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Is this a decent part of Paris?

All of you world travelers, I need assistance!


by 6611/11/2012


by 111/07/2012

Better link to map

by 211/07/2012

Jesus - yes, one of the best areas you can be in. Very expensive and central to most of what you'll want to see.

by 311/07/2012

Plus I think the D'orsay is one of the best museums in Paris. I think on Sundays you can get in for free.

by 411/07/2012

Mais oui, oui, monsieur. Tres chic.

by 511/07/2012

R3 here - also, it looks like you can walk across the Seine to the metro line along the Louvre - that's the easiest to get to the Marais, 11th, Notre Dame, Champs d'elysees, bateaux mouche, etc.

And on your side of the river - you're walking distance to St. Germain and the touristy Left Bank.

Don't know how the grocery shopping is around there - but you should be fine. Very safe too.

by 611/07/2012

Thanks! This apartment is the one we are looking at. Amazing rate at $205 a night.

by 711/07/2012

Agree - Musee D'orsay is a fantastic museum - so much easier than the Louvre (although that shouldn't be missed).

I like the Rodin museum as well - in the Marais (4th).

You're getting a steal at $205 night - plus you can cook some meals.

Have fun OP!

by 811/07/2012

Here's the link to the apt.. sorry :/

R6, etc - great to know! Much appreciated.

by 911/07/2012

This is our 2nd choice, but it seems like the first apt is in a much better location..

by 1011/07/2012

OP - R3 here - I used to literally live right around the corner from the 2nd apartment. Take the 2nd apartment. The 11th is very hip - you're still on the #1 line (the same metro line I was talking about above) plus the Bastille is a great area and you're right next to the 4th - Marais - which is the gay area. (I'm assuming you're gay).

The original apt would be nice - but the 2nd is much larger and would be much more comfortable. It's a very lively area - I highly recommend the 2nd area.

The first area is a bit snobbish and full of tourists. The 2nd apt is just as convenient and is more neighborhoody and fun. Being close to the Louvre is great for the 1 time you'll go to the Louvre. Rue de Lappe is a very fun and hip street.

Hope this helps - GO WITH #2! Live like a Parisien instead of a tourist.

by 1111/08/2012

Or like R11 said, stay in the Marais. I felt really safe in that area, though I was staying elsewhere as I'd booked ahead of time. There's lots of apartments at the link.

by 1211/08/2012

R11, etc - thank you so much. Sounds great. Just got an email that the 1st apartment was not available anyhow..

I hope you don't mind me bugging you for more advice.

Might I ask about the area of Montorgueil, also in the 2nd? I just fell in love with this apartment. It's much more expensive though :( (at link)

Part of me wants a gorgeous place, but the cheap side of me doesn't care, because it's not like we'll be in the apartment all day. However, it would be nice to come "home" to a beautiful, welcoming accommodation.. Also, we'll be cooking dinner most evenings, and probably making coffee in the morning..

Also, we need space for 4 since we're having some young (fun) relatives joining us. 18 and 19 year old nieces.

That 2nd apartment you suggested looks like enough room for 4. The girls are so excited, they don't care if the sleep on a pull out sofa. Thankfully, they are very easy going and not high maintenance..

by 1311/08/2012

Of course that was me at R13.

Ok, one more. This place is cheaper, but in the same area (I think) as the apt I linked at R13

by 1411/08/2012

Well shit. None of the ones that I have posted from the Vacation Paris links are available. :( They suggested this one at the link..

I am still waiting on hearing about the one I linked at R13.

I'm going to check out the link from the posted at R12.

by 1511/08/2012

Up for OP to get advice.

by 1611/08/2012

[quote] Up for OP to get advice.


OP, have you decided on one? Where did R11 and everyone else go?

by 1711/08/2012

OP - R11 here. Too bad that big 2 bedroom isn't available.

I'm not as familiar with the area north of Les Halles in the 2nd. But I remember it being "grittier". There's a porn district and quite a few street whores close to there as well as drug addicts. Les Halles is a central connecting stop for many metros and the RER (commuter trains) - so it's busy but then also caters to commuter likes (hence the porn and drugs).

I wouldn't say definitely no, but it's a different scene for sure. I didn't feel as safe around there at night. However - someone else may have better info. I'm just judging on the general area - not specifically that street.

by 1811/08/2012

R11 here again - just want to be clear, I'm describing the area around Chatelet-Les Halles at night. It could be different just a few blocks north.

I'm partial to the 4th and the 11th arronds.

by 1911/08/2012

We stayed in this place last July and loved it. Close to sights, metro stations, and St Germain neighbourhood. Very central.

by 2011/08/2012

Hey R11! Thanks. I wish there was something I could do for you, you've been so kind with your time and advice.

How about this one? Check out the video, it looks amazing. Also, it's in the 11th.

R20, thank you, but it would be a bit small for the 4 of us.

by 2111/08/2012

Hi OP - that's awfully nice of you - it's nice for me to remember the neighborhood I used to live in. My pleasure.

