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I fainted today

didn't lose conciousness, but the legs went out from under me.

I'm okay now, but I'm wondering if this will happen again.

by :(reply 3311/09/2012

No, just as long as you don't run for president again, Mittens.

by :(reply 111/07/2012

Seems like a no-brainer to me, but you should probably call your doctor tomorrow.

by :(reply 211/07/2012

Had you just gotten up from a chair or a bed? Light-headedness is not unusual in that situation, because of lack of blood flowing to your head. Your not losing consciousness is a good sign.

If it recurs, you might wish to chat with your physician.

by :(reply 311/07/2012

You're pregnant... with a brain tumor.

by :(reply 411/07/2012

thanks R2 and R3.


by :(reply 511/07/2012

and, R3, no, I hadn't just gotten up; the room I was in was very warm, however.

by :(reply 611/07/2012

Maybe you haven't gotten over the election yet.

Are you a Republican?

by :(reply 711/07/2012

It's definitely Donkey AIDS.

by :(reply 811/07/2012

I fainted yesterday

by :(reply 911/07/2012

I farted today.

by :(reply 1011/07/2012

Op dear please go to a doctor

by :(reply 1111/07/2012

OP = Ginny in Billing

by :(reply 1211/07/2012

Are you an embittered Tennessee William heroine? Do you often have the vapors? Are you oozing with just below the surface sexual tension? Please expound. TIA!

by :(reply 1311/07/2012

This can be any number of things, including high or low blood pressure. Go to the doctor.

by :(reply 1411/07/2012

Can I have your iPod?

by :(reply 1511/07/2012

Are you male or female?

How old are you?

What were you doing at the time and in the hour and in the 10 hours before you fainted?

Had you eaten?

Had you kept up your fluids?

Have you recently donated blood, changed medications?

by :(reply 1611/07/2012

Happened to me a few years ago, quite a surprise. Turned out it was a mild stroke (TIA.) I've had one or two since without losing consciousness. I was 63. Upping the BP medication dose seemed to stop them.

by :(reply 1711/08/2012

I know two people who fainted, and they died. Seriously.

by :(reply 1811/08/2012

Things that make fainting or dizziness more likely:

1. Not having enough fluids in your system. 2. Not eating enough recently. 3. The room being warm or hot and stuffy. 4. An illness.

by :(reply 1911/08/2012

Perhaps some window shopping is in order?

by :(reply 2011/08/2012

When you're getting choke-fucked, remember the safe word.

by :(reply 2111/08/2012

It's dehydration and exhaustion. Trust me.

by :(reply 2211/08/2012

R19, I'd eaten -- twice. Am regularly drinking overpriced water.

But the room WAS hot and stuffy!

R21, I WISH!

Will call doc tomorrow.

Thanks those of you who show genuine concern!

Those of you who were pricks -- fuck off!

Those of you who told bad jokes -- FUCK off!

by :(reply 2311/08/2012

You poor dear!

If I were there next to you, I'd have given you a vicious face slapping to wake you up, and then thrown a glass of ice water in your face, to freshen you up.

by :(reply 2411/08/2012

R24, strong are your slaps?

And more importantly, what do you look like?

by :(reply 2511/08/2012

OP - What are you not telling us?

by :(reply 2611/09/2012

See a doctor. That's how MS can start out.

by :(reply 2711/09/2012

R16, probably not telling you lots of stuff...

but I am going to follow R27 and others' advice and see my doctor.

Two days later and am feeling fine.

Thanks, all.

by :(reply 2811/09/2012

OP at link:

by :(reply 2911/09/2012

That is EXACTLY what I imagined, R29.

by :(reply 3011/09/2012

doctor's appointment made.

I'm sure it's nothing an isolated incident.

by :(reply 3111/09/2012

Choke fucked?

by :(reply 3211/09/2012

OP, were you shooting a Gonzo porn flick and getting choke fucked and face slapped?

If there was ever a thread that called for it, this is one:


by :(reply 3311/09/2012
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