 211/10/2012

And someone better hold Joe Scarborough's feet to the fire about the moustache thing.

by Anitareply 111/10/2012

The president captured 48% of the Cuban-American vote in Florida—a record high for a Democrat, according to an exit poll by Bendixen & Amandi International, Mr. Obama's Hispanic polling firm. Republican Mitt Romney received 52%.

The figure for Mr. Obama is backed up by a national exit poll for media organizations that showed him winning 49% of the Cuban-American vote in the state. By comparison, he captured 35% of that vote four years ago. In 2004, Democrat John Kerry received 29% of the state's Cuban-American vote, and in 2000, Democrat Al Gore won 25% of it.

by Anitareply 211/10/2012
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