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Facebook meltdowns on the election

Post 'em!

Here's a friend of a friend's post:

[quote]Our country has been taken over by a coalition that rejects the principles of our founders, produces nothing and burdens society with its existence all while relying on and expecting the government to provide for its every need

Then he posts:

[quote]I'm done with FB...... Farewell

by lolreply 8711/15/2012

oh and the best part! he works for the city!

by lolreply 111/08/2012

My fundie cousin: "Give our country back to God!!!" That whole branch of the family is nuts.

I know you'll say I should unfriend these people, and were it not for my elderly parents (who don't "want trouble with them") I would have long ago, but let me tell you... These last few days, I've been really, really happy about not unfriending them. I take joy in every pathetic post. They so deserve their misery.

by lolreply 211/08/2012

Here's one from my newsfeed: [quote]I guess all of the takers are rejoicing tonight... sadly at some point the producers are going to quit taking care of all of them and then we're all done. Oh and I hope everyone is ready for nuclear Iran and those consequences. But hey- women can murder all of the unborn children they choose and give it up to as many men as they'd like and all of us producers will be forced to pay for it. Whores rejoice, lazies rejoice, Israel haters rejoice, all of those who believe that people who don't agree with your opinion are intolerant rejoice!!! You guys are all rowing the boat that is sending us up the river. I do not even want to live on this planet anymore.

I was well-aware that this friend was ultr-conservative, but I had no idea she was also insane.

by lolreply 311/08/2012

How do these people know what the founders would agree on now? Times change.

by lolreply 411/08/2012

"I do not even want to live on this planet anymore."

Is she going to kill herself or go to...another planet?

by lolreply 511/08/2012

Is she a Mormon, r5? They all get one when they die, or at least men do.

by lolreply 611/08/2012

OP, I block those friends, I have NO IDEA what they post, even on a normal week.

by lolreply 711/08/2012

[quote]Concerning the economy--where does the buck stop--seriously the country thinks George Bush is responsible for 7.8 unemployment, 6 trillion more, and Obama care, largest welfare, and food stamps--scary

by lolreply 811/08/2012

[quote]don't understand the sizes anymore. There's a size zero, which I didn't even know that they had. It must stand for: 'Ohhh my God, you're thin.

by lolreply 911/08/2012

My feed contains an insane amount of ranting about food stamps. Is that what Faux is on about these days? The way the repugs obsess about the food stamp program, you'd think the federal government spends as much on it as they do the military.


Fuckers. I dearly hope that each and every one of them winds up unemployed and learns about that program up close and personal.

by lolreply 1011/09/2012

I'm not sure you fully understand the point of this thread, R9.

by lolreply 1111/09/2012

From my FB 'friends':

"now I just feel like an animal awaiting slaughter!"

""Ask not what you can give to your government; ask what your government can give to you!" Welcome to the next 4 years!"

"I guess some Americans wanted 4 more years of the same shit:o("

by lolreply 1211/09/2012

[quote] "now I just feel like an animal awaiting slaughter!"

I thought WE were supposed to be the drama queens.

They come across like a bunch of hysterical 12-year-old girls.

by lolreply 1311/09/2012

[quote] "I guess some Americans wanted 4 more years of the same shit:o("

Now they know how we all felt when Bush was re-elected.

by lolreply 1411/09/2012

Literally bawling my eyes out. This is the worst thing that could've happened. Why dont people understand that? In the words of a Catholic hymn: "My God, my God. Why have you left me? Why have you left me alone?" (me=our country... The former united states of America."

by lolreply 1511/09/2012

Are all of these posts in the "Mary!" page on Facebook?

by lolreply 1611/09/2012

All these hysterical postings REALLY boil down to one single thing -

There's a nigger in our WHITE House...

by lolreply 1711/09/2012

GOP Yeller McNamecaller: America needs a new president! I AM ON SOME OTHER PLANET! The name-calling has to stop

Me: I am sure within the GOP there is plenty of naming and blaming going on..must be stressful.

Yeller: You know I was not referring to the GOP. I referring to the ones who are offending other Americans!

Me: You weren't referring to the GOP? But Karl Rove was terribly mean to poor Megyn Kelly. He must have been having an awful night.

