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I've never had a friend

I wouldn't even know what to say to one if he had one.

by paxil?reply 1411/10/2012

I mean if I had one....See what I mean!!

by paxil?reply 111/08/2012

Clearly, you don't miss that hypothetical friend.

So why are you telling us this? We don't like you.

by paxil?reply 211/08/2012

Ann Coulter/OP - shouldn't you be taking your meds now?

by paxil?reply 311/08/2012

r2 sounds like a lesbian

r3 give it up you won

by paxil?reply 411/08/2012

R4, why the competition?

Also, if R3 won, are you one of the losers?

by paxil?reply 511/08/2012

Gays will not want to know you unless you help them gain status, money and prestige. It's like, "I'm sorry, I sure you're nice and everything, but I just can't afford to take you on". They're terrifed of being embarrassed or looking uncool. And they tend to stick with the same people they've known forever (since college?).

So you may argue, "Well, why would I want to pal around with shallow people like that anyway?". Exactly.

Straight people are much more apt to allow newbies into their posse. Other straight ones, that is.

by paxil?reply 611/10/2012

OP, Taking your seriously, you need to look in new places to find quality people. It won't help your self-esteem to find "fair weather friends," or those that focus solely on the externals. Please don't exclude straights, if you're all involved in a worthwhile cause or charity which is a good place to start looking.

by paxil?reply 711/10/2012


by paxil?reply 811/10/2012

R6 is mentally ill.

by paxil?reply 911/10/2012

R6, you are wrong on so many levels. Having so many friends can be a pain in the ass, having one close friend is rewarding. You want the type of friends to like you for "you", not on how much $$$ you make...those are people you want to avoid, because they will just use you.

You gain friends by opening up to people. However, you let in the bad with the good sometimes.

by paxil?reply 1011/10/2012

R6, that sounds like a NYC/LA clusterfuck scenario. Whew, dodged a bullet there!

by paxil?reply 1111/10/2012

You should look to yourself. Maybe your standards are too high. Maybe your too needy. Maybe a Hitler's moustache and Groucho eyebreads isn't a good look for you. Also personal hygiene is required for all contact outside a pig sty. In fact, dangerous in a pig sty. They might think you're dinner

by paxil?reply 1211/10/2012

You're not missing much, OP. Just enjoy your own company. You're lucky after all...

Look at this way and see why you're lucky these are the people I associate with...well, not anymore. But, I did.

A few days ago at my gym, a gay "friend" of mine is friends with a guy who makes terrible homophobic comments about gay people, and he knows this, yet he's still friends with him. The guy has even called me a faggot and is rather obsessed with me with all the following me around he does and the constant staring.

But, you see, the guy who called me a faggot doesn't know that his friend (my "friend") is gay. Actually none of his friends, or his co-workers know. Just the other day my "friend" and the homophobe "bumped fists" (rolls eyes - my "friend" is 35 years old), and then my "friend" looked at me for my reaction.

Needless to say, this isn't a friend, OP. This is what I put up with, and this is why you're lucky.

You don't need Paxil. You're luckier than you think.

by paxil?reply 1311/10/2012

R13 = basket case.

by paxil?reply 1411/10/2012
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