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The Galloping Gourmet here, planning my Election Night party menu!!

Anyone in the Manhattan area, come on over :) I am doing dishes from classic Americana, including:

Chili Cheese Fries

Barbecued and Corn-Flake Fried Chicken

Mashed Potatoes with Garlic and Butter

Mini-Pizzas (choice of toppings -- veg and non)

Spinach and Artichoke Casserole

Green Bean Almondine

Apple Pie

I also made ice cream -- burnt butter and ginger!! Will have a toppings/sundae bar with butterscotch, hot fudge, marshmallow, chopped walnuts, and cherries!!


by GGreply 2611/10/2012

Honey, if I weren't living a current miserable existence 350 miles north, I would so be there! Sounds yummy!

by GGreply 111/05/2012

Can I come too?

by GGreply 211/05/2012

Sure! Anyone and everyone is invited in spirit :)

by GGreply 311/05/2012

BBQ and Pizza and gross fake fried chicken. The whole thing sounds vomitous.

by GGreply 411/06/2012

Total white trash food, but I like your spirit op!

by GGreply 511/06/2012

I don't think MIchelle Obama planned that menu, OP.

by GGreply 611/06/2012

So the boyfriend kicked you out again? Since it's "my Election Night party" and not "our...," I think we can easily figure he kicked you to the curb.

by GGreply 711/06/2012

Your menu sounds dreadfully low rent.

by GGreply 811/06/2012

This is your best menu yet! However, while your neighbors are starving and freezing to death, you might want to scale back on the amount of food you serve.

by GGreply 911/06/2012

Throw in a baked potato bar and I am SO gonna be there. I'll even show you exactly where to set it up.

by GGreply 1011/06/2012

No vegan choices you miserable fuck

by GGreply 1111/06/2012


You should have a large cake with the electoral map on it. Start with the outline of the map. Then color in the states as they're being projected.

Unless you're pulling a late-nighter, this would be for tomorrow's consumption.

by GGreply 1211/06/2012

GG I always have problems with cornflake chicken. The cornflakes are cumbled etc. but they don't adhere. How do you prepare that dish?

by GGreply 1311/06/2012

We're going out. A local pub is offering a free beer for each "I voted" sticker.

by GGreply 1411/06/2012

I voted absentee last week. So I gots no sticker. It pisses me off that there are freebies out here and I can't have anything!

by GGreply 1511/06/2012

R13 don't is a horrid dish.

by GGreply 1611/06/2012

[quote] I always have problems with cornflake chicken. The cornflakes are cumbled etc. but they don't adhere.

Aleene's Turbo Tacky Glue will do it for you.

by GGreply 1711/06/2012

I'm having a few friends over tonight in Denver, and will be making Cuban food (just because it sounds good). I love the cake fun! It is kind of late to get a bakery to make a map of the US, so I may try to do this myself.

by GGreply 1811/06/2012

Five people got sick at my Election Night party. I think it was the Artichoke Casserole. It had a funny smell but I served it anyhow.

by GGreply 1911/06/2012

Thanks for the update R19.

by GGreply 2011/07/2012

another cow

by GGreply 2111/07/2012

Invite Mittens...serve crow...

by GGreply 2211/07/2012

What will be GG's next venture? Maybe a patriotic banquet for Veterans Day?

by GGreply 2311/07/2012

We need more fairytale menus GG. Come back.

by GGreply 2411/09/2012

I actually am an enormously fat woman living on disability that eats only frozen pizza and Meals on Wheels. And, as you can tell with every thread I crap out, I have little intelligence, less taste, and zero humor. And yet I keep going on and on and on and on and on -

it's what I do, because I hate all of you.

by GGreply 2511/09/2012

What's your Vets Day menu, GG?

by GGreply 2611/10/2012
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