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Straight ally upsets Rep. Mary Bono Mack in Palm Springs area

November 9th, 2012

PALM SPRINGS, Calif. – LGBT voters in droves helped elect Dr. Raul Ruiz to an upset victory over U.S. Rep. Mary Bono Mack on Tuesday, according to unofficial results.

Ruiz, who campaigned as a straight ally of the LGBT community, ousted Bono Mack, who is the stepmother of transgender activist Chaz Bono.

Bono Mack, who was a seven-term U.S. representative and a Republican, had a checkered voting record on LGBT rights and represented an area where the LGBT community is growing and showing its political clout.

Ruiz is an emergency room physician and the son of migrant farm workers who promised full support of LGBT equality.

Mack’s husband, Connie Mack IV, also lost on Tuesday in his bid to win the U.S. Senate seat from Florida. He was viewed as more conservative than his father, Connie Mack III, who was a well-respected Senator from Florida. Mack and Bono Mack met while each served in the House.

Two gay men win election in Cathedral City

Voters in Cathedral City, Calif., have elected Chip Yarborough as Mayor and re-elected Greg Pettis to the City Council. Both men are gay.

by Do you think he is cute?reply 1211/10/2012

Mack Bono must be dumber than a box of rocks to vote against the best interests of a large bloc of voters in her district.

by Do you think he is cute?reply 111/09/2012

I've always heard Mary is incredibly dumb.

Her husband is a pampered, overgrown frat boy and none too smart himself.

by Do you think he is cute?reply 211/09/2012

She's gotten away with it in the past, R1, and there was a chance she could do so again.

by Do you think he is cute?reply 311/09/2012

That's awesome! Have a husband and wife ever been thrown out on their asses from Congress before? It's funny how they both lost big...especially since their plan was so deceptive...maintaining separate residences so that one could represent California, and the other could represent Florida.

by Do you think he is cute?reply 411/09/2012

Sen. Bill Nelson (D-FL) CRUSHED Connie Mack by 13 points (55%-42%).

I'm glad se still have Bill Nelson (not to be confused with the DINO Ben Nelson of Nebraska who is retiring).

Remember when Dick Morris predicted Mack would beat Nelson?

by Do you think he is cute?reply 511/09/2012

Mack spends most of his time in California even though he claims otherwise. Just another Republican who enjoys all the amenities of living in a blue state while pretending to love the backwater homes of their constituents.

by Do you think he is cute?reply 611/09/2012

Mary and Connie Mack will be filing for divorce by year-end.

by Do you think he is cute?reply 711/09/2012

I'd like to scream along with my legions of gay fans who helped defeat her: MARY!!

by Do you think he is cute?reply 811/10/2012

I guess now Ms. Mary Mack is all dressed in black, black, black.

by Do you think he is cute?reply 911/10/2012

For some reason it didn't occur to me that the Mack in Mary Bono Mack was the Florida GOP clan.

Are the Macks members of the Co$ too?

by Do you think he is cute?reply 1011/10/2012

Miss Mary Mack! Mack! Mack!

All dressed in black! Black! Black!

by Do you think he is cute?reply 1111/10/2012

My ex-wife has been barking up the wrong ideological tree. Trees have not been good to us.

by Do you think he is cute?reply 1211/10/2012
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