Well - so the further you get away from Rue St. Antoine and the Bastille, the more residential it becomes. It's not as nice of an area as the first one, but it's OK. You're definitely next to the Metro, but I'd say it would be a bit of a hike to the Marais and other hotspots. You'd definitely would be taking the Metro (which closes after midnight or 1am).

It's a less expensive area, but it's less lively and chic as well. Middle class or so. In terms of apt space, you realize that most Parisian apts are very small, hence the cafe culture. These are pretty big places in comparison.

I would keep looking - when are you planning to go? (oh - and Pere LaChaise cemetery is worth a visit - tons of famous people - Edith Piaf, Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, many composers)

by 2211/08/2012

They both looked great and I think you will be very happy with the Bastille apt.

by 2311/08/2012

Not to say it's not a beautiful place - it looks gorgeous - I could see the appeal. But you'll see in the comments that the describe the area as "quiet" - which it is and is fine.

You'll love Paris. I've been back several times since I lived there - it's a pretty eternal city - it doesn't really change that much.

Just don't stay in the areas around the Champs - so ridiculously expensive and stuffy. A real ripoff from the $10 beers to the overpriced restaurants.

by 2411/08/2012

Really? It looked like an amazing place! See, I would have grabbed it right away - Appreciate you helping me navigate through Paris. Having not been there, I am totally clueless.

We are planning on going in April. The nieces have their spring break then. I'd rather treat them to London and Paris then see them end up in some dump in Mexico, etc..

I couldn't tell how far this one was from the other one in the 11th.. Was there an address on the one at R21? Hmm, just Googled and it is listed again here at link. the "street view" has an address of 141 Boulevard Voltaire.. Maybe the gated entrance is around the side or back?

I love the fact that there are two separate bedrooms though, and no one has to end up on a fold out sofa. It's a bit more expensive at 210 E. We don't mind paying up to $300 if it's a gorgeous place AND in a great area.

Looking forward to the Pere LaChaise cemetery!

Here is a list of some in the 11th.. help! it really is a bit intimidating. I have been to Italy many times, and it seemed much easier to find accommodations. Paris has so many little neighborhoods, makes it s bit more challenging, I think!

Again, thank you. We just want to be comfortable. in a nice apartment... in a cool, fun, safe area.

by 2511/08/2012

Sorry, I didn't see your comment there at R24 before I posted at R25.

Here is the 2nd listing I found for that place.. I think maybe I am too caught up in how cool it looks inside and the two bedrooms. How far is it from the other place at R10. That's how clueless I am, I thought it was the same neighborhood.

Kinda creepy that the manager guy mentioned how pretty the renter was. I don't want my nieces to feel uncomfortable.

by 2611/08/2012

Airbnb / Bastille..

by 2711/08/2012

Thank you R23 :)

by 2811/08/2012

Hi OP - this one is in a fantastic location - the one on Rue Daval. I've actually stayed at Hotel Daval before on the same street.

Really doesn't get much better location-wise than this one. Right on the corner of Rue de Lappe, it looks like. I've spent time in the cafe in that picture.

I know it's not as stunning as the others, but it's stark and modern. And again, for Paris, 66 square meters is "large".

by 2911/09/2012

wherever you choose to stay in Paris, remember that it's important to blend in by carrying a baguette under your arm at all times

by 3011/09/2012

OP, I was going to send you to this place, but I just noticed the want a security deposit of 800 Euros.

That's a LOT of money for a deposit.

by 3111/09/2012

Near a transportation hub but otherwise touristy.

by 3211/09/2012

R32, which post are you responding to?

R11 and others, what about these in the Marais? See link below. I'm looking to go to Paris as well.

I wish DL had a travel section. There are so many here with so much wonderful advice.

by 3311/09/2012

Where did everyone go??

Can I get a few words of advice too? How about this rental? It's beautiful. How is the area?

by 3411/09/2012

r34: that neighborhood is a bit stuffy, depends what you're into

by 3511/09/2012

R35, what do you mean by stuffy?

What about the Marais apartments at the link? Better area?

by 3611/09/2012

R34 - I'm the 11th guy that posted a ton above - that apt is in the overpriced Champs Elysees area. It's superrich snobby and uptight. Everything is expensive in that area - and it's not really fun - just pretty. Lots of high-end can't-touch-this designer stores and such.


by 3711/09/2012

Ok, got it, thanks R37! And the Marais places at link?

You should be our new travel guide!

by 3811/09/2012

White, rich, with wide streets so less animated streets than other parts of Paris and more traffic. The most "prestigious" neighborhoods tend to be have that vibe (see also 16th, Neuilly, and some towns on the Cote d'Azur). Little old ladies with poodles, Arab sheiks with pied-a-terres, if you're heading more 17th then rich yuppies with strollers.

