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Do European shoes generally have a tighter fit than American shoes?

I have a couple of pairs of very nice (& expensive) Italian loafer shoes, but I'm finding it very hard to wear them in. Both pairs are so tight...but I don't want to give up, yet.

Are European shoes well known for being tight?

Any tips on how to loosen them up?

by Gucci Maryreply 4209/26/2014

Hmmm, OP, you do know that European shoes are sized differently, dontcha?

English shoes call 'width' fitting. you have to know your metric and UK fitting to get an accurate fit.

Make Brannock your friend.

by Gucci Maryreply 111/07/2012

Size is size, you problem is in the identifying size numbers. All shoes vary. Whether in Europe or the US, you need to pay attention to how a show fits, not the number marked on the lignin. If the shoes bought in Europe were tight to begin with, they will forever be tighter and uncomfortable. Shoe manufacturing in Europe is pretty much a mishmash in that the laws are quite different. Materials can come from China, they may be cut in China, but if they are assembled in Europe, they carry the mark of, "made in 'european country." Only the US requires materials and manufacturing information be attached to goods.

by Gucci Maryreply 211/07/2012

I know what you mean about tight Italian loafers. try playing with their nipples while nuzzling the backs of their necks

by Gucci Maryreply 311/07/2012

Yes, I know my European size. They fit lengthwise, they're just too tight.

by Gucci Maryreply 411/07/2012

OP, the answer to your question is yes, at least as it pertains to Italian shoes. As an American who has lived in Italy, I can testify to the fact that Italian shoes are in general narrower in the width than American shoes.

by Gucci Maryreply 511/07/2012

Does this mean Americans have fatter feet, too?

by Gucci Maryreply 611/07/2012

OP/r4 as I said before European size is based on length and width. You do NOT know what your width is.

It's like this, you are a bottom and you say you can take 11 inches. But those 11 inches can be a pencil dick or a beer can. You can take the pencil dick but the beer can is ripping you apart. Width matters.

Get a wider shoe Cinderella.

by Gucci Maryreply 711/07/2012

Mary is light in her loafers. And has a hint of mint about her!

by Gucci Maryreply 811/07/2012

Have you ever considered trying the shoes on? Your feet grow larger as you grow older.

by Gucci Maryreply 911/07/2012

I was shocked to find out that feet grow as you get older. I didn't bother measuring my feet for years and just tried on different sizes of shoes in a range. I thought there was variation by brand or that sizing had changed across the years, leading to some shoes in larger sizes. Eventually, I had a visit with a podiatrist for orthodics. Got measured and surprised to find that I was a full size larger than I thought. And growing.

by Gucci Maryreply 1011/07/2012

Of course I tried them on the shop...walked around.

There were no width options when I bought them. They're marked 43E.

They were quite snug both times but I also have a problem with shoes that slip at the back, so that seemed like a good thing.

by Gucci Maryreply 1111/07/2012

OP, you don't deserve to wear nice shoes.

by Gucci Maryreply 1211/07/2012

Not sure about Italian sizes, but in Germany the letter would indicate the width. We use them from F(normal)to G, H, J, K, L and M (special size).

by Gucci Maryreply 1311/07/2012

OP regardless of what anyone says or EU standards, there is no such thing as a "European" shoe. Each country still has its own fit, and anything Italian is going to be on the slim side. I have flat, wide feet and I have no problem with German shoes. With Italian shoes I feel like one of Cindellla's step sisters. English shoes are generally OK as long as a stay with one of the old, stuffy brands. Anything from a fashionable English brand is too narrow. I don't own any, but several of my friends wear Spanish shoes. Perhaps if you like southern european styling, those would be an option.

I buy most of my clothing in Europe and trust me, a size 52 is not the same in France as it is in Italy, or it is in Germany.

by Gucci Maryreply 1411/07/2012

Italian clothing and shoes often fit quite small. Shopping in Italy for Americans, even relatively fit Americans, is often a disaster. Italians tend to be much lither than we are and than many other Europeans are.

by Gucci Maryreply 1511/07/2012

I especially like the fit of shoes made in Portugal. The quality is superb and the fit, for me, is spot on. I buy them mostly in London, but I've purchased a few pair in the US. Strange, but the shoes from Brazil don't fit as well.

by Gucci Maryreply 1611/07/2012

I am resurrecting this ancient thread because someone just taught me how to fix leather shoes that are too tight.

1. Put on a thick pair of socks.

2. Put on the shoes that are too tight. (It will be uncomfortable, man up.)

3. Blast a hairdryer at the shoes for two minutes. Pay special attention to the tight spots. Wiggle your toes and move your feet around inside as much as you can.

4. Leave the shoes and socks on and allow the leather to cool.

5. Try the shoes on again without the heavy socks. If they haven't stretched enough, repeat the process until they do.

Hosanna. Works every time.

by Gucci Maryreply 1709/10/2014

OP=Earl Butz

by Gucci Maryreply 1809/10/2014

Wow this is happening to me at this moment.

I bought a beautiful pair of brown suede shoes in Milan and this morning I wore them and they were so tight they cut & blistered the back of my heels!

