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Final Jeopardy - 11/5/12


You all better get this one.

by A. Trebekreply 811/10/2012

Based on a 1926 play and real-life events, its now the longest running American musical in Broadway history.

by A. Trebekreply 111/05/2012

What is Starlight Express?

by A. Trebekreply 211/05/2012

The guesses...

(1) Chicago

(2) Rent

(3) Les Miserables - eventual overall winner

by A. Trebekreply 311/05/2012

and the correct question is...

What is Chicago?

I misread your response at r3 to mean Les Miz was the correct answer, but now that I've seen the episode I realize you mean the guy that answered Les Miz won the game even though he got the answer wrong.

He's cute too. A 23-year old intern on Senator Grassley's (R-IA) steff, but he didn't know his Broadway so he might be a straight boy. Although I didn't know the answer either and I'm far from straight.

by A. Trebekreply 411/10/2012

It's possible to get the Final Jeopardy answer correct and still lose. I know from experience.

by A. Trebekreply 511/10/2012

What is "The Blonde in the Thunderbird", Alex?


by A. Trebekreply 611/10/2012

God that was easy.

by A. Trebekreply 711/10/2012

Bring back Gay Jeopardy, Alex.

I'll take The Strong Black Woman Inside Me for 400.

by A. Trebekreply 811/10/2012
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