Yeller: Smart mouth passive aggressive BS

Yeller: Oh so u watch FOX news

Me: Yes I did watch Fox. It was very entertaining! I gather some assumptions the Fox team made did not turn out to be true.

Yeller: F@@@ off


by lolreply 1811/09/2012

R17, I really didn't want to believe that for the longest time, but I'm starting to come around.

by lolreply 1911/09/2012

White people: We need to take back our country!

Obama wins

White people: WHAT?



by lolreply 2011/09/2012

I do think most of these people would hate any Democrat in the presidency, but it also twists the knife in their backs to see some black people crying and celebrating Obama's win.

by lolreply 2111/09/2012


by lolreply 2211/09/2012

WTF is with these last couple of racist posts? You DO realize that a very sizable number of WHITE PEOPLE voted for Obama don't you? If every single black person voted, that would not be enough to carry the day.

by lolreply 2311/09/2012

So please post your responses.

Or are we back to letting other people fight our battles for us?

by lolreply 2411/09/2012

Responses and more responses please!

by lolreply 2511/09/2012

I had quite a few.

There was this one first....

[quote]Might as well tear up the rest of The Constitution...this coming from a life long pro union democract. That is all I have to say.

And then when this causes attacks, she wrote the following:

[quote]It is possible to respect each other's differences of opinion and still remain friends. I always want to learn from those who think and believe in opposition from me. That is how we grow as a society and become stronger as humans on this earth. ♥ Love to you all...

So she gets to throw out this dramatic and intentionally divisive comment about the constitution, but when she gets negative response she crawls into her love-love-love shell.

Also got ...

[quote]God help us all!

Inside there she and a friend compared Obama to Satan and Hitler.

Got this gem too....

[quote]Welcome to the Socialist Republic of the Divided States of America!

and included within this thread were such comments as...

[quote]It's reality, "we are now the minority", I don't know if Obama even said "white" when he ranted off all the other minorities, last night, in his "I won speech"????. Sorry if I offended anyone.


[quote]Shizzzz, we were never the minority even tho we're 1/4 Mex. Mom refused to check off Hispanic. She's an intelligent Republican!

by lolreply 2611/09/2012

are you calling them on this crap, r26?

by lolreply 2711/09/2012

These freeper sentiments are why I laugh every time I see a conservative pundit on TV say that Republicans need to be more inclusive to survive. Sorry, but they'll never change. It takes decades for people to change their biases. It's not something that happens overnight.

by lolreply 2811/09/2012

The crickets are loving your responses, guys.

by lolreply 2911/09/2012

in my case, the person was a friend of a friend - so, I can't respond on their page.

by lolreply 3011/09/2012

R29, victory is sweet enough. No response is necessary. In fact, a response is what they want. It lets them know they can get under your skin. Indifference is the best revenge.

by lolreply 3111/09/2012

No. I learned my lesson with these people. I try and have discussions but they don't argue logically.

Rather than defriending them (they're classmates) I have set my settings such that they can't see or comment on my wall anymore. They get no more information about me than they would from LinkedIn. They also can't continue with their BS comments on my posts. I can either hide their posts or cut and paste them as I have for entertainment. If I defriended them I'd lose out on these gems.

by lolreply 3211/09/2012

Amen, R31. I swear that the thing that's driven Palin, Rush, Coultier, etc. crazier than anything else these last four years is that Obama has never once acknowledged their presence. It must drive them insane.

by lolreply 3311/09/2012

Love it when these people post the most horrid anti-Obama / anti-American crap but they include a smiley emoticon or a heart. Just to let you know they still *care*.

by lolreply 3411/09/2012

"4 more years of high unemployment 4 more years of increasing national debt 4 more of apologizing to terrorists for killing our US Ambassadors"

by lolreply 3511/09/2012

I got this response to an article I linked about the Romney camp being in shock over the election results. It's from an evangelical republican woman I went to high school with.

"NOT FUNNY!!!! How about being a little sensitive to people who DON'T agree with you!!!"

But the response to that from another high school friend was terrific.