Cant figure out why they fit so different from when I bought them.

by Gucci Maryreply 1909/10/2014

In the UK, you can buy shoe trees designed to stretch the shoe slightly for about ten quid.

by Gucci Maryreply 2009/10/2014

I'm Italian and there are two things we always talk about, How morbidly obese Americans all are & How badly dressed everyone is.

You need to all take better care of yourselves & take more pride in the way you look.

I swear the way some Americans dress I would look that way to take the trash out.

Don't get me started on jogging pants, cargo shorts & flip flops in public, just a disgrace.

Its not hard look at a few men's magazines and buy a few good items not all the trash bargain shit your wearing.

There is a reason why the typical American style suit is called the 'The sack suit' its because you look like a sack of potatoes.

by Gucci Maryreply 2109/10/2014

Me too, R19. I have no idea why they fit in the store but not the next time they're worn. It's weird that the sizing would change that much from one day to another.

Also weird - how I've lived all these years and no one told me the hairdryer trick. I've gotten rid of some very nice shoes.

by Gucci Maryreply 2209/10/2014

OMG I was reading this thread thinking God I'm exactly the same as OP ...& then realised after reading several of his posts that he is me.

by Gucci Maryreply 2309/10/2014

Italian men have pretty slender hands and feet. Not fat square blocks like most Americans.

For goodness sakes, spend the money and have your fat fucking ugly feet fixed.

by Gucci Maryreply 2409/10/2014

R24 I just let out a huge screech if laughter after reading your post! LOL

I don't want to be nasty but I'm going to try to pist some pics of Italian men vs Americans

I swear we do you all but your fatness freaks us all out.

Recently I saw a young large American yelling at the clerk " back home I wear a 38" I swear his ass was the size of the Vatican I'm sure he was at least a 50

Most Italian men are a 32 and at most 3

by Gucci Maryreply 2509/10/2014

Actually, it's because I have narrow feet that I find it hard to break in thight shoes.

& thanks, r17...I tried the hair dryer thing but without the fat socks. I'll try it.

(Funny, you found this thread after so long).

by Gucci Maryreply 2609/10/2014

[quote] I swear his ass was the size of the Vatican

No, wonder you were so amused by asshole @ R24.

You have the same spastic sense of humor.

by Gucci Maryreply 2709/10/2014


Look for a shoe repair shop in your neighborhood. As long as you can get the shoes on your feet (meaning you didn't buy a ridiculously small pair), they can usually stretch them about half a size or more (depending on the type of leather, etc).

In my neighborhood, this costs about $8 per pair. I always have my heels opened open.

My guy even stretched a pair of PATENT LEATHER heels without cracking the leather.

by Gucci Maryreply 2809/10/2014

Nothing works better than old fashioned poppers and lube.

by Gucci Maryreply 2909/10/2014


by Gucci Maryreply 3009/10/2014

You just have typically fat little American hocks! Did you NOT try them on before buying them? Huh???????

by Gucci Maryreply 3109/10/2014

r21 Sad that the US is always on your peoples mind.

by Gucci Maryreply 3209/10/2014

R32 not really. We just notice when they come to visit and waddle by, horrifically dressed trying to find a Mc Donald's

by Gucci Maryreply 3309/10/2014

I was surprised to learn that the idea of right and left shoes was an early 20th century innovation.

by Gucci Maryreply 3409/10/2014

R2= Hans Brinker

by Gucci Maryreply 3509/10/2014

all shoes that fit you are basically the same size. It's the sizes marked on the box that makes on think shoes from one country are tighter than those from another. You simply have to find the size designation that correctly relates to your sized foot. Too many are hung up on the actual size number.

by Gucci Maryreply 3609/10/2014

R26/OP, I did a search for threads about shoes after I learned the trick. There are several threads that discuss the same issue but yours was closest to my own problem.

So funny that you were reading it and thinking it was [italic]just like you[/italic] and it was, Blanche, it WAS.

by Gucci Maryreply 3709/10/2014

Yes...& when it got to R11...I was sort of nodding away at my post & then thought....well, then I realised.

I'll try your technique later and let you know.

Also to les at R28 ...I tried that, it didn't work and I tried the stretchy shoe tree thing.

by Gucci Maryreply 3809/11/2014

Europeans are not as fat as Americans

by Gucci Maryreply 3909/11/2014

What R39 said. European lasts tend to be narrower due to the difference in body structure between Yanks and Euros. Yank feet are wider because Yanks are in the main heavier than Euros.

by Gucci Maryreply 4009/11/2014

As an example Fattie Americans don't understand that we eat pasta as a entree, not as a main .

My friend who owns a fine foods shop is always shocked when US fatties hold up a package of 500 grams of pasta & ask if it it feed 2 It would serve 4-5 Italians

by Gucci Maryreply 4109/11/2014

Yes Italian shoes for women basically simulate foot-binding in Japan. I think they think their feet will be "more stylish" if they squish them into shape! That's the European way!

by Gucci Maryreply 4209/26/2014
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