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Rafalca here.

Can someone take me in until this is over? Perhaps a kindly neighhhhhhbor has a barn I can hide in?

by Rafalcareply 511/06/2012

Rafalca heard there was going to be a horse's ass in the Whitehouse and thinks they are talking about him

by Rafalcareply 111/06/2012

Rafalca: There's an opening for you in our "stable" of esteemed "journalists" on "Fox and Friends." Having you on the panel would raise the average IQ by at least 50 points.

by Rafalcareply 211/06/2012

We all know that Ann will go on the rampage when she - I mean, Mitt - loses.

by Rafalcareply 311/06/2012

Why do people keep saying that we look alike?

by Rafalcareply 411/06/2012

Rafalca lost big last summer. I'm guessing she'll be served as canapes at the Bain holiday party.

by Rafalcareply 511/06/2012
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