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Breaking News: JONAH HILL, DON LEMON currently in ongoing Twitter fight

Jonah Hill apparently though Don was a hotel bellman and snubbed him; now he is being vaguely homophobic to Don in his comments!

Here is Don's tweets, apparently Jonah deleted his already!

Don Lemon ‏@DonLemonCNN Said hi to @jonahhill in hotel. Think he thought i was bellman. Didn't know his name til bellman told me. A lesson to always be kind.

Don Lemon ‏@DonLemonCNN . @JonahHill Hardly. You're not my type. But I know rude. And u were.

by Anderson Cooperreply 15411/11/2012

Kathy Griffin ‏@kathygriffin Holy shitballs! Hilar twat war btween @JonahHill & @DonLemonCNN NOT taking sides gents, just enjoying it!

by Anderson Cooperreply 111/08/2012

Jonah Hill ‏@JonahHill @DonLemonCNN I said hi what do you want me to do move in with you? I was in a hurry. Didn't realize you were a 12 year old girl. Peace.

by Anderson Cooperreply 211/08/2012

Jonah Hill is a giant piece of shit.

by Anderson Cooperreply 311/08/2012

Is it just me, or does anyone else have a hard time reading tweets? I can't tell who's talking to whom and who's saying what...

by Anderson Cooperreply 411/08/2012

Who is Jonah Hill? I'm too lazy to Google and you can't or won't help, GET THE FUCK OFF THE INTERNET!

by Anderson Cooperreply 511/08/2012

I don't understand tweet messages either.

by Anderson Cooperreply 611/08/2012

I don't understand what this 'fight' is about. Is Don Lemon mad that Jonah Hill didn't say hello to him? Why does he care?

by Anderson Cooperreply 711/08/2012

Don Lemon called out Jonah Hill for throwing shade when Don tried to say hi in a hotel lobby.

Jonah posted a snotty reply.

Don then undercut his own argument by saying he told Jonah hello but a bellman finally had to tell him who Jonah was.

In other words, it's the equivalent of famous people saying, "AND THEN SHE WAS ALL... " "OH, NO SHE DIDN'T!" "AND I WAS ALL..."

by Anderson Cooperreply 811/08/2012

Don Lemon ‏first wrote:

Said hi to @jonahhill in hotel. Think he thought i was bellman. Didn't know his name til bellman told me. A lesson to always be kind.

Jonah Hill ‏the responded:

I said hi what do you want me to do move in with you? I was in a hurry. Didn't realize you were a 12 year old girl. Peace.

Don Lemon ‏replied:

Hardly. You're not my type. But I know rude. And u were.

Jonah replied again:

i walked out of the restroom and found you waiting for me. Shook hands, said hi and was on my way. Sorry if you found that rude

by Anderson Cooperreply 911/08/2012

I met Jonah years ago, and he was really nice. But I've seen some comments here and there that he's settled into status-quo actor douchebaggery. Too bad, if true.

by Anderson Cooperreply 1011/08/2012

It seems like a stupid, pointless rant.

by Anderson Cooperreply 1111/08/2012

[quote]It seems like a stupid, pointless rant.

That's what I hate about Twitter!

by Anderson Cooperreply 1211/08/2012

They both need to admit that they are posting on twitter high as hell and this little "incident" never occurred.

by Anderson Cooperreply 1311/08/2012

Didn't see where Jonah was being a douche. Why is Don being all whiney about Jonah not doing more than saying hi and shaking his hand? He said "hi" damn !

by Anderson Cooperreply 1411/08/2012

I like Don Lemon but I don't understand why he felt the need to post this on twitter. Not classy. It doesn't sound like Jonah Hill did anything except not stand there and shoot the breeze. Maybe he really was busy and in a hurry. Don Lemon loses this one.

by Anderson Cooperreply 1511/08/2012

***Breaking News***: My cat just slightly repositioned herself in her cat bed!!!!!!

by Anderson Cooperreply 1611/08/2012

I agree R15. It is Don Lemon who seems to be being ridiculously bitchy here. Was Jonah Hill required to do something other than say hi? Why are you blasting this over twitter?

by Anderson Cooperreply 1711/08/2012

Sometimes the in-person-moment tells more than the description afterward. Maybe Don is over reacting or maybe Jonah was a lot more dismissive than he is letting on. Clearly, neither knew the other one was someone important. Being not famous enough is a bitch.

by Anderson Cooperreply 1811/08/2012

R5, you are a lazy SOB & should have looked this up yourself, but I did it because I never heard of Jonah Hill either, & now I'll share it with you just because I'm a nice person.

