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Why celebrate?

The House is solidly Rethug, and the Senate still doesn't have enough of a majority to prevent the evil threat of the Republican filibuster.

Nothing's changed. Nothing will change.

by Glass half empty...reply 1611/07/2012

Two words.

by Glass half empty...reply 111/07/2012

And we WON the ssm marriage question in all five places it was on the ballot.

SSM laws passed in Maine, Maryland, and Washington.

An anti-gay marriage amendment failed in Minnesotta.

And an attempt to de-seat an Iowa Supreme Court judge who supported equality failed via retention vote.

All historic firsts. Amazing, astounding. That represents incredibly hard work by gay people and their supporters in those states.

Well worth celebrating.

by Glass half empty...reply 211/07/2012

Perhaps, because there isn't the "we'll do anything to make this man a one-term president" decree any more, maybe some things will actually get done.

by Glass half empty...reply 311/07/2012

What R1 and R2 said, plus the House repugs can't push through an agenda without the Senate or President.

by Glass half empty...reply 411/07/2012

Get over it, OP. You lost.

by Glass half empty...reply 511/07/2012

Optimistic, Obama will get things done with the cooperation of a humbled and agreeable house.

by Glass half empty...reply 611/07/2012

Bishop Willard Romney isn't going to be President and won't be making any appointments to the Supreme Court.

That's enough for me.

As to the rest, it's possible that a few of the less-mentally-challenged repugs will wake up and see that this country is changing. The older generation is dying off and the younger generation isn't going to stand for their bullshit.

by Glass half empty...reply 711/07/2012


Robert Bork isn't going to be leading the search for new Supreme Court justices.

HUGE win.

by Glass half empty...reply 811/07/2012

Weed's now legal in two states.

by Glass half empty...reply 911/07/2012

Weed has always been legal for recreational use in Alaska, with a hiatus 1991-2003 (?) when it was fought out in the courts. Then it was re-legalized. Under 10 grams, I believe.

So that's actually 3 states.

by Glass half empty...reply 1011/07/2012

The members of the Democratic party should warn them that if they filibuster there will be hell to pay and those Republican senate seats will go to Democrats the next chance the voters get to cast their votes. This election proved that the Republican propaganda machinery doesn't work successfully and that people still have a mind of their own and see right who to blame for a lame duck situation.

The Republicans HAVE to look reasonable if they want to get back in the general voter's favor.

by Glass half empty...reply 1111/07/2012

The Supreme Court is the prize.

Senior wing

Ginsberg 79 Scalia 76 Kennedy 76 Thomas 64 Breyer 74

Junior wing

Alito 62 Roberts 58 Sotomayor 58 Kagan 52

by Glass half empty...reply 1211/07/2012

Obama needs to find some talented 30-somethings to nominate so they'll be there for a LONG time.

by Glass half empty...reply 1311/07/2012

Here's why, OP. Since Obama no longer has to worry about re-election, he can make all of the recess appointments and issue all of the executive orders that he wants.

by Glass half empty...reply 1411/07/2012

The momentum for the 2014 midterms begins now.

20 Democrats and 13 Republicans up for election in 2014.

by Glass half empty...reply 1511/07/2012

R14 said it best xx

by Glass half empty...reply 1611/07/2012
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