"I appreciate what you're saying Cathy - and it would be nice if we could all agree to disagree. However, I do believe you posted several disparaging posts about our President that i'm sure some of your FB friends didn't appreciate. So, let's all be fair and tolerant."

by lolreply 3611/09/2012

"I'm very disappointed and disheartened at the naivety and stupidity our country showed today. We finally had a chance to put a decent, experienced, and noteworthy man in office and failed. A sad day for honor, courage, and commitment."

by lolreply 3711/09/2012


Now that's a laff riot.

by lolreply 3811/09/2012

"I hope you folks have read the back of the book and are all prayed up."

by lolreply 3911/09/2012

[quote]I'm done with FB...... Farewell

Is this the new "I'm leaving the country?"

by lolreply 4011/09/2012

One of my sister's sisters-in-law responded to a post saying "Obama got lucky". I replied with "Lucky? I suppose all those votes - the electoral and popular - meant nothing. Isn't that the way democracy is supposed to work, whoever gets the most votes is the winner despite who you WANT to win?" In the past, I would have ignored many posts of Facebook but since the election, I feel compelled to respond. I don't care if starts arguments or people get pissed. AT this point, I'm sick of people posting derogatory things about Obama and his re-election.

by lolreply 4111/09/2012

Thanks for the balls, R41!

by lolreply 4211/10/2012

did she reply r41?

by lolreply 4311/10/2012

Two questions:

1) What does it mean when they say, 'give us back our country'?

2) I'm not on Facebook so I don't really understand how it works. How do you end up with so many crazies as Facebook friends? Are these mass messages or something?

by lolreply 4411/10/2012

Don't know about #2, but the answer to #1 is that they all seem to be Native Americans.

by lolreply 4511/10/2012

[quote]I've lost motivation to become successful and a millionaire. Why? It will now be taken from me. Share the wealth, baby! What incentive do I have to work hard and earn money. ZERO. So starting tomorrow I plan on being a bum for the next four years and let Obama pay for me. Where's my phone? How do I apply for unemployment and food stamps?

by lolreply 4611/10/2012

good one r45.

by lolreply 4711/10/2012

I find that fascinating also. Republicans seem to naturally think this way. There's one guy on my list who is trying to divide the map into three countries so all the reds can be one country. Because he wants to take back the country and the stupid blues are getting in the way.

I definitely think it's about the "smart" people getting it back, in his mind. The "stupid" people are the ones who have it now. Not immigrants, blacks, women, and gays. Stupid people. "Programmed" people. People who don't see that Obama can't get anything done because 50% of the country hates him.

I pointed out that 50% of the country hates Romney. He said "but he'll get things done." I said "Why? Because Democrats are more reasonable and will work with Repubs when necessary?" He said "The Senate is barely Dem." I said the percentage was the same. He didn't answer, but he still thinks the way he thinks. That's how Fox news does it. They think the way they ALL think.

by lolreply 4811/10/2012

R48 didn't someone say something about the conservative way is to create their own false reality and believe it implicitly?

by lolreply 4911/10/2012

I'm sure. I don't know who, though. They've always been this way, but apparently it's now reached delusional status. This is an AMAZING article by Frank Rich.

by lolreply 5011/10/2012

[quote]How do you end up with so many crazies as Facebook friends?

In most cases they're family members and old classmates from high school. People one knows, but not too well.

by lolreply 5111/10/2012

[quote]What does it mean when they say, 'give us back our country'?

It means let white people govern again.

by lolreply 5211/10/2012

Perhaps health care reform, with its improved access to mental health care, can help with this issue.

by lolreply 5311/10/2012

They won't take advantage of it, r53. After all, THEY don't have the problem. YOU do.

by lolreply 5411/10/2012

At the request of a family member, I joined Facebook last year although I can't recollect why.

I got a few friend requests almost immediately from a handful of friends and family, then suddenly the requests started pouring in. I thought it was rude to ignore friend requests so I accepted all of them. Now I have hundreds of friends and I only know that original handful of friends and family. The rest are total strangers, friends of friends of friends of friends.

I decided Facebook didn't blow my skirt up, so I haven't been back in over a year. It was an odd experience. I still haven't figured out why someone who has never met me and most likely never will, would be interested in anything I have to say.

by lolreply 5511/10/2012

They really aren't, r55. They just hope YOU are interested in what THEY have to say.

Some people collect friends on FB. Weird but true.

by lolreply 5611/10/2012

The person who originally pushed me to join Facebook is like that, R32. He has thousands of friends. He doesn't know them and vice versa, but they're friends.