Now then: I still have no idea who Jonah Hill is, but I do know that I can't stand Don Lemon, so I'm happy to sneer at him about this.

by Anderson Cooperreply 1911/08/2012

Girls, girls. You're both annoying twits. Take it to a stall.

by Anderson Cooperreply 2011/08/2012

I don't know what happened. However, it's very common for heterosexual guys to downplay or dismiss what they do to gay people.

by Anderson Cooperreply 2111/08/2012

Jonah Hill was nominated for best supporting actor last year for "Money ball"... how can you not know that?

by Anderson Cooperreply 2211/08/2012

Don Lemon really does seem like quite the little cunt. Someone really needs to take these celebrities off of twitter. Especially the one who's supposed to be a respected journalist.

by Anderson Cooperreply 2311/08/2012

jonah sounds like a racist homophobe snob.

by Anderson Cooperreply 2411/08/2012

Disagree, r24. Don Lemon sounds very petty right now. I don't automatically think that people who aren't super friendly are necessarily rude, especially if I have only had a brief encounter with them.

by Anderson Cooperreply 2511/08/2012

Jonah Hill is gross and in all of those stupid movies. Can he be the one we hate?

by Anderson Cooperreply 2611/08/2012

Much ado about nothing. I've hard of both, but I don't know if I would recognize them in person. Without being there we can't really know who was in the wrong.

by Anderson Cooperreply 2711/08/2012

R 16 I agree- your news is actually more important.

by Anderson Cooperreply 2811/08/2012

Is there something more to the story (because as of now there is not much to it)? Is Jonah Hill some major racist behind the scenes or something and Lemon used the opportunity to mention it so when in a couple of years Hill gets into big trouble with a racism scandal Lemon can point to that very twitter post?

by Anderson Cooperreply 2911/08/2012

I can't read twitter..Jonah thought Don was the bellman...or vice versa?

by Anderson Cooperreply 3011/08/2012

R30, Jonah didn't know who Don was and according to Don assumed he is a bellman. Then Don indicated he didn't know who Jonah is. It's very juvenile if you ask me. Without more details we don't know who's in the wrong.

by Anderson Cooperreply 3111/08/2012

R16 so funny!

by Anderson Cooperreply 3211/08/2012

I thought Hill was closeted?

Maybe that's the origin of the pissiness of this spat.

by Anderson Cooperreply 3311/08/2012

Don Lemon needs to stop being so desperate for attention. This latest Twitter fight is pathetic. So Jonah Hill failed to recognize a minor news anchor, and Don is getting so upset about it that he has to whine about the whole incident on Twitter? Does he even realize what a fool he's making of himself, or is his ego so big that he can't get past the "diss" of not being recognized by another public figure?

by Anderson Cooperreply 3411/09/2012

SO petty. What is Lemon's purpose in tweeting about this? To get some people to "hate" Jonah Hill? To get people in Lemon's "camp?" The whole damn thing is high school. I always say it, "the wrong people are famous."

by Anderson Cooperreply 3511/09/2012

Is Jonah Hill like a great big fat person?

by Anderson Cooperreply 3611/09/2012

Perhaps Don would've ignored it if he didn't get the impression that Hill had mistaken him for the bellman, a racist assumption. Plus Don said he was rude. Whatever the case, bringing it up on twitter elicited an interesting response. "Did you want me to move in with you?" Which translated is: "After all, you're a faggot, and I'm not going to leave that out of my comeback, you faggot." Crazy how hostile DL'ers are to openly gay celebrities, even defending bloated bigots like Hill in the process.

by Anderson Cooperreply 3711/09/2012

LOL r16!.

by Anderson Cooperreply 3811/09/2012

R37, SO not a Jonah Hill fan and have a feeling that whatever went down, it is more likely than not that he was being some sort of douchebag. But for Don Lemon to TWEET what he did, doesn't really shine the light on Hill, but reflects back on Lemon as being seriously petty and silly. In other words, a freakin' TWEET about this was not the best way to handle it, I don't think. Lemon must have been SERIOUSLY offended, though, for him to do this. He seems like a classy, professional guy.

And, yeah, Hill's reaction does have homophobic overtones to it. BIG time. Asshole phobe tones.

by Anderson Cooperreply 3911/09/2012

Don doesn't describe what Hill did to assume he thinks Hill thought he was the bellman. And he then admits he didn't even know who Jonah Hill is but that Jonah did say hello.