This is compared to other parts of Paris and I'm exaggerating the differences. It's still more animated and charming than just about anywhere else on the planet. If you're renting an apartment in Paris, it's just a great thing if you can stay somewhere where you get a feel for living in Paris as a neighborhood because it's so nice. This location is less "neighborhoody" than most of the city.

by 3911/09/2012

Thanks, I thought the Marais neighborhood was supposed to be gay, fun and exciting - not full of white yuppies and little old ladies with poodles, Wow. (or were you talking about the Champs Elysees area? there?)

So from what I see up-thread, you are partial to the 11th?

by 4011/09/2012

Referring to your r34 link. This is r35 and r39, signing off.

by 4111/09/2012

OP - that poster was talking about the Champs district, not the Marais. And s/he described it spot on.

Marais / 11th is fashionable and gay.

All of the Marais apts in that link look small in comparison to the others you posted. I can't look through all of them - how long are you going to be there? What are the dates? Some have weekly mins so they'd be out.

Just trying to get a better idea of what you need and when and I'll do a search myself.

by 4211/09/2012

Hi again R11 (R42..) Sorry for all the links and questions up there.

[quote]All of the Marais apts in that link look small in comparison to the others you posted

Which link? I didn't post the Marais links, but they look nice.

Because we have my nieces with us, we decided that we want to get a place that's a bit nicer and a bit "fancy" :) However, we still don't want to spend more than $300 a night. We'll be there the first week of April. Also, I doubt they would enjoy somewhere stuffy anyhow. The 19 year old is a gorgeous lesbian, and will most certainly want to check out the gay scene along with us.

by 4311/09/2012

This is pretty! Small, but really nice..

Overpriced? I like the way this company furnishes the apartments though. Especially the one the guy posted at R34. Nicer than many I have seen.

by 4411/09/2012

Meant to link this at my R44 post

by 4511/09/2012

OP, try this one?

by 4611/09/2012

Or this one?

by 4711/09/2012

OP, swanky!

by 4811/09/2012

OP, another

by 4911/09/2012

This view is great!

by 5011/09/2012

Cool view of Notre Dame

by 5111/09/2012

Where did the Paris experts go?

I want to go to Paris too! Want about those places that R46 to R51 posted?

by 5211/09/2012

I'm in love with the beams. I'd stay anywhere with them.

by 5311/10/2012

OP is this your first time in Paris? I live here in the 11th on Rue de Charonne near where your second choice was.The neighborhood is cool and very close to the Bastille , great restaurants and shops (one thing is it also very close to Rue de Lappe which is full of bars and LOUD on the WE)

But if it's your first time here It might make more sense to be near the classic sites of your first choice.

by 5411/10/2012

BTW it is very nice on the left bank by musée D'orsey and right across the Seine is the Louvre, it does not get much nicer.

by 5511/10/2012

Quelle horreur je veux dire " D'orsay."

by 5611/10/2012

Le bump

by 5711/10/2012

OP - R11 here - sorry, had things to do. The link at R46 is really good. Metro St. Paul is a great area - just west of Bastille in the heart of the Marais. And good size.

R51 is also great - not obviously in the 4th or 11th, but just over the bridge. And through the oh-so-expensive Ile-de-la-Cite (the Rothschilds live there).

The others seem a tad small - 1BR or anything less than 50m2 would be difficult with 4 people, wouldn't it?

R54 is right, on the weekends the area around Rue de Lappe is noisy - but that's because it's so goddamn lively and fun. I would think that would be a bonus - particularly for your two nieces. When you open your windows, you want to hear Paris, not complete silence.

by 5811/10/2012

R11 again - one place to not miss in the Marais is the Place des Voges. It's the old King's Court - Henri the 2nd I believe and Catherine de Medici. King Henri was killed by Duc Montmorency in the square during a josting duel.

It's a beautiful park area now - but many famous people lived around the park. It's a forgotten gem in Paris.

by 5911/10/2012

Hi R11, not OP but thanks!

So out of all those, only the two you mentioned are decent? I am really curious about the one in the Marais for the Cobblestone rental company. What if it's only 2 or 3 people?

You're awesome :)

by 6011/10/2012


There are tons of sites like this on the internet for European and American apartments for rent. You wire money and the money is gone. You show up at the apartment and the normal people are actually living there. They give you a phone number of a local cop to call, that's all.

Often, professional photos from online magazines are copied and included in the scam. Beware.

by 6111/10/2012

R61, I have rented several apartments in Spain and Italy, via the web. All were wonderful. Gorgeous views, spacious, and the owners met us, on time with the keys, etc. One apt owner even picked us up at the airport for free! A few had us over for dinner. Never had a problem.

A great thing about having the Internet now, is being able to get reviews and sniff out scams.

However, I agree, people need to be cautious.

by 6211/10/2012

Great neighborhood! $205. per night? .. A steal!! Grab it.

by 6311/11/2012

Before going to Paris you should first visit Orlando's Epcot Center and walk around the french part so you'll know what to expect

by 6411/11/2012

Paris is stuck. Nothing going on there.

by 6511/11/2012

How about this one Paris experts?

Overpriced? They want 1650 Euros for 5 nights. It's nice though.

by 6611/11/2012
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