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Nate Silver

So the homo might be the biggest thing after Obama come Wednesday morning?

by Gay Accountant reply 811/07/2012


by Gay Accountant reply 111/06/2012

Yeah, his career is made, basically. I think I love it.

by Gay Accountant reply 211/06/2012

Jesus fucking christ, Nate Silver did not win the election for Obama. The election was won by thousands, THOUSANDS of faceless volunteers who gave up their afternoons and weekends to knock on doors and make phone calls. Nate sat in his nice apartment and crunched numbers. That doesn't make him a hero.

by Gay Accountant reply 311/07/2012

R3, you're misunderstanding our admiration. Nate Silver called it and when the rest of the media said he was delusional, he held firm, backed only by his methodology. And he was right.

by Gay Accountant reply 411/07/2012

Nate refused to bend the Wall Street pub who were using their power, money and influence to sell a false narrative about Obama running out of time.

by Gay Accountant reply 511/07/2012

Twinkle, twinkle little Silver star.

Geek is chic.

by Gay Accountant reply 611/07/2012

There should be a 'The Social Media' type movie made about him.

by Gay Accountant reply 711/07/2012

[quote]There should be a 'The Social Media' type movie made about him.

Oh, dear.

by Gay Accountant reply 811/07/2012
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