I have no idea why Don is going off on this on Twitter.

by Anderson Cooperreply 4011/09/2012

Isn't Hill supposed to be a huge cokehead? Maybe Don was pissed he didn't get a bump.

by Anderson Cooperreply 4111/09/2012

Whatever happened between these two nobodies, it doesn't reflect well on Lemon to bring this up on Twitter. He makes it sound like he was mostly offended because Hill didn't know who he was. How petty!

by Anderson Cooperreply 4211/09/2012

Is Don Lemon Liz Lemon's father?

by Anderson Cooperreply 4311/09/2012

"Jonah, you know how bitchy fags can be"

by Anderson Cooperreply 4411/09/2012

R43 No. He's (the late) Jack Lemmon's son

by Anderson Cooperreply 4511/09/2012

No, Don Lemon is Don Cornelius' (from Soul Train) son.

by Anderson Cooperreply 4611/09/2012

If Lemon didn't know who Jonah Hill was, why was he so eager to say hello to him?

by Anderson Cooperreply 4711/09/2012

Don Lemon = Log Cabin Republican

by Anderson Cooperreply 4811/09/2012

Poor Don, stamping his little foot in outrage because some character actor failed to recognize him! Don honey, I hate to break it to you but you're simply not that famous.

by Anderson Cooperreply 4911/09/2012

Jonah Hill thinks he's HUGE star. He'll be done in 5 years.

by Anderson Cooperreply 5011/09/2012

Don went on television and bitched about this.

by Anderson Cooperreply 5111/09/2012

r47, sometimes you say hi to strangers because you happen to make eye contact and it's the polite thing to do. And Don's beef was that Johan might have said hi, but did it a rude way like, why is a pee-on bellman expecting polite behavior from a big star like Johah Hill!

by Anderson Cooperreply 5211/09/2012

Don is great and he and his bf are a great couple.

by Anderson Cooperreply 5311/09/2012

Is Don Lemon the fight promoter with the crazy hair?

by Anderson Cooperreply 5411/09/2012

Wow R51, so now Don goes on TV to complain about this whole thing? I guess he doesn't realize how he keeps embarrassing himself by not letting go of this "incident". Just wow.

by Anderson Cooperreply 5511/09/2012

Anyone commenting from here on out has to watch r51 first, it's an in-depth explanation from Lemon's perspective, just a minute long.

by Anderson Cooperreply 5611/09/2012

You hardly need to open this thread to know how it's going to go.

Don Lemon is gay.

Jonah Hill is/was a fat & homely loser type.

So it's obvious which one DL is going to side with on this.

by Anderson Cooperreply 5711/09/2012

Well, I'm fat and gay, and I have to say, especially after watching that TMZ clip, Don Lemon comes off as a prissy bitch. And right away goes to the racist place--oooh, he was treated like the help! Really?

by Anderson Cooperreply 5811/09/2012

Don Lemon's account of the incident in R51's link shows quite plainly that this is all about his bruised ego for not being recognized. I love how he makes sure to preface his re-telling of what happened with Jonah Hill by saying, "I was stuck in an airport for 6 hours in Cincinatti because the cabdriver wanted to take a picture with me". Bitch please, what has that do with your run-in with Hill? Sounds like someone has a big chip on his shoulders when it comes to being recognized by other people.

by Anderson Cooperreply 5911/09/2012

Jonah is fat and ugly, what Hollywood sees in him is beyond me.

by Anderson Cooperreply 6011/09/2012

Sounds like a tearoom cruising attempt gone wrong.

by Anderson Cooperreply 6111/09/2012


by Anderson Cooperreply 6211/09/2012

I'm glad I know how Jonah Hill treats minorities, how disgusting. Never seeing his films again.

by Anderson Cooperreply 6311/09/2012

I'm guessing some fault on both sides. Jonah was probably superior and a bit dismissive, and *did* give Don some weak handshake. But Don should have just shrugged his shoulders that the guy was revealed as an asshole and risen above it. Going on about it as he has been is making him look overly sensitive and chippy.

by Anderson Cooperreply 6411/09/2012

[quote]Didn't realize you were a 12 year old girl. Peace.

Like most gay men, Don Lemon IS a 12 year old girl.

by Anderson Cooperreply 6511/09/2012

R65..Is Ann Coulter........get the FUCK out of here, bitch.

by Anderson Cooperreply 6611/09/2012

News flash. I would not know Don if he was sucking my dick while drinking a martini🚬

by Anderson Cooperreply 6711/09/2012


by Anderson Cooperreply 6811/09/2012

So because you don't think Don is recognizable, he deserves to be mistreated? What the hell? No.

by Anderson Cooperreply 6911/09/2012

How exactly was he mistreated? I don't freak out every time some stranger fails to acknowledge me. That's just silly.

by Anderson Cooperreply 7011/09/2012

I'm no fan of Jonah Hill, but doesn't Don have anything better to do than get his panties in bunch over a possibly imagined slight?

Oh, that's right he works for CNN - so I guess the answer is NOPE.

by Anderson Cooperreply 7111/09/2012

I think Don is doing some drugs that is making him wired

by Anderson Cooperreply 7211/09/2012

I see Anderson is posting all over this thread. Don turned Anderson down for a quickie in the CNN break room and Anderson has never forgiven him.

by Anderson Cooperreply 7311/09/2012

I wouldn't know who Don Lemon is if I saw him either.

by Anderson Cooperreply 7411/09/2012

[quote]Crazy how hostile DL'ers are to openly gay celebrities, even defending bloated bigots like Hill in the process.

