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Liz Hasselbitch talks to boyfriend Bill Geddes about her feelings about Romney

She admits to everything.

by Joy Breply 911/14/2012

Summary, because I'm not watching. Can't stomach the bitch.

by Joy Breply 111/08/2012

She didn't admit to anything.

OP's a troll.

by Joy Breply 211/08/2012

Summary: candy-floss for brains

by Joy Breply 311/08/2012

I think this is funny. Liz H. has developed a sense of humor and doesn't take herself too seriously like she used too. I recall how gracious she was in 2008 and wish Pres. Obama well.

by Joy Breply 411/08/2012

He's a grag queen for gods sake, he went by the name "Barbara Bill Geddes".

by Joy Breply 511/08/2012

She's insufferable.

by Joy Breply 611/08/2012

She wouldn't have a place at the table if she didn't have this particular viewpoint. (No pun intended.)

by Joy Breply 711/08/2012


by Joy Breply 811/14/2012

She is having a sense of humor about it in the video but she is behaving very sober about the whole thing. I see no tongue in cheek about it. I think Bill is shocked by the loss and he is using her to try and make it all right. They really though he would win?

by Joy Breply 911/14/2012
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