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Rachel Maddow's eye makeup

Can't one of these queens teach her how to apply it correctly?

by Steve Kornacki reply 1011/07/2012


by Steve Kornacki reply 111/06/2012

C'mon, Rachel DOES NOT DO her own makeup, let alone eye makeup!

Though, it's clear she tells the MSNBC makeup artist to go easy on the lipstick and blush, because she's way too pale for those blinding TV flood lights!

by Steve Kornacki reply 211/06/2012

The makeup people at MSNBC do her makeup... If it was up to Rachel, she wouldn't have any on!

by Steve Kornacki reply 311/06/2012

Thomas Roberts wears more mascara than Rachel!

by Steve Kornacki reply 411/06/2012

There was some woman on ABC tonight that looked like Rachel's sister. She had the same hair cut, dark brown hair, and wore a suit jacket with blouse.

by Steve Kornacki reply 511/06/2012

Amy Walter, R5?

by Steve Kornacki reply 611/06/2012


by Steve Kornacki reply 711/06/2012

And while we are talking about makeup, Mr. Hayes on MSNBC needs some Erace or DermaBlend for his dark eye circles!

by Steve Kornacki reply 811/07/2012

She was definitely Jane Lynch in that scene from Best in Show where Jennifer Coolidge did her makeup and gave her Cleopatra eyes.

by Steve Kornacki reply 911/07/2012

Candy C was all done up last night. Her hair was a fierce!

by Steve Kornacki reply 1011/07/2012
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