It's not so crazy when you consider how many straight people post here, R37.

by Anderson Cooperreply 7511/09/2012

Don should not have made this a public squabble. Both lose.

by Anderson Cooperreply 7611/09/2012

What a twat. Seems to me that Lemon is just trying to drum up a higher profile for himself.

He told his mom when he was 30 that he ahd been abused as a child. I hope it wasn't one of those recovered memory things.

Anyway he sounds like he got his ego bruised because someone didn't recognize him because there is NOTHING described by Lemon that shows Hill to have been rude at all. Who recognizes all CNN reporters? Lemon even admits that Hill shook his hand - but Lemon complained that it was a "wet handshake." Well, Hill was coming out of the bathroom at the time. Ew! Why would you even want to shake someone's hand as they were exiting a mens room?

Someone just wants attention but it's pretty low for Lemon to try to paint Hill as some racist over this and that is exactly what he is doing and he knows the effect it will have. Fuck him.

by Anderson Cooperreply 7711/09/2012

Boys .... Boys, stop it! You're both pretty!

by Anderson Cooperreply 7811/09/2012

Didn't Don Lemon play the middle, then oldest boy on My Three Sons? And didn't he recently die? I'm sorry he was so upset before he passed. RIP Don.

by Anderson Cooperreply 7911/09/2012

I wouldn't know either one of them.

And are they still called "bellboys"? That's kind of rude. I call them hotel employees.

by Anderson Cooperreply 8011/09/2012

They're called bellmen, not *boys.

by Anderson Cooperreply 8111/09/2012

Wow. Such hate for someone who came out and took such risks. Lemon should be admired for putting his career on the line and coming out. Unlike others, he had plenty to lose, and didn't have to be forced out.

And nice of Kathy Griffin to find homophobic behavior hysterical. You know if it was Anderson engaging in yet another drama queen moment, her banshee ass would be all over twitter defending him.

"Her gays" must only mean the white and incredibly shallow.

by Anderson Cooperreply 8211/09/2012

[quote]They're called bellmen, not *boys.

lol, no they're not. Let me guess, "boy" = black.

Get going, PC Mary!

by Anderson Cooperreply 8311/09/2012

[quote]I'm glad I know how Jonah Hill treats minorities, how disgusting. Never seeing his films again.

lmao. Trolling, trolling, trolling...

by Anderson Cooperreply 8411/09/2012

R83 has never stayed at one of them fancy hotels and doesn't know what bellmen are.

by Anderson Cooperreply 8511/09/2012

You have to wonder why Don made just a huge deal about this. What's got him so pressed?

by Anderson Cooperreply 8611/09/2012


by Anderson Cooperreply 8711/09/2012

Didn't Jonah Hill have some pissy bitch moments with Matthew Morrison and January Jones where he called them out for imagined slights in interviews? I give the benefit of the doubt to Lemon, since Hill has the history of shit-stirring.

by Anderson Cooperreply 8811/09/2012

R4 @4 and R6 @6 don't tell me that isn't what you didn't just say earlier #tweetingdrivesmeNUTS

by Anderson Cooperreply 8911/09/2012

The TMZ link makes it all clear. Don was standing next to a real bellhop, so how was Jonah supposed to tell that they weren't both of the servant class. You know, they kind of look the same.

by Anderson Cooperreply 9011/10/2012

O no u didnt

by Anderson Cooperreply 9111/10/2012

Aww I lurve Don Lemon, but not many people watch CNN frequently. It's very possible Fatty didn't recognize him. That comment about moving in with him was obnoxious and homophobic though.

by Anderson Cooperreply 9211/10/2012

and speaks to Hill's unattractiveness, too.

by Anderson Cooperreply 9311/10/2012

I have only one thing to say to Don Lemon about this.


by Anderson Cooperreply 9411/10/2012

[quote]They're called bellmen, not *boys.

Um, no, R81. Bellboys are an acceptable usage along with bellhop.

Webster's lists the primary definition of a bellman as someone who's a town crier.

by Anderson Cooperreply 9511/10/2012

Who cares if nobody knows who Don Lemon is, the point is, this Jonah Hill asshole ignored a fan. The guy called this asshole out for it. The only difference is this fan happens to work in the media.