The logic and incentive escapes me.

by lolreply 5711/10/2012


by lolreply 5811/10/2012

Here's one from a HS acquaintance:

"OK - so Obama Won.. i didn't vote for him but lots of people did... But because he did win ---- where is my FREE IPhone, Food Stamps, FREE Health Care, MY Tax cuts and MY Bail out money so I don't have to file Bankruptcy??????"

by lolreply 5911/10/2012

I went to look for another, and discovered she had blocked me. How fun!

Her post was something like: "I pray God will spare America!"

She was wringing her hands over how God would punish us for electing an anti-Christian like Obama.


What the fuck is wrong with some people?

by lolreply 6011/10/2012

Yeah, I had one who posted "THE STOCK MARKET IS CRASHING!" followed by another "OMG PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRY!" I so wanted to post "Yes, PRAY. Because the stock market NEVER goes down." But what's the point?

by lolreply 6111/10/2012

These "True Christian Americans" always forget that they stole the country from the indigenous populations- via genocide, bogus treaties and European diseases.

by lolreply 6211/10/2012

What's this stuff about free iPhones? I assume right-wing BS but where did it start?

by lolreply 6311/10/2012

Drudge Report pushed the whole "Obama Phone" crap (google it)... a program started under Bush, btw.

People are really pissed off at "handouts and free stuff from the government" that everyone else gets but them. Or something.

It's greedy, small-minded, selfish, mindless petulance.

by lolreply 6411/10/2012

It started with Bush. He was the author of the free cell phone thing.

by lolreply 6511/10/2012

Friends, at least JESUS is STILL Lord.

by lolreply 6611/10/2012

"This is a sad night....pray for our country. America has changed forever. "Food stamps for everyone!" I am so afraid for our 13 yr old son, who will have to grow up in this crap. Thank GOD he has been raised with conservative values, and do not think he is ENTITLED to ANYTHING! Unlike the majority of the people who voted for this anti-American S.O.B. we had in the white house the last 4 yrs. Wow!!! Just think what 4 lame-duck years will do to us! Keep yourselves as healthy as possible...because health-care is going through the roof."

by lolreply 6711/10/2012

Let's fight like hell and stop this great and disgusting injustice! The world is laughing at us.

This election is a total sham and a travesty. We are not a democracy!

Our nation is a once great nation divided!

Our country is now in serious and unprecedented never before.

The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy.

by lolreply 6811/10/2012

How long have white people been the numerical majority in this "country?" Sometime in the 1800's?

by lolreply 6911/10/2012

God, these idiots are ... well ... idiots.

[quote] The world is laughing at us.

Um, no. Obama seems to be even more loved and respected abroad than he is at home.

[quote] Our nation is a once great nation divided!

And, of course, the Republicans had nothing to do with dividing the nation.

[quote] The electoral college is a disaster for a democracy.

Um, Obama won the popular vote too. And I'll bet they didn't have a problem with the electoral college in 2000, when it was Gore vs. Bush.

by lolreply 7011/10/2012

R39, Obamaphones are the furthest thing from IPhones. They're cheap little phones that don't do anything but make and receive phone calls. There's an hourly limit per month. The ignorant person who said IPhones was feeling sorry for himself because he's not poor.

I was told that the original purpose of the program was to deliver emergency medical care to rural poor because poor people out in the boonies didn't have phones and were dying without medical help. Apparently the scope of the program got enlarged into including non-rural poor before it ever became operational.

There are income and other guidelines based on total household income. It's easier if you're living below poverty level on a fixed income like SSI, unless you live with family members who make more money than you do.

by lolreply 7111/10/2012

before she blocked me, a friend posted "America has turned her back on God!"

by lolreply 7211/11/2012

AND those phones stem from the Reagan era.

It was more of their racist wolf whistling to try to make it an issue during this election.

by lolreply 7311/11/2012

R66 I saw that one too - a screwball woman I"m not friends with - posted a pic of the Capital building with that 'It doesn't matter who is in the White House (ok why then the Capital bldg?) because JESUS IS STILL LORD.

