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Is 'having your period' and 'menstruating' the same thing?

I'm not down with the lady lingo.

by A gay.reply 1011/06/2012

How on earth do you manage to dress yourself in the morning?

by A gay.reply 111/06/2012

Yes, Mr. Gay

by A gay.reply 211/06/2012

Aunt Flo is visiting.

by A gay.reply 311/06/2012

What R1 said.

by A gay.reply 411/06/2012

The Devil's wife.

by A gay.reply 511/06/2012

The work of the devil, that's what it it. See the teeth hiding the serpent tongue. Cross a woman having her period and she will bite off your cock. THAT'S how it works.

by A gay.reply 611/06/2012

You should be posting on the Rafalca thread. With tips.

by A gay.reply 711/06/2012

OP, come on over and I'll personally show!!!

by A gay.reply 811/06/2012

As well as on the rag,time of the month & A woman saying I have my friend. Hope this clears it up for you.

by A gay.reply 911/06/2012

Well, nothing really seems to work but this...

by A gay.reply 1011/06/2012
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