Jonah Hill has always been an unfunny piece of shit. Why is he still working? His movies have all sucked.

by Anderson Cooperreply 9611/10/2012

The whole thing is confusing coming from Lemon. He says he "thought that guy was funny" yet didn't KNOW WHO JONAH HILL WAS? Until he asked someone? Why would he CARE if someone he didn't know didn't say hello to him to his "satisfaction?" The whole thing makes my head hurt. And wasn't explained very well by Lemon. Or very convincingly either. Through NONE of that, even watching the video, did I get why anyone would be highly insulted. I mean, Hill was blowing through the lobby, maybe rushed. Headed to pee. He comes out and says a quick hello to Don Lemon who HE might not have known. I would have no trouble believing Jonah Hill was pulling some star routine but still.

As others have stated, was this all about someone just not knowing who the hell Don Lemon was and not bowing down, as such?

by Anderson Cooperreply 9711/10/2012

r96, yes, if Lemon had stated it like "Boy, Jonah Hill sure had his star thing going on. Nose in the air, too busy for "fans" thing. He blew right past me, barely acknowledging my lowly existence." And maybe had a sense of humor about it. The point of Hill being a complete douchebag would have been much better made. He made it a personal affront, though, and acted righteously indignant. Which made LEMON look bad.

by Anderson Cooperreply 9811/10/2012

Lemon is being a BIG MARY.

by Anderson Cooperreply 9911/10/2012

R98, you know how many stories I have read from fans, even friends of mine who have met celebrities, or pro-athletes who have said far worse and have it made it all about them? When you're a celebrity, it IS all about the fans when you meet them. If you act holier-than-thou in any way with them, they tell everybody.

That's why so many celebrities leave huge tips - if they don't, they're assholes. It's tough being a celebrity, every move is watched.

by Anderson Cooperreply 10011/10/2012

The "Big Mary" thing is really homophobic.

by Anderson Cooperreply 10111/10/2012

and...really old. I think "Big Mary" was used back in 1950.

by Anderson Cooperreply 10211/10/2012

Why can't men ever get along?!!?? Moody hormonal bitches, always picking fights.

by Anderson Cooperreply 10311/10/2012

It's no secret that Don Lemon can be a grand diva and a drama queen, he said so himself in his book! Networks have suspended him for having too much attitude, but he has worked on it. After hearing him explain what happened is seems like he regrets even tweeting what he did. And he even said he's not as famous and Jonah Hill.

Don was just trying to pay him a compliment...and Jonah was an asshole. If Jonah WASNT an asshole he would have just taken the high road and apologized and not got into the back and forth.

by Anderson Cooperreply 10411/10/2012

Celebrities are boring.

by Anderson Cooperreply 10511/10/2012

Unless they had met before, Lemon shouldn't be so pressed that Hill didn't know who he was...if Hill did actually think Lemon was a bellman, that would be ridiculous though. Anyway, I love celebs on twitter and when they have twitter wars. It's so entertaining to watch them humiliate themselves like that.

by Anderson Cooperreply 10611/10/2012

Lemon is a Big ol' Mary.

by Anderson Cooperreply 10711/10/2012

Don Lemon is a fool. When he worked in Philadelphia he had a reputation for being obnoxious.

by Anderson Cooperreply 10811/10/2012

Was Hill in that stupid babysitting movie? It sucked? It had a few funny moments but not enough to make it work. Plus it was kind of weird how the big climax of the thing was the blacks kicking the criminal gays' asses, on behalf of our hero.

I hope that's his movie or else this post will sound really stupid.

by Anderson Cooperreply 10911/10/2012

[quote]Lemon shouldn't be so pressed that Hill didn't know who he was...

Thats not what he's mad about. How could he be pressed that Jonah didn't know who he was and he couldn't remember Jonah's name himself?

by Anderson Cooperreply 11011/10/2012

[quote]if Hill did actually think Lemon was a bellman, that would be ridiculous though.

That's Lemon's interpretation. According to his own testimony, Hill never called him a bellman or assumed he was one. He just shook his hand albeit brusquely. Lemon just jumped to conclusions that Hill thought he was "the help" 'cause he was in the company of a bellman.

[quote]Thats not what he's mad about. How could he be pressed that Jonah didn't know who he was and he couldn't remember Jonah's name himself?[/quote]

What I don't get is, if Lemon didn't know who Hill was, why would he make an attempt to converse with him, or shake his hand for that matter? It just doesn't seem like something you'd do with a stranger. Whenever I run into people in the elevator, we acknowledge each other with a smile and/or a nod of the head, but no touching. Unless we know each other, or if s/he looks familiar I make an attempt to make small talk. So I don't buy Lemon's account that he didn't know who Hill was. I think he just added that bit after he was supposedly spurned.

by Anderson Cooperreply 11111/10/2012

Boys boys...calm down,neither of you are pretty.

by Anderson Cooperreply 11211/10/2012

I have to admit that up to page 2 of this thread, I thought we were talking about one of those twinks who sang in that boy band with the purity rings.

by Anderson Cooperreply 11311/10/2012

It's hilarious to me that Lemon thought that because he considers himself to be famous, he should automatically be on friendly terms with someone else who is famous. And it is total bullshit for Lemon to claim he didn't know who Jonah Hill was. Like him or not, Hill is a movie star. If you're a newsman, you know who celebrities are or you're an idiot.