Oh Mary!!

by lolreply 7411/11/2012


by lolreply 7511/11/2012

Do you who I think are worse than the Republicans? The frigging Libertarians. A friend posted a link from a group called "I Still Hate Obama" (yeah, nice non-partisan name) showing the county by county electoral votes with his message stating "If the vote were by county, we would know who was actually elected president". I replied back basically saying Obama won the electoral vote and the popular vote, the latter with overwhelming majorities among blacks, Latinos, women and gays. I also added that Romney failed to get a considerable lead in any of those groups. At the last check, my friend replied back with "Libertarians don't follow the political lines of Democrats or Republicans! I vote for 3rd parties... I have that right and Freedom! I still think if the electoral counts were by county, the results would be different." (This friend is a gay man in a long term relationship.)

by lolreply 7611/12/2012

R76, that guy is an idiot and an asshole and a political moron, stuck in a stage of self-absorbed arrested development, living in a fantasy world, clueless to his own level of privilege.

by lolreply 7711/12/2012

Arizona woman mows down her own husband because he didn't vote against Obama -

by lolreply 7811/13/2012

after my cousin posted all kinds of republican crap on my facebook wall wondering why the hell I would vote for Obama since I am "struggling to survive" (btw, which Im not.) Not a nice thing to post on my wall for all my friends to see and wonder about.. She then wrote this on her page..

Ok FB friends: I am DONE with all the political posts about the character of the candidates. I've move on. Please un-friend me as I don't wish to receive your posts.

Not jut posts to HER, but posts she sees in her timeline not even directed at her. She then posted she was grateful for the Lord Jesus her Saviour.. and yes Saviour spelled just like that.

by lolreply 7911/13/2012

easy r79, unfriend her immediately.

by lolreply 8011/13/2012

This is from chick I knew on Facebook from the wonderful state of Alabama.

"It must be said! I am fearful for my children's future! Our healthcare system as we know it will cease to exist & many hard working, intelligent doctors & healthcare workers will be out of a job. Unborn babies will not have a voice & be aborted with no remorse. Our relations with Israel will be nonexistant. These were accomplished from the vote. And people should be happy why?!?! Very sad & angry today & for the next four years!! Very sad & angry indeed! Jmho!"

by lolreply 8111/13/2012

Here's another one from the same chick. I didn't think we were supposed to vote like this, but hey what do I know?

"Who will I vote for? I will vote for the most pro-life candidate, because God hates the shedding of innocent blood (Prov.6:17). I will vote for the most pro-Israel candidate, because God blesses those who bless Israel and curses those who don't (Gen.12:3). I will vote for the most pro-debt reduction candidate, because the borrower is servant to the lender (Prov.22:7). I will vote for the most pro- work candidate because God says if a man does not work, let him not eat (2 Thes. 3:10). I will vote for the most pro-marriage candidate, because God is for marriage as defined in Genesis 2:24. I will vote for the candidate who most closely believes government's purpose is to reward the good and punish the evil (Romans 13). I will vote based as close as I can on God's Word (2 Tim.3:16), knowing that whoever gets elected, God is the one who puts all men in authority (Dan. 2:21). As that late man of God, Dr. D. James Kennedy said, "Lord, give us the leader that we need - not the one we deserve."

by lolreply 8211/13/2012

[quote]Our healthcare system as we know it will cease to exist

Fantastic! Our healthcare system sucks. Its the most expensive in the world while at the same time being one of the most inefficient.

[quote] Unborn babies will not have a voice & be aborted with no remorse.

You mean like they have been since time began?

[quote]Our relations with Israel will be nonexistant.

[quote]I am fearful for my children's future!

With you as their mother, I fear for them too. From your lips to gods ears. That $13 billion plus we send them every year could be better spent here.

by lolreply 8311/13/2012

R82, so she voted for Obama then?

by lolreply 8411/13/2012

R79 and R80, you can actually post now so that it specifically appears on certain people's walls only. I would post the most offensive political posts possible and then under security put it only on her wall. It will make her crazy and none of your other friends will see it.

by lolreply 8511/15/2012

[quote] I would post the most offensive political posts possible and then under security put it only on her wall. It will make her crazy and none of your other friends will see it.

Until Facebook makes one of its overnight adjustments.

by lolreply 8611/15/2012

R86, you're right. And your sweet Aunt Geraldine now sees the word "cunt" on her wall.

by lolreply 8711/15/2012
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