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I want to thank....

....I want to thank the 2012 Poll Troll. Great work You have done these past several months. I, for one, Thank You.

by Enid Nelsonreply 4111/07/2012


by Enid Nelsonreply 111/06/2012


by Enid Nelsonreply 211/06/2012

Thank you so much, Poll Troll!

by Enid Nelsonreply 311/06/2012

YAY! Bravo to the Pol troll!

by Enid Nelsonreply 411/06/2012

Thanks. Learned a lot from these threads.

by Enid Nelsonreply 511/06/2012

Thank you, Poll Troll and Easter Bunny!!!

by Enid Nelsonreply 611/06/2012

Poll Troll has joined The Tax Troll, The Lisa Whelchel Troll, and FADPT on the Mr. Rushmore of DL.

by Enid Nelsonreply 711/06/2012

Chiming in.

by Enid Nelsonreply 811/06/2012

Hear hear!

by Enid Nelsonreply 911/06/2012

Cheers. Also glad to know Mr. Rushmore has people on top of him - eldergays still get laid.

by Enid Nelsonreply 1011/06/2012

Thank you, Poll Troll. These threads have been very informative.

Thank you, Enid Nelson. I considered doing this but you did it so much better.

by Enid Nelsonreply 1111/06/2012

Thank you poll troll. Love ya!

by Enid Nelsonreply 1211/06/2012

I love Poll Troll as much as Paul!

by Enid Nelsonreply 1311/06/2012

Thank you!

by Enid Nelsonreply 1411/06/2012

2013 will be the year of the man pussy.

by Enid Nelsonreply 1511/06/2012

Thanks Poll Troll! Couldn't have lived through it without you!

by Enid Nelsonreply 1611/06/2012

Three cheers for Poll Troll!

by Enid Nelsonreply 1711/06/2012

DL is lucky to have the talents of Poll Troll, the human Xanax.

by Enid Nelsonreply 1811/07/2012

Me too, thanks Poll Troll!

by Enid Nelsonreply 1911/07/2012

Thanks. : )

I've been here since 2003, but it was only this year that I emerged into my new DL identity!

by Enid Nelsonreply 2011/07/2012

Thank you Poll Troll.

by Enid Nelsonreply 2111/07/2012

Thank you Poll Troll, awesome job.

by Enid Nelsonreply 2211/07/2012

Thank-you as well! : )

by Enid Nelsonreply 2311/07/2012

I'll gladly pile on. Thank you Poll Troll!

by Enid Nelsonreply 2411/07/2012

I want a Poll Troll Doll to kiss!

by Enid Nelsonreply 2511/07/2012

Dear Poll Troll

There were plenty of times over the last few months when I didnt feel optimistic and was down right scared. Your posts however were always the best tonic. A million and one thanks

by Enid Nelsonreply 2611/07/2012

Thank-you, thank-you Poll Troll!!!


by Enid Nelsonreply 2711/07/2012

Who will stop the rain?

Poll Troll!

by Enid Nelsonreply 2811/07/2012

Thank you again, 2012PT!! Job well done, and I hope you find an employer worthy of you.

by Enid Nelsonreply 2911/07/2012

PT, how did you, as a Canadian, come to have such an avid interest in US politics?

by Enid Nelsonreply 3011/07/2012

Agreed, thank you for helping me get through this.

by Enid Nelsonreply 3111/07/2012

Thank you!!!

by Enid Nelsonreply 3211/07/2012

Oh, to be the meat in a 2012 Poll Troll / Tax Troll EA spit roast...

by Enid Nelsonreply 3311/07/2012

Florida has not finished yet Who will win Poll Troll

by Enid Nelsonreply 3411/07/2012

R34, Nate Silver projects it to go narrowly for Obama, and he's more knowledgable than I about such things.

That seems to be the general consensus from many quarters, including the Obama camp I think, because of where the remaining votes in Florida are expected to come from. They appear to be largely Democratic votes outstanding.

by Enid Nelsonreply 3511/07/2012

Damn you to hell, 2012 Poll Troll...

All those stoopid and wrong facts that you stooped to report accurately in direct defiance of God's Annointed non-Christian...

by Enid Nelsonreply 3611/07/2012

Poll Troll never bought ME bread Pudding!

by Enid Nelsonreply 3711/07/2012

r26 sums up my feelings for the Poll Troll. I am a big old MARY! and your posts really calmed me down, especially last night! Thanks.

by Enid Nelsonreply 3811/07/2012

I have to give some credit to Nate Silver, who was one of my many sources of information throughout this Election. : )

by Enid Nelsonreply 3911/07/2012

Between Poll Troll, Nate Silver, and the often intensely informed discussion here, I never despaired that the President would be re-elected. (I admit, I got a bit nervous after the first debate).

I was assuring many friends and colleagues that we would NOT see a Romney victory, unless it was stolen, and I was pretty sure the Dems were on that.

by Enid Nelsonreply 4011/07/2012

Is there any way to get Nate Silver to state policy changes that would flip the Senate over 60 in 2014?

Put his gay powers for good to a higher level.

Nate Silver.Gay

2012 Poll Troll.Gay


DL is the Great Gay Oracle.

by Enid Nelsonreply 4111/07/2012
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