I wouldn't be able to pick Lemon out of a lineup, though, as most people who don't watch CNN would agree. I've heard the name but never seen him so it's ridiculous he thinks he's so famous.

by Anderson Cooperreply 11411/10/2012

Which is the top and which is the bottom ???

by Anderson Cooperreply 11511/11/2012

Both sides have egg on their face in this. Don should not be tweeting every little incident/encounter to the entire universe and Jonah should not think he is megastar due to one Oscar nom.

by Anderson Cooperreply 11611/11/2012

[quote]Jonah should not think he is megastar due to one Oscar nom.[/quote]

He is at least a B-list celebrity to Lemon's D. He's had a string of hits already and this year "21 Jump Street," which he co-wrote, was a huge hit for him and Channing Tatum, who's also become a big star himself lately. Furthermore, Jonah's got Tarantino's "Django Unchained" coming up and is currently filming Scorsese's "The Wolf of Wall Street," and he's got more big projects in the works. So he's not just a star 'cause he got an Oscar nom; he's a star because he's been in (and wrote) some hit movies and is working with A-list actors and directors.

by Anderson Cooperreply 11711/11/2012

I can't believe how quickly Don Lemon has fallen out of favor on the Datalounge. A month ago he was the savior of rap with vociferous defenders, now he's a grade D celebrity with no right to be offended by a racist, homophobic encounter with a supporting player best known for his obesity.

by Anderson Cooperreply 11811/11/2012

How was the encounter homophobic or racist? Lemon assumed Hill gave him the cold shoulder because Lemon thought Hill mistook him for the help, but nothing in his account indicated that he did. Nor did Hill say anything homophobic at the time. Lemon just had his ego bruised because another celebrity didn't recognize him or give him the time of day. God, I hate false cries of racism/homophobia.

by Anderson Cooperreply 11911/11/2012

He implied Lemon was the help hanging around restrooms to make his move and defended his actions by comparing him derisively to a female. It seems pretty clear cut to me.

by Anderson Cooperreply 12011/11/2012

The guys and gals at datalounge are sooo funny . I'm sure you would all enjoy Cancer survivor Tig Notaro's new tape.

It is called "Live" Pronounced "Liv"Lol. Famous gingers Conan and Louis CK are advocates. Available on ITunes. There is a chance that some of the money will go to cancer interests. Don't hesitate.

by Anderson Cooperreply 12111/11/2012

Don knows he is not famous. He said so ON THE AIR when discussing the incident with Soledad O'brien. Stop making Don out to have delusions of grandeur. He's not.

by Anderson Cooperreply 12211/11/2012

The fact that he was talking about this non-incident on the air and on twitter shows he has a massive ego. This is something I'd expect from some batshit reality show star.

by Anderson Cooperreply 12311/11/2012

Totally off topic, but I wonder if Don has ever done drag? He's such a pretty guy he'd make a stunning drag queen, RuPaul territory.

by Anderson Cooperreply 12411/11/2012

R95, I'm old, so I think of them (fondly) as bellhops.

by Anderson Cooperreply 12511/11/2012

[quote]They're called bellmen, not *boys.




They we're all jobs held primarily by... boys.

by Anderson Cooperreply 12611/11/2012

[quote]He implied Lemon was the help hanging around restrooms to make his move

I didn't read anything which suggested that Hill did this apart from Lemon claiming that Hill assumed he was 'the help'.

Frankly they both come off as drama queens. Isn't Don Lemon being a tad hysterical about this?

by Anderson Cooperreply 12711/11/2012

[quote]He implied Lemon was the help hanging around restrooms to make his move and defended his actions by comparing him derisively to a female.

Hill never thought Lemon was the help. Rather, it was Lemon who thought Hill mistook him for a bellman. And Hill only called him a little girl via twitter 'cause Lemon ranted about the supposed brush-off online.

What really happened was Hill came out of the bathroom and ran into Lemon, who was entering. Lemon said hi, but Hill didn't stick around to chat. Ha later tweeted in response to Lemon's tweet that he had been in a rush but had said hi back and shook Lemon's hand.

Nothing homophobic or racist about the encounter. It was Lemon who added the slant of racism. He thought Hill mistook him for a bellman because he was in the presence of another bellman, but Hill never called him a bellman or the help or said anything homophobic. Granted, he did resort to calling Lemon a 12-year-old girl, but that was after the fact and after Lemon called him "rude" on Twitter and implying that Hill thought he was a hotel worker. I'd be pissed, too, if I had a seemingly friendly 10-second encounter with a stranger only to have that stranger make assumptions about my actions on a public forum.

