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The delivery guy asked to use my bathroom last night

Ordered Indian food and the delivery man asked if he could use my bathroom. What could I say? I of course let him in. He used the bathroom, thanked me, and left. I told my coworker that I did this and he flipped out, saying it's a scam and a way to rob people. What the heck? What would you do, let the guy pee in your hallway?

by Am I naive?reply 1311/10/2012

Assuming you're in an apartment, if you watched that he only walked to the bathroom, no problem. He can't case the place by using the apartment door to bathroom route.

by Am I naive?reply 111/08/2012

OMG! You were lucky you were not raped AND murdered.

by Am I naive?reply 211/08/2012

Next time direct him to the gas station down the street.

by Am I naive?reply 311/08/2012

He'll come back this evening to finish the job. Run for your life!

by Am I naive?reply 411/08/2012

I'd probably make excuses.

If he were a repairman doing work in your home or someone who had delivered a piece of furniture from a great distance, then it's considerate of you to offer, but the guy delivering Indian food? If he's too stupid to consider these things before setting off on a short journey, it's inconsiderate of him to make his problem yours.

Fucking hold it.

by Am I naive?reply 511/08/2012

Was he hot? You could have locked him in

by Am I naive?reply 611/08/2012

Fucking men!! Always bragging about how you can piss anywhere, and then wanting to use someone's bathroom?? Carry a jar or something in your car, for chrissake.

by Am I naive?reply 711/08/2012

He may have wanted a quicky or as the Indians say "Curry In A Hurry.

by Am I naive?reply 811/08/2012

This has happened to me a couple times, and I think it's the universal hint that they want a blowjob.

Once a straight neighbor came over to use my computer cuz his was broken. All smiles, he then asked to use my bathroom. I'd never have gone through with it (too awkward), but afterwards it hit me, "Duh, he want a bj".

by Am I naive?reply 911/10/2012

The urine is coming from inside the house!

by Am I naive?reply 1011/10/2012

He probably had the trots OP - from eating the same food that he was delivering to you.

I would have shut the down on him and the food.

by Am I naive?reply 1111/10/2012

He was installing a camera.

by Am I naive?reply 1211/10/2012

I'd walk him to the bathroom, then be nearby when he finishes so I can walk him out. You can do it cordially and nonchalantly, but still keep an eye on people to make sure they're neither robbing you nor casing your place.

by Am I naive?reply 1311/10/2012
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