Lemon blew this way out of proportion. It's a non-story, or should've been. I think it says a lot about Lemon when a white stranger doesn't say more than two words to him and his mind immediately goes to racism.

I've been on both ends of a similar incident. In my office building, I've come out of the bathroom and run into an employee of another agency I may sorta know. They may say hi to me, but I may have been in a rush to say hi back. I've also said hi only to not get a hi back or eye contact. But I don't immediately think, "That guy is so rude! He probably doesn't like Hispanics." No, I think, "Oh, they must be in a rush," or, "they probably didn't see me."

by Anderson Cooperreply 12811/11/2012

It wouldn't surprise me if Jonah Hill is every bit the big lumpy turd that he appears, but the fault lies entirely with Don Lemon (whom I wouldn't recognize if he walked in the room wearing a name tag). Airing his dirty laundry in tweets and discussing the "incident" on TV programs demonstrates that Lemon's an asshole with an inflated sense of self. He's as much an asshole as the "B R E A K I N G N E W S" posters on DL for some ridiculous thing like this.

The turnings around of R16's cat are genuinely more interesting and important than some fool getting in a snit because a person not of his acquaintance didn't (or was not heard to) say "Hi" to him.

by Anderson Cooperreply 12911/11/2012

CNN needs to send his ass on an overseas assignment to a war-torn country or natural disaster like they do (or used to do) Anderson Cooper and Erin Burnett. Then maybe Don would quit his silly Twitter crying over what some B-list actor did or didn't do in a fookin' hotel lobby. It's pathetic.

by Anderson Cooperreply 13011/11/2012

[quote] I can't believe how quickly Don Lemon has fallen out of favor on the Datalounge

Lemon's behavior is being criticized. That's how. Act like an ass and you get it handed back to you.

People need to stop saying Lemon didn't know who Hill because he didn't know his name. He knew his face and where he'd seen him. I imagine a newsman feels the need to connect with well known people whenever and wherever he can for professional reasons

I still cannot believe Lemon went on CNN to try to blunt the criticism he was getting. He just made it worse. He has terrible judgment. I'm not familiar with his work but I'm beginning to suspect some of his success is down to how attractive he is. Right now he is coming across as a bimbo.

by Anderson Cooperreply 13111/11/2012

None of us know that Lemon did anything wrong, so stop with the bullshit. A man can't defend himself? Hill was homophobic in the "little girl" comment. That's a fact. And that is a homophobic remark.

This is just the usual racist nonsense. If he were Anderson, most of you would be screaming outrage and demanding a boycott of Hill's movies. Let's cut the bullshit.

If you've been here long enough, you'd know that Anderson's fans loathe Lemon because he was the first out anchor at CNN AND because he's not as much of a Republican ass kisser as Cooper is. Blame Cooper for his career troubles, but don't you dare try and take down a strong black role model for the Gay community.

You wonder why more minorities don't come out, when they treated like such shit for doing so. Shameful.

by Anderson Cooperreply 13211/11/2012

[quote]I'm beginning to suspect some of his success is down to how attractive he is.

r131 that might be partly true, but he worked very hard to be to where he is today, as black and gay man.

You would have to read Don Lemon's book to better understand him as a person. Yes, he is very sensitive about race, he grew up in Baton Rouge for Christ-sakes. So he has the tendency to make a big deal out of anything he views as a racial slight, which is probably the case here.

by Anderson Cooperreply 13311/11/2012

[quote]If he were Anderson, most of you would be screaming outrage and demanding a boycott of Hill's movies. Let's cut the bullshit.


by Anderson Cooperreply 13411/11/2012

I'm no fan of Jonah Hill, but Don Lemon should just shut the fuck up. He's clearly using the race card to hide the fact that this is all about his ego being bruised by the fact that he's simply not as famous as he'd like to believe. Don got a handshake from some minor celebrity that he was stalking as he was exiting the bathroom, what else did he expect, a hug and phone number? And why bring up this silly incident on Twitter and then on CNN? I thought Lemon was a journalist, didn't realize he was such a loser.

by Anderson Cooperreply 13511/11/2012

Don explains what happened:

by Anderson Cooperreply 13611/11/2012

Jonah Hill was being homophobic when he implied that Don was hitting on him and was being a 12 year old girl.

Why did Jonah Hill bring Don's sexuality into it? Why do straight men always compare gay men to women?

Jonah's tweet about Don was just as homophobic as Tricia Macke's facebook post about Rachel Maddow.

When homophobic people criticize gay people they always bring up the gay person's sexuality even when it has nothing to do with the situation.

by Anderson Cooperreply 13711/11/2012

OMFG,3.5 minutes of absolutely wasted airtime concerning a non-issue. No wonder CNN's ratings are in the shitter.

Make it STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Anderson Cooperreply 13811/11/2012

[quote]Don got a handshake from some minor celebrity that he was stalking as he was exiting the bathroom,

I realize Jonah is not much on DL or the gay community because he's fat and ugly and his movies are usually not gay people's cup of tea, but I wouldn't consider him a minor celebrity. He's a recent Oscar-nominee this year, not just a past nominee has-been from yesteryear, and he is well-known and liked by straight men because of his movies, i.e. "Superbad," "Knocked Up," "Forgetting Sarah Marshall." He is at least a B-list celebrity because he's currently working with top directors, a la Tarantino and Scorsese. It's not like he's doing straight-to-DVD crap.

by Anderson Cooperreply 13911/11/2012

[quote]Jonah Hill was being homophobic when he implied that Don was hitting on him and was being a 12 year old girl.

Jonah never implied Don was hitting on him. And only 12 year old girls go on twitter complaining about such meaningless "insults".

by Anderson Cooperreply 14011/11/2012

[quote]Why do straight men always compare gay men to women?

Don't act like a woman and you won't be compared to one.

by Anderson Cooperreply 14111/11/2012

Don Lemon is a bitchy queen. He's also infatuated with the brother of some girl who died in the Aurora Theater Shootings.

by Anderson Cooperreply 14211/11/2012

[quote] Jonah never implied Don was hitting on him.

Yes he did, he said "Did you want me to move in with you?", which was a gratuitous reference to Lemon being gay. And that's my main beef with Hill, only an eyewitness can say for sure who was at fault during the original incident, but Hill dragged Lemon's orientation into it with his twitter response. The 12 yr old girl thing is perhaps more borderline, but since it immediately followed the "move in with you" crap it was probably intended as homophobic too. Hill knew he'd gone over the line, and promptly deleted the tweet. It's hilarious that toad imagines gay men are dying to move in with him, doesn't he have a mirror?

by Anderson Cooperreply 14311/11/2012

Serious question:

If a straight man gets on Twitter and behaves like a 12 year old girl, am I allowed to point out that he's behaving like a 12 year old girl?

by Anderson Cooperreply 14411/11/2012

I would r144. I call out straight men on their pussy behavior all the time.

by Anderson Cooperreply 14511/11/2012

This situation didn't need all this attention. Don put it out there because he is over dramatic. If he said hello keep it moving. There are rude assholes in life.

by Anderson Cooperreply 14611/11/2012

Why was Don chasing after Jonah like some twitard fangirl in the first place?

Waiting for him outside the bathroom? That's just creepy and pathetic and exactly what a 12 year old girl would do for Justin Bieber.

by Anderson Cooperreply 14711/11/2012

I have to agree with R144 -- and I fucking detest Jonah Hill.

by Anderson Cooperreply 14811/11/2012

Don Lemon is acting like 12-year-old drama queen by making such a big deal out of this. Hill's reply wasn't so much homophobic as it was accurate. And Lemon's explanation of the whole incident on TV made no sense. He's the one who ends up looking like an idiot in all this.

by Anderson Cooperreply 14911/11/2012

I'm sure there are Many reasons to dislike both of them.

by Anderson Cooperreply 15011/11/2012

r143 there's no reason to even assume he knows Don is gay. Don isn't a big star, his coming out wasn't big news, and Hill only just learned of his mere existence. "Did you want me to move in with you?" could be said sarcastically to any entitled person complaining about not getting enough attention from a celebrity who gave them a hello, it doesn't have to be a gay thing.

by Anderson Cooperreply 15111/11/2012

[quote] If you've been here long enough, you'd know that Anderson's fans loathe Lemon because he was the first out anchor at CNN AND because he's not as much of a Republican ass kisser as Cooper is.

A lot of the people who post on Anderson Cooper threads are not fans of Anderson Cooper. A lot of them are crazy people who obsess about him while also hating him.

Lemon has not been loathed on those threads. Basically there would be a bunch of obsessive criticism of Anderson and wailing on and on about his closet which would occasionally yield a few remarks like "so how come other TV news closets like Don Lemon, Shep Smith and Robin Roberts's are always being given a pass?" and later "Don's older than Anderson so they actually came out publicly at the same age". No big deal.

by Anderson Cooperreply 15211/11/2012

And I bet if I saw Don Lemon at the airport and stopped to say 'hello' to him, this whiny bitch wouldn't even give me the time of day.

by Anderson Cooperreply 15311/11/2012

I don't like Jonah Hill, but Don Lemon was showing in this instance a deluded sense of his "celebrity". If Hill doesn't watch the news or CNN at the time Lemon is the anchor, how would he ever know who he is? I think Lemon is hot but he is totally guilty of queenery this time. pathetic.

by Anderson Cooperreply 15411/11/2012
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